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jamais deux sans trois

                                      Je (coeur) les cabanons, et vous?

In Books: I'll Never Be French (no matter what I do): Living in a Small Village in Brittany

Jamais deux sans trois (zhah-may-deuh-sahn-twah) expression

    : never two (catastrophes) without three

A Day in a French Kristin Espinasse

The French have a saying in regards to bad luck: jamais deux sans trois ("never two without three"). Leave it up to me to test this numbers theory...

And so Tuesday began with a flat tire and, by Wednesday, my book manuscript had disappeared... into the mishap mire! What could possibly happen next?

(À propos "never two without three"—et quatre et cinq et six!—we'll talk about those disasters vendredi.)



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Je (coeur) les cabanons, et vous? = I (heart) cabanons, and you?; à propos = in regards to; et quatre et cinq et six = and four and five and six; le vendredi (m) = Friday; chez vous = in your area

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