remettre au lendemain

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remettre au lendemain (reuh-metr-oh-lahnd-euh-mahn)

     : to put off until the next day

Download MP3  or Wav  Il ne faut pas remettre au lendemain ce qu'on peut faire aujourd'hui. One mustn't put off to tomorrow what can be done today. 


 A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

One day soon I hope to have the presence of mind to write about the present. What if that day is today?
Well then... presently I am a bundle of nerfs. I am this way not because life has thrown a curve ball, but because I do not have on a glove with which to catch it. I don't even own a mitt and even if I did, knowing me I doubt it would be ready to receive.  Gloves need oil, something that would remain forever on my list of "Choses à Faire": 1) buy mitt oil 2) oil mitt....

Such procrastination puts curve balls in my throat. When will I learn? 

Because it is never too late to get back on track... I will exercise that goal of mine of telling you what is presently on my mind:

The inexistent 15 page rough draft that is due now! Today! Illico! 
Several weeks ago I signed up for my very first writing class: a short-story section
 which begins at the end of this month. 
Sheila kohler  I received an email from the author-instructor (her latest book, right...) this morning (cc'd to all of the students) with a reminder that the stories are due--and to "get them in as soon as possible so that we may begin reading one another's work."

The email threw me topsy-turvy into a flurry of first-liners, tripe that reignites my interest in paper-making (in which junk mail and other jetables are torn into little pieces and fed into a blender half-filled with water, to be pulped via a three-speeded mixer (the cool part is that wildflower seeds can be added to the mix, after pulping, and the future greeting card or stationery sheet can then be planted by the recipient! Talk about sustainable giving!).

But back to procrastination and those curve balls in my throat... there are a few others: French taxes, email (I owe you a big apology if you have not received a response to your letter), and a 15-year-old boy who will be voyaging solo at the end of the month...) but I'd rather talk about other things, stuff not having to do with the present moment and its pulpy, papery, anxieties. Perhaps this is a good time to talk about how to oil a mitt? Or where to buy leather softener (a.k.a. "glove stuff"?). After all, in order to catch these curve balls, one has to have a supple southpaw. Which brings us to a new mitty maxim: Never give in. Break in!


Lately I am experimenting with flower therapy: it seems the colorful, sweet-scented bouquets do much to keep the stressers at bay. A pack of wildflower seeds costs less than two buck (
order some), beaucoup moins cher que le psychiatre.  (Not to knock psychiatrists... only to pontificate on those perfumy preventative petals!

Dogs are said to have the same soothing effect: stress-relievers, they are also known to be good givers to those who are reluctant receivers.

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Your recipe for staying stress-free or Your tip for anti-procrastination: or how to gets things done 

le nerf = nerve
les choses à faire = things to do 
illico = presto!
jetable = throwaway
beaucoup moins cher que le psychiatre = a lot less expensive than the psychiatrist

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Loved you story today! I too suffer from that dilemma. A small hint I use sometimes is to set a timer and say to myself (or anyone else in the room) I will do this for the next 20 minutes - or in 20 minutes when the timer dings! Or any amount of time. I am a clock watcher and this keeps me on track. I believe in flower therapy too!!


Kristen, I am the worst procrastinator ever. The Queen Mother of putting all things off until the very last minute. I've been trying to make lists lately to see if that will help. Bon courage...puppy time helps me destress when I finally switch into action gears.


I just changed my Google background image to the Eiffel tower, I picture that I took last summe! Thanks for the hint.


Salut Kristin,

Another definition of the phrase "remettre au lendemain" might be:

"Never do today what you can get someone else to do tomorrow."

That probably would not work for you though since your writings are "so you" and the deception would be obvious.

Procrastinate?....I'll write more later..Ha!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Susan Widmayer

Kristin, make that curve ball a soft, squishy "nerf" ball, and it will be a piece of cake (wait, I'm mixing my metaphores...just like your wild-flower slurry note paper)

I think you could be the one Giving the class...our favorite author. Inspiration to all. Relax, enjoy the summer. No pressure. lots of love to you, Susan "Under the Oak Tree" in Virginia

Jim in Providence

In case you do get a mitt and want to oil it, remember Neatsfoot Oil is the only oil that can be used. You probably don't remember Bill Buckner, but the rumor is that he did not use Neatsfoot Oil !! The rest is history.


