qui rechauffe le coeur
s'envoyer des fleurs & a request for blurbs!


Pradel (c) Kristin Espinasse
Please stick with me on this French word journey. The current theme, "publishing", will come to a close soon... and we'll be back with more colorful episodes "in a French life"!

croire (kwahr)

    : to believe

I don't even know which day of the 21 Day Publishing Challenge today is (Day 11? Day 12?)! I think the deadline is one week from Wednesday, though I'm hoping that I've miscalculated and that the cutoff is really one week from Friday (but that couldn't be, for Friday we're having a big dinner party ...and I would have never put that much pressure on things. No, not I)!

We won't talk too much about the Behind the Scenes of this farcical speed-publishing venture, one designed, in part, to take my mind off my forehead (7 weeks since the operation and my wound is still "healing". I had to stop using the super cool silicone patch when an infection broke out... then came the mad science: the daily dousing with betadine... then switching to mercurochrome (gaahh! mercury! what was I thinking?)... finally, I got desperate and broke out the LOURDES WATER! (I found a few kitchy souvenir bottles—little plastic containers in the form of the famous Saint Bernadette.)

Yesterday, as I lay back on my pillow, a soaking wet compress on my head, I felt so much frustration and desperation. I tried to relax as the "miracle" water trickled down the sides of my head, onto the pillow. I realized I had just put my faith into a 14-year-old saint!

Along with the curative water, tears flowed. For weeks, they had been bottled up, just like the souvenir "saint" water that friends had brought me from the famous grotto. 

Then came the doubt. More than the water's medicinal effect, I began to question my own ability to tenir, or to hang in there. I didn't know whether to scream or to go on softly crying about the absurdity of my situation: in effect, I was counting on a purported apparition (of the Blessed Virgin, in the grotto) to help in the disappearance (of my bleeding wound). I felt as confused as ever.

And then I had an inspiration....

"Either you believe," I challenged myself, "or you don't believe!"

A minute passed in which I waited for I knew not what....

The make-up-your-mind-moment ended when my eyes squeezed shut as I raised my hand and tilted that bottle of holy water. There I received the downpouring of faith. 


Update: tomorrow I will see a good dermatologist. I do believe she will be able to pick up where the saint left off. In the meantime, I'm going to keep my mind constructively occupied with the editing of the following stories! So please get out your red pens now and read the following stories, letting me know whether any typos need to be fixed. Thank you, mille fois merci

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The following stories will go into the manuscript template by tomorrow (Tuesday night)! Please send any edits today, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Thanks!

PETITE AMIE: my future husband's ex shows up at our wedding!

LOUPER: I allow my son a "ditch day"

COQUILLE: When I am old...

CONDUIRE: Learning to drive in France


Meantime, here is a sneak peek at the book covers (Big thanks designer Tamara Dever at TLC Graphics & Narrow Gate Books!) . Get ready to vote on Friday (I hope...)

7 BIP covers
Click to view a larger image. Note: the subtitle you see will not appear (nor will the subtitle I made up this weekend: Blossoming in Provence: A Tumbleweed's enlightenment among the Lavender. Mom thinks the title will stand on its own. What do you think? Let me know here, in the comments box

A special note to all editors (that might be you!): If you are helping to edit my forthcoming "memoirette", Blossoming in Provence, please click over to the Acknowledgment page, now, and enter your name in the comments box there!
Blossoming cover

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Hi Kristin,
Most assuredly book cover 7, with 4 as possible runner up! I think 7 has essential colours and looks of the region combined with good composition and clarity (re author name, title etc.).
Good luck with it all! I've enjoyed reading your Word A Day adventures and wish you all the best with this new project,


The way you say... a good dermatologist will take up where the saint left off.....that is EXACTLY how to think! Ask help from the saints but keep that doctor appointment as well. I truly believe neither one will mind you consulting with the other!


