Get your copy of Blossoming in Provence!

un grand service = a big favor

Book Cover (c) Tamara Dever, TLC Graphics
The book that took 21 44 days to create, publish and put on-line for sale... thanks for your help (and special thanks to Tamara and Erin at TLC Graphics for this book's cover and beautiful interior).


I am on my way to Marseilles this morning. French Word-A-Day will return on Wednesday.

Before I leave, I wanted to ask you a big favor, or un grand service...

Would you please order a copy of my book Blossoming in Provence? At $14 it makes an economical and educational gift for yourself or for another! 

Packed with vocabulary and insights on French life, this "memoirette" is now available at Please click here to order a copy or two! (Check out Amazon's free shipping offer, when you order two copies.)

Mille mercis for all of your support and encouragement and for your help in getting the word out about this "little book that could". It may not yet have made it to the top of the hill, but the climb, in itself, is exhilarating.



P.S.: My book is illustrated with over 30 black-and-white photos, including the one below. For those who asked for color (it would have driven up your purchase cost to more than twice the price), I hope you will agree that images chosen for this book were made for black-n-white!



"This is at once a Francophile's indulgence, a travelogue, a photo-journal, an occasional diary and a learn-French blog. It is also the 'happily ever after' of a love story and who can resist that?" —Sushil Dawka

Thank you for ordering a copy of Blossoming in Provence here--and for helping spread the word about it by forwarding this email (or post) via Facebook or Twitter. I am very grateful your help!

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Love your first book and word of the day. Any chance of a Nook version of this?

Bruce T. Paddock

Actually, Scott, it's her fourth book. May I recommend:

Bruce T. Paddock

Scott -

OK, I get what you meant. Sorry. Haven't had my coffee yet.

Kristin - Any chance you could delete this post and the previous one?


Hi Scott and Bruce,

Kristi is in Marseille all day meeting with another Doctor regarding more surgery - they have found more problems with the skin cancer, this time on the side of her nose. Bruce I realize that you, most of all, know Kristi well enough to know she is 'on another planet' today. So don't worry about deleting your above comment...we can work this all out once we get Kristi back on Wednesday. I love you guys, Kristi and I always giggle over having what we call 'THE BOY'S' in the comment box.

Yesterday Kristi's book was ranked # 8006 on - her new book was ahead of Peter Mayle's "A Year in Provence", I think he was ranked about #13,564 approx....these numbers do change continuously (sp?) each time a book is processed as a sale, that is why it is so important to get Kristi's numbers up even higher while all of her precious fans are helping her. If we can get her book up to under the #2000, say #1,900 Kristi's book will be placed into the catagory of "Hot New Book Releases" or some title like that, I need to double check on Amazon...but you can see the catagories (sp?) on the top banner of their site. THIS IS WHERE WE WANT TO MOVE KRISTI - once she is in this section she will receive more attention from random readers. Right now she is at a high number, I haven't yet checked or exact number yet, but we are all in control and able to manipulate the numbers by pushing her book all we can right now. I am tempted to ask her Dad - KIP - to run out and buy 100 copies to manipulate the numbers for us, you know how proud some PAPA'S can be. Forgive me Darling Kip, you know how crazy X-WIVES can be....always just looking out for our darling daughter.

Our goal now is to bring as much attention to Kristi and her new book as possible...who knows, someday she may be FAMOUS.

I am hoping today all of us here in the comments box can come up with some brilliant ideas on how to move Kristi's book along in the big world out in cyberland...and of corse let's not forget our favorite book stores. God forbid we ever loose our precious book stores, where I have whiled (sp?) away a great part of my life.

NOTE - My computer crashed a couple of weeks ago so I am in a little cyber-cafe typing this note on a Mexican computer...will that work as an excuse for all of the errors??? Also, all of you who already know me know that I can't spell, plus I never proof read my notes to you because if I did I would delete them (I have never favored my own writing skills....all the power went to Kristi in this department.

I love all of you - let's have fun today here so Kristi will have lots of inspiration to keep her mind on track with this book instead of her next surgery. We can get her through whatever trials she has to face.





KRISTI IS RANKED #5,677 at right now (7:29 a.m.) -


We are almost under 2000 -

We are almost qualified to go into the catagory of 'NEW RELEASES''...!!!

Hopefully all of you that have FACEBOOK accounts can place the link to Kristi's book on your FACEBOOK page so the announcement will go out to all of your friends - perhaps you could write a nice little blurb presenting the link.

For any of us ( I am the most non-technical person around) can anyone tell me/us how to set up a link, maybe post LINK INSTRUCTIONS here.

You know this is the greatest Birthday present Kristi could ever receive, your support in her dream. Her birthday is December 22 - Kristi will be 44 years old. Let's celebrate Kristi's birthday all week - she was always shortchanged as a child on her birthday...too close to Christmas.

