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  Paris Window (c) Kristin Espinasse.
 Flowers from Paris...

Bedroom Paris apartment for rent. St Sulpice.
215 euros per night (min.  3 night rental)
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un entretien (ontr-tee-en)

        1) an interview 

       2) management/service (a car check-up, etc...)

(Today's word is not in theme with the story.... more later...)

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

"Born-Again Writer"

I wanted to send you some flowers from Paris and let you know that all is well. My writing class ended this morning, hélas! If I take only one writing class in my life... well then I have been lucky enough to have taken this one, taught by a living muse: Sheila Kohler. 

Among the countless motivational morsels, technical tips, and amazing astuces, was this one, the big one, the one that I have needed all my writing life: RISK.

(A note to Mama Jules: you will excuse me for needing to learn this lesson from another, never mind you have told me to jump off the writing cliff time and again. It has taken the heat wave of Paris to warm these cold feet. And now, as I stand at the edge of the falaise, it is a matter of right place, right time, right frame of mind. The fall is another matter (and we will worry about that "on the next page"). 

When next I return to the keyboard, I shall hope to risk a little... to rattle the repenting writer within and in so doing begin again: a newborn writer wielding a courageous pen. 


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Congratulations Kristin!

Do you have time in the city before you return home? Do sit at a cafe and take in the pace of life in the city for a bit. A glass of wine or champagne makes it even more enjoyable.

Margaret in Durham where the weather has turned gloriously refreshing!


You have built suspense! I can't wait to come back and read more about the risk ...

Stacy, Applegate, Oregon

You've been so missed! I see you are returning with inspiration tucked away in your bags. I loved your play on words Born-Again Writer and the beauty of "a newborn writer wielding a courageous pen".

Congrats, Kristi! I am excited to see where this risk and insight takes you, so glad I am along for the journey. Thank you for sending us the lovely Parisian flowers! Happy 4th of July! God Bless us!

Gwyn Ganjeau

Oh, Kristin. Goosebumps. I'm guessing this courageous step towards risk is going to have a much broader application than you ever expected. Goosebumps again.

Sophie Day

I wish you luck in your writing endeavors and as my french teacher at Harvard would say, "merde alors!" She says it means 'good luck' since the french are too superstitious to use the actual term.


Hi Kristin,

A friend of mine once shared this advice:

"Leap, and the net will appear."

So true!

Good luck, from a fellow writer.


Kristin . . . I had to laugh . . . I immediately caught myself looking for the follow-up article on "the fall!"

Writers want to be in control of SOMETHING, don't you know!

Kerry from Tucson in Oklahoma

Bill in St. Paul

Glad you're. Are you going to share the short story you wrote for class with us, your loyal readers?

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,

Heureux que la classe était grand!

As I posted previously: You've got to go out on the limb, that's where the fruit is.

Imitate the turtle. They move forward only when their neck is stuck out.

You have a bunch of followers that are routing for you.

A bientôt,


Paul Heffron

Hi Kristin,

I assumed that you were teaching the writing
class not taking it. Don't change your writing style (with risk or whatever). It's the best.

Best regards,
Paul Heffron


Bravo Kristin--we will await your new writing adventures. Hope you had some time to enjoy my favorite city in the entire world--I am so homesick for Paris (though I have never lived there). Whenever I arrive there I truly feel like I am home!
Susan from sunny (finally) Southern California.

Candy in SW KS

We are all so anxious to read your new "risks"! I'm sure the class was a "battery charger" for you. And we, your readers, are happy to be the guinea pigs, so to speak! The photo is lovely and makes me miss Paris. I hope you were able to enjoy the city, as it is a city of risks - so many times it was not supposed to survive the invading armies, but, like the Phoenix, it arose! Take courage from that, dear Kristi! We are ready for whatever you want to throw our way :)
Enjoying cooler weather in SW KS, but excited about heading to the CO mountains next week! Hooray!


Kristin, we will be here to catch you gently when you leap from the falaise. A quote from a Gaston Leroux novel (Le Fauteuil Hanté), slightly altered for you: "Mon cher [Kristin], il y a des situations dans la vie qui valent bien que l'on risque quelque chose!" Allons-y!

Paula Coxon

Kristen, greetings from San Diego, California. I'm eagerly awaiting the day you distribute your wines here! Your comment today about risk brought to mind these exciting, and motivating, words I recently came upon written about, and by, author and adventurer Richard Halliburton. Go here: and they will further inspire you, too! Then go to this paragraph, "Travel as an unconventional career", to see his comments to his father about his decidedly risk-filled lifestyle on this web page: Now go roll the dice so your writing can continue to transport us beyond our mundane lives!


Congratulations! Looking forward to the next installment.


Cheryl in STL

Kristin, I'm so glad to hear that this was THE writing class!! Sure hope it will be cooler in Provence. 90 in Paris can be miserable.
Happy 4th of July!

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Risk away Kristen. And I'm absolutely certain that dear Jules has learned a thing or two from others and in like manner as well... and to have had the opportunity to take that particular writing class makes me very happy for you.

poppi tims

Bonne chance Kristin - exciting times ahead.
I have been in Paris today shopping and lunching with my 19 year old, who is here for a month on break from university in N.Z. The métro was unbearable..HEAT!!! Thankfully the resto and shops have air con so I sat in a corner and watched as 'ma fille' shopped 'til she dropped and now has the energy to party with her friends.....C'est la vie ☻☻ Poppi x

tom hamilton

you are always so delightful!