Your cover:

Hi there Love 2, dislike 7, and agree with your Mom the title will stand on its own.

Lynette Daudt

Cover 7 (with 4's scrolly title inset block instead of the rather harsh blockish box as in 7's current title box).

Also have you considered a photo with at least some flowers if not nearly entirely flowers since the title is 'blossoming'?

6 is a good runner up if 7 with 4's scrolly title block doesn't work. But without the grey blue bars at top and bottom. Just photo all the way.

NO SUBTITLE! - definitely not needed - I find subtitles kinda of annoying actually. They are clutter to me.

Alyssa Ross Eppich

Book covers #1 & 4 are my favorites, but I can't decide on which one! It's the blue that gets me, playing as it does on the blue shutters in the photograph. Bonne chance et merci de la chance de contribuer à votre travail !

Frances Ruth Harris

Yes, to Mom's title! I love it!

Catherine Noble

I agree with your editor Mom. The book title stands on its own without the clutter of the subtitle. I do love the cover, by the way, and will vote Friday on my favorite.

Rupert  Suren

Number 2 gets my vote BUT get rid of the awful box with Vignettes of France and use the layout of 'Vignettes of France' from version 4.
Any progress on the spine and the back cover?


My vote is for #6. And I'll admit - I really like your weekend wonderment subtitle "A Tumbleweed's enlightenment among the Lavender" but I also think it's an attractive title without needing more. Could be that lead-in once the book has been opened?
Bonne continuation!


Good morning, Kristin! I'm still deciding which cover I like best, but I have a question: I like your subtitle very much, and at the same time agree with your mother that it would clutter the cover. That said, how about swapping out the text in the Vignettes... box for your subtitle? Persevere!

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Frances. Note, it is Betty Gleason who came up with the title.

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Rupert. Mom and I agree that the box should be removed.  Re spine: Tamara (who designed these covers) will do that for me: it will be simple: name and title. Re back cover, only a photo so far (the black and white one)... well pretend that were making a bold statement (when really I just cant decide on what to put on the back. On my previous self-published books, I have included a story on the back--or, simply, reader feedback. 

Michelle Taylor

I vote for 1 or 2!



Kristin Espinasse

Cynthia, thanks for the suggestion but we now are going without the little box on the cover. 

Michelle Taylor

OK, Kristin; the Mom in me wants to assure you that no one will think less of you, if the book isn't published in 21 days! Self-inflicted "deadlines" are "guidelines", but not at the cost of your sanity! Breathe and enjoy the journey; it can still help you to keep your mind off your healing wound, but can let your emotions have time to heal, too!

Kristin Espinasse

Loving your words, Michelle: Self-inflicted deadlines are guidelines. You are right! And I will remember that. Thank you! Yes, I need to smooth out the emotional side, too ;-)

vicki ford

Hi Kristin,
I agree with Mom on the Title..(let's face it..she is usually or should we just say ..always right!). No. 2 is my favorite cover with the "layout vignettes" from No. 4.

Myra Wood, New Orleans

Oh, Kristin, #2 really jumps out! I love the periwinkle color of the shutters--it pops on its own. If you add the surround of periwinkle (as in 1 and 4), the border overpowers the beauty of the shutters. The brick and green colors in 3 and 5 are overpowering to the otherwise soft colors. And 7, I just don't really like. Thanks for sharing your choices with us! You really are a sweetheart. I hope you continue to heal!

gail bingenheimer

They all look nice Kristin. You should be very proud of yourself.


Cover #2 speaks Provence to me. But, if I did not know your stories, the title would not attract me in a bookstore. After all, Peter Mayle got there first with his books about Provence. Your vignettes always have a sweet funny tone. Perhaps your title should be more in that vein.