Oh how I can relate. I do the timer thing, too. One in the kitchen, one on my cell phone, & one in the bedroom that I can hear (or the cat can & it annoys her. She runs in & then out -- a bit like Lassie, squeaking for me to do something, meow-now!) Yes, you read that--3 alarms. All within 5 minutes. It's the only way some (most) days. Especially of late.

While it seems best to kick back & relax, enjoy the summer as a nice Susan (as opposed to this one typing, the not-nice one)said above, it isn't always possible.

The relax parts come in intervals after you turn in your draft. Then pick up other people's drafts, make remarks, ask questions. Then relax. Then relax a little bit more thinking about how you want to rewrite. And so on. You know the drill.

It's the only way sometimes to barf out the blasted first draft. (sorry for imagery, folks)


An alarm just went off.

The one in the kitchen. Near the blender....hmmmm.

xo to you Kristi

Mary Wilson

Hi Kristin,

Who doesn't love to procrastinate? There are always more fun & interesting things to do than those on one's "to do list". My strategy is to give myself a little reward if I accomplish something on the task list. If I'd rather read my novel I will allow myself to read a chapter after doing one or more of my "tasks". It's good to have a list of tasks for the satisfaction of crossing them off the list when you've done them. I agree with you that gardening is a great de-stresser. I like to head to the garden after work to deadhead, weed or just see what has come into bloom that day. Pretty soon, I've forgotten all about anything that was worrying or stressing me.


Mary from Toronto


I loved you story today, possibley because I can relate to the need to buy a glove and oil it lol.
I'm thrilled for your writing class, how fun to explore new things, or new ways of doing old things...What fun I hope you have!
As your first prepares to take flight I suspect you will have much more time with your flower's...they understand all of it and give the best advice.
May you find joy in all you do!


Taking a writing class with that author!! How fabulous. Oh, yes, I know about procrastinating. I've been putting off writing two letters (in French) to some acquaintances in France. I've put off another task that is necessary but unpleasant (why else to put it off.) However, I've been sewing up little Pockets in my studio and making little collages, and assorted other things. OH, I best stop writing and get to the letters en francais, eh? Merci for you writings. I so enjoy them.

Auntie Barb

I am so happy to hear that you are starting a class. You have talent Kristen. Don't think you don't. Keep working on finding time for yourself. You have to practice at this regularly and if you do...you will discover that you have found the time.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Never give in, break in... will be using this one a lot - thanks!


Hey Kristin,

This was a most interesting blog...I felt you were me...things tossed at me that I have to respond, things that I toss at myself that I have to respond too...ambitions, things mundane, things not so mundane...and I am so with you regarding flowers and their powers, pooches and their powers and je dois aussi ajouter, les chats and leurs pouvoirs ... I don't know, the solution seems to be to grab one end of something and try not to get distracted by the long list of to dos...


Fred Caswell

Your writings are so pleasing to read when you share your imperfect but beautiful self.

15 pages ... how about a story of an Arizonian ex-patriot using some of your special-to-me writings! --- adapting and choosing with such as when you visited the "gypsie" woman and the experience was a life-changer, the gift of the French book, your trips to France (esp. the one when you first met Jean-Marc(!), telling about your one way ticket back, describing your fabulous husband and two children and uniguely charming mother, building your new home, your first 2 experiences with public speaking, your visit to the emergency room with your chip-off-the-block son with the concussion??? Or your favorites...

This could be fact or with fictional characters and events. Dans chaque cas, your best of FWD could oil your 15 page submission challenge. Lots of love toujours


I'm sitting here procrastinating. I should be paying bills, doing laundry and many other mundane things, but I'd much rather read your blog. Doing my french homework will be easier after reading this blog. I might even base it on some of the french words used today.
I miss the dogs. How are they doing?



Your tips are original and helpful. Thank you! I will be trying some of them!

Fred, extra thanks for your thoughtful suggestions. I had thought of using something already written (make that "already begun"), but it kind of felt like cheating! I may have to resort to this, but your note makes me feel less bad about it.

I managed to write a first chapter and am feeling less stressed. Let's hope tomorrow will be fruitful. I received another workshop note and have learned that I need to print 6 copies of this not-yet-written manuscript. Eeps. The stress is returning--and it's all self-inflicted so one can't even feel badly for oneself!

Also, Fred, I can't remember if I wished you a Happy May 29th birthday. (Better late than never? :-) Happy 83rd!!! :-)

Kristin Espinasse

P.S.: Kathleen, thanks for asking about Braise and Smokey. Theyre doing great. I need to post photos... Smokey is taller than his mama!

