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un mouton (moo-tohn) noun, masculine
1. sheep, sheepskin
2. mutton
3. fluff (dust); piece of fluff

moutonnier, ière = sheeplike

Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc pronounce today's word and the following expressions: Download MP3 or Wave file 


compter les moutons = to count sheep
un ciel moutonné = a sky covered with little white clouds
doux comme un mouton = as gentle as a lamb
le mouton noir = the black sheep of the family
être un mouton = to be easily led (to go with the crowd)
un comportement moutonnier = to behave like sheep
revenons à nos moutons = let's get back to the subject
un mouton à cinq pattes = a rare bird (person)


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

I meant to write a story about rooting through Jean-Marc's sacoche and finding something completely unexpected. Sitting there, in the emergency room, it took a few moments to recover from the découverte, and I will never forget what I learned that day about my husband. 

You'll have to wait for that story (please remind me if I haven't written it by next week!), as it is now time to edit the next chapter in Vignettes from the Var—so get out your red pens and click here to begin!


 Pictured, below left, Jean-Marc and his sacoche.

French Vocabulary

le sacoche = bag 
une découverte = find, discovery 


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That worried look... or is it one of supplication?

A Day in a Dog's Life: The Smokey Chronicles continue...

Braise (with eyes closed): Son, don't lose sleep over it. Compte les moutons!

Smokey! D'accord!... un mouton, deux moutons, trois moutons....

Braise: Zzzzzz.....

Smokey: Ma...

Braise: What is it now Smokey?

Smokey: J'ai faim! 

Braise: Well then quit counting sheep, Fiston! Count your blessings instead! Bon nuit, Smokey!

SmokeyFais de beaux rêves, Ma!

compter les moutons = to count sheep

d'accord = OK

un mouton, deux moutons, trois moutons = one sheep, two sheep, three sheep

j'ai faim = I'm hungry

bonne nuit! = good night!

fiston = son

fais de beaux rêves = sweet dreams

Petit chien, petit soucis! Little dog, little worries. When Smokey was a pitchoune, or "little one" ( photo taken Nov. 2009)


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