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"A step closer to Italy," in today's photo, and increasingly off track in today's story. Read on.

une larme (larm)

    : teardrop

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D'ou viens ces larmes? Where do these tears come from?


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse 

There was once a time when I would wake up and know precisely where to go and what to do: go to your desk and write. For ten years a regular edition, a deadline, and an interactive readership structured my day. My job was to watch life unfold and then try to report back about it, with crossed t's and dotted i's and many experimental flourishes in between.

But for the past few months much of life's unfolding has slipped by, unreported, after I received a friendly gag order from my husband. I understand the need to keep quiet about a certain changement in our life, but this particular restriction has thrown me off course.

Increasingly weak-willed, I have begun to lose my sense of direction—along with the motivation to get back on course. Worse, there is a growing temptation to flounder. Lately, in between productive spurts, all I want to do is watch YouTube gardening videos and vegetate. Permaculture and permarest. Voilà, c'est tout!

This morning I woke up and wondered, What if I stay in bed all day? and so I looked over at my husband, who was reading the news and sipping the tea I'd brought him previously, and I said... 

"Et si je restais au lit?

"Of course, Chérie, stay in bed all day," Jean-Marc replied.

I thanked him for his blessing. Next, I got up, showered, and dressed. Sometimes all a wayward soul wants, more than a resting place, is the hope of a resting place. 

I eventually found my way over to the computer, in time to set down these words. I can't place the tears, though.


And a question for you... From 2002-2005 this journal went out daily; in 2006 it became a "thrice-weekly" edition. Some say once-per-week would suffice. What do you think? Would you like to receive  these updates once, twice, or "thrice-weekly"? Thanks for your feedback here, in the comments box.


French Vocabulary

un changement = a change

voilà, c'est tout = there, that's all

et si je restais au lit? = and what if I stayed in bed (all day)?

chérie (cheri) = dear

  Kristi and Jackie

Down memory lane: me and Jackie in 2005. Jackie (now 14) and Max (17) get their braces off tomorrow!

Jackie, 7 years later. Smokey says : I'm putty beneath your arms!

Jackie, walking away. Smokey, "What, no more putty? How about my washer-dryer impersonation? Wait! COME BACK, my Princess!"



Changing subjects, I had the chance to visit George Sand's jardin in Nohant (in the Indre department of France). I even swiped a few seeds, collecting them ever-so-gently, hopefully unnoticeably. This yellow flower is the "achilles" flower.

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I woke up this morning at 5:00 a.m. thinking about you and all of the work you do each day. I am so sorry you are overwhelmed with life today, but know that tomorrow will hold many beautiful rainbows for you. It is always darkest before the dawn...keep the faith and know that you are on the right path.



Angela Sargent

Hi Kristin,

Please continue with the THRICE a week jottings!When I see your email arrive,I wait for a few quiet moments to concentrate on your writing and then I come back again later. So sorry about "les larmes" - but Jules seems to have the strength that you seek.

Love Angela


Kristin, I don't often comment, but the tone of this really struck me. Your previous posts about the big secret had a teasing quality, but in this one you sound genuinely unhappy. Espère que ce changement vienne vite, afin que vous puissiez retrouver votre équilibre... bon courage.


Thrice-weekly is very good at the moment. Drifting is blissful for a while. All the strength to you.


I would be fine with a once-a-week blog. Quality over quantity is where the emphasis should be. Perhaps it is time for you to reduce some of the pressure on yourself, but a little pressure is a good thing, or else you might actually spend all day in bed.

Ann Mah

I'm sending you lots of love, Kristi! As Susan Orlean once wrote, "transitions, in life and in writing, are hard." I know you'll negotiate this one beautifully (whatever it is!), but of course that doesn't make it any less challenging. Bon courage!


Please continue the thrice a week emails. When I see them appear I feel that all is right with the world. I studied French in High school and College and have continued on and off with tutors and cd's. I have a definite passion for the French language. You keep me inspired to keep studying.
Know how special you are tears and all.
Hugs to you.

