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cabanon and delphinium or larkspur (c) Kristin Espinasse
"Blossoming in Provence Volume Two?".... Would this  photo work for the next story collection? The title could be written across the blue sky... the picture, bordered by a green cover? Your thoughts here, in the comments box.

ribambelle (une ribambelle de...)

1. a swarm, flock of (bees, birds...)

2. a string of (kids...)

3. a row of; stacks of (chairs...)

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Autour de la table et sous le mûrier,  il y avait une ribambelle de chaises de differentes tailles et couleurs. Around the table and under the mulberry tree, there was a row of chairs of different sizes and colors.


A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse 

Writer's block continues and it isn't a matter of not having a story to tell. There is a pervading dullness that creeps in each time I begin typing. Doubts begin to mount, weighing down what began as determination. Any stick-to-it-iveness... up and splits... and there's nothing left to do but to but to give up or go through.

I've been going through the 2006 story archives after realizing that a few stories were left out of Blossoming in Provence. My plan is to publish a second volume, or companion, to the BIP book... never mind that it might be a better idea to do a collection of vineyard stories (from 2007-8) or even a collection of recent stories (2009-2011), ones that might be more "mature" than the earlier vignettes?

Then again I have been reading your suggestions for a coffee table book of "best photos". I like the idea but do not currently have a good "publishing solution" (read: house publisher!) for this kind of project (the self-publishing software that I am using does not include a good template for a photos-only book). 

What with the blocks and the doubts you'd think the universe was sending some kind of big hint... such as: why not go out and play in the garden instead? Or what about a Sunday drive... on Monday? or even a ditch day??? 

It certainly could be argued that books are made of whys and whatabouts... but they are also made of hours and hours of turnout.  

Back to work, now, on two more stories for this current collection. Want to join me? Get out your red pen! Here are the next two chapters:

"Poursuivre": our puppy Braise is pursued by a big bad bistro chair! Click here to proofread this story.

 "Toile": Françoise, the art store owner (you may remember reading this rerun, a month or so ago... to begin proofreading, click here.

... and many thanks to those who sent in edits for the story "Tremper"... including the suggestion to leave this one out of the collection. Anyone else think this one should go? Or can we keep this account of an arts-n-craft-challenged maman?


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roses in Orange (c) Kristin Espinasse
Between this photo and the one at the top of this letter, which do you prefer for a book-cover image? There are three more photos (at the end of Friday's post) to compare with these. Thanks for letting me know your favorite, here in the comments.

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Being that we woke up to snow today in Northern NY, both of your photos are extremely welcome sights. Both would make a beautiful cover.

Andrew Farrell

Lovely picture for the cover, but I find the foreground blur too distracting.

Alyssa Ross Eppich

Love the idea, as I love the colors and their contrast, but I'm afraid that i agree with Andrew Farrell-the foreground blur is too distracting.

Alyssa Ross Eppich

And I find the second photo too busy!


Hmmm. Either. Both are super. Lovely, poignant. Purple attracts me.


I prefer the second photo too, just because I don't like the fact that the foreground is so out of focus. I would try re-taking the shot focussing on the middle ground, if possible, and see if that brought everything in more sharply. But if it's not lavender time I recognize that you can't do that!


Both are Beautiful and Inviting...I Love Purple Flowers Best !!!!!

Robert Beaumont

The first!

Nicole Plett

Dear Kristin Espinasse: Gosh -- Don't be discouraged! I am a writer, a would-be French speaker, and a regular reader of your blog. And today's word -- "une ribambelle" -- is entirely new to me and much appreciated. Your wonderful and successful blog and your great following are an inspiration to us all. So don't be so hard on yourself! Give yourself a pat on the back -- Courage!
Sincerely, Nicole Plett


Dear Kristin, As a less experienced blogger than you, and one whose income comes not at all from my blog, take what I'm saying with un grain de sel. I took a 2-month hiatus recently from my blog, CouchSurfing Cook, because frankly I was burnt out feeling pressured to publish fascinating stories about food every week and was completely uninspired. My blogs were not making the world a better place, or so I felt, and until I could figure out a purpose for myself, it felt better to take a break. I'm back again as of last week, and it feels like the best thing I've done. My readers are excited that I'm back. I'm excited again to be writing. And I got the R & R I needed to think and self-reflect, etc. This is all to say, sometimes it's important to get away from blogging so that you can be inspired. Life is short. And, yes, while goals are important and sometimes you do just need to delay gratification and slog through, there's something to be said as well for trusting your instincts and not making your life about publishing a work product as often as your publishing schedule requires of you. xo Wylie

Sherry Langevin

for the book cover, I like the one with lavender field in it . . .

