la guerison
se tirer


Wings & Bars (c) Kristin Espinasse
Ever dream you could fly or jump from sky to sky? Photo taken in Morocco: enjoy more pictures!

un rêve (rev) noun, masculine

    : dream

un rêve d'enfance/d'enfant/de gosse = a childhood dream
tu peux rêver! = Dream on!
rêvé(e) = ideal, perfect
un rêve qui devient réalité = a dream come true you know of other expressions? Thanks for sharing them with us, here.


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Y a-t-il une différence entre "un rêve" et "un songe"? Partagez vos réponses, ici.
Is there a difference between "un rêve" and "un songe"? Share your answer, here.

A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

In the past week I have picked up a new bedtime habit: the imbibing of copious amounts of cocoa. So much chocolate do I measure into my steamed milk, that by the time I drink to the bottom of the cup, the rest must be spooned up!

I wonder whether it is the chocolat chaud* that is giving me such vivid rêves?* ...Dreams in which I am forever walking, chasing or being chased by things.

Being a rêveuse,* nighttime is my favorite part of the day.
"This is my favorite time of day!" I say to my daughter, as we tuck ourselves into bed, first she, then, further down the hall, I.

I just can't wait to see what the mind has stirred up for the big screen that is my dreams. Across green pastures and through busy souks, I am at once peaceful or terribly spooked.

"Where did you come up with that?" I often ask the director behind the dreams.
"Ah," says she, "'tis but a remix of the day's happenings."


Do you remember what you dreamed about last night? Did you dream in French or English, in color or in black and white? Comment, here.

French Vocabulary

le chocolat chaud (m) = hot chocolate; un rêve (m) = dream; une rêveuse (un rêveur) = dreamer

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I took this photo on Saturday morning, on the way home from the (second) veterinarian's where I got more antibiotics for Smokey... and more conflicting advice. The wound beneath his eye has gone down, but the wound beneath his "chin" is still full. Will be heading back to the vet's again soon... to think about Kathy's advice (from the comments box) to:

...ask the vet whether he/she can sedate the pup and 'debride' (dee-BREED) the wounds thoroughly. This means an aggressive cleaning of the infection and removing any dead tissue as a result of the infection...

Re comments and emails: I am reading each and every one and regret not being able to answer personally, at this time. I enjoy and appreciate every note you send! Thank you!


See his wounds on the left, beneath the eye -- and on the bumpy right, above the mouth.

Still, he is full of beans, our Smokey (here, pretending to be a donkey). As for that bone, Smokey says: "And me? And ME?"

Update on the clay treatment: the vet said this is fine -- but to keep the clay off the sore's opening. I'm finding it tricky, now, to apply the clay and spare the open "plaie"! So I have abandoned clay for the moment and am keeping the wounds clean. .. though one of the wounds has a very small opening (with a big pulpy area beneath it!) The vet questions whether the wounds were closed (remember those staples?) too soon (taking with them some fur and other debris...). This is why Kathy's "debreeding" advice, above, makes a lot of sense to me.

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