William Mears (and Lee)

Here's my two cents for what it's worth. I'm an artist (painter) and feel that #4 is the best choice. #2 would be my second choice but I like the narrow bit of blue on the top and bottom of #4 to echo the blue in the photo. I think the others are either too busy or too dark with the dark borders. Years of framing my own paintings has taught me to "keep it simple and let the artwork speak for itself". Your beautiful photos do that. Peace and Love, Lee Mears

Herm in Phoenix, Az

Salut Kristin,

I like cover #2.

I put a link to your site on my blog today along with one of your great photos and a short poem. Maybe all three of my readers will check in on you..... Ha!

Your story today reminds me of the old western song entitled, "I've got tears in my ears, lying on my back, crying over you". They don't write songs like that anymore!


This is a late comment but are you sure about the word "blossoming"? I agree with Denise, your sense of humor needs to come through in the title somehow. Just an idea - cannot think of how to do that. I hope this is constructive. Publishing a book in 21 days is amazing and no matter what you call it, it will be a pleasure to read as I only started reading your site earlier this year. Can you get polysporin cream over there? The parents Derm. had them using that after each visit . Love your site and your writing/pictures. Keep up the good work.

Peggy Welborn

Absolutely #1 - who wouldn't snatch up a book outlined in FRENCH BLEU - #7 is too busy, the others o.k. but I would pass by.
Even my wedding dress was this luscious color!


I have been enjoying your blog for about 4 months now. What fun! Love the pictures, love the writing style, and love how you communicate your stories.
I am commenting on the book covers, because I really want you to succeed in getting people to pick them up off the shelf!
NO to 4 through 7! Too busy, too much distraction. I do like the tasteful simplicity of 1 through 3. Just enough to make it stand out. I like 3 the best because the border color coordinates with the font color. I DO LIKE THE SUBTITLE!!!!! It will tell the prospective reader just enough to get them to pick the book up. Otherwise, they might not have any idea what the book is about: Gardening, perhaps? What if (unbelievable to you and I) they've never heard of Provence and don't know where it is? The subtitle, in the nice blue box, is a big help. Happy publishing!

anita burkhart

kristin...i agree with you mom and would have a hard time deciding between 4 and 7. i so enjoy reading your daily blog...it is the only thing i 'save' on my computer so your book should be wonderful to read! deadlines are meant to be extended.... its a publishing rule !!!!!


Cover 7 has little appeal to me. I wouldn't pick it up off a bookstore rack.

Cover 2 is visually the most appealing with the light background that sets off the lettering and image. Cover 4 would be my second choice - and close to #1 - maybe even a tie between 2 and 4. Either has high appeal to a viewer just glancing at books.

Dianne Metsger

I am an avid reader, and I am often drawn to a book by the appearance of the cover (if it is "face-out" on a shelf). #1, 2, 3 are all attractive. When placed side by side, however, I feel that #2 appears a little bland. #4 is nice- I do like the picture chosen for the cover. Since I love photographer, I love #5. The shadows are amazing! I'm not sure that this cover would attract other readers, however. I find the bar (title) across #6 distracting and I find #7 way too busy. By the way, I just bought your first book and I am enjoying reading snippets between studying- French, of course.

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Gail. Tamara Dever gets credit for the designs.

Priscilla Fleming Vayda

Okay ... another cover comment. I love, love #5 as it jumps right out at you. Sure to get a prospective buyer's attention. I think the others are too "soft" and misty. You want to go for it and pull in readers. Your stories are wonderful and once you have captured the attention of the reader he/she is sure to be enthralled by both your writing and your photography. I think you are a master of the lens and hope that you have included lots of your photographs in the book. As a friend tells me when I am on deadline: keep motoring on! Bonne chance!
Priscilla Fleming Vayda
Another writer and painter

Bruce T. Paddock

Very, very nice designs. I really liked your original, Kristin, but going with a professional always makes sense. Hats off to Tamara.

I'll wait to state my preferences until the Friday vote.