Mary Dowey

I think definitely the lavender pic for the cover, Kristin. With title in the sky, as you suggest - just perfect.

Maureen McCormick

Love the lavender but not the blurry foreground. Also love the second photo today and the sunflowers from last week. Any of those say "Blossoming in Provence."


...neither of have so many wonderful photos - I think one with more landscape visible? These two could be anywhere, not just Provence......

anne wirth

Hmmm, love the lavender. Yes, the foreground blur is distracting but that can be clipped. I find the empty sky most distracting. The roses look so luscious but too dominent.
I would love to read a book that was titled "A Dog in Provence" and you would be the perfect author. Maybe Smokey and Braise are your alter egos????


LOVE the lavendar photo! Perfect example of blossoming plus the old structure. Absolutely my fav! Take a break...get away from the thought of a book and come back in a few days to it refreshed. You have such storytelling talent that inspiration will return.

Amie James

The lavender is glorious! That's a book I would want in my home.

Wendy Wurlitzer

I like the second one better. Lavender equals France and it is overused, in my humble opinion! Let's mix it up!

Betty Wasser

I love the what I think may be Lavender but agree that it is too blurred in the foreground.
The one with the roses is my next pic.
If you could somehow, sharpen the foreground, maybe in photoshop, that would be great.


Okay, Lavender especially if you are looking to use more photos and more "colour" photos.

Enjoying my "escape" of the day reading your writings.
Thank you, Kathleen


I love the lavender! :)

Amber    Peoria, IL

The lavender picture is "parfait!" It took me right to they said 1000 words...or emotions, maybe!



So far none of the photo's have sparked for me. I still like the idea I recommended yesterday in the comments - just now I remembered a few of my favorite photo's, the one of you with the pick working in your garden.....NOW THAT WOULD BE A GREAT PHOTO FOR YOUR COVER. Also, my favorite all-time photo is the one of you gazing at the grapes in your hand like a crystal ball when you first visited the vineyard back in 2006. Please put those photo's up for a vote.



susan standke

wow....what a beautiful phot ....the lavender is fabulous....but that amazing stone roof is a work of downhome art!!!!!!!susan standke

Marcia Douglas

I like the lavender photo, but it seems too heavy with lavender, proportions are off. I love the roses picture and the sunflower picture. It's a real toss up between the two. :-)

Sevahn Merian

I like the second one best, but anything with flowers is a winner. I think we are going to confuse you with all of our opinions... I say never retire--when you love what you do, you are not working. Just take many mini-vacations. Coffee breaks. Meditative moments...Balance is key, and you know how to do that: as wife, mother, daughter, friend, Auntie, author, etc...

Joy Bryden

Hmm---I like the Countryside scene, but maybe we need one or two more choices. I was so happy that you selected my preference for the first volume.

Annemarie D

Love the top photo .. striking colors... more unusual.


I agree with what others have said about the distracting out-of-focus foreground in the lavender shot. As Leslie suggests, in a similar photographic situation in the future, focusing on the hyperfocal distance will bring everything in front of the hyperfocal point and beyond it into focus. A small aperture will also help.

I'm also not wild about the second shot for a cover. It's too busy and could be anywhere.

What about an image that says "blossoming" in a more subtle way. I know you have some lovely shots of flowers in unexpected places.

And something else to think about is that these pictures are landscape format. If your book will be the same format as your first two, a portrait format shot would work better.


P.S. There is no way the foreground could be sharpened in Photoshop as someone else suggested.


Love the second picture. The purple is beautiful in the first but the blurred part isn't good.


I prefer the second one, the first one somehow being "too much." You have so many marvelous photos to choose from and much as I think thee are nice, I don't think the best.

Geraldine Ventura

Kristin, When I think of Provence, I always think of lavender. Love your picture of the lavender field, but agree that you need one that is not blurred. I disagree that lavender is overused. After all, it is Provence! Thank you for all the beautiful pictures.


