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Tuesday is Valentine's Day! Don't miss these excellent French terms of endearment. Be sure to scribble one of them into a card or, better yet, whisper one of these into someone's oreille! Photo "Waiting for some Sweethearts" taken in Paris. 

bosse (bohce) noun, feminine

    : bump

J'ai découvert une bosse sur la tête. I found a bump on my head.


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

(A review of the past four weeks...) 

Sometime last month I began waking early each morning with a strong sense of apprehension. 

"It has to come off," the dermatologist had said, confirming my worst fears. Dommage you didn't come in three years ago, it would have been a matter of a few stitches then...

After the surgery on my forehead, last fall, in which a lesion about the same size as the one of my nose was removed, I was afraid to go back under the knife. Given how much they took off for the similar-sized growth, might I lose my nose? (I remembered all those Google images for "basal cell carcinoma", and all my feverish internet searching which yielded horror image after horror image--including amputated noses!)

My middle-of-the night sweats continued. Then, something mind-altering happened. I discovered a bump on my head...

Fast as that I forgot about my nose. I turned all of my attention to the pea-size growth on the side of my head, une bosse as hard as a rock.

I wondered, was I being paranoid? Had the bump always been there?

At the Clinique de Provence the lab technician called me in a second time. "We need to take another X-ray..." I stepped back onto the machine, resting my back on its cold metal wall for balance. Following the technician's example, I put the tip of my finger on my head, indicating the bump's location, and stood so still I dared not breathe. As the X-ray began, the floor beneath my feet moved from side to side, like a fairground ride, only much slower. It was my mind that raced, in a marathon prayer.

    Notre père qui est aux cieux.
Que ton nom soit sanctifié....

And then, briefly:


"OK, you can wait in the salle d'attente..." The technician showed me out of the room.

The third time the technician returned, she informed me that the doctor wanted to do an échographie. More information was needed.

As I waited for the ultrasound exam, the woman beside me complained about her test results which indicated a sprained wrist. How would she cope? she wondered aloud.

I left the distraught woman, and was led into another room where I lay down on a table, letting the doctor smear a cold gel onto the side of my head. I watched the computer screen as the doctor ran a kind of large rollerpen over the bump.

"When did you first notice it?" he questioned, his accent as heavy as my own. Iran? Pakistan?

"A few months ago." 

The ultrasound screen showed my scull, which looked like the surface of the moon. A little farther along this smooth surface, we saw the bump. The doctor paused to measure it: 7.2 mm

"Have you seen other patients with these kind of bumps on their heads?" I wanted to know.

"Ne vous inquiètez pas," he assured me. The bump was hard and not soft. I took that to be a good sign, guessing that tumors were soft. "But you will need to have a brain scan..." he added.

The doctor was kind enough to make the appointment for me at the hospital in Orange. The downside, I would need to wait one week until I could have the necessary test.

During the one-week attente, I rarely thought about my upcoming operation for the removal of the lesion on my nose. It seemed absurd, now, to worry about a patch of skin, one that could easily be removed. But how would a bump on the side of my head be removed? Should it be removed? And then it occured to me: if there was a problem with my head, then maybe there would not be an operation on my nose afterall...

In the following days I thought about the many undones in my life. I would need to burn my diaries! Also, would there be time to make another book? I would want to save these blog stories for my kids to enjoy one day... as a way for them to know their mom better--she is not the overserious maman that they mistake her for. ...Please, dear God, make it so that this bump is benign--it is my kids who need their mother, my husband who needs his wife, my mom who needs her daughter, my family, friends who need...

On January 12th, my friend Phyllis accompanied me to the hospital, where I had a brain scan. An hour later, when the doctor called me into her office, we had not sat down before she announced: c'est bénin

I repeated the foreign words enough times for them to register, before throwing my arms around the conservative doctor, and babbling the news to Phyllis, who I could have KISSED! And maybe I did.

Ten days ago I had that second lesion on my face removed. Wide awake this time, I can tell you that the operation went beautifully and I am the proud wearer of 17 rock star stitches that travel down my nose like a backward "L"...