Oh what a beautiful day it is here in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I can see the sun rising right now from 'The Coffee Cup' cafe here in the Marina where I am using their computer. Puerto Vallarta lies deep in the jungle on the Bay of Bandaras deep in the middle of Mexico on the west coast of the country. Today it will probably be 80 degrees again, and we will have this same temperature (sp?) for the next 12 months. Every day is the same...except in the late summer we have very high humidity and lots of thunderstorms to keep our jungle green.





gail bingenheimer

Bonjour Jules! Joyeux Noel tout le monde!

Glenn from St. Paul

My copy of "Blossoming in Provence" should arrive tomorrow, according to Amazon. Excellent timing for Christmas. Thanks to all who put it together in such a short time.

Also, sending good thoughts to Kristen concerning doctors, anxiety, and all the other stuff that accompanies health issues.

Denise Givens

Hello Jules, I ordered my copy last night! Can't wait to read it! Sorry to hear of Kristin's skin issues coming up again - I'll pray for her! Merry Christmas!


Bruce in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut

Hey, Jules!

Don't worry about removing the posts. I was just hoping to have them gone before anyone saw them … Too late now.

BiP is up to 3,919th!

Let's keep it climbing!

I've ordered my copy already. As soon as I post this, I'll switch over and put something on my Facebook page. I would tweet about it, but no one follows me on Twitter.

Here's the link:

It should be clickable, but if it's not, one can just copy it and paste it into their browser.

(Jules - When Kristi said she was going to Marseille, I'd assumed it was to see her in-laws before Christmas. This new development is worrying, to be sure, but as my wife just said, "If you're going to have skin cancer, that's the kind to have — it's almost always completely treatable.

And having your ex buy 100 copies is a brilliant idea, if not completely original. When Donald Trump's first book came out, the rumor in the publishing world was that he himself bought a few hundred thousand copies in order to push it onto the bestseller lists.)

So Kip, if you're out there, I'm finally doing what you've asked all of us Friends of Kristin to do for a while now — post my location. Sorry it took me so long.


Gracias Jules, for keeping us up to date on Kristi. I purchase my copy as soon as I read it was available and anxiously await it's arrival, hopefully before we leave for Paris. I'm going to post on my Blog now to see if I can help with the boosting. All our best wishes to you and to Kristi and your family.

Bruce in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut

Holy Toledo! Number 740 in books as a whole, number 51 in Memoirs! Yayayayay!

Betty Bailey

I just ordered the new book and look forward to reading it. Merci for the reminder! Best wishes to your family!

Maria Cochrane

I just ordered 4 copies. Jules, you are a great mom! I know you are busting with pride over your daughter and have been a huge prayer warrior and encourager to her. Thanks for letting us know about the skin issue. I will pray. Let us put our confidence in Him who does more than we can ask or imagine.

maria in newport news, va...relishing being out of school for 2 weeks!

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

I have ordered my copy and my sister has ordered one for our mom. Thank you Jules for keeping us up to date and we are all hoping everything goes well for Kristi.

Bruce in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut

#543 in Books as a whole and #37 in Memoirs!

Oh, and Jules? You of all people have no reason to apologize for anything in this forum, least of all spelling and typing. All the good will coming toward you from this corner of the Internet must surely be enough to knock you down sometimes.

Denise Givens

Hi Bruce, may I ask how you find the ranking in Amazon? I'm not seeing it. Thanks, Denise (in the southeast coastal side of MA)

Bruce in the Northwest Corner of Connecticut

Hey, Denise -

Near or on the Cape?

Click the link to go to BiP's Amazon page. Scroll down just a bit to the third orange heading, "Product Details." The last line in that bunch — just above "Would you like to…" and "Customer Reviews" — is "Amazon Best Sellers Rank."

Which is still 543/37. Well, maybe they haven't updated it in the last 45 minutes.

But why are there no Customer Reviews? C'mon, guys, we haven't received our copies yet, but we've read every word that's in the book. We should be writing (positive) reviews.

Bill Facker

Kristin, a million congratulations on your book and a million prayers for your good health.


Bon courage, chère Kristin! J'espère que ta visite chez le docteur à Marseille rapportera de bonnes nouvelles.
J'ai déjà commandé ton livre. Je m'attends à le reçevoir bientôt.
Jules, what a great mom you're to your darling and sweet Kristin!
Happy holidays to you all, Famille Espinasse et Jules Greer!

Kristin Espinasse

Mom, I read your comment aloud to Jean-Marc as we drove home from Marseilles. It made us laugh and cry (tears of appreciation). Ive been trying to call you but my guess is that you are back on the computer at the Coffee Cup, babysitting my book page at Amazon. Like you, I am very excited to learn about the books rank (I read Bruces email aloud, too!)