I vote for the top picture. I don't think the bottom one leaves enough room for a title.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Kristin,

Temperature hit 102 degrees here in Phoenix yesterday…summer is here

Here’s the poem I wrote for you when you had writer’s block a couple years ago….Maybe it will help.

A Blogger’s Morning

At the crack of dawn, I woke up this morning
Did my blinking, stretching and yawning
With traces of dreams racing through my head
Mind and body still commanding; stay in bed

Birds were singing and the sun was shinning
Hey, I can’t just stay here in bed a whining
I should be facing this new day with glee
Since it’s my blog, I write aujourd'hui (today)

I rack my fuzzy brain for an intriguing story to tell
But there are no ideas, no stories, nothing rings a bell
There must be some gitty-witty words of sage
But, alas today, my mind’s a blankity-blank page

À bientôt

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

Lavendar is my favorite so, YES!

Cynthia Gillespie

Kristin, I'd go with the first one, the cabanon and lavendar because it's cleaner, simpler, and as you pointed out, leaves space for the title. If it were rectangular I'd like it even better, but maybe square will work for your format.

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

What a cute poem, Herm!

Sue - Newport News, Va

The lavender photo is my favorite! The sky is the perfect place for the title.

Linda Hampton Smith

Hi Kristin

Although I love the lavender, it leads the eye right to an abandoned cabanon, which, despite the charm of stone and tile, has a gaping, dark, yawn of an entryway: not very good "feng shui!"

And I agree with Alyssa, who says the roses are too busy, especially if you're going to superimpose text over them.

You'll find the perfect picture, I'm sure!

Meanwhile, take heart. My experience with creative blocks has been that change was in the air. I was being called to shift direction a bit.

Myra Wood, New Orleans,

Good Day Kristin!
I love both, but the lavender photo is easy on the eye. I feel my eyes and my mind relax as I view the soft colors. The easy fix on the blur, and would even improve the photo, would be to crop the lower portion of the flowers. This would also provide more room for words at the top since you probably won't be able to put words over the darker color of the flowers.

It's a gorgeous, cool, dry and sunny day in New Orleasn! 59 degrees!

Martine NYC

How about a photo of une ribambelle de chaises de differentes tailles et couleurs? I think I've seen one in one of your posts. That would look so expansive and inviting and be particular to YOUR Provence.

Dennis De Naut


Both photos are good ideas. Why not wait until there are some dramatic clouds and re-shoot? Perhaps move a little more to the right of the small building in order to get a more interesting angle. You might want to consider putting less of the flowers in soft focus.

The other shot could use some drama in the sky as well. If nothing else, use a polarized filter to make the sky bluer.

Both of these shots look like they would fit a "landscape" shaped book better than a
"portrait" shaped book like your last one.

Please keep thinking about allowing your loyal readers to submit a photo for your consideration. It might give you some ideas.












Jan Acorn

Hi Kristen,
I love the photo at the bottom of today's posts. Do you make your collection available for sale? I am always looking for good photos for my website for France and other countries.


Kristin Espinasse

Thanks for these helpful thoughts about the book cover and the book (and rest... and more!)! 

Mom, Gus and Paulette are coming on Thursday. Can anyone else make it to Thursdays meetup? Let me know.

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks, Dennis. I am still considering this. Will let you know if I open up a photo-submission. On the other hand, it is something to organize... which brings me to Jans question: no, for reasons of organization (I tried to put photos up for sale, before, but it got to be too much to juggle).

Angela Kraft Coss

Bonjour Kristin! Both of your photos are exquisite! I love the foreground blur with the lavender, it adds a beautiful depth to the photo. And then the roses are sumptuous! I agree with whoever suggested you should do a photo book, if only you can figure a good way to publish! We love France, and we enjoy so much reading your blog, it takes us across the atlantic to an idyllic world! We hope you feel better with your writers' block! You do such a wonderful job! Thanks so much!

Diane, San Diego

I have to agree that there is too much that is out of focus in this photo, as beautiful as the colors are.

nancy v

Beautiful! go for it. Great first impression - my hand wants to go for it right now. The color pulls you in.

Audrey Wilson

I think the lavender one is more in keeping with the Provencal theme .
Re the comments about the blurring , do you have a photo editing programme where you could crop it slightly . I have Picassa or iphotos or PicMonkey, all of which give you this function.
Now I'm off with my red pencil !!

