Aubade: a beautiful French word with a beautiful meaning
Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean-Marc + se reposer sur ses lauriers

How to say "baptism" in French or Comment dire "baptême" en anglais

Around the time I met my husband... Il y a vingt ans. We've been following each other's dreams ever since. Read on in today's column (photo of Jean-Marc. His picture is taped to my computer screen).

le baptême (baa-tem)

    : baptism

le baptême de l'air = first flight, first ride in an airplane
le baptême de l'eau = first swim, sail... first time in the water
le baptême du feu (baptism of fire) = first combat
la robe de baptême = christening robe

Note: le baptême was word of the day on August 15, 2008

:: A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse ::

The brook below is pocketed with pluie and the mallard ducks are hiding out. A storm is brewing outside my window and it is a good thing, I think, that Jean-Marc finished planting yesterday... given the hue of the horizon: deep grumpy gray.

Hier, the sky was bright in patches and the sun shone down across the barren field below and cast clouds across the campagne.  If you were a canard colvert or some such feathered friend flying over France, the field would have been just another peaceful patch along a cozy country "quilt". But down below, where three men toiled and soiled, peace gave way to parched...

With over 4000 baby vines to be planted there was no time to stop and refuel let alone refresh oneself. Thirteen varieties of white grapes were going into the ground at an alarming, no-time-to-hesitate rate. By the end of the day all plants would be laid. No machines were used, just six hands to manoeuvre or "man work" the earth.  Jean-Marc was thirsty, but stoicism won out: the future "father" wanted to get his infant vines planted in time for nature's baptême (rain was just around the coal gray corner).

Like the mallards that return each spring to have their ducklings, our farmer-Frenchman is helping the earth to give birth. Jean-Marc will have to wait another year and a half to take his babies home... but that doesn't stop the proud père from dancing over the newly planted loam.

***Video of Jean-Marc and équipe!***

These guys ROCK! Do not miss the following video (click over to the site if you are reading via email).

Note: those "sticks" that are being planted are actually baby vines topped with red sealant. The vines will soon push through, just as one man's dream continues to do.

I think the words in the video go so well with my husband's dream:
One love.. you've got to share it... it leaves you darlin' if you don't care for it.

:: Le Coin Commentaires ::

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French Vocabulary & Sound File

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il y a vingt ans = twenty years ago
la pluie
= rain
hier = yesterday
la campagne = open country
le canard colvert = mallard duck
le baptême = baptism, christening


  Flowering almond tree and classis French car in Orange France
An old French Citroen, outside the town of Orange, and a beautiful almond tree in blossom.

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