Re my doctor visit, Im afraid its bad news: I will have to have another spot removed. I am very upset about it, but there is nothing to do but change my attitude and look at the bright side.

Thank you very much for these wonderful notes. I appreciate every word.






Denise Givens

Thanks Bruce! I see the book is up to #429!

Kristin, so sorry to hear that you need another surgery.

Denise in Scituate, MA

Pat, Roanoke, Va

Dearest Kristin, so sorry to hear you are having another surgery, yet with your innate courage and strength, and with the multitude of loving thoughts of family and friends (and there are heaps of us out there!), you will meet this challenge in grand style, as you do everything else in life. I will be "working the numbers" along with Bruce in the Northwest Corner of Conn. and chere Maman Jules (oh the image of you typing away in a Mexican cafe is delightful!) and we will rock 'n roll your book up, up and away.

Love and hugs, toujours in our hearts,
Pat in Southwest Virginney, by Golly




AMAZON.COM !!!!!!!






Just ordered two books and shared the link on Facebook. The numbers were amazing when I checked. Will try to get a review on later today.

Hang in there, Kristin. We're all pulling for the book and for your health. Joyeux Noel to you and all of your readers from just outside Sacramento, CA.

Allen Laskin

Number 31 on Amazon's "Hot New Releases" as of 5 PM (EDT) !!!

Lynn at Southern Fried French

Boy, what a good news/bad news sort of day. The book is doing SO well, just put in my order. But that skin cancer is pretty scary stuff. Kristin, please find the best plastic surgeon around. good luck, and lots of prayers coming your way from Burgundy.
Meanwhile, Jules you're the best cheerleader ever! You go girl!

Christine Dashper

Hi Jules, you are a great mum, I love your posts and the support you give Kristin. Am ordering 2 copies as we speak! I have really enjoyed Kristin's blog for years now and find her very inspirational.

Kristin, I am sending hugs, support and positive thoughts. Congrats on getting this book out.

xx Chris

Pat, Roanoke, Va

Bruce in the Northwest Corner, i left a review after ordering 4copies this aft, though not so eloquent as #1 review, but we all do the best we can most of the time, I think. And to quote a little- known literary source: "We're all different, said the little old lady who kissed the cow." Rejoicing in Difference, sign me:
Patty in SW VA, dreaming of the South of France

Dawne Polis

Have ordered my copy, and posted it on my Facebook page. Reading through this post and the comments tonight was breathtaking! Very exciting! Kristen, we are all praying for you, for ALL the crooked places to be made straight, and peace and joy to reign over you and yours this Christmas. And Jules, we love you, too!!


The day Kristen announced the book for sale, I ordered a copy of the book for my mother for Christmas. Happy to report I have received an email that it is on its way.

Love to Kristen and family. You are in my thoughts.

Margaret in Durham where it will not be a white Christmas.

Judy Smerek, Atlanta, Georgia

Dear Sweet Kristen...I have ordered the book for two of my friends and one for myself. They will each get a copy along with one of your earlier books. Thinking of you during this difficult time when you have to face your health issues. Thankfully, you have a beautiful family to support you during time like this. Remember, visiting near your village in January will be your friend from the States, an excellent plastic surgeon. They will be staying the month of January in their home in Vaison. Look her up for friendship and support. She and her husband are coming to take Patricia's class on truffles.

Sandra E Chubb

So glad the book is doing well in the charts! Devastating news about another operation but you are such a positive person that you'll come through with flying colours. I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Brittany. Sandra

Ronni Lester Ebbers

Congratulations Kristin!

Eagerly awaiting my 2 copies ...


Holly Hokanson

Sending lots of thoughts and prayers your way, Kristin! Love your blog and can't wait to receive my copy of the new book!
Holly in Texas


My copy comes tomorrow - can't wait to read it. Congratulations on the ranking of the book and every prayer for health and a big hug is sent your way.


Oops! Run on sentences - my bad. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Rockport, Texas. While the news from the dermatologist is very disturbing, you will get through this and find your happy strong self once again. Hugs.

Fred Caswell

Totallement amazant!!!! Women like Jules (love to call her "Jewels") and "Jewels II" -- Kristi make our worlds sparkle with joy and wonder. Who needs fiction when we have people like them to inspire and give so much love?

I am so very sorry that you need surgery on your nose (been there!). I have a persistent little bump on my forehead that sooner or later needs to be checked. Can't let you be one up on me!

Never forget that you have undying support from your closest family and every single on of your readers. Tons of love dreFred


"Learn to wish that everything should come to pass exactly as it does."

