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Ulysses (c) Kristin Espinasse
Do dogs sulk? This is "Ulysse", or Ulysses, who lives on a beach near Hyérès. You can see a good photo of him here (you'll also see a story featuring my Mom. Don't miss it.)

bouder (boo-day)

    : to sulk, to give someone the cold-shoulder, to feel sorry for oneself

bouder la nourriture = to not eat, to have no appetite
bouder quelqu'un ou quelque chose = to refuse to have anything to do with someone or something

Audio File: (note: all Francophones in the house are away today--at school and at work... so you are stuck with me again. Listen, at your own risk!, to the following sound file):  Download MP3 or Wave file

La reine va bouder le mariage du prince.
The queen will not have anything to do with the prince's wedding. 


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Yikes, cutting very close, today, to this edition's deadline! I've spent the morning rewriting the "bouder" story for the upcoming (it will come up, won't it?) story collection "Vignettes from the Var". 

For those who would like to proofread the story, thanks for clicking here! I promise not to boude or bouder, no matter how many corrections you send in!



P.S. good news: Blossoming in Provence will soon be available on Kindle (Thanks, TLC Graphics!). Next, we'll see about Nook!


No sulkers here! Just a lovely group of joie-de-vivres who visited us in 2009. To my right: Peggy, Marcella, Kathie, and Debbie. Hi, ladies. I hope you are doing well! 

More photos from the archives: Uncle Jean-Claude's hat. Cousin Audrey keeps you up-to-date on their Domaine Banneret wines, here.

 In other happenings: the wine-tastings here at Domaine Rouge-Bleu continue! Read Tony's blog in which he talks about his visit with us!

Smokey and the Smokettes (c) Kristin Espinasse
Smokey and his 5 sisters. Photo taken in September, 2009.

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Pat, Roanoke, VA

Love the pic of the pups...think that must be our beloved Smokey nose-up, sniffing the air for the promise of adventures to come. And come, they did! Hello's from Charlotte, NC, visiting for my sister's 63rd birthday--a lovely cool breeze before a hot day.

Karen Whitcome  (Towson, Md)

Yes - it WILL come up!!! Your hardwork and imagination will prevail!!

I loved the Mother's Day story. You referred to story-telling hour in your youth. How wonderful. You mean that you told stories to one another that were straight from your thoughts and imagination? I read to my children and they to me I don't know why I never suggested we TELL stories of our own. I could have used Jules back then to break me out of my box. She's is wonderful.

Peggy Butherus

Love the photo of Uncle Jean-Claude's hat. Reminds me of summers my family spent living in the country, and the hats that my two younger brothers wore. Brings back alot of memories, so I placed your lovely photo on my computer desktop.

Herm in Phoenix

Salut tout le monde,

Bonne chance avec la dégustation de vin, Kristin

It’s going to get very hot here today, expecting 112 degrees in Phoenix!

À bientôt

glenda Rose

What a beautiful family Smokey has of course The ladies in the picture are even more beautiful you can see it in there herts.Its gret to have family and love one another !!!


I heard that sabots were thrown into machinery in France in protests and sabotaged the production lines.

Susan Ferrari Seligman

I am so upset about Ulysses living all by himself on the beach. I can tell he's a senior citizen because his snout if gray. I so hope someone cares for him in the good times and the bad.

Susan Ferrari Seligman

AND, of course dogs sulk. Not yours and mine because they are Labs for which each new day is the best day of their lives till tomorrow!

judith dunn

Kristin.... I love Susan's thought about 'each new day being the best day of one's life'! That is the thought I try and give myself each morning when I wake up.... we have a yellow Lab in the family, Joey, whom we we all love and adore.. Labs rule! bon weekend.. Judi from Tallahassee, Fla.


Any picture of smokey and braise is a highlight o my day. your fellow bloggers from 'french essence", french cravings" and "southern fried french" are all in provence this weekend. i sugguested they all come visit youand 'craving with her party of 8 just might. Ah kristen, another petit crises that you will entertain us with. What you say an unannounced visit from jules. From your florida fans



I know at this very moment you are out under the big tree serving your 15 guests wine all by yourself....I wish I was there to help you.
Who is under your tree? Did your fellow bloggers show up -

Please call me when you are all tucked in for bed...

I LOVED ALL OF YOUR STORIES TODAY...so fun to read our old "Mother's Day story.'




Hi dear Kristin,
How gifted you are!Such beautiful pictures! Your stories today took us away with you-- and your fortunate readers felt as if we shared in every moment! What a pleasure to become acquainted with both Germaine and Uncle Claude!ALWAYS a pleasure to read about your wonderful mom,and the loving bond
the two of you have.
What a way to begin the weekend!!!!THANK YOU! Love, Natalia XO


Liked the photograph of the ladies! (Don't you mean to your left, rather than to your right?)


Such an adorable photo of the pups, but I can't tell which is Smokey if his tongue isn't peeking out!

non geographic numbers

There's another french word that I can learn. Love the photo specially those cute puppies.

Bob Dinwoodie

The ladies in the photo are , in fact , to your left ! Great pics , always leaves me feeling cheered up receiving your blog .

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