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un apprenti (ah pran tee) noun, masculine

    : apprentice

synonyms: un stagiaire, un mousse*

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A Day in a French Life...
by Kristin Espinasse

I was singing my tone-deaf tonsils out when, THUMP, I fell off the bed—
and landed on my...

Hmmm... perhaps this part is better left unsaid?

The sight of this not-so-frilly fall, was all it took, yes all
for my son to double over and guffaw in his southern French drawl.

(Can laughter have an accent? And, by the way, can tonsils be 'tone-deaf'?)

Never mind. I picked myself up off the ground, dusted my robe, and cleared my lungs for another chorus run:

My son is going to work to-day!
My son is going to work to-day!
Oh yea, oh yea, oh yea, oh yeaaa
My son in going to work to-day!

Next, I reached for my camera and snapped a picture of my son
just a prized souvenir for a tone deaf mom who'd landed on her bun.

14-year-old Max, tying his tennis shoes. The only "dress" requirement, for the restaurant in which he will be working (during winter vacation), is good gripping godasses.* Sounds to me as if he'll be working in the slippery parts of the establishment, perhaps paying his dues, doing la plonge!*

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Notre fils va travailler pendant cette semaine de vacances comme apprenti dans un restaurant. Our son will be working during this week of (winter) vacation as an apprentice in a restaurant.

un/une stagiaire (m) = an intern
un mousse
(m) = ship's boy (though Max will not be working on a ship, he may be doing "la plonge" or "dishes," so this seems to be a fitting synonym!
une godasse (f) = shoe (attention! this is a slang term!)
la plonge (f) = dishwashing


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Je sais... I know... you haven't seen a lot of me lately. Suffice it to say that I am growing...


and growing...


and growing!

While I am growing on the outside, I'm counting on all of you to be growing on the inside, like hot from the oven humble pie. A spoonful of humility never hurt anybody—something we dogs know instinctively.


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