Retrecir: A Suprise in our Renovated Bathroom....

Lèvre: lip in French, new video (recipe demo with Smokey)

green chandelier bookstore books shakespeare and co (c) Kristin Espinasse
No matter how hard I try, I can't make today's image match today's word. Picture taken at Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris.

une lèvre (levr)

    : lip

du bout des lèvres = half-heartedly

Audio File: listen to Jean-Marc pronouce today's word, the expression, and this sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file

Elle a des lèvres expressives. She has expressive lips.

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

On Thursday Smokey and I were feeling inspired to film another video. It would be a good way to take the mind off Friday's dermato appointment (bad news, the new year will begin with more stitches...), and so we threw our collective energies into demonstration—a cake demonstration!

I dusted off the dining room table before setting out all of the ingredients for the traditional French gâteau au yaourt. Jean-Marc happened to be passing by, and his unexpected appearance made me nervous.

a va la star?" As soon as he saw the video set up he couldn't help but poke fun at the self-styled présentatrice. And it didn't help things to be caught wrestling our handicapped dog up onto the dining chair.

"Oui, ça va," I said casually, grabbing Smokey's slippery legs and heaving my furry cohost up onto the seat only for him to come tumbling down on me once again. 

Jean-Marc shook his head.

Never mind what he thinks. I'm going ahead with my project! And so what if my husband's presence is unsettling, this is a good opportunity to learn to block out all outward distractions! ...But first, I might put the outward distraction to work.

And so I had Jean-Marc hit the "record" button for me, seeing as it was several feet away from where I was sitting (admittedly on top of my cohost, should he slide off the set once again).

Jean-Marc did as I asked, only he couldn't help but try to frazzle me on his way out the door (stopping to wave at the camera and, in so doing, dispelling my concentration).

Never mind - just get on with it, I told myself. With the camera rolling, I grabbed the bottle of vegetable oil—as one would grab a baton—and I ran with it!

So much goes through the mind while the body tries to remain poised before a camera. As I cracked the eggs, their shells as stiff as my own exterior, I realized that seconds were elapsing without words. Say something! You've got to say something! I panicked.

"In France we have these beautiful brown eggs...."

After a bit more stammering I caught sight of my cohost, who was having a sudden attack of stage fright. Pausing to mollycoddle Smokey almost cost me the rest of my concentration, but soon we were back on track.

The video was finished before we knew it and I decided to go ahead and upload it for our Youtube subscribers, a modest number of viewers who might, if we were lucky, have a thing or two to say about my and Smokey's latest vlog effort.

But before uploading the clip, I stopped to review the footage and that's when I noticed how parts of it were unflattering. Specifically, there were a few "middle-aged moments" that made me cringe. 

"There are some bad angles," I admitted to Jean-Marc. "I look a little old."

Jean-Marc smiled, "that's because you are old!"

His sourire broke the news to me softly, and though he was teasing I saw glimmers of truth and was surprised by the effect that truth had on me. I felt energized! No, I was not old, but I was no longer a young woman either. With this realization I could now begin to enjoy the freedom of not having to try to look like one

"I'm posting the video!" I smiled and hurried to my room to upload it.

Only, once the video was live, it wasn't thinning skin or a slackening jaw that drew my attention, it was a bizarre puckering reflex that caught my eye. On viewing the footage I noticed how, every minute or so, my mouth would suddenly contort. I watched, amazed, as my lips screwed up and over to the side. It looked as if I were trying to suck something out from between my front teeth, something like chewing tobacco!

The ungraceful gesture taught me a thing or two about myself. One, no matter how much control we impose on our bodies to remain poised, there will always be a little unruly part of ourselves hell-bent on breaking free, and two, no more excuses about my bad French--with pucker lips like these, pronunciation ought to be a cinch.

Enjoy the video and thanks for your tips on how to improve!

The recipe for the yogurt cake is found here.

