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les hauts et les bas

Be Yourself (c) Kristin Espinasse
I wanted to title the previous book "Character-building in Provence"--a reference to the "character" one builds when adapting to a foreign land... as well as a reference to the writing life--or the characters that inspire these stories! The snapshot (above) would have made an illustrative cover photo (though it was taken in Verona....)

les hauts et les bas (lay-oh-ay-lay-bah)

    : highs and lows

On l'appelle 'la vie en rose' mais, comme partout, il y a ici, en France, des hauts et des bas. They call it "the life in pink" but, just like everywhere else, we have ups and downs here in France, too. 


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I take that back what I said about writer's block; it is not something I believe in. Rather, as with hair, there are good days and bad days. The trick is to show up (at work or school or the front door) looking, sometimes, like a super dork.

Humility is good for one's writing (if not for one's hair).

Now, back to story editing. Here are the next two chapters I am working on for the book. As usual, you are invited to get out your red pens: 

"Aisselle" - or just where to stick that French thermometre? Click here to proofread this story

"Malentendu" - on trying a little too hard to make a good first impression! Begin proofreading this story, here.


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Smokey says: "A book cover for Blossoming II? It's a no-brainer: PICK ME!!!"


Marcia and Jack visited us last week. Mom (pictured) was there with us in spirit (see, Mom, we NEVER leave you out!)


The next vineyard meetup is tomorrow: Thursday, April 26th, at 4pm. 

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