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mieux vaut tard que jamais + audio story in French!

Melange to file 048
"Vignettes from the Var"? Such a book title might not win any awards, but it would clearly suggest the books content! All of the stories in this next collection are from 2006, when we lived in the Varois village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens (pictured).

mieux vaut tard que jamais (myeuh-voh-tarh-keuh-zha-may)

    : better late than never

Note: though I do not have a sound file of today's expression... I do finally have the recording you asked for for Jean-Marc's story. Click here for that text and for the story's recording.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

The last time I was on Facebook I saw one of those bits of wisdom that friends post from time to time. This one read:

A year from now you will wish you had started today...

Regarding the current book project, I told myself last Friday "in one week, you will be a quarter of the way through..."

It is one week later now (oh, the ups and downs in between!) but I am one-quarter through!--thanks to the diligent "red penners" (as reader Linda Casey calls the voluntary editors). 

Moving right along... here are the next two chapters to proofread:

 Briller - her patent leather shoes tell a tale. Begin proofreading here.

Libellule = one abominable guest. Begin proofreading here.

Meantime, wishing everyone a relaxing weekend!


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Look who snuck upstairs... and into this office! Guilt is written all over your furry face, Little Mister Smokey!

Gus Elison brought his key—and very special guest!—to yesterday's wine-tasting: 91-year-old Jeanne (a.k.a. "Charlotte"). Jeanne moved to the States in 1946. Though she visited France over the years, she only moved back recently, to be near her son.

We could have listened to Jeanne (and her lovely French accent) all day long! My favorite story was about Jeanne's mother, who spent the last 19 years of her life with Jeanne in the US. Jeanne shared about her mom's adventuresome spirit. During a cross-country road trip, in which wizened mother and daughter discovered the States, Jeanne explained, "Mom never needed to stop to eat or to go to the bathroom! She just wanted to get back into the car and take off!"

Jeanne's mom, who lived her life in France (minus the last nineteen years in the States, with Jeanne), answered her daughter's telephone with a polite, but question-stopping greeting: "I do not speak English," she said non-comitally.

Jeanne's mom wanted to join the French army... but just shy of 1 meter 50, she was not tall enough. In the picture, above, you can just spy Jeanne's lovely turquoise blue, brocaded jacket. Don't let her elegance intimidate you--she has a sense of humor that could relax a panel of politicians (which, by the way, is as much as I know to say about the current elections. I VOTE JEANNE!!!) Jeanne, come back and visit sometime!

And to anyone reading...the next wine-tastings are:

May 1st and 8th at 4pm. Let me know if you can make it and I'll reserve your seat under the Mulberry tree... unless it rains, and then we'd meet in our kitchen as pictured above.


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