Laurel G

Kirsten, I've never commented before but was so struck by your tears I had to say something. Give yourself permission to write when you want. Do you really need to commit to a regular schedule? I follow some other blogs that don't have a schedule and it is always a lovely surprise when I find a new entry. Please know there are a lot of people who care about you.

carole Fitzgerald

Hi Kristin , I love your jottings but I would be happy nwith a weekly missive . Love from down under, from Carole .

Christine Dashper

Hi Krisitn,

I was struck by the tone of this post too and although we don't know the nature of the 'change' coming in your life, it seems to me that maybe once or possibly twice a week might fit it better for you. I have nothing to base this assumption on, call it intuition.

But whatever you do will be right for you and I'm sure everyone will support whatever direction you take. After all doing what works for you and your family is what counts.

Change has been my personal theme this year, and so I send lots of support to you as you travel towards new paths.


David Simmons

Vous devriez écrire quand la Muse le requiert, je crois.

Gail Wolstenholme

Once a week would be perfect Kristin. I very often feel so guilty that I don't
manage to read all your posts.

Karen Webb

Kristin, I certainly understand your need for 'reste'. Give yourself the time you need. Once weekly, for now, would be great.
Maybe you would miss the thrice weekly and come back to that. I so enjoy your writing--I can almost smell your flowers. Hugs to you.


sorry to hear you are overwhelmed at the moment. Life sometimes does this to us, it catches us unawares and boom - those tears just come from nowhere.

I think you should decide the schedule for your writing, we are happy with what you want to give us. Some weeks thrice is good, and another - twice, don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself to please us.

Maybe forget mentioning the 'change' on your blog for a while, whilst it won't disappear from your life, the rest from writing about it (or teasing us)may make it easier on yourself. Just a suggestion. Love those flowers, chin up.


Moi, je préfère trois fois par semaine, mais...je les aimerai n'importe la fréquence. Je te souhaite ce que tu veux!

(pardon errors, hope you're able to make out my intent!)


Please keep them coming.They brighten my day. Medora


Dear Kristi,
There are times in life when we need a sabbatical to recharge and rejuvinate our lives. We have used up all our creative juices, our energy, and we need to replenish ourselves, lest we crash and burn... not that this is where you are right now. My point is this, We all need to take the time to take care of ourselves if we want to remain happy and productive. what do YOU need? Daily is stupendous! thrice weekly is awesome! once a week will be cherished! Take what you need Sweetie, we will all benefit in the end.

Maeve Altoastral

I love the way you write.You can feel the poetry in daily life and pass it through your writtings for all of us.I think it is not about twice or not but about what do YOU FEEL and want to share with us.This is about the word artist you are.Sorry if I cant explain my words better.Feel free to express yourself as you want ;-)
And GROS MERCIS for all your lovely posts.They make my day always!Even if i didnt write back but i always read them all.

Mohan Krishnan

Your blog is a must read in my inbox. All the best - whatever you are dealing with. And whenever you can write, is fine with me.

Sue Jean

I think you seem to need less stress right now, so that once a week would be fine on a regular basis, and perhaps the occasional special posts when there is something special to share. Getting the balance right is difficult; try out fewer posts and see how it feels to you.


I love getting your thoughts and pictures 3x but you have to do what you feel is right for you! I totally understand and will most of your readers (might I even say followers) if you need to or want to downsize...if that is the right word! I do look forward to your writings and ponderings of life!

Amber, Peoria, IL

If once/week makes your life a bit easier, then so be it! WE ALL support you, regardless of how many times we read/see your work. And, I ,personally, am always playing "catch up" anyway!

I fight change myself and it always makes me uncomfortable....thank Goodness for strong, loving, reassuring husbands!



I have not been a suscriberfor a long time but I always look forward to reading your posts., I love the little snippets about your life in France and your beautiful photos.

Bobbie Bynum

I am new to your posts and therefore greedy for more, however I think think once a week of quality jottings (with perhaps special bonus entries some weeks) would be acceptable.

Life is filled with peaks and valleys and all the changes they initiate. Find the productive level that allows you to soar above the fray. You are much too lovely and talented for tears - think of all of us to whom you bring cheer.


