montagnes russes

On the fold-out bed, comparing notes. From left to right: Aurélie, Jackie ("Jackie from Scotland""), and I. More harvest photos on the way....

montagnes russes (mohn tan roos) noun (f,pl)

: roller coaster


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

A full day. What more can one hope for but a full day? Yesterday was one of those: plein!  

Here is but a compte rendu:

  • Max began lycée
  • Our golden retrievers ran away
  • The grape harvest began
  • And, finally, a second edition!

With equal parts excitement and emotion, we rode the roller coaster, with its mountains of grapes and its valleys of escape (where were the dogs? Where had they gone?!)

During uncertain times it helps to remember: we are but passengers. We ride the montagnes russes, we do not drive or conduct them. The best we can do is to buckle our seat belts and have faith (or wear a crash helmet).

So it was that at the end of the day... the grapes were picked and the wine was already being made. And, before the moon rose over Mount Windy, I looked east and offered one more plea:

Come home! Braise! Smokey! C-o-m-e h-o-m-e!

My eyes bore into the field beyond, vines laden with ripening fruit. I was scanning night's horizon when two flickers of Golden light caught me by surprise, putting a stop to these wildly roving eyes.

Post note: After a 10 hour escapade, Smokey made it home first, followed by Mama Braise. Grateful, thankful, reconnaissant - what word can describe the feeling? No words, finally, only jumping and squealing.

 Le Coin Commentaires: 
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French Vocabulary

= full

le compte rendu = a run down, report 

le lycée = high school

montagnes russes (fem. and always used in the plural)  = roller coaster

reconnaissant(e) = grateful



Our two newest harvesters: Daniel-Gérard, left, and Alexis, right.

Sharing recipes... stay tuned!

Smokey and his belles de nuit. Gone is the cone! He is healing beautifully.

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