How to say "baptism" in French or Comment dire "baptême" en anglais
"le french flair"--How to translate this expression in English?

Joyeux Anniversaire, Jean-Marc + se reposer sur ses lauriers

Braise & Smokey (c) Kristin Espinasse.
Resting on one's laurels. (Note: I didn't have a picture of a laurel, so how about anemones instead? Let's rephrase things now to "easing up on one's anemones"

se reposer sur ses lauriers

    : to rest on one's laurels

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I did not bring my husband his cup of kawa this morning. Instead, I crept up the spiral staircase with its dusty red tommettes, made a swift kro-shay at the top of the cage d'escalier, and ran like a thief on a twilight getaway.

There, at the end of the hall, in a spring-cleaned office, I sat down at a tidy desk and willed myself to cast out culpability and put all guilt to rest. I looked around at my treasure, this room of one's own, and let myself get lost in the bliss of Alone.

Leave me ALONE! Isn't that what we so often yearn to say at the end of any given day? But there is no room for selfishness in a world full of need. So we try our best to put Ego aside and say "Yes" to others and dedicate ourselves to deed after good deed. 

But in the early hours of the morning... before anyone else is awake, a peaceful parcel is ours for the taking, and there we claim our moment of calm and drive in our victory stake.

 Les Volets Bleus (c) Kristin Espinasse. Photo taken in Orange (Vaucluse) France

...Only sometimes we linger too long on our lauriers...

He can get his own coffee this morning! I decide, allowing my meditative moment to meander on and on... Nursing my coffee like Nefertiti, I sit back in my office chair and click open my calendar...

Monday, March 29th... !!!

Double-quick dare-dare, I ditch Nefertiti—and any other newfangled notions about nursing time—and hightail my hide back to the coffee machine in time to make my husband his café with cream. Next, I climb the stairs in rhythm with the French words of Joyeux Anniversaire!

:: Le Coin Commentaires ::

Will you help me to wish Jean-Marc Joyeux Anniversaire? Thanks for leaving him a message here. 


Happy Birthday Chief Grape. We love you.

French Vocabulary and Audio File

(check back this afternoon, via this link, for the audio file.)

le kawa = (synonyme for) coffee
la tommette = red (often hexagonal) floor tile
kro-shay (pronunciation for "le crochet") = sudden swerve, detour
la cage d'escalier = stairwell
les lauriers (mpl) = laurels
dare-dare = double-quick
joyeux anniversaire! = happy birthday!

French Demystified...simple enough for a beginner but challenging enough for a more advanced student.

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