Dear Kristin, Just to repeat the replies of many others, and as a blogger myself, don't pressure yourself to publish thrice weekly if it doesn't feel right and/or if there is a change in your life that is too personal - at least for your husband - to want published. I now write when I feel I have something important to say, which means weeks can go by without a post. Like another person said as well, I think some people appreciate the surprise factor now and are more likely to read than if I was sharing more often. Nonetheless, to reassure that yours is one of the few blogs I do like reading as often as you choose to publish. Be of good cheer and take heart that we are with you in spirit to support you through the changement. Wylie


Your post today was very affecting and moving and I believe that today's writing is amongst your best writing to date - also evidenced by how it has elicited the response it has - your post is deeply emotive and has caused your devoted followers to respond and to reassure you that it isn't about quantity, it is only about quality. The joy of finding your story in our in-boxes, if only once a month, would be enough. We care about you and how your unfolds, not about how often you entertain us.

Cathy Warley

Dear Kristi - You lead such a busy life! It's no wonder you're in tears.
Sometimes, just in trying to cope with all the little things, sweeping some under the rug while you tackle the BIG things, because the little things are just annoyances that we think can be dealt with later or aren't worth dealing with at all, means the little things build up like dust into dust bunnies, undealt-with, but eventually scooting into our daily lives as tears when there's too much "dust" accumulated. They come out when we're so weary we can't cope ... at least for that moment when we can allow ourselves the luxury of tears. It's kind of like a pressure valve, isn't it! Thank heavens for our emotional dustbunnies!
Pamper yourself once in a while -- you deserve it. And call me if I can help in any way. xx

Lee.  Canada-part time Parisan

If you see but your shadow
Remember I pray
The sun is still shining
But you're in the way....

My grade 7 teacher wrote that to me, and when times are difficult and they have been for me in the last three years. I realize I must let go, please others less and laugh more.
As a famous psychologist said"if it isn't life threatening it doesn't really matter".

Nicole Bourgeois



Kristi- I'm like Smokey in the picture caption...I'll take whatever I can get. But it's your life to share, and you must do what's best. JM has promised us full disclosure by the end of August. I don't know what that will look like but maybe you can hold on just a little longer?

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

The thrice weekly format is very nice for me, the reader.

I had not found your blog when it was daily, so this is familiar and good.


Post when you are inspired to do so.

And do not let anyone on earth censor you.

Richard and I support each other's art and whatever conditions either of us needs to create it. I would be crying, too, if he forbade me to write, for any reason at all.

Love to you, Kristi,


Pat - Roanoke, VA

Thanks for your blog, whenever it appears. Ceci aussi passera...
We love you.


Dear Kristi-- You know what you need much better than we do. Go for it! If it feels right, perhaps post some of your lovely pictures now and then to show us your part of France (or wherever you are traveling) and send us The Announcement when the time is appropriate. [Somehow, I doubt Jean Marc is going to be making wine in Napa...] Kathy

Rick-Scottsdale, AZ

Il est temps de vendre la mèche ...


Chere Kristin,
Vos larmes m'alarment! Soyez heureuse, chere professeur.

Trois fois par semaine, je vous en prie! Votre blog est devenu essentiel pour moi.


Becca Hillyer Claudé

This mail is the one (when there is more than one) that I cannot wait to open, because there is always something human, beautiful, and French involved ! Am I selfish to say that thrice-weekly is just wonderful for some of us who often need a "pick-me-up" ? It's like having a nice piece of chocolate when on a very strict diet !

As a classical musician, discipline has often gotten me further than inspiration, even when it is not my preference.

Blessings on you, however you decide to shape your shared world with us.

Mes voeux les meilleurs,

Rina Rao.

For us, the readers/learners,three times aweek is great, Kristi.
However, as so many have already written, if it puts too much pressure on you---please do what suits you best.
Suggestion--you could do 3 words and just one story--or no story, just words, if you don't want to write in detail, whatever you feel like.
The 'tears' bit has got me too--hope and pray everything is fine.
Take care.
Love, Rina.

Bobbie Bynum

Kristin, I responded earlier about the frequency of your posts, but I would like to add a special request. I am an art collector and would love your take on the current art market in Provence, including some of your favorite paintings and artists. I visited Provence in May and am still searching for that special painting that exudes the warmth and allure of the region. Yours would be a valued opinion!


