mal a l'aise

les bagues

Rue des Penitents
Happy holiday's to all! Photo, "Rue des Pénitants," taken yesterday, in Bollène.

les bagues (bag) noun, feminine

    : braces

Example Sentence: (I'm afraid I just don't have the vocal stamina to offer a sound file, today, for the following quote...)

L'orthodontiste colle sur les dents des bagues reliées entre elles par un fil dont on ajuste l'écartement chaque mois... De plus en plus, les bagues posées sont transparentes afin d'éviter la gêne sociale provoquée par un "sourire d'acier". The orthodontist glues the braces onto the teeth (the braces are linked together by a wire, the length of which is adjusted each month)... More and more, braces are transparent in order to avoid the social stigma associated with a "steel smile". --MagazineAvantages

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

On the way home from the orthodontist's, my daughter mumbles, "J'ai leufesonsayefdanlaboosh!"

"What's that, Sweetie?"

It must be me, but how is it that adolescent French is harder to decipher than advanced French— something I supposedly tackled years ago?

"I don't understand what you are saying, Chou.* Can you please repeat that?"
le "S" "N" "C" "F" dans la bouche!" says my daughter, exaspérée.

"Oh! Train tracks! I get it! You've got train tracks in your mouth! You are so funny, Chou!"

After a couple of knee-smacking heehaws and guffaws, I look over to the passenger seat, and notice my daughter isn't laughing: I've giggled at my poor girl's expense--and oh, what an expense! Given the price of braces these days, and given the fact that I had the bright idea to have both our kids fitted for them, at once, I'd say this is no frugal French train...

THIS is the Orient Express!

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French Vocabulary

chou (short for choucou, chouchoute) = darling, sweetheart; j'ai le SNCF dans la bouche = I have the SNCF in my mouth!; la SNCF (f) = Société nationale des chemins de fer; exaspérée (exaspérer) = to exasperate

A Day in a Dog's Life...
by Braise and Smokey

Smokey and Braise, heehawing and guffawing...
"Thank goodness WE don't need braces!" Smokey says.
"Otherwise how could we eat these rubber balls!" Braise agrees.
Both dogs feel sympathy, for auntie Jackie...
She'll have the bottom teeth "braced" in the new year. Meantime, our billfolds are bracing themselves, in time to refuel the train.


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