French Vocabulary

le dermato (dermatologue) = dermatologist
le gâteau au yaourt = yogurt cake
Ça va la star? = how's the starlet
la présentatrice = the show host
oui, ça va = yes, everything's fine
le sourire = smile 


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Julie Farrar

You're so brave to make these videos. I think I need to make a New Year's resolution to make one video a month for my own blog. I'm at the age where I need to do more things that scare me or make me uncomfortable. Buying a home in France didn't really do that. It's a challenge, but I was so comfortable in the place we were buying that it in no way competes with making a video and HEARING MYSELF SPEAK for scary events.

lLal Minton

I thought it was fun to watch the cake making but I couldn't hear very well. Perhaps it was the fault of my computer. Lal Minton


Actually I counted 13 lips in that picture. Each one of those beautiful green bell lights has a lip.
Loved the video! So homey! Though I would like to see the finished product.


In all of your videos, the camera is pointed too low, and the top of your head is cut off. Your face should appear much lower on the video.


I believe levure chemique is baking POWDER, not baking SODA. There is an important difference.

Debby Montague

Jean-Marc's comment "you are old" is nearly the same as one my husband made to me on Thanksgiving. I determined that old or not perhaps I should not worry so much about being old. That determination didn't last long. Thanks for reminding me that it's okay to just be me.

I think you do a terrific job in front of the camera, and I didn't notice any stammering.


Smokey is a wonderful student. He really takes the cake !

It is lovely to see you both. Thank you for the recipe.

Bill Facker

Kristin .. you are going to be fine .. I'm positive about that. Aloha, Bill AND keep going on the videos!

Pat from Oregon

Love your videos! Good for you for this great attempt at something new!Please keep them coming. How about a video in French? That would be really cool.


Never forget how beautiful and pleasant you are to look at!!! So sorry about the doctor's news. YOU are so Strong and brave!!
Idea: It might be better to use a whisk for mixing and a spatula for pouring into the pan. It appeared like the fork was not your best helper here.
LOVE to Smokey - he adds comic relief and much love.

Jean Lillibridge

I couldn't hear it either. Try to make it louder next time


Yes -- levure chimique is baking powder, a mixture of baking soda and cream of tarter.

La levure chimique (poudre à lever) est un mélange composé essentiellement de bicarbonate de sodium et d'acide tartrique, se présentant sous forme de poudre blanche et servant à faire gonfler pains et pâtisseries.

Delightful video. You're an inspiration. Keep it up!


My last correction was to change "phase" to "faze". This time it's the reverse (in paragraph 4 or 5). But better to say "block out" rather than phase out.



I made this cake when you first posted the recipe and it's great. One suggestion on the video(s): Show us the finished product both before and after. All the pro cooking shows do that. (Yes, you'll have to make two cakes, but I bet your family won't complain! And you can always freeze one anyway.)

TIsh Tyler

Merci Kristin et Smokey for the video!

I was in my kitchen baking oatmeal cinnamon cookies when I took a break and watched the video. I think the yogurt cake would be delicious with chocolate chips and hazelnuts.

Please keep the videos coming. You are doing a great job with them and remember, practice makes perfect!

Tish from Powhatan,Va (foggy today)


Great job! Loved the video. You are way too self critical. I did want to see the finished product - the cake out of the oven - as they do on the cooking shows! Can you do a Buche de Noel as your next project? ;) Good luck with the stiches.

Cyndy Witzke

Kristin, your video was AWESOME!! I didn't have trouble hearing it; just turned the sound up on my computer. Now I have a 3-2-1 cake to make with ingredients I always have on hand. And I bet some almond extract and fresh cherries thrown in would be good too. This is a great cake for add-ins.

And Smokey is a star! Please, more cooking videos with Assistant Chef Smokey. He is such a blase baker, so fun to watch. And a video in French is a great idea.

Plus, I would rather have more videos without the finished product if it is going to take up too much of your time to bake two dishes. We're not talking Food Network here. (Sorry, that's a USA cooking channel...) Id rather have more videos than fewer because of the hassle of trying to make two of something.

Finally, you look beautiful to us. And young. Phooey on Jean-Marc's teasing!


'Wonder'ful video, ~ you just go girl! Smokey is a good kindred spirit co-host, is Braise enjoying also? You will 'always' be beautiful because of your 'joie de vivre'. Appreciate all your endeavours.

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

That is one way to take your mind off a nerve wracking event, set up another one!

At least there is the cake at the end. I would love to see a photo of the cake, too. I expect it is all gone now.


You don't have to make 2 of anything to show a finished product. I assume (dangerous) that you popped that gateau in the oven & you just continue the video when the cake is done.
Also, old is just a state of mind; ask your Jules. Doing new things & challenging yourself keeps you young forever.