So glad you are giving yourself permission to slow down and rest -- to absorb whatever change is coming in your life as it unfolds and at your own pace. You have become such a friend through your beautiful blog, and we are all obviously thinking about you now. Take care. You are surrounded and supported by love, and tears are healing, I think.

Sevahn Merian

Dear Kristin,

Well, I'm addicted to your thrice-weekly messages, so it's purely selfish for me to wish you to continue at this pace...your stories and photos are like the nutella on my warm croissant and make my mornings such a delight. I sip my coffee and read and am blessed to be a member of your fan club. Be well and know how special you are and how much you are loved. You are not once, twice, but three times a lady....and all of us love you!(do you know that song from Lionel Richie and the Commodores)? Not that this is the end but a new beginning, whatever the change that's up ahead for you and your family.

lynne pardoe

Hi Kristin, I'm new here, I only just discovered you and passed on your details to my mother, so we're both great fans of yours now. I'm so sorry you're feeling low at the moment. It's lovely to see the support and care you've got from everyone and I think we'll adjust to whatever you need to do.I love your three times weekly emails but if you're finding it too much at the moment and need a rest, why not release the old ones again, from the start? I'm probably not the only new person around here and five years is a long time ago even for those who have been here that long. Maybe going back to the times when the magic of france was new to you might be a tonic for us all.
Take care, Lynne


My dear Kristin,
For you are dear to many. And for I speak for many. We are grateful for whenever a morsel of your thoughts come our way.
Life often gives us too many rules.
It's time for you to set some for yourself.
Step back, collect your thoughts and share with us avid readers who have become your friends, WHENEVER you wish!
Cheers! Paulette in Florida

Carol Perriam

Dear Kristi thankyou for all of your beautifull posts. Please listen to your heart song it will guide you in what you need to do. Your posts inspire all of us your blog friends from around the world who are blessed to read your words.

Agie V.

Dear Kristin,
I look forward to your E-mails and read them with great interest, and when time allows I read the blog and I wish to thank you for letting us into your life in this format.I believe you should be your own guide as to how often to write, and if you need time off than do just that and only share with us what you are comfortable with.
I hope all is well and I send you my very best wishes,
Love, Agie

Dad in smokey, burning Idaho

Dry your tears and know that we all love you and will be happy with whatever you produce and whenever you deliver it. Scale back to once or twice a week for awhile and surprise us. We like surprises!

Georgia Catasca

Dear Kristin,

I would love to have the journals forever. When you can do it PLEASE DO IT!!!

Your love of life, your family -- you are an inspiration to me You give us all hope.

We love you.

Georgia Corrales, New Mexico

Ruth Hartz

Chere Kristin,
Apres avoir lu tous ces blogs pour la plupart tres emouvants, je voulais ajouter que mon coeur "s'habille" et se rejouit de vous lire. Vos ecrits me donnent l'energie de faire face a la journee qui s'annonce...
Je vous souhaite bon courage et bonne continuation.

Shirley from Houston, Texas

Please, please keep writing three times a week! I love every one. I know it is harder on you and I make my request purely out of selfishness. Some emails I delete unread--but NEVER yours! Love to you and yours!

Maureen McCormick

Kristin, I can barely keep up with the thrice weekly columns! Once a week would be fine. Take care of yourself. That is of utmost importance.

Beacuoup de love,


I always look forward to reading your latest postings.Please continue, be it once, twice or three times a week, I will enjoy them none the less.

Tish Tyler

Chère Kristen,

I will be happy with however often you decide to send your emails!

I would also add that upon first glance at the photo of Jackie and Smokey (the one where he's putty),I thought it was you! Jackie is a lovely young woman.

Please do what is best for you.

