en retard

Maybe Anne got sidetracked at the neighbor's? Who could blame the animal lover for lingering before this scene? Read today's dual-language missive written by Chief Grape!

en retard (ahn reuh tahr)

     : late

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Anne était-elle en retard ou en avance?
Was Anne late or early?

"En retard"
...a bilingual story by Jean-Marc Espinasse

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Hier, nous avons reçu les premières visites de l'année au Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Brian & Dawn, Mia & Ulli, Carol & Bill sont arrivés à l'heure grâce au plan que Kristi leur avait envoyé.
Yesterday we received the first visits of the year at Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Brian & Dawn, Mia & Ulli, Carol & Bill arrived on time thanks to the map that Kristi had sent them.

Anne, qui avait prévu de venir avec son amie Karen, avait finalement prévenue que Karen était malheureusement malade mais, ceci dit, elle n'était pas là, à l'heure où nous avons commencé la dégustation.... 
Anne, who had planned to come with her ​​friend Karen, had forewarned us that Karen was sick, but unfortunately, that said, [Anne] was not here when we started the tasting ....

Elle est apparue avec toute sa gentillesse mais "en retard" alors que nous dégustions la bouteille "mystère" qui a clos la séance.
She very sweetly appeared, only a bit late... while we were busy tasting the "mystery" wine which ends each tasting.

Lorsque nous sommes allés visiter la cave, Anne était également "en retard" car elle était trop attentionnée à jouer et parler avec Smokey.
And when we went to visit the cellar, Anne was also "late" because she was so focused on playing with and talking to Smokey. 

Puis, tout le groupe est allé déjeuner à la Farigoule, un restaurant de notre village. Lorsque la serveuse est venue prendre la commande, Anne était à nouveau "en retard" car partie pour quelques instants...
Next, the whole group went to eat at La Farigoule, a restaurant in our village. When the waitress came to take our order, Anne was once again "late", for she had left for a few moments.... 

Évidemment, tous ces "retards" n'ont pas du tout été problématiques et c'était juste une coïncidence rigolote.
Clearly, all these "delays" were not all problematic and it was just a funny coincidence.

Anne a, en fait, été "en avance" avec nous tous car c'est elle qui a initié cette première journée de visites. Nous la remercions grandement pour cette initiative ainsi que tout ce sympathique groupe de visiteurs.
Anne was, in fact, "in advance" with all of us, for it is she who initiated this first day of visits. We thank her greatly for this initiative, and we thank our very kind group of visitors.

P.S. Anne, merci encore pour les fleurs, les bonbons, le déjeuner... Vous pouvez arriver "en retard" tant que vous voudrez =)
P.S. Anne, thanks again for the flowers, the candy, and the lunch... You can arrive late whenever you like! 

 (Anne explained that without her friend and co-pilot, Karen Graham, navigating just wasn't the same. This post is dedicated to Karen. We hope you will feel better soon!)


Our first wine-tasting of the season... but where is Anne?...

Note: That's Bill and Carol--first and third on the left. They are from Vancouver. You'll have to squeeze your eyes almost shut to see them in this snapshot (sorry to not have gotten a close-up)! Carol and Bill are living everyone's dream of a one-year sabbatical! Enjoy their stories at CrowsEnProvence (I especially loved their daughter's scarf-tying "Leçon du Foulard"

Ulli & Mia, English teachers from Hambourg, made it to our house for the dégustation... mais où est Anne?... 

Note: Mia is originally from Brussels, Belgium. However, when she set eyes on Ulli, she quickly jumped borders!

Kristin, flanked by Ann Arborians Brian and Dawn, who arrived shortly after Ulli & Mia. Still no signs of Anne de Pennsylvanie... Pittsburgh must be farther away than we figured.

Note: Brian and Dawn were married 40 years ago. We guess that Michigan has unique marriage laws... given that these sweethearts must have tied the knot around the same time they learned to tie their shoes.

"Looking for Anne" (Chief Grape there on the stripey left.) You-hoo, Anne, where are you? ohé... ohé... yoo-hoo, you-hoo... I say Anne is looking for Jules, whom she hoped to meet (sadly, Mom is in Mexico! Hmmm, this might explain Anne's delay....)

Trouvé! Found! So she didn't make a loop down to Mexique! Anne arrived and stole this seat, right next to Mr. Grape Chief. 

*Zee End*

Join us for a wine tasting! The next meet-ups are on April 6th, 10th, 17th, 24th and 26th -- at 4 pm. Leave a message in the comments box if you can make it to one of our April meet-ups!(I'll post May meet-ups soon!)

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