During that interminable week of waiting for the brain scan, I had tried to decide just what was the most important thing in life--or what would be the most meaningful way to live out the rest of one's days, whether that be one month or one decade. I am honored to have the answer stitched down the side on my nose, beginning in one great "L". Love--loving everyone who we come in contact with: the lovely ones and even the grumpy ones. Especially the grumpy ones!

I get my stitches out on Wednesday. I often look in the mirror, just to check them, and to remember to say thanks. And I am thankful for this bump on the side of my head (my husband calls it my corne, or "horn", indeed, I am a Capricorn! And this boney bump--though it may not be as grand as the mythic goat's--is a great reminder to live strongly, fortified by love. 


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French Vocabulary

dommage = too bad

une bosse = bump

Notre père qui est aux cieux. Que ton nom soit sanctifié.... = Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed by Thy name

la salle d'attente = waiting room

une échographie = ultrasound

ne vous inquiètez pas = do not worry

une attente = wait

c'est bénin = it's benign


Cafe-1More empty chairs... 


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I wish I could be with you now....



susan Carter

I'm so relieved for you and will try to remember to worry less myself.

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm ~ Applegate, Oregon

The best Valentine I could receive… I, too, thought the L was for Love (and even for the first initial of the last name of someone who loves you so much).

Amen to the truth of “live strongly, fortified by love”.


I've had my own recent medical adventures that have reminded me to take better stock of what was important. I'm so happy your bump was "benin" and that the 2nd basal cell went beautifully As I've mentioned before, it is a common surgery here in the mountains.

On a lighter note, I love the photographic theme of the pair of empty chairs, or rather chairs waiting patiently to be occupied by some interesting couple. I'll keep my photographic eye out for more similar scenes.

Note: I saw FWAD on Facebook but did not receive a copy via email as usual. Perhaps the email failed, which explains the small number of comments so far.


I am a bit at a loss for words (in either French or English!). Thinking of you and wishing you and Jean Marc a lovely Valentine's Day. I hope you do something very special.

Margaret in cold and windy Durham, NC

Jeanette Locker

I admire you so much for your strength and how you are able to express yourself in such a human and loving way. The best to you. Jeanette


WOW!!! You got me! After the last post, this follow up about your own life and death scare had me glued to my seat, heart in my throat, tears in my eyes, hoping and silently pleading to not let it be so. So grateful that things are benign!!! You make us truly appreciate life and those we love.

Patience T in L. A.

Dear Kristin,I have had many of these zappings and two serious melanomas on my check and lower eye lid. The experience has made me so appreciative of what the dermatologists and surgeons can do! And I am alive!! You were so smart to go immediately for a check up. Lets hope that this will be the last. It is sunscreen and hats everyday now for both of us. I have recommended the format of your blog to others. It is always a delight and a discovery to open my email and get your posting. Merci mille fois!!

Eileen deCamp in Charlottesville, VA

Hi Kristin,
Keeping you in my thoughts and so glad the bump was benign. I hope you have a nice Valentine's Day with Jean Marc!


Kristi!!!! That would be so scary to go through. Very grateful le (or is it la?) bump is benign and your second surgery went well. Nothing to worry about...lots to think and pray about.

Diana Porter

You have been through so much, and are in my prayers!

Betty Gleason

Dear Kristi,
Isn't it wonderful how God puts everything into perspective just when we need it. Hugs for healing & lessons learned. Love is #1. I have it so easy with my resident grump. All these emotions are really showcasing your sensitive writing. Though I'm sure you would like a vacation from the intensity.

Frances Anamosa

Dear Kristi, I am so glad that it was benign. That must have been so hard to go through. Thank you so much for sharing so honestly with all of us. I had something similar with a breast lump, and I do well recall the oh, so slow passage of time until I got the results that all was OK.



THANKS BETTY - MY DEAR FRIEND - for saying the things i was feeling when I first read Kristi's post. I am overwhelmed at all Kristi has had to deal with for the past 6 months. I think Kristi needs a little more rest...time to just think of herself and pamper herself.




Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family. Thank you for sharing. You have many people you've not met in real life who feel as if you're part of our families too. Very best wishes!


A positive to bosse...My grandmother was Lorette Bosse...but being benign is a very good and positive thing, too.


Dear Kristin you have been in my prayers. I do hope you and your handsome husband have a Bonne Saint-Valentin. Bonne Santé mon amie.