Mes amitiés,



Dearest Kristi,

Just breathe. Whenever I get stressed and Life gets bumpy, I focus on my breath. Please give yourself the space and time to give yourself to whatever nourishes you. 'Rules' and discipline that come from the outside - sometimes even well meant advice like mine! - can seem oppressive. Or itch like an ill-fitting suit of clothes. I know you have the wisdom to choose what is best for YOU if you listen to the thrum of your heart. You are loved and supported by many, many people - even some you've never met. We all want you to be content. So, please, do what feels right to you in the moment. If that makes you feel more settled, fine. If not, you can change your mind again. I hope you'll give yourself permission to be fluid. I know you will find what works for you. I have faith in you, kidlet!
Love and hugs,
Linda from New York


Chere Kristin,

I'm so sorry to read about your tears. I hope that you're having better days! I love love loooove reading your emails but I don't want you to be pressured by any deadlines or a schedule. You should write whenever you feel that you can knowing that you will still have loyal readers. We surely won't love you or your blog any less for it!


Silvia Mistrot

Bonjour Kristin,
I love reading your blog and appreciate your sharing your life with us,"your readers".
Please do whatever is best for you and your family,with my blessings. I also have your books and have read each one several times.
Thank you for your inspiration,

Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Hello Kristin,
Oh, I feel like you are in a flux and I'm sorry! I have always hated change and I had to deal with so much of it during my husband's 26 year Army career. It made me stronger and now I am able to deal with change, but it is hard. I always wondered how you put out a daily blog and even a thrice weekly. I think once a week would be great! It would give you more flexibility with your family, etc. Hang in there Kristin! You have given so many people a lovely look at your life and the French language! Just do what is best for you and your family!


Oh my, my heart hurt when I read this morning's FWAD.

Perhaps at this moment in time there is just too much "on your plate." Sometimes we need to step back and allow the world to pass us by for a bit.

Please take care of YOU, physically, mentally and emotionally, Kristin. Today's post speaks eloquently of a heart and mind in pain. You will be in my thoughts as we come to the end of August and hopefully whatever is stressing your spirit so.

Kathryn A.Stone

Chere Kristi: C'est n'importe que vous continuez comme vous voulez.
Je continuerai lire - avec plaisir - trois temps par semaine ou seulement un jour par semaine......



Kristi...write when you feel... Doesnt have to be a set schedule. Your loyal followers will check from time to time for updates. You dont any of us anything... You have already given so much of yourself to us. Take care of you and your little family. Bon courage!

Maureen Deeley

Whenever you're inspired to write, I will read.

Betty Rosbottom

Hi Kristin,
I love your blog and look forward to your thrice weekly postings, but I'd be happy to receive them once a week or even twice a month.
I'm a food blogger myself and know how hard it can be (especially when you're physically or emotionally tired) to come up with new story ideas! Rest up and write us when you can. We'll all be understanding!


Take care of yourself! If that means writing one post per week, that is still an admirable goal. I just started my own blog with the goal of writing two posts per week, but even after only two months, I am struggling to keep up because I am an attorney, a newylwed, and a mother of two grade schoolers. You have given us such an amazing gift for so long ... take as little or as much time as you need, and we will still be here. God bless.


Kathleen from Connecticut

This is not about us, but about you. If you cannot write three times, two times or even once a week, then so be it. It is your health, your mental stability and you family which are the important things. Yes, we have loved reading your missives as often as you write them and we look forward to our mail boxes for them, but it is about you. What you need to do and I know that we will all support you in your choices.
I have enjoyed reading all of you blogs, as well as Jean-Marc's. My husband and I enjoyed visiting you and then seeing you in Paris.
If you stop writing, I will miss you, but you have to do what's right for you.
Bon chance!

Amanda Anderson

I greatly enjoy your posts and get them at work so I don't miss a thing! I enjoy learning new phrases to stump my husband and teach my son - he's 8. While I enjoy your thrice weekly posts it may be better for you to go to less. You could always do less and throw in a bonus if you have time :) We all need a rest now and then. Don't be pressured to move at someone elses pace. Don't let your groove become a rut.

Marie La Salle

There are rhythms in life. What satisfied and worked in 2008 may not work in 2012 which doesn't mean what works in 2012 or even August of 2012 is etched in stone. Be gentle with yourself and relax. I think this blog comes into everyone's email. Write when you want let go of the schedule for a while. when you feel like writing we will happily share your thoughts, when you don't we will respect your silence. mes pensees.

Sharon - Montague, Michigan

Kristin, I don't often respond, but look at all this support. My heart aches that there is someting troubling in your life and in your heart. All these well wishes are prayers for you. Whatever you decide about your writing will work for us out here in blogland. It is most important that you do what is best for you and your family. Take a moment and look into your puppies faces and watch their tails wag away at you. You are appreciated by all.