Petra Douma

You look fine! I didn't notice any lip puckering at all. I hope things go well with your treatment.


No matter how handy Smokey is in the kitchen, unfortunately he is handicapped, not "handycapped."


Hi Kristin-Your videos are fun because you are natural and beautiful. The best part of life begins at 40,because you are accomplished,wise and have beautiful skin.Smoky is a charming foil and you actually have me chuckleing.--Matilda at Superstition

Judi Boeye Miller, Lake Balboa, CA

You invite us in, and we are all there! Thank you. You are beautiful and so endearing to us all. I admire your bravery to record yourself and I might even try to bake this cake - right up my alley! I like to make yogurt pie, which is a cold dish, with three yogurts + cool whip, mix and put into a graham cracker crust. Put in freezer until firm - yum, yum (and so easy!)

Regarding your health, I was hoping to hear better test results, and I will be anxious to know all is well again, after the doctors do their important job to keep you healthy. It sounds like the process is a bit easier for you this time - I guess it probably isn't really anything you want to become an 'old hand' at - but you are doing great - AND making videos AND baking a cake besides AND ignoring Chief Grape!! You go, girl!


The video is like a little visit with you. Everyone of your facial expressions is natural and very pretty! Even your voice is pretty. I loved the video. Love Smokey. I wish you were my next door neighbor! Thank you for the easy and authentic French recipe.

Joyce Hawkins

Kristin, You looked great!! Nothing wrong with your mouth, and you looked no older than when I saw you at the vineyard 2 years ago. Smokey was adorable,and so well behaved. My dog would have tried to lick the bowl. I think you will be just fine! Hang in there! And I will try the recipe. Joyce Hawkins, Sheffield, MA

Loy Fraser

Here's a helpful hint.
Keep a small piece of Jam Bone (ham) on the table just out of the camera's view for Smoky to drool over, keeping him honed in in the direction of the camera. (Don't forget to reward him afterwards with the ham.


Kristin, the video was fantastic! Despite your self-criticism, I didn't see a thing except a very natural cooking demonstration. Smokey gave me fond memories of our (former) "Missy" who lost some of her teeth resulting in an exposed tongue just like his. He's quite an actor - and a very good sous chef!

Good luck with your stitches. I've had so many from the Florida and Phoenix sun that I've lost count. I know what you're going through and send you healing thoughts!


Very nice, Kristin!

I would love to see the cake coming out of the oven, if you can cut and splice it in.


Haven't seen video yet, but you are adorable! And your age is just about the best age ever! Ask Jules....think she's almost my age.

loved to hear of expression "au bout des levres" never heard it before, as with other tidbits you pass on....

A bit of anglais: something doesn't faze you, but you phase out things.... know how nervous you were and trying to get so much done, doesn't even seem fair to bring it up. Just know we need to guard all our langues in tact for the future....think the French are much better at it....over here...even novelists (their editors?) TV personalities slaughter English....and few people are even left who know the diff.

And blah....sorry...absolutely love everything you send us....Keep your chin up, and keep it coming!!


Just watched video. Fantastique!!!! You looked wonderful throughout, Smokey was a dear....just great!! Thank you! Will let my granddaughter watch vidoe w me, and then we'll make your cake! I also love how you cheat a bit on sugar and oil....and after we first make it, next time we'll add zucchini....or something...
Y'all are just dear.



So much fun to watch the video. You will get older, Kristy, of that you can be sure, but what you will become is a beautiful, elegant older woman. You will age gracefully --you have the genes for always looking lovely, even when you are 102. For that you can be thankful. I am sorry to hear about the upcoming stitches. My husband has a very light complexion and has battled the same thing you have. He lived and worked in the sun for too many years. Take care, wear a big hat and sunscreen.

Maggie Espinosa

Smokey est très mignon. Vous êtes tous deux merveilleux devant la caméra!
Maggie Espinosa
Travel Journalist

susan urban

Where did you post the recipe? - loved the video.




you are beautiful and smokey is beautiful. and again...make your videos on any subject that tickles your lincoln can please some of the people all of the time, all of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time. you are doing a wonderful job and best of all, you are giving people the chance to laugh and smile and relax a little...and that is a HUGE accomplishment in the times we are living in!