I will say, though, that you really should include some sort of a subtitle. I assume you'll be marketing and selling it yourself, but even so, you should imagine what it'll look like on a bookstore shelf. A shopper browses by, her eye is caught by the lovely cover, she picks it up, and thinks, "'Blossoming in Provence.' Nice, but what's it about? Gardening, maybe. I dunno." And she puts it down again.

jan greene

Hi Kristin, The therapist in me wants to add...you have been in a crisis of health which can be the fruit of a new essay on how we bloom in dispair or worry. You know, a struggle can be an occasion of blessing and growth. Consider using the wisdom of this to ease up on yourself so the miracle of inspiration can take root!

Jules Greer

Krisi I am going to ask Lisa to post the link to the song I am dedicating to all of our friends here in the comments box today.

Lisa - (Alyssa) can you do that for me.??




I agree with your mom, keep it simple. And I like #6 for the same reason, it's simple and the title stands out. Readers will be drawn to the prominent word "Provence." The cover on #5 is a close runner up. Keep up the good work!
Connie in Portland


I like number 6


another vote for #4

Susan Curtis

I like covers 1 and 4, if 4 had the same writing as #1. I agree with your mother. Sack the subtitle, the 3 word title lends a bit of mystery and the subtitle inadequately overdescribes the content, and removes the mystery.

Bo Brown

Cover #5 is really, really nice, it stands out and is clearly readable. I may be prejudiced, I always go for green, but I like it from a design standpoint. (And hang in there Kristin I wish I could give you a hug but I know your family is there for that!)

Alyssa Ross Eppich

From Jules with love! XOXO
Go and enjoy!


If I were shopping at Barnes and Noble and saw your book on the table I would pick up#7 because of the bold and interesting design.It would stand out amongst the other books on the table. I like #2 & #3 as well.In our gallery we have the "money" wall where we put up painting that will attract the most attention (feng shui)Its like shopping for shoes or a lipstick-what attracts you to the counter?
As to your wound healing-I wish you the best but enough of these local country doctors with their outmoded methods. Please call the American Hospital in Paris.The phone # is 01 46 41 25 25. American trained doctors and they are tops in research and have outpatient dept.We all want to to stay well

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Bo! Ill take a hug whenever I can get one!

Re the covers, Im beginning to think 4, with the typography of 1. My concern is that the chair is too close to the border... and might get cut (a bit) during the printing process. Tamara has assured me this wont be an issue, but I tend to worry where and when I can...

Erin from Canada

Hi Kristin,

Please don't be discouraged about your scar. If you only knew what a postive force you are! You will get through this and be stronger for it in the end. I appreciate how honest you are in how you're feeling. I can see myself going through the same feelings and emotions as you-almost as if I were writing the words myself.

As for the book covers, I really like #4 and I think the subtitle is great! I would definitely keep it.

Hang in there,
Sending you a big hug from across the ocean!


dear, dear Kristin,
i must offer some loving kind words about your post today and your tears about your wound "healing." i just want to say i have been there and completely understand your frustration and sadness, and what it is like to have scars on one's face. "The face" that sticks out there in the world for all to see and judge. Please remember, a scar does NOT and will NOT take your beauty away - you will always have the beautiful bones and perfectly balanced features of your face. Soon, there will be a line, or a scar, and it will make for great stories. And it will allow anyone who may feel threatened by your perfect prettiness to feel less threatened and perhaps more empathetic. So in the end, it may bring more love to you. Kinda cool!
One thing i did with my face disfigurement, was to get around folks that cannot walk, or use their arms, (or have those taken-for-granted freedoms that i still have). Then the facial scar issue will lose its hold over you very quickly. i hope this helps your sadness in some small way.
And on a more humorous note as i get older i grieve for loses every day: like not being able to do things with the vigor of my youth or fit into the clothes of my youth because of the new belly muffin top. I believe it is healthy to grieve and then move forward like you are doing - find a new project (like you are with your book) and put something lovely out into the world. Yes you are on the perfect path - i believe

Eileen Murray

Use the picture on 4 and the typeface on 1, 2 or three. The border doesn't really add anything and take valuable space from the photo. The typeface on 4 is difficult and too blocky for the flow of Provence.

