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la page blanche

Solitary Seat (c) Kristin Espinasse
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la page blanche (pazh blansh) noun, feminine

    : "the blank page"


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Le blocage de l'écrivain, (parfois appelé « syndrome de la page blanche », « angoisse de la page blanche » ou « peur de la page blanche ») désigne, chez un écrivain, la difficulté parfois rencontrée pour trouver l'inspiration et la créativité au moment d'entamer ou de continuer une œuvre.

Writer's block, (sometimes called "the syndrome of the blank page", "anxiety of the blank page" or "fear of the blank page") designates, to the writer, the occasional difficulty in finding inspiration and creativity at the beginning of writing or when continuing a work.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

"La Page Blanche and then some"

The last of the harvesters left today. The house is empty, dusty, and cobwebbed. The fridge is full with halves. No need to cook today. Leftovers.

I am feeling as inspired as yesterday's soufflé: no longer high, dry inside. Chewy even.

To chew, chew over, chew on... I wish "ruminatory" were a word, but, no!, it's "ruminating". So be it. No need to go and get vexed. That's just the way it is: "ruminating". Laisse tomber!

And so, in the absence of le mot juste (where they won't let us have "ruminatory"!), we shall be stubborn—even"uproary"! We shall rain on today's word parade! 

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French Vocabulary

la page blanche = the blank page

laisser tomber = to leave it, leave well enough alone

le mot juste
= the exact word, precise word, just the right word 


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