Gayle Markow

I think Smoky is smitten with you. I love how he just sits there and stares at you. I didn't see any lip puckering or any thing else to be critical of.... Good job on the video and interesting cake! Will have to try.



So much of what you do in the video (by plan or accident) is perfect! Having Smokey participate adds that little touch of the unexpected that you have to accommodate... it keeps you from thinking too much about yourself during the shooting and Smokey is a perfect ham (you probably couldn't train him to stick out his tongue on cue ).

We're all older and we all look the way we look. You are and probably always will be easy to watch, engaging, enrolling, genuine and sweet in the most natural of ways. So... my advice is to let yourself be and make lots of videos. The more you do (like writing) the more you will get the idea.

One technical tip: Either move the camera closer (if you can without making the frame too small) or get a separate microphone. I expect the low sound volume is a function of the microphone being too far away on the camera.


Tina H

The video is perfect! Well done...and yes, would love to see the end product. Guess I'll just have to make one myself! Best of luck and happy holidays. I adore this website.

Tim snider

Embarrassingly BAD video...

Learn the trade


Write and learn lines

Chain the dog ..he distracts and makes you look like a flake

Get a prof film crew and studio

Julia was at WGBH practiced scripted with three cameras

Please stop

It ruins your blog

It's like bad kid art that moms boast

So so unprofessioal

And NOT charming..


Broadcast professional

Tanya OWen

C'est si simple! Merci.

Diane Heinecke

Kristin, I didn't see any lip puckering either. I thought you looked natural and beautiful and composed. Keep up the videos. It was a little quiet, but I turned the volume up high and was able to hear everything. I will try the recipe a second time. The first was ginormous, since I used an 8 oz. carton of yogurt, all the measurements you said, no "levure chimique," and tried to put it into an 8" pan. It poured all over the oven. We ate some raw goopy cake with a spoon after twice the time in the oven and laughed at my attempt at French baking. Sorry about the news at the dermato. Stay positive. I'll be thinking of you as you fit this into your busy schedule.









I love the video. It's surprising that Smokey was so well behaved.Thank you for the recette, chère Kristin. I would try the recipe the next time I get the yaourt. La leveure chimique d'Alsa, c'est le baking powder. J'en ai plusieurs sachets.


Loved the video's. Smokey is the BEST and makes me want to watch more of them. My only suggestion would be to use more French in your conversation and KEEP Smokey! As the owner of a Rottweiler...dogs always make my day!! Oh...and the "Broadcast Professional"....aint' professional! What a jerk.

Leslie in Portland, Oregon

If Tim Snider is serious in his above assessment (and how could he be: "chain the dog?"), I completely disagree with him. I do not want a slick "broadcast professional" here; I want you, Kristi, speaking to us off the cuff, with Smoky right there, as if we were in the kitchen with you. What you are presenting is a dimension more immediate than, and so a wonderful complement to, your blog. Keep up your great work, Kristi...bravo!!


Bravo, I loved the video.
I particularly loved that the wonderful dog was sitting by you.
My dog was always with me while cooking, nothing bad in this.
Your dog loves you and you love him.
That is so touching.
Another video, please.


Whoa Tim
No need to be so nasty.
Why don't you just stop viewing this blog and go admire yourself in the mirror for a while.

Martine NYC

Re: Tim's comment above:
I am just really realizing that we don't have to be perfect at all(as if we could be!). We just need to do what is in our hearts. I just read a very good, very imperfect book that gave me the courage to get back to writing. We will all begin at some point and probably get better, but that isn't the point. Kristin Espinasse doen't have to be Julia Child any more than Julia Child has to be Kristin Espinasse. We get them both!
Chain the dog? Really?
I think it is fascinating to see someone present herself with her dog, in her kitchen, describing her life and family and yogurt cake. I can picture a documentary of people from all over doing this, each at his or her own table. Kristin is captivating in front of the camera. There is so much information in what isn't said, in the accent and inflection people have, in the history of the cake making its way through the Espinasse family.
I hope that Tim stops throwing vicious tantrums. It's bullying and not useful.

