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faire d'une pierre deux coups

carry-on suitcase and golden retrievers
Pictured here: The Welcome-Home Committee... headed by Smokey R. Dokey, left. And that's his mama, Braise (brez, like "Pez"), right. I'd say the Comité de Bienvenue could use a good bath! (Yet one more way for this time-challenged traveler to stay awake during le décalage horaire. Read on!)

faire d'une pierre deux coups

    : to kill two birds with one stone

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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

It is good to be home! It might be even better to be in bed... but I have learned that when arriving in France in the a.m., one must stay awake well into the p.m.!  else suffer le syndrome du décalage horaire!

One way to keep awake is by keeping up one's French word journal... so I'll tell you about a new expression I learned just this morning, while waiting for my TGV train at the Charles DeGaulle Airport (Terminal 2 is also a train station!):

faire d'une pierre deux coups = to kill two birds with one stone

The French version is so much gentler (no sacrificed birds!) and yet the expression retains all its punch! Speaking of sacrifices, I am putting this "two hits out of one stone" expression to work... by working off this jet lag here on line. In the end, I will have stayed awake for a few more hours... all the while updating this site. So it's a win-win gagnant-gagnant kind of deal. Now to convince my body of this "winning" logic when its internal clock is feeling cheated!

Apart from blogging, I spent some quality catch-up time with Jean-Marc, the kids, and also the dogs, who, I discovered, were covered with olive-size burrs! They had been on more than one vineyard adventure while I was away. It will take several more hours--and a good pair of cutting shears--to free them of their "trophies" -- but this ought to be another fine way to keep awake on this sunny Provençal day.



Smokey Doodle Dribble. A thought bubble might read: "I wonder how many treats are in that carry-on bag? And all for me!" Do you have another thought bubble to add?

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FYI! Meet Jean-Marc in New York this coming March 7th for a tasting of his wines or later in many other US cities.

French Vocabulary
le Comité de Bienvenue = the welcome-home committee
le syndrome du décalage horaire = jet lag
gagnant-gagnant = win-win 

With my dear Dad, who drove  back from California (with his lovely wife, Marsha). More pictures to come... Read a story about my dad, here.

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