Linda R.

How exciting that you found such inspiration in your latest adventure. Bonne chance, Kristin ... seize the day!


I'm so glad you enjoyed your writing class and came away with new goals fluttering around you! Risk! WE all need to take them once in a while don't we?!
As alway's I look forward to your posts :)

Patricia Flournoy

A challange accepted ... another goal reached...Carpe Diem! a bientot, P. Flournoy...sorry to miss you in Provence

Lynn McBride

Felicitations, Kristin, and I’m really looking forward to seeing how your writing progresses, and the places you go with it. We’ll all be along for the ride.

Since I’ve got grandkids visiting, and life as we know it stops when they’re around, I’ve just read all the comments on my Southern Fried French guest blog of last Friday (‘Love & a Tarte Tatin’, June 25), and I’m beaming from all the lovely comments from your readers! I’ll be insufferable for a few days, making my friends and family read them. I’ve just responded to them, under that blog’s Comments section.

Can’t thank you enough for letting me be a part of French-Word-A-Day!

Ophelia in Nashville

What a great post! The joy of your renewed creative inspiration, energy, and courage is palpable. I think you took a risk to attend this class. Keep the faith and have a great weekend.


Kristin, please do not stifle the natural talent you have by attempting to follow a studied form. You are a natural at engaging your audience in the simplest, most sincere way - no artifice or posturing. How many would-be writers try for what comes naturally to you? Take the risk, your many fans will catch you but we already know, you will not fail - or fall!


Your blog is so wonderfully helpful.. Yvonne

gail bingenheimer

Instrumentality. Whn the instrument of the action is a part or aspect of the person, it is introduced by de; when it is a concrete object, other prepositions are used.
1) L'ambidextre écrit aussi facilement de la main gauche que de la main droite.
An ambidextrous person writes as easily with the left hand as with the right.
2) Comment voulez-vous que j'écrive avec cette vielille plume?
How do you expect me to write with old pen?


I heard an interview with an author last week and he said if his writing doesn't make him just a bit uncomfortable, he knows he is not being true to himself! RISK


Three little ink drops cried and cried, their mother was in the pen and they didn't know how long the sentence was.
(This couldn't be help, its the RISK I take)


I also agree that taking a risk on something you really want is a good thing. So many times we are afraid to take that leap for one reason or another. Much luck on your adventure!!



Julie F

Bravo, Kristin! That last paragraph was perfect. I hope the writing workshop I'll attend later this summer will push me to risk more. I'm ready to be pushed. Meanwhile I'm only 48 hours away from sitting down at a bistro for a little dejeuner in Dijon. And for the month of July I will try to push myself a little more. And, yes, risk will be involved. So everybody stay off the roads because I'm renting a car and driving myself through the Loire Valley. Can't get much riskier than that. C'est l'aventure!

And it is just as miserably hot here in St. Louis as it is in France.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ


I have a question regarding the three little ink drops that cried and cried because their mother was in the pen and they didn't know how long her sentence would be. . . . . Was it a BAWL-point pen?


Merci beaucoup

Eileen deCamp

Congratulations Kristin! Great post and we all need to take a risk every now and then!

Eileen deCamp

Congratulations Kristin! Great post and we all need to take a risk every now and then!


Félicitations, Kristin! I do believe it is important to challenge ourselves for growth, but I must say I have always considered you a risk-taker. To continually share your life, your emotions, your struggles in a public arena such as this is a huge risk-taking endeavor. Thank you for your vulnerability. I will look forward to where this new motivation leads. Bon courage!

Betty Gleason

Yo! Girlfriend,

When hasn't your life been full of risk? Maybe it is only your writing style that you fear. This year you have pushed the envelope in so many different directions: your $ photo blog, publishing your own book, expanding your garden, breeding Blaise, interpreting, and taking this class to name a few. Definitely not a static fearful life!
Forge on with grace for us armchair wannabes. True risk was trying to save Lily, and that story made me a forever admirer.


Allez, Allez! Does that not say it all? The best to you, and Happy Independence Day, transplanted American...and Vive la France on the 14th as well. Hugs,


Bon courage!


So happy for you Kristin...there is nothing more so full of promise as turning over a new blank page!


Hello Paula and friends,

So inspiring, the info on Richard Halliburton! Thank you for this link.

Otherwise, back home now... and writing! The internet is distracting, but the messages here don't count (in the "time wasted" category): they are the cheers and motivation needed to get to the "next page".

Bill in St Paul asked whether I will publish the story that I worked on for the writing workshop. Yes, this is a goal. Back to that story now...

Thank you for every word you share here. Wishing everyone an enjoyable Sunday--indeed, Happy 4th of July!


You go girl! I know that you have it in you to write, write, write. I'm glad that the workshop gave you the one word that you needed - RISK. Sometimes it needs to come from another to really hit home.


There are so many quaint words of wisdom/advice that we all can share with you, but truly you should follow your inner voice, it won't lead you too far afield.

BTW, Happy Anniversary (yesterday) to you and Jean Marc for your Town Hall wedding.

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