Courage, Kristin!
Take care of yourself and do what you love.
Cry if you need to - any change or transition involves excitement and loss.
Receive love from your friends.

Perhaps Jean-Marc has asked for a temporary gag on your postings, and you could still express yourself in other ways? Write in a journal for yourself?

Perhaps your readers would enjoy a weekly link about your area of France, events, or other things that strike your fancy or senses.... Perhaps photos only to inspire our imagination?

May you find the sparks of Joy amid your changements et larmes.

Shirley from Houston, Texas

How can we support you financially?

For the first time ever in my 65 years, I contributed to a political campaign--so, surely I could contribute to your wonderful efforts, that give me more joy than any politician!

Jean(ne) in MN

I'll add my thanks for all the lovely times you have shared with us, and the encouragement to do what is best for yourself. Your blog has been so special as your story reminds me of what mine might have been if we had stayed in France in 1967, and our children had been more French than American. And your photos make my day.

Dennis De Naut

Dear Kristin,

Follow your heart and you won't get lost!



Diane Scott-Tallahassee, FL

Dear Kristin,
After scrolling through the posts and seeing the outpouring of your readers' concern and love, I must comment that few in this world can say that they have had such a positive influence on others' lives, as you have - and in such a small space of time. Your generous transparency and genuine kindness have touched the souls of many, this reader included. I have felt a change was coming, even though I just last week resumed reading your posts (work, unfortunately, supplanted time for fun). See? You have so gently captured your readers'hearts and minds, they FEEL you! Take time to breathe and we will give you the gift of, perhaps, losing you (for a season) to other pursuits that will fulfill you, but not without une larme.


Dear Kristi,

I never comment, but I have been enjoying your vignettes of what seems to me to be a very beautiful life for many years. Initially it was to improve my French, but now it is simply for a glimpse into another world. If you decide to write less it will feel like a loss, but you must always do what is best for you.
With best wishes,


Dear Kristin,

I have been out of touch with your post while on vacation, and I intended to catch up on past posts, but I'm glad I started with the most current one.

It's nice to see such an outpouring of support from your readers. I hope the response shows you how much you are appreciated, and that you also know that your well-being is important to so many.

Take care!


The thought of packing up a household woud bring anyone to tears--its a bit overwhelming.
Did I see a clue under the blue truck? '"one step closer to italy"...does that mean scilicy.? in that case, French-word-a-day will change to italian-word.
I think a visit to jules is in order.


Dear Kristin,
I love getting your posts, but whenever you want to post is fine. Don't feel you're on a dealine. Can't believe how much your kids have grown up since I started reading your posts! And Smokey...what a personality that dog has :-) It shines through the photos.

Mary L. Holden

Capture your tears
Make elixir
Sunflowers say
"That will fix her!"

Look to your left
Your eyes will see
A life befreft
Of poverty.

And on your right
The land of France
Happiness is
About the glance!

It's right, you're left
In the middle
With story, poem
Blog and riddle!


Dear Kristin
I look forward to your posts and each time they arrive in my mailbox - my day is that much brighter! I agree with Sharon from Michigan who said that we will all continue to enjoy your posts - however frequent - but doing what is best for you and your family is most important.

Take care - and know that all of us, even though many of us are very far away, are sending you prayers and good thoughts.


Hello - What a wonderful community you've inspired. Your posts are the emails I never delete, and reading the responses above, now I see why. The French lessons are la cerise sure le gâteau.
Many thanks, Peg

Jean Creighton

Dear Kristin,
Rest in God's loving care. You are loved and as you can read above, many, many online friends support you and your decisions. We want the best for you, even as we want to hear your musings on life and see your wonderful pictures. Take the time you need and want and know we will love to hear whenever you write. I'm new here and have loved every tiny bit of your life that you have shared. Will be praying for you. God Bless.


Yours is the only blog I have ever subscribed to...and I love it. just wish I knew what was going on right now. But I can tell you that, having gone through some darkness recently when my mother died, that you do eventually move through it and, cliche tho it may be, new horizonss open. You are such a good writer...don't lose the habit!