Linda D.

Relax, girlfriend.:-) Everything that has to get done, *will* get done. I know sometimes it may feel as though we are juggling a watermelon, chainsaw and a baby, but really, there is always time to smell the flowers, watch a gorgeous sunset or hug our kids...you know, the really IMPORTANT stuff.:-) As for the short story, it's really only the form you're wresting with. After all, you already know how to write. (Something you do exceedingly well, by the way) And, since you are a student of the form, you are free to let go of your ideas of perfection to play with various ideas. So, go ahead and play! That's a much more inviting idea than 'homework' anyway.

jan greene

Hello from Cape Cod after a long time not writing! It appears we are all struggling with competing demands and pressure of living. You are also getting better than psychiatric advice from your lovely community here. What rich offerings! Trust what you know, have faith in who you are, and keep breathing! It all somehow works out! Bonne chance! jan greene


Familiar classical music makes my heart soar, which, in turn, reduces stress. Almost always...


I like this quotation:

Out of the strain of the doing, into the peace of the done. ~ Julia Woodruff,

Herm Meyer

Salut Kristin.

A little poem for you:

Get a Round Tuit

I tend to wait, but
I hate to be late.
It makes me irate,
But I do want to state
When called by fate
To heavens gate,
I’ll not procrastinate

Herm in Phonix, AZ

Bill Facker

Don't "Make" it happen ... simply "Let" it happen. What flows out of you is always excellent, Kristin, and you have the gift of expression. Enjoy! Aloha, Bill Facker

Karen from Phoenix, AZ

Dear Kristin,

You have all you need to write your story, YOU! Just relax take a few breaths in and out and you will do wonderfully. Your gift is always present as we see each time you send our your wonderful blog.

Give the dogs a big hug!

Sunny as always in Phoenix, AZ


Hmm... seems like we have a lot of procrastinators here-- of which I am one.

I hate to call reading your blog "procrastinating," Kristin, but there are several other things I ought to be doing now.

But this is so much more enjoyable!

Karen (in Towson, Md) Whitcome

Hi Kristin and fans. Who here is already amazed at the time Kristin must devote to writing for these wonderful thrice weekly (and Saturdays, too) stories avec plus des photos?! Now... with this class you have even MORE to write. I guess it's "assignment" oriented as opposed to writing in "journal" style as you do usually.

When I enrolled in a writing class last year it was meeting the assignment criteria that was the hardest part. I felt like a college student - up until the wee hours of the morning (because I started writing ideas after dinner when the house finally quieted down) and then having a "rough go of it" the next morning as I tried to function with the children, pets and daily tasks like DRIVING!! UGH. I LOVED it but I think I will have to wait until the kids are in college before I can do that to myself again.

I admire your never-ending pursuit of what you love, Kristin.


Chère Kristin,

Too late for me too say: “Ne remettez jamais à demain ce que vous pouvez faire le jour même”.
You simply have to give full priority to these 15 pages... and reduce all outside activities. Your big children can go and water the garden, help in the kitchen, look after the dogs … and they will manage extremely well.

Instead of the usual Newsletter, I would have totally understood if you had reduced FWAD to a short note + a lovely photo with brief explanation. Who wouldn't understand such measures in your circumstances?
After all, “Une fois n'est pas coutume” (= it does no harm just this once)

Then, you need to:
→ “prendre le taureau par les cornes” = take the bull by the horns,
→ “retrousser tes manches” = roll up your sleeves,
→ and simply “faire de ton mieux” (do your best)
You are the only person to chose what you want to write about and you've always got plenty of ideas. Besides, I believe you are one of those people who gives her best when under pressure, don't you? ...
You might have to carry on working late at night. If you are falling asleep around midnight, or later, move a bit, have a good stretch, shake your body up, have "une barre de chocolat"... make yourself a hot drink... have some bread, butter and honey... une grande tasse de chocolat". Why not?
Once "le cap du sommeil" is over, you'll be fine. So much can be done when the house has gone completely quiet! Anyway, the thought of getting on will feel fantastic. You will be able to relax later on and catch up as soon as all the typing is over.

Probably too late to say that...
Anyway, if your 15 pages are sent after the deadline, you'll simply have to apologize, organise efficient reminders for next time and stick to a different approach to meet the deadline without any panic.

Allez, bon courage... et que la Muse te tienne excellente compagnie!


I agree, dogs do help when you are stessed. They are great listeners!! My son makes fun of me for talking to the dog.