Martine NYC

Re: Tim's comment above:
I am just really realizing that we don't have to be perfect at all(as if we could be!). We just need to do what is in our hearts. I just read a very good, very imperfect book that gave me the courage to get back to writing. We will all begin at some point and probably get better, but that isn't the point. Kristin Espinasse doen't have to be Julia Child any more than Julia Child has to be Kristin Espinasse. We get them both!
Chain the dog? Really?
I think it is fascinating to see someone present herself with her dog, in her kitchen, describing her life and family and yogurt cake. I can picture a documentary of people from all over doing this, each at his or her own table. Kristin is captivating in front of the camera. There is so much information in what isn't said, in the accent and inflection people have, in the history of the cake making its way through the Espinasse family.
I hope that Tim stops throwing vicious tantrums. It's bullying and not useful.


I loved your video with Smokey (so cute!), Kristin, and think your husband must have been teasing. You are even prettier in the video than in your stills and look much younger than your age -- not that it matters! You have external and internal beauty. Thanks for the recipe, too!



The professional approach (perfectionism) you are talking about to Kristi very often takes the heart out of matter. Think of that.

To all striving to look good at any age:
Ms. Tanaka face massage. Three parts. English over Japanese. Good bye aging. Hello to looking fit and radiant at any age.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&cad=b


I enjoyed your video Kristen and having taught for close to 40 years, know that videotaping yourself as you have done here is brave. I think you presented the recipe in a fine way, which can be followed by anyone who wishes to make the yogurt cake. That includes me. You were very natural and beautiful.
Along with others above, i find the appalling comments of that one self-absorbed disagreable person not helpful. Quel con, as my French friends would say.

anne wirth

Hi Kristin,
I so enjoy your videos with Smokey. All teams have to have a straight man and that is Smokey. I think your video would make a great show on TV, especially with the family waltzing by every once in a while with comments. Eat your heart out Julia!
Sorry to hear that you will need stitches again. I will keep you in my prayers.
Oh, forgot to tell you and Jean Marc that everyone loved the wine I brought back from your vineyard last spring, especially my husband.

Olga Brown

Everything was very good! You are not old at all, you look very young, and I mean it!
Smokey R. Dokey was a good boy.
I completely disagree with Tim Snider,"broadcast professional". Keep on doing what you are doing.
Good luck with your upcoming procedures. I'll pray for you. You will be fine.


Kitty Graham

To Tim Snider: You have missed the whole spirit of this blog; the airwaves are clogged with the unwatchable detritus of "broadcast professionals" like you...Kristi's video is natural and charming and you should learn from her! "Chain the dog" and "makes you look like a flake"???? You have officially identified yourself as a heartless, ignorant know-it-all. Keep your half-baked opinions to yourself!!!!!!!


Thank you so much for baking the yogurt cake on video for us to watch. Reading the recipe is different from watching someone combine the ingredients. It really helped!
Merci beaucoup

Ellen from Beverly Hills

From what I can glean from the web, Tim Snider is an unemployed (oh, "self-employed" - EXCUSE ME ) chump who thinks his poop doesn't stink cause he used to work for CNN. Well, why aren't you working for CNN anymore, chump? Could it be that they got tired of dealing with an ascerbic jerk who had a third rate education and no talent? Go back into your hole, Snider, and let us enjoy the fresh and innocent Kristin as she is. We don't need to see her packaged into some phony "Iron Chef" routine.
We love you and Smokey, Kristin. Don't listen to this Hollywood wannabe. Those of us who know REAL professionals, know that people like Snider are just pathetic. He is not in L.A. and he is not in France. He is a nobody and we will not speak of him again. Say a prayer for him and continue to make us happy with your blog and videos of French life.
P.S. I am so glad to have this recipe to try. When I was an "au pair" many years ago on the Ile d'Oleron, my French "mother" made a similar cake with ripe cherries. She called it a "clafoutis." Used the same method of measuring by the yogurt carton. I will have to try to make it soon. Thank you for sharing and for being your beautiful self!

Cyndy Witzke

@Ellen from Beverly Hills (and Kristin), I too Googled this Tim Snider. And indeed, he hasn't worked in broadcasting since the end of 2007, and is now self-employed "managing properties." (Apartment building super? Who knows.) Also, he lists only schools he has attended, no degrees conferred.

Kristin, I wouldn't take his comments seriously. He sounds off, maybe a bit angry.