Joyce Mazalewski

Dear Kristin,
I think that all your French Word-a-Day "friends" would like you to do what seems best for you at this time. You've had a rough year so if you need more time to yourself TAKE IT!! We will understand and be here whenever we are fortunate enough to hear from you.

Sending hugs and warm wishes from Massachusetts,

Annette Heath

Chere Kristi, I would only ask that you give what is comfortable for you....for after all, you have given us so much for so long. Everyday and even 3 x/wk is a lot of pressure when your own life is busy and changing. So follow your heart. My own heart is grateful beyond words for all you have given over the years. Votre changement is no doubt causing great reflection and tears. Je comprend...oui, je comprend. Tears seem to flow for all sorts of reasons. It is gray and rainy here today...I just want to sit and read. I miss my darling youngest daughter who was here with her sweet young man for the weekend. I hate goodbyes and it's never enough time, so tears. xoxoxo


I hope you're all right, Kristin. I have to say that I am more alarmed than intrigued now. This has gone on a bit too long...sorry, but that's how I feel.



Bien sûr comme vous voulez, mais quelque fois on doit ajouter des épices dans une recette plutôt que reduir pour un goût supérieur. Comme on dit, "Mange donc la croûte, c'est le meilleur." Bon courage. Vous pouvez le faire!

Cynthia Lewis in Salisbury, Eastern Shore of Maryland

My dear Kristin, please,please write only when you are inspired to write and when the time is right for you. I love seeing your FWAD come whenever it appears. Do take care of yourself. I am alarmed by "des larmes" although there is certainly nothing wrong with tears, in fact the are usually "good for the soul". Thinking of you with my best wishes, Cynthia

Bruce Lane

Bonjour Kristi,
I enjoy your writing and photographs, the more the merrier. But do what is right for yourself. It is almost a year since we toured the south of France including a visit to your home south of Ste. Cecile, on the eve of your first surgery no less. And during the vendange. Your posts are a strong connection to many memories. May I venture a guess as to the changes coming? You mentioned that Jules likes to be by the sea and I know Domaine Rouge Bleu is some distance from the ocean. So I see you investing in a cabanon or flat by the Mediterranean, a combination writer's retreat, family holiday getaway. Whatever the change, we wish you all the best.
Bruce and Maggie in Procter, BC


Dear Kristin,
It's been said so well by others, but I'll repeat it here that I'd love to receive your missives once a week especially if that causes you less stress. I love reading all of them but don't always have the time to read them tout de suite. Perhaps you could start each week with a posting: whatever you decide, it seems that you need to express yourself in writing and you do it so well, so please keep doing it!

Anne Zarcone

Dear Kristin,

Your emails are a happy addition to my life. Your words resonate with me as with all of your devoted readers.
While I will miss your thrice weekly postings, I can survive on once a week email.... do what you must ... for your happiness is and peace of mind is essential.

With Affection

Beverly Brentnall

Dear Kristin, just wanted to add my words to the very many super postings listed above.

Like others I am really happy with whatever you choose to do in terms of frequency of your mailings - honestly, they are an absolute pleasure to read, but sometimes my life also runs away with me, and I don't get to read all the mails as fully as I would wish. So once or twice a week would just perfect.

It such a pleasure to see them appear in my inbox, and your style of writing gets my creative juices well in tune for my day.

You are an insipiration!

Go Well

Julie from Edinburgh

Dear Kristin
How courageous you are to show the world yourself at your most vulnerable. I am sure we would all hate to think that you were making yourself unwell thinking that you had to satisfy our thrice-weekly fix. To me your writings have always come from your heart, no-one wants that broken. Be gentle on yourself. We will all be here when you want to share your life with us on any level. With much love .P.S. Try Bach's flower remedies - I find them a great help when a 'blue' day takes over my life

Lin Powell

I retired recently, and realized how much pressure I had put myself under while I worked. I wanted to be the perfect wife, mother,friend, worker. When I first retired (due to a bit of a meltdown), I spent time focusing on only me. It made me realize I had always put myself last before. I think you are under too much pressure to please your blog friends. You must make more time for yourself. Once a week blogs will be OK. It may be time for you to spread your independence and allow yourself some freedom from a schedule that is too difficult to keep up with. Allow yourself time to breath and enjoy some new activities too, rest, look after yourself, release some of the constant writing pressure. I think you need more "ME" time. Please look after yourself and release some of the pressure a constant blog must demand on you.