I feel your pain about writing. I have tried over the years to write something. Other than writing papers in college, it has been hard to do much other than keep some journals. I have been told to write my life story, but there are many parts I would rather forget. Maybe I will write about my travels through Europe with my sons...here I go daydreaming again.

A story will come to you. You do have a talent, as most have seen and told.

have a wonderful week!!

Pat Cargill

"Charlotte decides to try once more. "She dares to take up her pencil and write for the first time in her own voice," Kohler says. "She will write out of rage, out of a deep sense of her own worth and of the injustice of the world's reception of her words. She will write about something she knows well: her passion."

And so chere Kristen...take up your pencil et ecrivez, ecrivez, ecrivez...bon chance. (And I will tell myself: pick up the brush and paint and paint and paint!

Fred Caswell

I do not like to tell anyone what to do but I am asking you to please balance your drive to write better with your love of self and family which requires you to maintain a minimum degree of rest and nutrition for health, energy, and mental composure. With love ... Fred

Kristin Espinasse

Waking up and facing a new writing day (just after I take my car to le contrôle technique, in Sorgues... should take up the morning!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you Newforest (just the motivation + ideas needed) and Fred (for your loving concern).

Merci beaucoup to all of you, for your interest in this little dilemme which is big to me. I wish I could send back to you similar--excellent!--words of support when you need them.

Audrey Wilson

I'm a great one pour' remettre au lendemain' especially ironing (till the basket overflows,), window cleaning, & cleaning brass & copperware . Still as I'm retired what matters it ?
Yoga breathing is a great de-stresser I find & I paint , so I lose myself in this .
Keep wriing Kristen


Hi Kristin,
I take pics all the time to use as quilts someday. I would love permission from you to use the barrel and hollyhocks pic to translate to fabric. I love your eye for color and texture and hope you will let me use your photo.

Thanks, Lolly Golden

Kristin Espinasse

Bonjour Lolly,

Permission granted! So good to know you like the hollyhock picture (our first white hollyhock!). If I get a better pic, Ill send it along (the other hollyhock will hopefully bloom soon!).

John Doyle

Kristin: I'm encouraged to learn you have signed up for a creative writing class. You're getting closer to that novel!
John Doyle


I've learned that I procrastinate only if i think I can't succeed at finishing the project- do I have enough time, enough equipment? So I break it down to smaller elements- usually by laying out goals by the month, or the season (or a due date) on a giant calendar I usually make myself. If it is a writing project- I just start; really fast for about 10 minutes. I never even try to start at the beginning- just start, with any interesting idea about the topic.Full-sentences are no needed. You can fill it in, and re-arrange it all later. (That's why computers were invented!)

TypePad Support

Testing comments

Herm Meyer

Bonjour Lolly,

My wife is a super quilter and instructor. She would be interested in your quilting ideas. Check out Sharron at the www.quiltzaz.com website.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Sandy Maberly

Does anyone know of a "group" for Procrastinators annoymous?? Maybe I should start my own (someday) and make myself president! I too "suffer" with this maladie and have recently thought of looking into hypnosis to counteract the symptoms. I think it is just an inborn trait like shyness or friendliness. I'll just try and live with it. As for stress, I've found that yoga stretching works wonders for body and mind. Ne t'inquiete pas, Kristi. Toute ira bien!

Julie Dufaj

Kristen, Your photos and words are what keep my longing for France at bay! What part of the French experience crawls into one's heart and makes a home there, like a little cat with milk-soaked whiskers who yawns and stretches and by so doing wakens the soul to a longing that pierces to the marrow?! If I die without seeing Provence again, the sleepy little town of Venasque or the sweeping vista from the steep climb to Gordes, then Heaven had better be an exact reproduction! (Sorry for the long sentences, but they are the deep exhalations of a heart-sick Francophile.)

Don Banta

Merci, Kristin pour "word-a-day! Ces sont mes chers etudes.
Mais au secours! En lisant "Le Petit Prince" j'ai rencontre' la phrase "Il s'en fut" et je ne peut pas traduire. Peut-etre quelqu'un pourrait aider cette vache espagnole.

Susan Radatz

This brings out the English teacher in me which never got to be expressed in real life. You said "Dogs are said to have the same affect:"

The word should be "effect."

"Affect" is to be used only as a verb.

"Effect" can be used as a noun or a verb.

I am in the greater Chicagoland area and the temperature is about 80 degrees F.

Thank you for restoring French to my life after many years missing.

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