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Jean-Marc in Sicily

 "Better Days" and Chief Grape. Picture taken in Sicily. Meet with Jean-Marc in DC & VA this coming March 10th-11th-12th or during his 2012 US wine tour

se reposer (reuh-poh-zay) verb

    : to rest 

Verb conjugation: je me repose, tu te reposes, il/elle se repose, nous nous reposons, vous vous reposez, ils/elles se reposent (past particile = reposé)

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

The Flu and The Blues 

"Repose-toi bien, Maman. Je te vois à midi." That was my son, Max, who stole past my bed, on his way to swipe a pair of his father's socks. I am so far behind on laundry....

Lying here with la grippe, I wonder how much farther behind I'll fall... if I stay in bed another day? In my mind's eye, I see papers stacked high on a desk, emails filling an inbox, dishes that need putting away--and a couple of teenage girls who might like a break from pasta and canned sauce. (Jackie's best friend is here for the week. Every time it is Jackie's turn to stay at her girlfriend's, she returns home to tell me what a magnifique cook the mother is. Every time the friend stays here, I roll up my sleeves in determination. Usually it is skill that foils my plan: this time, au moins, I can blame it on the flu.) 

Chief Grape is resting beside me; he is not feeling much better than I. He had the flu last week. This week it is something else. Trop de travail.

Ambition, drive, determination... Do we not sometimes chase after the wind?

Neither of us feels comfortable about being in bed on a work day and, though we lie here silently, I can almost hear that unspoken fear that tortures each of our minds: What if I never get up again?

But rest is needed, encouragement too. I look over at my tortured husband, and borrow my son's caring words: Repose-toi bien, cheri.


Le Coin Commentaires

Thank you for so many excellent tips on how to be a better listener (previous post); this time would you mind sharing your best tips for feeling better? Advice for easing the flu--or the blues--is appreciated. Click here to leave a message in the comments box.

Note: I am sorry and feel terrible about not being able to respond to every email and inquiry. I appreciate and read each and every note you send; it is a pleasure to read about you and, while reading, I am sending best wishes your way.

French Vocabulary

Repose-toi bien, Maman. Je te vois à midi = rest up, Mom. See you at noon. 

 la grippe = flu

magnifique = magnificent

au moins = at least

repose-toi bien, cheri = rest well, dear



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