Charlene, Banks, Oregon

Dear Kristin-
Being able to read your posts is one of the high points of my day- like getting a phone call from a close friend. I am happy to receive your words any time you feel like sending them. Your writing is so personal and beautiful. The main thing is to write when you feel inspired and take care of yourself. Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us- your fans and friends.
Hang in there-


I started reading your posts in 2004 when they were daily. I have watched your children grow up with mine (they are the same ages,) and along the way have experienced significant changes in my life. Your writings have remained a constant regardless of what has been going on around me. Daily....thrice weekly....???
Whatever is and whenever it is in your heart to write, I will cherish it as I have for the last eight years. Do what is right for you! Sending you love and gratitude.

Audrey Wilson

H! Kristin,
I saw your reference to George Sands garden etc. Have you ever read 'Célestine' by Gillian Tindall . If not try to .It's a fascinating book, about how the author discovered some letters in the attic of a deserted house in a village in the Indre . She uncovered the obscure & moving life of Céléstine Chaumette and recreated the vanished world of a French village . Georges Sands features in the book
Re 'French Word A Day', you must decide what is best for you We, your readers, will always get pleasure from your posting ,learning new words & enjoying your day to day happenings whenever you decide to post;
Take care !

Gordon Lyman

Dear Kristi,
You've become important in many of our lives, including my life, which I think is quite obvious from these responses.
You might take the approach, "French Word (Some) Days" and write whenever you like. Perhaps a goal of once a week, and more when you want to, would keep the blog and us readers going. If we need a more frequent "fix" we can go back and review your generous archives.
Whatever you decide, I want to say that the window you have opened for us into your life, into your family, into your beautiful inner person, into Provence and France has added beauty to my life -- and I can tell, into the lives of many others. It is no small thing you have done already.
Thank you.


Cheryl in STL

Life has its ebbs and flows and sometimes the only thing you can do is go with that flow. As you can tell from all of these posts, we all love the way you share your daily life with us, but, above all, we want you to be at peace and happy. Bon courage.

Rick Spring

Kristin, I just barely remember the "daily" version - I believe you changed shortly after I began reading your journal. Each edition is well read, sometimes two or three times and snippets are sent to friends who enjoy so much of what you send. But, life changes and if you have a need or desire to change the frequency of your journal postings, then please do that which gives you the most joy! I'll follow whatever you provide.

Most of the "proverbial" phrases/sentences in your postings are sent to a friend and to my daughter, minus the translations. They get a kick out of them. My friend, (80 plus years young/old) whose first language is Acadian French and never spoke a word of English until he first attended public school near Lafayette, Louisiana, has little opportunity to speak French here in Oklahoma. Occasionally they send my daughter to the dictionary or other reference to translate. Sometimes they stump one or both of them and I have to send them the translation.

I also follow and keep a list of your trips and posts about the hill towns and villages in Provence. My wife, a traveling companion, and I are planning an extended return trip to France, most of which will be in or close to Provence (this time), so you provide interesting insights and possible/probable destinations to visit while we are there.

So never worry about your journal not being interesting and a source of pleasure to my friends and me. Merci beaucoup...


Hi Kristin,
I agree with writing if and when you feel like it. Writing should be a joy and deadlines are too much pressure. As one reader wrote, it will be such a pleasant surprise to hear from you spontaneously, like friend! I hope all is well chez vous!

Nancy in Fort Worth, TX


Whatever you are grieving, whether in advance of something or right now, let the tears come. Tears are so healing. Get inside yourself and allow Kristin to feel the feelings. You can tell from these lovely comments, that we all want what is best for Kristin. Many prayers from those who love you, and care.

Marilynn Gottlieb

Life is evolving, don't fight it.

It is possible that a time has come to end the blog. (not that any of your readers want that!)

Maybe it is time for you to move on to something new, and put your energy into writing a novel, for example.

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