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, chère Hedda. 

Hugs and thanks to everyone reading and pre-voting!


Hi, wishing you the best of luck with your new dermatologist, tomorrow and the newly discovered infection of the incision on forehead.


Absolutely #2. It is light and cheerful, and the photo looks best without all the busy-ness of colored edges and frames. The title font in 1, 2 and 3 is a favorite as well. Not heavy, but it draws the eye to it. As a painter, I agree with William Mears that the artwork or, in this case the photo, should speak for itself. Hope you choose #2!

Robin Katsaros

Hi Kristen, I have always found that "less is more". And if you look through all the posted commments, a good majority of people gravitate to #2 and/or #4 which I believe is for that reason - less is more. Which leads me to believe I think it's a tie between #2 and #4. To determine between the two (graphically speaking), I would try taking the title how you have it displayed in #2 and use that in #4 (rather than 'boxing off' the title as shown in #4) The eye craves white space rather than blocking things off or having too much text, type or graphics. I think the title is wonderful. And the subtitle - tagline - is good from a marketing perspective, but maybe a tad long. How about simply: A journey of enlightment among the Lavender; or simply: enlightment among the Lavender?

I love reading your blog. But most of all I love the journey of seeing you blossoming right in front of our eyes. Hugs, rk

Greg C

Mon choix est #2 aussi!

Don Golfen

Walking by a table of new books in a bookstore, number 4 is the cover that would be the most likely to grab my attention.
I agree with your mom - the title says it all.

Sarah LaBelle

I really like cover #5 for the layout and type faces. The color of #1 is exquisite.
Number 7 looks so much like a blog screen with its narrow stripe.

No need for the subtitle, I agree. Any words like that should go on a page inside the book.

I like the title, and the photos that show old Provence style.

As to today's update, it is just right to have faith and then see another doctor to ease the healing along.

Lynn at Southern Fried French

Hi Kristin,
I like 1,2, and 7; 2 is my favorite. The green one is the worst. Love the new title, PERFECT. I like the tumbleweeds thing too. BON COURAGE with the penible forehead.

Marcia J. Yanshak

#4. #5, #6 and #7 are definitely out.


That subtitle does nothing but confuse me.
Already the "Blooming", I would think, has a double meaning...that's enough. If you want to appeal to larger numbers, those who do not know you, I think directness works better than suggestiveness and 'cute'. That business about lavender will appeal to 1% of population. Many don't know (or care, perhaps) what it is...and will back away from a book when the title/meaning is unclear. My opinion. Tough choice on the lovely book covers...


Hi Kristin,
I've read your blog on and off for ever now it seems :) I love it. For your book cover my eyes jumped to 4 (I'd buy that book!) to #7 as well. All the best to you.


I prefer #4, followed by #2. #6 is too hard to read the title. #5 shows too little of the beautiful photo.

Blessings, Mary

Rosanna Hunter

I prefer #2 without the blue box.

Kristin Espinasse

Robin, I think your subtitle suggestions are just brilliant! 

A journey of enlightment among the Lavender; or simply: enlightment among the Lavender?

Does anyone else like this as much as me?

Judd  @ weekendloafer

4 is my choice..and the title stands on its own. good luck...i have been reading along...th ebook will be great!

Cynthia Rowden

Just a very quick first impression - the covers with the table and chairs made me think - haven't I seen that before? I'm a big fan of the "I gave up my boring regular life and moved to .... France, Italy, Mexico, etc." books, and have an entire collection. Have a look at On Rue Tatin - it has very much the same feel as some of your versions.


#6-love the contrasting colors and the photos. That is my vote!

Kristin Espinasse

Cynthia, I see your point, but I so love that chair. I took the photo while on a sugar-snatching adventure in Grignan!

