What to do in the Luberon? / Que faire dans le Luberon?

point du jour

You'll excuse this old jug of wine for not washing its face before our photo session... tsk tsk!

Today's bilingual poem is for Mariem, Meissa, and Farès in Avignon... and the English version is for The Dirt Divas: Malou and Doreen: do you have any idea how much joy your flowers bring?

le point du jour (leuh pwahn doo joor)

    : daybreak, dawn

French synonymes: aube (f) (daybreak), aurore (dawn), le matin (morning), la première lueur du jour (first light of day)

C'était le point du jour mais les fleurs dormaient toujours....
It was daybreak but the flowers were still sleeping....

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I don't know much about history...
... geography ...
(or even plants and trees)

and so I'm starting with morning glories...
seeds and the dawn of happenstance

I have many accidental gardener stories to tell you... once I settle down along with the fallen seeds. Hard to believe it is harvest time for some of the flowers in my garden. As the flower heads ripen in succession, I run around throttling the Lily of Spain, shaking off seeds and sometimes catching them.

Careful not to miss any overnight activity, I dash out to the flower beds each morning for a look-see. Wouldn't you know that some daisies are lackadaisical, whilst others (not to mention names, such as 'morning glories'...) are downright lazy?

Read on... 

                "Le Point du Jour"

Ce matin je me suis levée avant les ipomées.

Coucou, levez-vous!

Je me suis penchée vers ces fleurs matinales

Qui dormaient comme de futures cigales

Coucou! levez-vous!

Plus loin, les grillons ont fait leur cricri pareil,

Mais les jolies fleurs bleues

Elles ont continué leur grasse matinée.

This morning I woke up before the morning glorys
Cooee! (Hey oh!) wake up!
I leaned over towards the flowery auroras
who slept like future cicadas
Cooee! (Hey oh!) wake up!
Yonder the crickets called out the same ol' song
but the pretty blue flowers
continued their sleep along

Earlier, I asked you to excuse the dirty wine jug. This time, je vous prie to excuse me. This edition is choppy due to some technical problems brought on by the Mistral wind (how's that for a change from "the dog ate it?")

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