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Last night my bed felt as cozy as the steel walls of a Paris train station...

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veille (vey) noun, feminine

    : sleeplessness, wakefulness

from the Latin, "vigilia"


en veille = watch (nightwatch)
en mode veille = in sleep mode
la veille = the day before
veille-sommeil = sleep-wakefulness

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A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

I was up late last night with a touch of insomnie. What is usually a warm and cozy bed... felt like a camping cot over which I tried, in vain, to rest a chatty head.

Under the couvertures there seemed to be a draft...  for I could not get the chill out—no matter the extra blankets... or the robe piled over all that.

Pajamas legs now tucked into my chaussettes...  I slipped my chilly hands under my arms and burrowed down deeper into the bed in search of warmth.

The room temperature had not changed and the blankets were the same... I could not understand where sommeil had gone... were it not for an over-active brain

Where thoughts danced around like the larmes of a clown,
faster than laughter beneath the "big top"
before the tent is finally taken down.


Share your comments here -- and while you're there, why not share a remedy for insomnia or sleeplessness. Merci beaucoup :-)

French Vocabulary & Example Sentence:

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Les horaires veille-sommeil peuvent être perturbés en de nombreuses circonstances. Un bon exemple est le jet lag syndrome (syndrome du décalage horaire). Periods of sleep-wakefulness can be perturbed by numerous circumstances. A good example is the syndrome of jet lag. (LE MONDE - Le Monde Interactif - Mar 15, 1989)

la veille (f) = sleeplessness
une insomnie (f) = insomnia
une couverture = blanket, cover
une larme (f) = tear

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Those thereyonderbehind are my sisters. There were 6 of us in the litter and I was the only boy. Tee-hee! More pictures of my sisters coming soon—so stay tuned and tell your friends about my column—where we're learning some English for a change!



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