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 la rose trémière (rowz tray me yare) noun, feminine
    : hollyhock 

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Pendant les périodes chaotiques, il fallait attacher Smokey à notre rose trémière. During chaotic periods, it was necessary to attach Smokey to our hollyhock.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

    "How to Contain a Dog"

The scene is simple, facile as a flower. The subjects are easy: a plant, a dog, and a leash.


But if you could sit with me, staring at such strength and mystery, you, too, would see the greatness in such a fragile thing.

Pull up a chair and quietly observe our characters: one furry and golden the other lean and green. Just a couple of underdogs joined by a string.

I think about little old ants and rubber tree plants. I think about Jack and the beanstalk. I am amazed. Who'd have thunk, who'd have thought: so much strength in a hollyhock!

You know the saying "La nécessité est mère de l'invention," and so it was that with all the comings and goings this summer—and what with the busy harvest—we needed a safe place to attach our younger dog.  The picnic table worked fine, until we showed up to dine.... The lampadaire worked for a while, until the shade moved over to the wood pile. That is when the back patio beckoned. But where to temporarily tie our sweet chien? My eyes traveled over to the giant plant....

What began as a seed now stands seven feet high! Thick enough at the "ankles" to hold on to 26 kilos (our dog, or occasional escapee). 

Back at the kitchen table, chaos to my back, I take a moment to marvel at the mighty underdogs. It is just a simple scene, that of a dog anchored to a one-time seedling. So the next time you stare at a glorious maple, think of a hollyhock, and of what it is capable.   


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 French Vocabulary

La nécessité est mère de l'invention (or "l'industrie") = necessity is the mother of invention

 le lampadaire = street lamp

le chien = dog

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