Wonderful news, Kristin!!! We shall toast you with a glass of Jean-Marc's wine!!! I am relieved for you!

Dennis De Naut


Good news after a big scare. This thing called life is full of bumps. We must deal with them and move on. We should drink the better bottle of wine, laugh loudy, and make the most of every day. From what I know about your life as I enjoy your blog three times a week, you understand.

Some of us have more serious bumps. We deal with them and enjoy an even better bottle of wine.

If Bob Dylan's wishes could only come true. "May you stay forever young." Until then, it is up to us.



Sarah LaBelle

It is still Sunday here in Chicago. I think the post is early this time.

I am very glad you have come through these events well. Your writing is compelling when the subject is compelling itself. I could feel the tension building and easing away, and see the structure of your life change shape just a bit.

Glad you are taking care of yourself so you can take care of all those who are so important to you.

Sarah near Chicago.

Sevahn Merian

Dear Kristin,

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your husband. I have been praying for you--like everyone else! So glad all is benign...I happen to be a cancer survivor (nonhodgkins lymphoma)so I can relate to your fears. No worries: remember: "when fear knocks on your door, send faith to answer."

-from your friend in Michigan


Oh my gosh! You are so brave to post these private thoughts for us strangers to share. We are brought closer to you by this shining moment. We may not be there but we may help. Tell us how. Of course prayer. What else?


Such a relief to know you're well. Yes living with love is the greatest lesson.

Judi (Lake Balboa, CA)

I'm very happy about your good news!! I'm sure you must be rejoicing and feeling 20 pounds lighter with this horrible weight lifted from your mind. Don't you wish there was some switch we could just pull, to turn off our racing minds at times like these! My husband always tells me, "I'll worry about it if it happens" --- oh, to have that ability to not worry until we really need to. Not fair! I want that! I truly am happy you have received the good news and can now go about 'dancing like no one's watching.' Thank you for sharing with us! Judi

Debra Burnham

Thank you for putting into words, all of my thoughts and fears. I too have a backwards 'L' on the side of my nose. I too experienced the real terror of possible disfigurement due to basal cell surgery...and I too have been able to finally put things in perspective.

I so look forward to and appreciate receiving your posts. Originally I signed up because of my love of all things French. After 9 years of French language in school, I still feel like a beginner. However, you offer so much more than simple vocabulary. You offer a unique perspective on life. Thank you and take good care of yourself.

Melinda Luvisi

Kristin - Good news. But I did want to tell you I am now 70 and when I was 32 I began a long "dance" with skin cancer. No sun bathing, hats all the time, automatiquement 15 spf sun screen... even when it is dark skies and pouring rain - face, back of hands, neck, arms. I still see the derm 3 times per year. I have many biopsies and some surgeries... but what I want you to know is STAY ON TOP OF IT. Then they will be small and easily gotten. Sometimes I find them. Many times my doctor does. Don't think they are finished. I do go through periods when I don't have any. I think sometimes it has to do with my own immune system. And other times I have a lot of them. And take some Vit. D capsules. Best wishes. Melinda


Our dear Kristin,
Thank God!
We rejoice with and for you!
You set such an example!
Thank you for sharing with us!
Those who have experienced this scare are a special and blessed group.
Feel this hug?
It's from all of us, your fortunate readers,
(who truly are friends and FWAD family!!!)
Blessings to all of you, XO

Kitty Wilson

Terrific post, with a wonderful message and a wonderfully happy ending for this health-chapter: "Brava La Bosse Benine!!" or hurrays to that effect. Great that you also thought at once of writing MORE as fast as possible if time became tight -- a branch of your loving nature that benefits all of us soooo much, Kristi!

Diane Stanley

Dear Kristi,
I am so glad to hear this good news. You have been through so much lately. Ah, the human experience! The only "good" thing to be said about frightening medical moments is that they very quickly remind us what is, and is not important.
They make us realize how precious each day is that we have.

Diane (Oak Ridge, NJ)


Bless you, Kristin. I'm so happy you are through this with happy news and still good health!