Hint: well be editing this story on Wednesday... I think! Even if it doesnt fit into guidelines (it was written recently)


Hi there, Kristin,

Last Monday my son did a face plant and cut his face in two spots as well as receiving a couple of rather large cement burns. Although this is not even close to what you've endured, I feel compelled to mention that I put a tincture (purchased from a local herbologist) of olive oil, calendula flowers and lavender essential oil on his wound and in 6 days is now almost completely healed. Am wondering if you've given any thought to the magic of herbs and natural remedies? I could send you a bottle if you weren't able to find something similar in your corner of the woods. Let me know...

Love the covers. #6 would be my pick, but I'd scoot the image to the right a bit (enlarge image if necessary) so that the text could be centered between the door frame and the window. Also would bold up that text a wee bit so it stands out more. But very lovely options....

Bonne chance pour demain and with the marathon,


After reading some of the comments, I doubted my selection--no. 6--but then I thought no, weigh in for it. The borders are just a little too "cute" for my taste, but the banner speaks out. You might want to play with the browns, e.g., yellow ochre, burnt sienna, raw umber, in varying shades. And I agree with Jules, the title says it all (w/o subtitle). Plus enlarge the title print & your name, as well.


#4 is my choice; the words on the cover do not get in the way of the photo.

I feel the subtitle "Journey of Enlightenment Among the Lavendar" could actually be the title of your next book!


Hi Kristin, I love this post. Your humanity joins with all of us. Yes, it is frustrating to wait for healing--at times like this I look for the silver lining (there always is one). Your body needs to return to balance--nurture yourself, seek the quiet moments, and above all, come to know that every moment is perfect with its unique blessings. These are hard lessons (and I feel free to speak as I have lived and continue to live so many of them), but joy does come in the morning. Sending love, Mary

Cheryl Anderson

Hello Kristin,

Wow, you have a lot to consider re:book cover opinions. I don't have an issue with the title at all. My cover configuration would go like this.
Cover #4 with the title in the script of #'s 1,2 and 3. Love the full photo. The border detracts, in my opinion.
As for finding comfort in something higher, my belief for years has been in Notre Dame de Laghet in Laghet, France by La Turbie. She has gotten me through so many difficult times and has NEVER let me down. Think I have told you about her before.
Your book is going to be a HIT. Just know it! The light at the end of this endeavor is coming into view. I admire your ability to take on such a HUGE task at this time.
Look forward to voting on Friday.
All the best,

avril rustage-johnston

I prefer book 4's cover, but using the italic script of books 1 - 3. And no, I don't think the subtitle adds to the book's interest or sell-power. I like the clarity and 'wide-open space' of cover 4; it reminds me of Provence itself. All you lack is a "jar" to make the picture entirely provencal.
Good luck with the endeavour and the healing, Kristin!

Gwyn Ganjeau

i love #7. I agree with the commenter who suggested a flower of some kind would be an apt visual addition.

"Englightenment Among the Lavender" is compelling--but i fear it may suggest a different kind of book to a potential buyer. I love the 'Vingnettes.....Language of Love' subtitle--it seems simple, but is actually quite profound. And lets me know exactly what i am holding.

and i loooove that you are having a dinner party in the middle of this! sometimes it's that distracted time in which the subconscious continues to churn things around and spark something amazing.


Dear Kristen
I really like #7 with its crisp clean look.


Number 4 for the covers! BUT with the writing of number 7. Clear, NO fiddly fuss!

Not everybody knows what a "tumbleweed" is... careful! It's a very American reference, which we Aussies know from American TV Westerns we grew up with. LOL

Candy in CO

I think of you more as a dandelion rather than a tumbleweed! :)

Candy in CO

Oh! And I vote for 2! Thanks for letting all of us FWAD readers be a part of your newest venture! Bises!

