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etre tout sucre, tout miel


cabanon (c) Kristin Espinasse
La Vie en Lomo. I used Picasa's free "lomo" filter on this snapshot of a favorite cabanon here in our neighborhood. Click on image to enlarge it.

cabanon (kah-bah-nohn)

    : a little cottage, or hut, or shed (for farmer's tools, for shelter)

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Qu'est-ce que c'est un cabanon? Voici nos cabanons favoris (cliquez sur ce lien)
What is a cabanon? Here are some of our favorite cabanons (click this link)  

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A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Steppin' Out

When Jean-Marc announced this morning that he had some livraisons à faire—in Nyons, Puymeras, and Faucon—I heard myself asking: "Mais... je peux aller avec toi?" Never mind the gray skies outside, a change of scene is always a bright thing!

But, in order to be two places at once (ici, publishing this edition--and là-bas, enjoying the drive with Chief Livreur), I'll need to offer you a re-run.

Not just any re-run. Here is the story of the magic-glittery Frenchwoman and the flour-faced Francophile. Don't miss this insightful slice-of-life (click here)--you will learn a lot more than the French definition for 'cashier'! (As a bonus I talked Jean-Marc into recording the vocabulary list for that story. Enjoy it and 'see you' on Monday!)

P.S. by the time I finished writing today's billet, I realized that a re-run was unnecessary. That said, I hope you'll still take a minute to read the other story. There won't be a cat fight scene in it, there won't even be un chat for that matter. Oh, find out for yourself!

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French Vocabulary

 une livraison = a delivery

à faire = to do

mais = but

je peux venir avec toi? = may I come with you?

ici = here

là-bas =there

le livreur (la livreuse) = deliveryman (deliverywoman)

amicalement = very kindly yours

un billet = post, note, short letter

un chat = cat


Braise there, in the background, sniffing the fleurs via this optical illusion. More tricks, here, in The Magician Post (featuring this very wine barrel before it--Ta-da!--became a flower pot!) Now to teach Smokey the Disappearing Tongue trick....

THE NEXT WINE-TASTING is scheduled for April 10th. Have a seat in one of those chairs (there, above Smokey's head) and let us pour you a glass of Domaine Rouge-Bleu.  Leave a message in the comments box if you can make it to Tuesday's meet-up (note: you don't have to like wine to meet with us... we've got plenty of spring water on tap! Come, sit down and enjoy a glass.)


Margaret Bean
From Chief Grape's USA Wine Tour. Margaret Bean and Jean-Marc at Corkscrew in Portland

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