Cheryl in STL

So many people here have expressed my thoughts much more eloquently than I can. I really hope that this is the beginning of some well-deserved calm times for you. I know that feeling of having to wait for tests and news and also the wonder of hearing the word "benign"! It's amazing how things in our lives get put into perspective so quickly----and what a blessing to have that while we can make adjustments! So glad to get your good news!


Quelle surprise agréable, you're early today. Chère Kristin, tu as la bosse de l'écriture, you kept me in suspense and then came the happy ending. Youpi, comme je suis contente que tout s'est bien passé pour toi, Kristin. Le L pour L'amour, however, I hope it won't scar your beautiful face. Bonne Journée!


What a wonderful story, and just in time for Heart day (my personal name for Valentine's day). Wear your scar like a badge of honor, a merit badge, if you will. It is the mark of victory.

very best regards,
happy heart day!


Congratulations on your great news!

Karen from Phoenix

I am so thrilled with your news. Going through these trying times can wear us down. Blessings your way!

Happy, Happy Valentines Day!



I knew a homeless man here in New York who was old and very frail. He slept on a lawn chair one August, just before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. One day, the Parks Dept. took away the chair and dumped it, so he went back to sleeping on the pavement. After the hurricane, he told me how sorry he felt for people in New Orleans. "They lost EVERYTHING," he said. He died this fall, the day Hurricane Irene hit New York. He taught me so much about gratitude.


Wonderful news Kristin, very happy for you.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Thanks for sharing, you've been in my prayers.

What wonderful news ---- congrats!

Stay well!

nadine goodban

O U F ! J'attendais avec impatience ces bonnes nouvelles.
Mille fois merci de non seulement partager vos gros soucis avec nous mais d'être un beau modèle de courage et de prendre le temps de nous soulager. Dieu vous bénisse !
nadine de Californie


I'm very happy for you and the good news. I was diagnosed with breast cancer 9 years ago. We call it "dancing with NED" (no evidence of disease). There are millions of us who have either had cancer and been cured or made a narrow escape. Welcome to the dance!

John Carr

Inspiring stuff Kristen, keep on keeping on please!
Bon courage x

Jan  Hersh

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your loved ones. I share your sigh of relief and applaud your newfound wisdom. Great writing too!

Lisa A., CA

Oh, I am so happy for you and your family. Thank God you are OK!! Hugs!

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day!!


Life...........definitely an adventure. So happy that your nose looks super with "love" written on it. I guess that most of us didn't realize that we needed to develop so much "character"--be well, you are in my thoughts and heart. Mary


Hi Kirsten,
there I was sitting at the computer while grabbing my morning coffee and bemoaning my son's failure to behave 100% the way I wanted him to, during the half-term holiday which starts today.....read your post and was stunned by how silly I have been! Am about to jump up and get the paints out and enjoy a lovely day of making and painting with my wonderful child. THANKYOU.

May we send you an enormous heart-shaped hug - you are very brave and very special and we wish you a super-shiney-red Valentine Day with your loved ones.


Love is the answer. My favorite phrase.
I read about your journey through the hospital and emotions steep in the face of uncertainty. You are a brave soul and your stories are so love filled. I pray that this will be a speedy recovery for you and that your heart is light in the celebration of LOVE this Valentine's Day.

Christine Dashper

Hi Kristin,
You continue to inspire and amaze me with your strength and fantastic attitude to life. I have been thinking of you heaps and am very relieved to hear c'est benin.

Sending hugs heal well

Ps heading your way in April would love to drop in if it's convenient


Kristin, your writing brings so much positive energy to your readers!

Sending good wishes and prayers your way,


Dear Kristin,
I am just one of your many cyber friends who are so relieved to hear that you are ok.You must be very tired with all the worry and as Jules says,you need some quiet time and no pressure. It does put everything into perspective!

Angela in Sussex

Jacquelyn Sand

What sweet news to get so early in the a.m. Your love of life- of your family, of your surroundings is quite contagious. Wishing you and your wonderful family happy Valentine Day celebrations, and more importantly, continued loving years ahead! Phew! Ouf! Relieved about your results.
Jackie- Natick, MA

Julie from Edinburgh

Dear Kristin

Huge hugs and legions of love coming to you.
You are a true inspiration - I wish you nothing but good health and happiness.
Julie from a grey day in Edinburgh Scotland


Hi Kristin - Very happy for you and glad you are OK!! Wishing you bonne chance in the future, I'll be lighting a candle for you in a toulouse church this week!
-Krista Sharp

Bruce in northwest Connecticut

Kristi -

I can only imagine what life has been like for you and your family throughout this adventure. Like everyone else here, I am so relieved and so glad that everything turned out for the best. I hope that everyone there has been able to take a deep breath and allow life to return to normal.