Peggy S. Baker

It is fact that all of your followers think as I do in that we all feel joy by reading your posts. Some many offered my comments almost to the letter. Though I am somewhat bias to Lavender and though I clearly recognize the floral beauty of the Provence region as a whole, the flower photo reminds me more of the Cote d'Azur, whereas in my opinion the blossoms of Lavender are more synonymous with the Provence. Whatever you choose we will love.

Gayle Markow

I love the two bicycles photo. It's got the promise of adventure. Good energy.

Gayle Markow

Rebecca Q. T. in Baltimore

The first photo is nice because it leaves the eye and the imagination some recessed space in which to wander. The second photo is lovely but it stops the viewer short and does not invite her to enter into the scene. Thus, I think the first photo would be a better cover for a book, begging the reader to open it and discover the stories inside.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Bonjour Kristin,

I love all the photos ---- I think my fav is the purple -- it looks like the south of France!

I love your stories, so take "les vacances" then make it happen. The stories are warm, touching, funny and tres bon.

It is cloudy (but no rain!) on the coast of Oregon.

Stay well!


For the book cover I would choose the lavender

The second photo would be perfect for a card.

Lindsay Tognetti

No, not loving this photo--it feels claustrophobic--not enough open space to breathe.

Sara Myren

Les fleurs bleu!

edith schmidt


Of the 2 photos, I prefer the 2nd one with the lovely roses. I know lavender is tres French, but don't like the fact that the front of the photo is a bit out of focus.

Edie from Savannah

Mary Iturrioz

HI Kristen: Your photos are all very beautiful. I would suggest you choose a more personal shot for your cover,
-- maybe with you in it -- your house, your family, your wonderful dogs, you-name-it. Catches attention. Good luck !


"Creativity is the residue of wasting time."
Albert Einstein

Googgle Charlie Rose's 3/22/12 interview with Jonah Lehrer author of Imagine a book about creativity. You may find it very helpful.
Bon Courage!

Claudette Kunsay

Bonjour Kristin ! Je préfère la seconde. J'aime bcp la LAVANDE mais je crois qu'on voit souvent ce genre de photos...La deuxième me semble plus originale, plus différente.
Bonne journée et bonne écriture.

Barbara Lawrence

I love your photos and think that you have much stronger images. I would rather see a vertical image. As in your first one it needs sky space for the title.

I have just finished a small square (7"x7") book using I thought that the format suited my funky travel story. Decide on your format and you will find the photo.



Hi Kristen - Your mom is right! A picture that conveys YOU for this volume would be great, combining the classic & modern sense of your world. (For that reason, I also like the landscape shot that mixes in contemporary color.)
You have a great eye - and your writing struggles inspire as I fight my own writing battle!
Peg in Brooklyn


I love the lavender photo and love the sunflowers too. The lavender photo would be better if the front were in focus more. Either one would be great though. Looks very french! Keep up the good work!


I love the first one. Ironically it is my screen saver, as you have sent it out in the past. Without going to look, I believe the second looks close to a previous book. You have taken many beautiful pictures, I am sure it is hard to chose.


Both lovely, I prefer the tile roof and the roses.

Sue Wallace

The picture with the lavender would attract more Francophiles, I think. The other one is lovely but looks more like a garden book.
Sue in MD

mhwebb in NM, USA

I still prefer the photo of Châteauneuf-du-Pape from last Friday. It is still the best. Although I like flowers, they are too busy and distracting.

I agree with Jules. You are being hard on yourself. Look at all that you have been through with your surgeries. And you do have two (!) teenagers at home as well as the house, husband, and dogs to care for - not in that order, of course. All of us who write go through what you are going through right now. Relax. Eat a little bit of chocolate. Maybe soak in a tub. The writing flow will return if you don't force it.

Although both are lovely, and like all your photos, pull at the heartstrings, the second one is a splash of positive feelings, of exhilaration, and wins hands down.

Susan Carter, Westminster, CA

The lavender photo definately says Provence but I agree with so many others that the blur is very distracting.The roses don't shout Provence, although the building does, and I still cast my vote for the sunflowers.