We all love your videos!


Our dear Kristi,
This video was absolutely WONDERFUL!!
Your written words are always so descriptive and give us the privilege of being included in your life; today's blog made us feel like we're having a cozy tete a tete, made only better by that heavenly torte!Smokey was so well behaved, and Jean-Marc's saying hello made everything complete.
I don't believe that you can not conquer any challenge you set your mind on.
You're gorgeous,from inside to out.
Love, Natalia XO

Kristi Collins-Smith

I love the video and smokey is a doll baby. The recipe is one I will try soon. Awesome video. My Labradors Stella and Mini Pearl will want to sample the mix. From Tennessee and smokey is the UT Vols mascot's name :-)

Tom B, Jersey City NJ

Thank you, Kristi! I love to bake and will make this for my family over the holidays. Great video, no apologies necessary. You are awesome.

joie in carmel

Haven't seen the video yet. I still think you need to enlist the help of Jacquie to hold the camera and do the taping. How long does it take? a couple of minutes?
Stitches or no stitches, beauty comes from within. It is always what is on the inside that really counts.
Hmmmmmmmmmm....strange no one seemed to agree with "Tim". Nothing "inside" that person.


Kristi, I think you should pitch a cookery program to one of the Food Channels on TV - you and Smokey are naturals - what fun to watch a cooking program set in lovely Provence, with proper french recipes provided by your family and friends, involving them all (it was great to get a glimpse of Jean-Marc, so funny) with a proper French dog in attendance - parfait!

Linda Casey

Well now, let me first echo all the comments posted against Tim Snider. A true professional would never criticize another artist's work, but give gentle hints for improvement. Guess he won't be watching anymore .. good riddance to you sir.

Secondly, you prefaced this video with the most hilarious commentary that bordered on slapstick. I watched for all the clues you pointed out and when they surfaced, indeed, I burst into laughter. Get some new 'chawin' tobaccy' girl. Maybe even grease your lips with some of that cookin' oil.

Thirdly, you are one of the most enviably and exquisitely natural beauties I've ever seen. One could easily mistake you for a Scandinavian princess, yet you portray yourself with innocence and grace. You are truly an ageless beauty.

Yes, keep making videos with Smokey!! (leave it to an American to have a DOG as a co-host at the kitchen table!!). Aw heck, let him even lick the bowl once in awhile. What do you care!

We subscribers delight in your candidness, your humor, your innocence and especially applaud you (with just a little envy) for living the hard sought after French dream. You have found your calling my girl. By Jove, I believe we have a reality show in the making!!

Can't wait for the next edition (en France svp)

Linda Casey

I meant to say: en français s'il vous plaît

Cathy Warley

WOW! Kristi, you are getting so good at video presentations! Even from the debut if this one, to le fin you improved. I have an idea I'd like to run by you.... ;-)

Irene Tanedo

Hi Kristin, 'love anything you do, be it short stories regarding french life, your beautiful photographs which describes your activities and also the videos with Smokey. You are perfect on camera. I did not notice any lip puckering or any nervousness. Not to worry about the stitches, this is very minor. God bless you and your family always.

Sandy Vann

We just watched Kristin and loved the new video along with all of your other readers.
Ditto sentiments re: Tim Sniders bizarre comments by the way! Totally ignore those...

You and Smokey are adorable! You as always look beautiful and Smokey is certainly the perfect cooking assistant. How well behaved.
Fun to see Jean Marc enter the video as well.

Definitely you must continue this fun addition to your blog, with a "vlog" as you call it. I have made the basic French chocolate cake and it was scrumptious. Will see if we have time to whip up this one this week, now that I am newly inspired to do so. Thinking of you from Salon and hoping all of you are keeping warm. Did your heat come back on? We so hope so. Joyeux fetes et we will eagerly await the next entry and video bien sur. Two naturals!
Terry and Sandy

Lisa Smith

We love you dear Kristi, & just be your warm, lovely self! Your video was brave & authentic, and it is wonderful to see you at home with dear Smokey. Thank you for inviting us in! Stick with your integrity, & the community has your back ;) Support for the upcoming stitches too. xx

Pat Cargill

Love you, dear one. Love the video, too, si charmant...toujours.

Carol D.

I will be making my annual trip to St. Paul de Vence in Feb. Would I be able to visit your farm while there?