You strive to share love with everyone you come into contact with, and you get it back tenfold from the people in this community that has formed around you. Coincidence? Je pense que non.

But could you do us all one small favor? Please, please, stop growing bumps!

Deb Locke

Kristi, I'm so sorry that you had to suffer through fear and "what ifs" while waiting for these test results. I know you'll wear the stitches well and I thank you for using your story to remind us all to "live strongly, fortified by love." A timely reminder as Valentine's Day approaches and we celebrate our blessings with those we love.
--from Deb, in the mountains of Maine


Kristin - so very glad that you are okay, and thanks once again for sharing your life and reminding all of your readers about what is important! I have a friend who has had a similar experience very recently and did not get very good news (diagnosed with rare cancer just 3 days before he started his long planned retirement) and all of these reminders of what is important in life are so meaningful!

Wishing you the best in health and life. I love reading your blog!

All the best,


Debbie Ambrous

I am so thankful you received good news and that it was carefully checked. The "after effect" you describe as "Love" is what we all need. Enjoy your day! I know you are thankful for it and those to come.

A Hopwood

AMEN! Those of us who don't take anything for granted, who live life to the fullest each day, who treasure the so called "little things" or "small moments".....we are the happiest! I have been thinking about you and your forehead, and your nose. I am so happy to see this post. Thanks for the reminder that life is, indeed, short, and we should be thankful for every second and every person who has come, is here and has gone!

Karen Whitcome (Towson, MD. USA)

Dear Kristin and all others who have had to endure these same kind of fears: I am so sorry that you and your families had to cross into that time of life that consumes you with worry.

Live, Love, Laugh - these are all such powerfully healing words and I'm so happy to read this post today that tells us your path has turned back to those L words.

So fill up those empty chairs in your beautiful photos and get out into Life again - with or without a Valentine!

Pat, Roanoke, VA

Yea you! Love hugs and resounding "Cheers!" to you and family this Valentine's.

mhwebb in NM, USA

Merci for sharing with us your difficult experiences of the past few months. You have been in my prayers and remain there.

Merci for reminding me to renew my efforts to memorize "Notre Pere" in French. I had been doing it and then let it slide away. No more. Back it comes to the forefront. Merci beaucoup.



Lisa Simon

Kristin! I am so relieved to know that you are fine and in good health! Have a fun and laughter filled Valentine's Day with your Sweetheart, children and friends! I will be back in Paris in the following months and am looking forward to adventuring around France!

matt mahon

Hi Kristin, Very glad that everything came out fine. If you remember I had several things removed from my nose, temple, head,etc. I now go for check-ups eveery three months so if something looks suspicious it can be tested and treated without surgery. Those day-long procedures were really bothering me. Matt(from the wine-tasting last Oct)

Robert Beaumont

I never thought that I would say this...PRAYERS WORK!


such good news! thank you for sharing so candidly. It is amazing to me, how often we need these reminders of what is really most important in life!

judith dunn

Kristin! Merci mon Dieu! You are 'good to go'.... and may I say as a breast cancer survivor.... you are a daily inspiration to all of us who love you.... Love, family, friends and faith are all the ammunition we need in life to win the battles that come our way... God bless you and yours... Judi Dunn, Tallahassee, Fl.

Audrey Wilson

What a relief for you !!! I expect many of us have had to endure the 'wait' .I once had a scare re a boob lump & had to wait for a week before i knew that it was benign . That was in the U.K . Here they do the ectogram immediately at the X-ray clinic & you see the consultant at the same time .
You have such a positive attitude which must help.
I fervently hope that this is the last scare for you Kristin. NO MORE LUMPS &BUMPS eh ??!
Take care . You are too special .


Your story is really inspiring and a lot of lesson to learn. This was a great reminder to all to live strongly and always have faith.