Je prefere le photo en bas avec les roses, mais je pense que le titre va etre: The Secret Garden. I agree that the foreground is too blurred in the field of lavender. I also think that the empty shack deserves some attention. I prefer a cute shack with green shutters and a few sunflowers around it too; which spells Provence. That picture with the bicycles sounds nice. I always buy cards with that kind of picture.


Both are beautiful photos as are all of your photos. That being said, I think the photo with the roses is a winner. The lavender is gorgeous but so ubiquitous for French photos.

Earlene Douglas

Hi from Cannes, Kristen! I like the Sunflowers but I give the Lavender a slight edge. I disagree that scenes of Sunflowers and Lavender are over-used in representing Provence. Because they really do...represent Provence! For some potential readers, this association will be the reason they even pick up the book.

I'm certain you have many, many Provençal floral pics to choose from. I personally like what some are calling the "blur" of the Lavender, especially reaching across the color wheel for green lettering. A blur is nice..many famous artists' techniques might be called "blurred." The book's cover suggests, invites-it need not tell the whole story.

Bon Courage ma belle!

Gwyn Ganjeau

Bonjour, Kristen!

I like the second photo. It suggests the life inside the building is as ripe and vital as the flowers outside. you can easily imagine bustle and humming and yummy smells....


The photo with the old stone building and the lavender fields is fabulous for your book cover. Best for sure. It made me want to open the book and begin reading...
Big Hugs from South Carolina, USA

Eileen deCamp, Charlottesville, VA

Bonjour Kristin,

I enjoyed going back and re-reading your stories! I didn't see anything to fix but then again, I don't look for the mistakes I just enjoy the stories!

J'aime la lavande!


Our dear Kristin,
Between your stories and that gorgeous lavendar photo,WOW! How not to have a great day??!!
Keep up the wonderful works!!!
(HARDLY writer's block!! NO WAY!!!!!!!)
Love, Natalia XO

GwenEllyn, the Brain Geek

Kristin, Let's just call it a bit of spring fever and allow it to be there. All is well. It is just different. :)


Your stories are a delight, Kristin! Re: the cover art,I like the roses or the Chateaunef-de-Pape pix!

Warren C. Plauche' MD

Kris-Congratulations on the success of your Book I, and on your first encounter with the mark of a working author - WRITER'S BLOCK!
About your new book cover - The cabanon en lavendre is lovely but the foreground is unacceptably blurred. The second photo I know I've seen before. In fact, I painted it - for the roses. Wasn't that the entrance to your Pediatric Orthodontist's office? Hey, use that one and you'll might get a discount on a future set of braces!
I like the comment suggesting a coffee table book of your Provence photos. Many of the photos are really fine and we all love them. I have now used several as inspiration for watercolor paintings and have identified several more with a big "KE" for future reference. Keep up your wonderful work but remember, the thing really "Blossoming in Provence" is you! Warren Plauche'

Maureen O'Connor in Poway, CA

La lavande, bien sur!

I am so grateful that I once saw L'Abbaye de Senanque surrounded by fields of lavande in bloom. Ca me dit toujours la belle Provence.

Carolyn Chase

I love the vibrant colors of the lavender - perhaps some cropping could reduce the out-of-focus foreground that seems to be objectionable to some. To me it simply focuses attention further into the picture. I do like the other picture today, and the sunflowers are good as well, but neither seems to have the visual impact that the sea of rich purple has - to be seen among many other book covers in a store, I'd go for that effect. The open cabanon doorway invites one to explore. To someone not very familiar with France themselves the lavender is also a good symbol - roses and sunflowers are less evocative of France in particular.

Alison Johnston


I am all for taking a break! My little fountain in mon petit jardin talks to me amid les fleurs qui fleurissent. I however, ought to be in my studio next door organizing my summer inventory...Always too much to do when the sun shines! I love the "Pink Corners" photo from your earlier post! I think it is quirky and the details interesting for the eye. You might have to do a horizontal format and write the title in the center. Or the sunflowers cropped on each side (just the stone and flowers). Great graphic patterns. I wanted to let you know I sent you three small chapters and their corresponding watercolor sketches from my book in an email, to read if you have the time...Thank you again for your kindness.

Alison Johnston Lohrey

Lisa A.,Los Angeles, CA

I like the second photo the best of these two. :)

Jean from Boston

After reading some of the comments I could not help wondering if,après tout, which one you and your family like best...