Epictetus (55-135)

Jan  Hersh

I'm off to order it now. Congratulations on your hard work and deserved success. Joyeux Noel!

edith schmidt

Am looking forward to the copy of your book that I ordered. Now you deserve a quiet and hopefully, peaceful Christmas after the highs and lows of 2011.

Christmas wishes to you and your family,

Edie from Savannah

Robin Katsaros

I just posted my review. I guess it takes a while for it to actually post. But EACH person can do this. It only takes a few minutes. Plus, as you are doing your review, you can "include a link" in the actual review. I can't recall exactly how I did this so I could share it (I went back to try to recreate the steps and then type them here and Amazon gave me an error message, "oops, only 1 review per customer"...)But if you look at the review as you are typing, trust me - you will see a place where you can include a link for her other books. In addition, there is a "share" button for both Facebook and Twitter. If you have a FB account and/or Twitter, don't forget to share it there. Of course, it helps if you have a lot of followers but even if you don't, I believe it helps with the Google search algorithm for Kriti overall when there are Tweets and links, so go ahead and share with everyone. If you do a review on Amazon, you can send that review to your friends which will then get them to Kristi's book page and will encourage sales. It's all about the "social networking" and spreading the word. Let's make Kristi's BDay the "best selling" birthday of all time. Kristi, I miss you and JM and will call later to check up on you. Prayers have been, and will continue to be, said... Hugs, Robin

Judy Feldman

Just ordered your book, Kristin. Can't wait to read it. And, sent a "word-a-day" to some francophile friends so they can get one too!

Lisa A., CA

I just ordered is going to be a gift. I can't wait to read's on it's way! Yahoo!!

I hope you'll be alright. Love and hugs to you and your family. Merry Christmas!!

Sandra Vann

Bravo, already up to # 31! Just posted it on FB myself. Hope it continues to raise Kristin's spirits in lieu of her latest news from the doctor. She is certainly beloved by so many all around the world along with her precious, close family. Faith, love and light to guide you through Kristin.
Amazing what you and your fan club, Jules and all on your behalf have achieved in such record time! The power of a wonderful support network and loving family and friends!

Sandra Vann

I second Lynn's rec. ...find the very best doctors/surgeons available to you Kristi. Push for that second opinion even if not always the "norm' in France perhaps!
Jules you are an amazing Mom and woman! We love the stories and antics Kristin shares with us.

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm ~ Applegate, Oregon

Sorry to have missed out on all the good spirit and cheer shared here yesterday! My copy is ordered and will share the link on FB too. Feeling gratitude to know such wonderful people, ah, the power of love! Kristi, dear, you keep the greatest company!

Cynthia Lewis

Most happy to "faire un grand service" for you! Copies of "Blossoming in Provence" should arrive for my daughters and me in tomorrow's mail. Thank you for all of your hard work...'un grand service" for your readers. Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year, Cynthia/Eastern Shore of Maryland

Suzanne de Cornelia

Hi Kristin-

Ordered a copy and added book cover and Amazon link to my blog for tomorrow. Looking forward to reading it. All best! Suzanne

Marianne Rankin

I've ordered my copy and look forward to reading it. I think I may have missed a few of the stories (during editing) because of my job.

Although more skin cancer is never good news, one can be glad that it's usually 100% curable in the early stages (which this seems to be). A bump on top of the skin is usually not as large as a growth under it, and removing it is not as major a surgery as, say, excising a tumor from within the body. I will pray for complete healing.

Suzanne de Cornelia


My Mom, me, my neighbor all baked in the California sun...all had skin cancers removed. It looks bad at first and later can't tell. So hope that's what happens for you. In the SoF has to be pervasive, too, so they probably know their stuff.

All good wishes for your health & your book!


Madelyn Etkind

Hi Jules and Kristin,
I received my copy of Blossoming in Provence today ! I was so excited !
Also i posted thé link as per Jules's suggestion .
I am so Sorry about thé bad néws of another surgery . I am sending positive and Healing thoughts over thé Atlantic to Try to comfort you .
This is very upsetting for sûre. I believe all Will Work out well and you Will receive à clean Bill of Health !!
Warmest wishes to you for a Merry Xmas !

Donna Grieder

Sending warmest wishes your way from San Antonio, Texas. My two copies of your new bookae on their way, and I'm sure to be ordering more.
I like what Suzanne said just above. You are and will remain lovely, and your sharing just may save som lives!

Sevahn Merian

I also ordered Blossoming in Provence and send prayers and best wishes for all good things in 2012.

Marla Sisti

I will pick up two copies of your Blossoming in Provence at Barnes and Nobel this week. Thanks also for sharing your health issues. I had a spot on my forehead checked out because of you. Thankfully it was something benign for me, but look what a positive force you've had around the world with your fans on preventative health care and early detection. We all love you for this. In His time, He will make all things beautiful for you again. A new fan in South Bend, Indiana

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