Joanne Polner

Joanne Polner, NJ, USA

Mon cœur a battu trois fois plus fort ce matin, lisant tes mots de la peur; de la confiance aux médecins; des choix--qui est le mieux en souffrir; de la sourire et de toute la joie avec les bonnes nouvelles. La vie est poussée de long en large par le Destin. There are many twists and turns all the way to the end. Look for them, let them happen, dance to the music, whatever is playing. Bientôt, chaque expérience devienne un souvenir qu'on puisse abandonner. The relinquished memories are taken away by memory spirits who splinter them up into brilliant shards of hope and energy, of reason and romance, of right actions and kind considerations, and then they release these splinters into the universe so they can come back in the next generations. They are little valentine kisses on sparks of appreciation and wishes for life to go on and on. These kisses have now come to you from the past, to carry your heart to the future, ici et maintenant, sur la Terre.


GLAD it's behind you, Kristin. I admire your courage and your optimism....

Tom from Detroit

Amen! Tout simplement!

Julie S. from San Diego

There are so many wonderful comments here, I feel I hardly need post anything at all! Everyone has expressed here so beautifully so many thoughts and wishes. I am so happy and relieved for you that your news is good. Continue to take good care of yourself and enjoy your life surrounded by those who love you.
Happy Valentines Day to you and your family!
A big bear hug to you,

Diane Scott

Dear Kristin,

From someone who has been poked and prodded; suffered squashed breats during mammography just to be told I would have to have ultrasounds and biopsies; and been sliced and diced for melanoma and basal cell (including one basal cell last week and another pre-melonona to be removed from by forehead this week): I FEEL YOUR PAIN - and your relief - that I dodged the bullet again. Yet some of us are not so fortunate. I long for the grace and patience and courage I see shining in others who suffer much more desperate lives, in order that I might meet each cahllenge this double-minded world hands me. If my family is well and happy, I think I can suffer anything.

Peace, my virtual friend-my prayer for you is that you know that "Peace" which passeth all understanding. Peace be yours.

Diane, from Tallahassee

Andrea Robinson

I am so glad that the waiting is over and all seems to be going your way now. I have just gone through a week of "waiting" and I know how dreadful it can be. I think all is well at my end also. You are such an inspiration to us all. Thank you for sharing your feeling and observations with us.



I cannot add anything to the comments that have preceded this one, but I do wish to add my voice to the chorus cheering you on, honoring you for the grace with which you are facing your seemingly endless trials, and wishing only the best for you and your family.


Bill O.  in SW Oklahoma

Your post for me is very timely as I am having basel cell surgery on my nose in a week.
Your positive attitude is a wonderful healer. I am eighty four (looks better spelled out) years old and have had many reminders of how precious life is. With your courage, you will enjoy many more sunsets.

Georgia Catasca

Dear Kristin.
The L =love everyone even the grumpy ones-especially the grumpy ones.
I love the way you look at life. You are part of all of our families too.




I am sure all of this wonderful love you are receiving from your friends above is lifting your spirits and healing your poor little head.

I have a feeling Jean-Marc has whisked you away for a special Valentines Day, how lucky you are to have a real FRENCHMAN to show you the meaning of LOVE on this special day.

I am so grateful you have so many REAL FRIENDS that have been holding your hand and sending up prayers as you traveled down this road - to discover how brave and strong you really are...I am your biggest fan. I love you Honey - rest, relax and enjoy every moment of your journey ... don't forget to buy yourself a beautiful dress.



Shelly Eddington

So glad you are okay! You and my husband have matching "L's". I will have to tell him your story and what the "L" represents!


Dearest Kristin,
Thank God you are going to be fine, I was frightened. I love the message of the "L" scar - so special! And i found it amazing that the bump on the head scare made the nose surgery seem like a walk in the park - God works in strange ways, n'est ce pas?
Are you doing okay in your healing process? I hope and pray you are.
Get well soon dear one.


Great news. I am so relieved for you. You and your family must be dancing for joy!

Cassie Alexandrou

Dear Kristin,
When I read the words, "I found a bump on my head", my heart skipped a beat -- immediately (as you did) fearing the worst. What a wonderful relief to hear that it is benign -- and also that the surgery on your nose went well. I know the agony of waiting for medical tests and the results of those tests. They do have a way of putting things into perspective and helping us to realize what is really important in life. Each day is a gift -- and I wish you many, many healthy, happy days with your beautiful family.