Kathy, Sacramento

#1 for me: photo near Jonquieres with about half of lower part of the buildings cropped out
#2: lavender field with the blurred part cropped out.

The bike one is maybe too busy for a book cover. The sunflowers photo makes me want to be there, but doesn't show any sky. Shoot, they all make me want to be there!

Why not consider looking for a scene to photograph that is meant for the cover instead of making do with one you already have? Maybe the creativity of doing that would get you excited about the project and help get you over your writer's block. Don't know whether you'd have time for that, though, or whether the season is good.
De toute facon, bonne chance et bon courage!

Jacqueline Gill

The first photo says "Provence' all over; is not trite, overused, or common. Lavender is beautiful, soothing, and also inspiring. That photo would cause me to pick up the book. Best regards to a wonderful person,Jacqueline

John Dale

I just discovered that your mother and I agree! Nous sommes d'accord! John, Alexandria

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

I still like the sunflowers, facing the sun, with that lovely color of green in the leaves.

une ribambelle, quel mot !
Can I use that to describe my nieces in a row, une ribambelle de jolies filles LaBelles ?

Elaine Moulden

I agree with Jules also! Your vineyard, handsome J-M, beautiful children, and precious dogs should be on the cover of your next publication! Please extend mes meilleurs voeux to Gus and lovely Paulette Thursday. I am so very happy that they are in France together!
Elaine Moulden, Anaheim, CA

Nancy,                     Cambridge

Kristin- Thought the Friday photos were stronger for the cover. Am slightly disappointed that this is a Volume 2., type of book. How about another theme as accent? Or, as I have been wanting you to do, how about printing a calendar for next year? Then use your best photos for each month- maybe a black/white one, and a color one. (two calendars to choose from) Everyone needs a calendar to use or gift to someone...just what you need, another suggestion!

Sandra Edwards

I have to make this quick because I'm at work, but I prefer the 2nd one, although like other previous posts in reply to which one to pick, neither are favorites of mine for the book cover. I liked the ones from last week better. But what do I know!! You have taken so many fabulous photos, so I'm sure the exact right one will come along and be everyone's favorite. And I think you are way too hard on yourself - you are extraodinaire!!!!

arlette jassel

The photo with the lavenders is great. Get rid of the fuzzy part at the bottom OR run your title along the bottom in white or light blue. It will be more visually arresting than running a title across the blue sky. that is boring and predictable.
I love your stories and your spirit.
Writer's block is akin to painter's block. I am a painter and try a different medium when I am out of gas. For you perhaps try writing recipes, how to sew, how to dye your hair at home...anything but the blog stuff. A memory of your childhood in Arizona was it? What the color lavender has meant to you. If you like ice cream - pistachio. And so on

anonymous grammar lover :)

So many comments, anyways, my suggestion is to go with the lavender picture, and instead of a green border, maybe try yellow or orange, to make the sky or the lavender pop out. Then again, I have never had an amazing eye for color, so somebody else may have a better suggestion for the color of the border. and as far as the troumper story goes, I thought it was wonderful and should be included, since it gives a view of how everyday life flows, which is what most of these stories seem to be about.
The best thing you could probably do about your writers block would be to give yourself a break for a while to pray and ask God to give you the guidance you need, after all He is the one that gives us our gifts, and this most certainly is a gift that you are showing to us every week! the time away will let you cool your head from all the stress a deadline gives, just don't get lazy and leave us without something to read! =D

Leslie Sorensen-Jolink

Kristin--Why not wait until after you have created the book to create, or decide upon, its cover? Once the book is finished, or at least much further along, it will suggest a cover to you. As to your deliberations about what this book will be, I agree with Anne's suggestion: tell stories about your life in Provence through your dogs. "A Dog in Provence" or "A Dog's Life in Provence" would be great titles. Best wishes!!

It is 80֯ and gorgeous in Portland (Oregon) today!

Dana Jones

I really love the second photo! Gorgeous!

anonymous grammar lover :)

Uh, just read my comment again and realized I meant to say, "Don't get lazy and quit the blog after taking time off," not "Don't get lazy and quit blogging while taking time off..." I love grammar, just can't put things into words..

Martine NYC

What would feed your soul?
Pursuing that would help your writer's block, I bet. What about going back to the beach at Bandol, covered up like a mummy? Eating more ice cream? Walking another route somewhere?

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