Lindsay Tognetti

My vote is for #4 but without the fancy box for title. Can you offset the title so it doesn't run into the beautiful shutters? Also, I also vote to delete the subtitle as is--just seems to long and cumbersome. As several others have said--KIS--keep it simple. Thanks for sharing this editorial process with us. As you can see, we're all experts!


My vote is for number 4 or 6. I enjoy your stories online; it is wonderful to take a few minute vacation to France in the midst of a workday. THANKS.


I'm excited to be editing--even at the last minute! On Conduire, Learning to Drive:
It's a moving (appropriately) story that made me feel at your side during that tense experience. To keep it moving, I have one small suggestion: omit "his tirade" at the end of paragraph 3, going right to the inspecteur's words in the next paragraph.

Lisa A., CA

After 7 Art History classes at CSULB and all the art classes too...this is what I see: The photo in 1,2,and 3 is the right way to go, but in 1 there is too much blue, in 2 the color (in your name at the bottom)gets lost with the light background. And, with 3 you don't have these two problems. As, for #5 the green is great, but I would still use the photo from 1,2,3. #4 would just get lost among all the other books on the shelf...my typography teacher from Boeing Aircraft said that type should stand on it's own, you don't need to bubble the area around the type to make it work, so if you do outline the type like in #4...it's not a good design. #6 Looks like a cook book...nice but I don't think that is what you were looking for. #7 Looks more like a present and you are cover too much of your lovely photo. So, I guess I like 3 the best with either the color it is or with green. I hope this helps. Good luck!! :)


Hello, Kristin,
Remember that [your] beauty is from within and there are good plastic surgeons everywhere. Not to fret!

I like number two without the box, or number four. Two because it jumps out, four because it is the most Provencal looking, probably because it shows more of the scene.
Have you asked yourself what would happen if you were a day late????? Don't give yourself an ulcer over this. Been there, done that!
(Just for you: take a guess as to what my email address refers to, then look it up!)

Nancy Shalen

Hi Kristin,
I like 1 and 3. They have the feel and colors of Provence. The blue is a lovely color and the brown stands out and catches your eye. The others are too busy and have too many mixed pictures and boxes. I agree with Mom regarding the subtitle. Both 1 and 3 draw me in immediately with memories and the ambiance of the area. Good luck!


I love #4 and #7. There is a "cross" in #7 that grabs me and also a hint of modern graphics with old French architecture. I like the title set off in its own frame in both selections. Yes, the title stands on its own quite well.

Susan Strick

dearest kristin,
your openness in sharing the feelings and thoughts about life as you live it earns you the friendship and love of all your reader-friends. I do believe that such love also promotes healing! And on a empirical note, scars like yours continue to heal and fade for 2 years at least. at one and 1-1/2 years after our 2 surgical scars each, my daughter and I were only mildly reassured when told that a year ago but are both finding it to be true.
yours is a spirit that abounds in healing energy -- creative, loving, honest, loyal, generous, full of humor and life-affirmation.

sue lennox

I have a giant bottle of Lourdes water that is 20 years old! We lived in Toulouse in the early 90's and I have hoarded it every since. Speaking as une infermiere, you might consider a specialist in infection, if it continues. Get well soon!

Olga Brown

Hi Kristin,
My favorite is #2!!! It's light, warm, sunrising, promissing and mood-up! It stands out! I immediately spotted it from the others.
I am glad to hear that you are going to see a good doctor.
Dear, believe and everything will be all right! And no mercury or other heavy metals anymore!

God Bless You,


They all are great but I gravitate towards #4...it's a simple cover, nothing too "busy". Love it!


My eyes are immediately drawn to numbers 3, 5 and 6.