Hi Kristin...always love seeing you and Smokey. -I will make the cake.. what kind of video would I like to see? Well... can you get Jean-Marc to film you at a local farmers market? I would love to see all the different vendors!You could show us what is available..and give us an idea of what to cook!
Merci! as we say here is south Louisiana...
'lache pas la patat' !



I loved the video except for the comment about how French women stay so thin - please, please stop that type of commentary - you are saying you are different(not Julia Child) and Smokey is definitely different so please don't make comparisons.

This is not a complaint, just a suggestion. I love the video even though I am not a fan of yogurt cake. Smokey is still my very favorite YouTube star.

Amanda Anderson

Ithought this was wonderful. thank you for sharing a quick, simple recipe - just in time for the bustle of the holidays!
We EARN the lines on our faces by our attitiude. Each line can remind you of a lifetime of smiles. Crows feet and mouth "brackets" are from laughing and enjoying life. You don't get those from frowns and growling.
I greatly admire your hands - so elegant!

Marcia Fyfe

Hi Kristin,
We had so much fun watching you and Smokey bake. You're natural and wonderful. Don't change a thing.
We love your co-host and your interactions with him are hysterical. His tongue hanging out makes the food look so good. We may even try the recipe. It sounds great.
We look forward to the next "Adventures with Smokey." It's like a mini-visit with you. We love it!
Happy Holidays from Jack and Marcia on our boat in Bequia, the Grenadines.

Sue Jean

Tim's comments are completely unwarranted obviously, and also completely unforgivable. I've seldom been so shocked. He must be a really sad person, in need of a great deal of help.

I enjoyed the video immensely, and look forward to more. I have no specific suggestions; whatever you choose will be a delight to watch. I'm not in the least interested in baking, for example, but as I said, I loved it. I'm sure you won't let one poor pathetic soul spoil your day.


Absolutely charming...your personality comes through so well, and that is why you have so many loyal supporters and well wishers. It was so nice to see you and to learn about the famous cake. Thanks!!

Suzanne Codi

Hi Kristi, and judging by the amazing number of posts loving your video,it was very successful! Of course having a great supervisor like Mr. Smokey always helps! You are both so photogenic, and your voice is very soothing, and sounds almost as good on video as it does in person, hard to do since recorded voices are always a bit distorted.
Tim's comment is totally uncalled for, and he obviously doesn't get the point of your blog, no matter how many times you explain it!!
If we wanted a "professional" tv cooking show, we would turn the tv on et voila! But only beautiful, funny, warm you can connect with your viewers the way you do, the guy is obviously jealous...Can't wait for the next one, and how about throwing in a few more French mots?

Karen Wilson

That was just so lovely! Smokey is adorable as your sous chef. Definitely do more of those videos. Xxx

Alice Halliday

The video was sooooo lovely with Smokey 'helping'! You are both such stars, Smokey with his trade mark floppy tongue and you looking so beautiful. what a good assistant! Just off now to walk Lucky - one of my doggie fans who sings when he sees me.
Alice - Oxford, UK

Tom from Detroit

RE: Tim. Inutile de dire quoi que ce soit.
RE: Linda Casey. Ditto.
RE: Kristi. Delightful

Diane Young

I can't believe Smokey is so good while you are both talking, cooking, videotaping. Our dogs would have been all over the table. One of them stole our first grilled steak off the table when we were newlyweds. Another one took the Thanksgiving turkey off the platter and onto the floor. For the video just seen, two medals are to be awarded - one to the hostess with the mostest (You) and one to the coolest canine co-host ever (Smokey). You go, girl, we all love it. Tim has been banned from the FWAD Fan Club FOREVER!.

Darlene K Campbell

I loved this natural, simple video. The dog sitting next to you and being so camera shy in the beginning was so sweet.
Want to make the cake...your pan looks larger than what I have...what size pan did you use?

Shelley Longmire

Kristin, Love the authentic French recipe, and the easy way to remember the ingredients. You are very natural and beautiful on camera. Smokey is very charming and so well behaved! Watching this makes me feel like a neighbor visiting. I agree with one of the comments about being able to hear a demonstration like this totally in French! While living for 6 months in France I had a French tutor who didn't want to be paid. I cooked for her and she would help in the kitchen and tell me all of the french terms for cooking. It was great fun and the best way to learn a language! I can't wait to try the recipe out.