Cassie Alexandrou
Dallas, Texas

Vince Patrucco

I'm glad for your good medical outcome. I'm sure the conservative doctor privately enjoyed the hug. While I'm at it, let me say that I enjoy this painless way of dabbling in the beautiful French language. The personal touches give me a cordial sense of visiting friends in France.

anne wirth

Dear Kristin,
Yes, we don't know what we have until we don't have it or almost lost it. You are in my daily prayers for recovery.
Your blog brings together a large group of people who pray for you. Know that we value you highly.

Della near Denver, Colorado, USA

So glad to get your update. I've been waiting to hear.

edith schmidt


Now you can really celebrate la jour de Saint Valentine! I'm so glad to hear that your second operation went well.
I took your new book to my French conversation group and they enjoyed looking at it. I hope some of the folks in the group will visit your site. We are all retired and meet once a week for an hour, attempting to parle to one another. We have fun and learn a bit about the language and each other.
Take care,
Edie from Savannah


Dear Kristin,

What a relief! As I read your post, memories of my feelings of helplessness as I waited for medical examination results flooded my mind. I believe we can all empathize with you. I believe, too, that the "L" you can see today definitely stands for love... and life..

Luann Poch

From your writings I can tell that you are a beautiful person - scars notwithstanding! Stay well.

Juli Parrot


I have read your blog for perhaps 3 years now and never responded but wanted to let you know how this posting touched me. Having been through several breast biopsies, I too know the fear and thankfully the joy of the word benign. Thank you for the reminder of what is important in life. Keep up the good work and thanks for being positive and sharing that gift with us all.

Juli from snowy Colorado

Linda Holt

Chere Kristin -
Comment dit-on en francais, "WHEW!" Nancy and I are thinking of you with love and huge relief!

Marie-Louise LaFond

What a scarey time you have had and such a LOVELY outlook. Thank you for this. I will think of it whenever I need to improve my attitude. I am so glad you are ok.

Shobha from India

Thank God Kristin. What a frightful time you must have gone through. All is well that end's well. I loved your positive thinking. stay healthy & strong.

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

I was so relieved to read this report. I had been thinking about your upcoming procedure on you nose and when we didn't get a report I thought there were complications or something. I'm so glad that all the results were positive. Perhaps this summer we can compare scars. Hope the rest of this year just dances along for you.

Francesca Smithwick-Driver

Your post took me to a favorite quote "There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed. Done with." (Harry Crews)

Today will be a different day after I read this FWAD.

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Maryland

Dear Kristin,

From the multitude of letters and notes from your readers, you can see how truly concerned we have been. I was so glad to read the good news in today's posting. You have been through a very stressful time! Your reminder that love is the most important thing in life will be very evident tomorrow....Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family.

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

Benign, such a beautiful word in any language. And I am so glad that was the diagnosis for the bosse en tete! Trois besous!

Jan in Monument, Colorado

You think you have something to worry about and then along comes a greater worry to minimize the first one and make it more bearable. Such is the irony of this journey we call life! As my niece's doctor once told her when she was concerned about a possible outcome "Why waste a good worry?". More easily said than done, n-est-ce pas? Maybe we sometimes need the worries to more deeply appreciate our good fortune. I'm thrilled that both worries are now behind you (and those who love you). Sending you a huge heart-felt Valentine from the wintry front range of Colorado!


So glad to hear you're OK, Kristin. You've been on a real roller coaster these past weeks.

Here's hoping you have less "excitement" of this sort going forward!

All the best,

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Maryland

JULES, I find your letters to Kristin to be filled with a mother's love and concern;they make me want to be a better mother. "Buy yourself a beautiful dress" is a sweet example. Best wishes to you in Puerto Vallarta, Cynthia

pat kim

Joy! Good news! Let's celebrate each day as it comes.
Your life is far too full and beautiful to dwell on "what might have been".

A renewed subscriber and fan.

Sue A.

So glad to hear your good news Kristin! Worry is like a life-draining vampire; try not to give in to it. La vie est belle, et toi aussi.

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