les chiens ne font pas des chats



The old mulberry tree and a mis-mash pistache of chairs beneath. Big, small, creaky and tall--unstable as the weather!

Jean-Marc was right -- everything would work out fine. So when the rain drops began to fall, I carried on, setting up for our 30 guests comme si de rien n'était, as if nothing was amiss.

24, 25, 26... After several aller-retours to the house and back, there were almost enough chairs... Jackie's nightstand was dragged out... It would hold two more people, just throw a couple coussins on top!  I looked down at the cushions which were spotting—plop-plop-plop—with raindrops!

In the end, the chairs remained empty as our guests filed inside. Our kitchen was bigger than it seemed, and our 30 guests were cozy as wet sardines. 

(Note: the pictures and the rest of the text from this story were lost in one catastrophic instant (oh, technology!!!) Read Jean-Marc's note, just below--in the "audio section"--and Smokey's response at the end of this quickly-patched-back-together edition).

pleuvoir (pleuh-vwar)

    : to rain 

Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc (who explains what I am too upset to even talk about!) : Download MP3 or Wav file

Et bien, j'allais juste finir une édition complète avec le verbe pleuvoir quand, pour quelques raisons, j'ai fait une fausse manoeuvre et j'ai perdu la totalité du travail que j'ai fait ce matin.

Well, I was just about to finish a full edition with the verb "pleuvoir" when, for some reason, I made a false operation and I lost all the work that I have done this morning.

Maintenant, je pleure mon édition... Now I'm mourning my post...


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

(No updates here today... I am working on the story collection. For those who would like to proofread this next chapter, click here and merci d'avance!)

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Smokey says, "Mama said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this my momma said! "

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That nightstand I told you about. We wouldn't need the improvised seat after all... There's Max, bringing it back inside. P.S. Ever notice how the clouds disappear when the party is over? Have you ever had a surprising change of weather, and had to change your plans? I'd love to read your story, here in the comments box!

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