Gwyn Ganjeau

Mr. Snider, in some of your own words:
Embarrassingly BAD post...

Learn kindness

Write thoughtfully and learn the art of encouragement
Chain the judgment distracts and makes you look like a flake

Get a prof attitude and use it
Julia dropped food on the floor and kept on going

Please stop

It ruins your reputation

Your mom will not boast

So so unprofessioal

And NOT charming..


Michelle Charette

Kristen, We should all embrace our "flakiness"! Its what makes us different and interesting and who we are!You are most definitely NOT old! and you are one of the most naturally beautiful women that I've ever seen. What a wonderfully down to earth video! Keep 'em coming.


So well said Gwyn! let's hope we don't get any more snide remarks. This comes from a S African follower of Kristin and Smokey

Marilyn Griffith

Kristen, I made your cake for Larry's birthday in Senas. I used Frozen Rasberries.I had to cook it an additional 15 minutes because of the Frozen fruit.


Saved the receipe and will use it again and again. So simple! Each time I will smile and think of Smokey "helping" you prepare it.

Senas, France

Sherry Frank

I loved it and forget about that "old" business. You are not old. You are just maturing and in a very beautiful way. I have been reading since the beginning and you and your writing and photography have grown, improved and changed in wonderful ways. Your videos will do the same, of that I am certain.

Regarding Mr. Snider- I loved your mother's response. I could feel her snarling and protecting her cub. And Gwyn had the most perfect rejoinder. After today, he is back under his rock and we need never speak of him again.


Tami in TX

I love this video, my dear! You have great courage and did a fantastic job. So cool that Smokey joined you and was such a good puppy. I'm going to try this recipe with ingredients converted to fit our allergies. Merci!


Dear Kristin, I loved the video! You were funny, beautiful, and so natural. And Smokey was such a good dog! Whatever you choose to video is fine with me. It's delightful to see and hear you. Thanks for sharing them with us!

(And I hope that Tim was sufficiently chastised and never makes an appearance here again! Shame on him. You are adorable just the way you are!)

Julia - Falling Off Bicycles

Kristin, this is really sweet and charming. Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and your co-star is irresistible!

Diana Porter

I watched the video moments after you posted it on facebook, and made the cake before an hour had passed. The cake was perfect and delicious! I sliced an apple and spiraled the top with the thin slices and a little sprinkling of cinnamon and sugar, having used less sugar than the recipe called for. It was so pretty! My daughter took half to work the next day sprinkled with a snowfall of confectioners sugar, and her co-workers pronounced it delicious! Thank you so much!


you do not look old and I didn't even notice that thing with your lips. tres charmant!

Joan Linneman

This was my first Kristin video and it was great. So nice to see a recipe with such easy direections and non exotic ingredients.
As for criticism: "Honi soit qui mal y pense..."

Daria Schubert

Do you ever make Buche de Noel? I'd love to find a good recipe for one with nutella. Thank you for all your lovely stories! And recettes!

Fred Caswell

Kristi, tu es tres Jolie dans tous les facons!!!!!

No stitches can spoil your beauty, By the way, looks like I'll be having an endovascular repair of my abdominal aortic anneurysm on the 4th of January. We can be with each other in thoughts.

Seeing your video (loved it) was like visiting you again. Thank you so much. Fred

Joan Cook

To Tim Snider,

As a retired actress and teacher, now at 84 years old, I cringed when I read your comments. No decent professional would have been so crass, so snide, as to make such negative and deriding comments. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Yes, Jules is right. GET A LIFE.


(Keeping Tom Snider in mind)
How to Cultivate Loving Kindness

"..Loving-kindness is unconditional friendliness—a quality of allowing and welcoming human beings and their experience. Yet before I could genuinely express this kind of acceptance toward others, I first had to discover what it meant for myself. .. "

Georgia Schall

Dear Kristin and Smokey,
You make a lovely host, Kristin, and Smokey is the perfect co-host! Keep this up and you will be nominated for a uTube award I am sure!
7 month old Lucy was here again today. She just had that certain surgery and was running around like a wild child. If only she could meet Smokey and learn a bit of restraint! Mon Dieu!

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