I'm so sorry that you are having trouble with your cicatrice. I had a tumour removed from my neck in June and wondered if it would ever look ok again. Well, it does. Finally, it flattened and faded enough. I am sure that you don't need to worry and that your scar too will be a fading memory soon. Sandra

Diane Heinecke

Hi, Kristin! I'm always amazed at how many comments there are before I ever post. Maybe it has to do with time zones. I vote for #2 cover--love the font, the color, and that you are already an established author. I'll leave the editing to the pros in the crowd, but I do have an encouraging word about the Lourdes water. During my recent breast cancer treatment, a friend visited a Catholic grotto in Portland, Oregon and brought me some holy water for healing. I am Catholic, so it was not unusual to me, but I wondered if it had any extraordinary powers. I sprinkled it on myself every day before or after radiation treatments. All I can say is the radiation oncologist and nurses were astounded that I had not one iota of dermatitis the whole time...very unusual to come out unscathed. So I say, "Spray and Pray." You never know from where or from which one of God's instruments your healing comes. But it will come. And you may want to thank Him. Bonne guérison!

pam thomson

Number 4 would be my favorite as the large photo immediately puts me in Provence, however the placement of the title is smack in the middle and ruins the spaciness. Number 1 would also be a fave if you allow the photo to bleed on sides on top. I think your photo work deserves its own coffee table book. I also see calendar with them. Looking forward to buying the finished piece. Congratulations


Oh, I am enjoying every post of your whirlwind journey through the world of internet publishing. And I'm sure that as your book "blossoms" into fruition and success with the help of your beautiful mother and your fans, your scar will fade into oblivion with the help of a good dermatologist. PS - I am contributing an edit only to add my name to your list of credits ... I find your style to be wonderful. :)

Kitty Wilson

Oh boy, your heads must be spinning! All our picks simply show the diversity of tastes among your fandom: YOU may be the only thing we really have in common!

I, for example, can't stand 7, as its stodgy font, tripartite compression and hectic design put me off mightily.

All the others are fine to my reader/artist eye, with quirky 5 being my special favourite and 6 being the most captivating of the others.

Hope the ultimate choice will be purely your own, Kristi, from "the gut" no matter how our tips add up!

One sure thing: this is gonna be one gorgeous tome, so BRAVO ALL!

BarbarA Bilder from Brittany

2,1,3. 4,5,6 are too busy and/ or hard to read. The simplicity of 2,1,3 allow one to appreciate the photo and the provencal colors.

Dale Harrison Miller

I think #2 is the best in all ways, colors, fonts, picture. I actually not only like a subtitle but I like the concept of the box or something to anchor the lower left corner a bit. Also think picking up the color of the shutter is good. While I agree with your Mother that the title is strong a good subtitle helps to wet one's appetite for reading further, i.e. helps sell books!

Perhaps box in #2 could be resized or reshaped. I see how it is sans box in #4 but, of course that one has borders and bigger fonts. (Neither of those elements enhances the picture.) #2 allows space for the picture to be evocative and has an elegant title font without being overly flowery.

Bonne chance!

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

I believe tears are flowing to further your healing. Let them flow and they help us to let go. :)

Today’s story so beautifully captures what I love about you and your writing. The book covers are lovely!!! So hard to choose just one… Glad we have until Friday to decide! Wonderul work Kristi!

Margaret Travers

No 6, it grabs the eye


My favorite is 4 and my second favorite is 6. No offense the rest of the designs feel a bit dated circa late 90's.

Veronica Nagel-Alne

HI Kristin,
No. 2 looks the best - it's the most atmospheric and least fussy in appearance. Go for that one!

Best of luck,

Cornelia Lepage

Hi Kristin -
My favourite is #7 - it stands out from the other traditional covers but fits perfectly with the "feel" of your stories. "Blossing in Provence" does not seem to speak to me nor reflect the your writing style, so I would suggest working with "vignettes" a bit more as I think it suits the context more.
Good luck with the publishing!


Yes! I agree with your mom - the title stands on its own and gets "too busy" with more elaboration. I like cover 2 (and 5, kind of). 4 makes me think of Venice! At first glance it looks like the Bridge of Sighs. :-)


Nr 4 looks fine.

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