So much for anonymity
l'enjeu est grand


Empty bottles (c) Kristin Espinasse
"The evidence". Thank you for the generous support you sent in, following the previous post, "So Much for Anonymity! In the ten years since this blog began, I've wanted to share the very personal story but never trusted myself enough to do it. Wednesday, I took the leap. Your comments give me the courage to continue. If all goes well, the telling of my story will be a ticket to peace, and not a train wreck. Update: After the prologue, written Wednesday, read Chapter 1 here.


le témoignage (tay-mwhy-nazh)

    : testimony, witnessing, testifying 

Audio File: Listen to Jean-Marc read his sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file

Je vous conseille de lire le témoignage émouvant de Kristi.
I encourage you to read Kristi's moving testimony


faux témoignage = perjury
porter témoignage = to give evidence

Our 15-year-old daughter Jackie. Remember the photo? It would make a good book cover? What would the title of my memoir be?  The story is about what happens when you quit something that is harming you... and begin chasing a long lost dream, one that comes true!


"I'm writing a very important story today," I said to my daughter, as I drove her to school on Wednesday. "Wish me luck!"

"Comment dire 'merde' en anglais?" Jackie responded.

"No, Turkey!" I laughed, "We don't say that in English!"  


*The French really do say "Merde!" as a way to wish each other "Break a leg!"

Chapters: click on the following links to read the book that I am currently writing

 Sweet-n-Sour (c) Kristin Espinasse

Salé Sucré, or Sweet-n-Sour, and such is life, oui, c'est la vie! 

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Bon courage Kristin. <3


Congratulations at 3650 + 2: Every day deserves a small celebration.

Consider - with your dedicated following, just a single 'attagirl' each day from a single fan, you have a crowd of friends that will support you well beyond your 100th anniversary.

And then we'll start over. :-)


Happening to read this just when it seems to be a reflection of my very own circumstances. I will have to be more dedicated and read more frequently for motivation! Merci. Christina

Joan Delise

Bravo Kristin! This is truly a labor of love that will affect many lives by your courage. The writing is awesome and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

Barbara Barclay

It takes courage to write about battling our demons. Happily you came out a winner. You write well. Continue. IIt will be a great inspiration to others. Bonne courage!

Cassie Alexandrou in Dallas, TX

Dear Kristin,

I have been reading and enjoying your posts for several years. You write so beautifully -- and always from the heart. Your words have never failed to touch my soul -- and that couldn't be truer than it is now. I am humbled by your courage and your honesty. May God give you strenth and bring you peace as you continue your journey.

Cassie Alexandrou in Dallas, TX

Sorry for the typo. That's strength!


I love receiving your daily postings and was touched by your latest revelations. and I love the bottle tree image. Here in the American South, bottle trees have been an almost ancient tradition in rural areas and are being revived just about everywhere. The bottles are believed to trap evil spirits or "haints" who would distract us from our best path. thank you for sharing, and great courage to you, Kristen.

Jan Warner-Poole

I love the photo of your daughter. It would make a lovely book cover. I'm a retired bookseller so have seen a lot of covers. Title suggestion, "Leaping into the Dream" Good luck with your project. JanWP


For the book cover with the photo of your daughter, how about Plunging into Life.....or Plunging into My New Life?

Maureen McCormick

Kristin, did you start the blog as a way to ground yourself in your sobriety? I'm curious about the 10-year anniversary of both. Merci.

Joe Phipps

Dear Kristin,
I'm still thinking about your letter of 6 February. It touched many of us deeply. Just look at the responses. I am one of those you touched. I am a 68-year-old male, and I am like you. I go day to day. I remember that moment four years, nine months and six days ago. Donna (my wife of 42 years) told me I had a problem and that I needed to stop. I denied the problem. I said I was under control except for a few exceptions . It was not a happy conversation and it didn't end in agreement. I went to bed that night with no intention whatsoever of making a change. In the morning I was in a better mood and decided to have no drinks that day just to demonstrate my self-control. That continued for the next few days. Already I could see how much this pleased Donna. On about the fifth day of my self-imposed dry period, I told her I would stop. It made her so happy. I knew I couldn't go back on this promise. It's been that way ever since.

When I reflect on this, I wonder what happened that night of 30 April 2008. Why did I wake up in the morning with a different attitude? Was it just me that effected this huge change in my life? I know now that it wasn't just me. It was God who somehow during that night caused me to think differently, to change my attitude. Not only were people praying for me back then, but I began to pray as well. Today I am better off in so many ways, but the biggest one is relationships, especially my relationship with God and with Donna.

I'm thinking that you, too, must have had Divine help. I hope you tell us about that. Your readers love you and would want to know about this when you decide to share it. You have the ability to influence so many lives. I think when you start sharing your relationship with God a little bit, you will enter into a deeper relationship with your readers and you may actually help us lead better lives.

Joe Phipps
Dayton, Ohio


I think the photo would look good on the cover of a book called "Leap of Faith".

Kristin Espinasse

Christina, bon courage to you!

Emily, how interesting about the bottle trees. I will remember that.

Maureen, yes indeed! The blog wonderfully structures my life and keeps me busy! Plus, all you lovely and kindhearted readers keep me encouraged!

Joe, definitely! Amen and I will talk more about this.

Sue Lennox

Terrific introspection, Kristen, which will undoubtedly help those others who are struggling....Best wishes from Scottsdale!


Our dear Kristi,
Once again you have filled us with admiration and inspiration. You show such courage in sharing your story, and we, your fortunate readers, both applaud you and wrap you in hugs.
As a writer,dear Kristi, your talent just grows. Your words paint pictures that capture our imaginations and make us wish each chapter would never end. I especially loved your descriptions about your mom (and sister's) Shalimar (one of my favorite perfumes!),their lipstick, her lovely red dress-- most of all, the way you acquaint us with your family and draw us into the situation(s) as they are unfolding. We feel like we're there with you.
So wonderfully well done!
Love, Natalia XO

Diane Young

Chere Kristi,
God bless you for having the courage to begin your revelation. It is the path to serenity for sure. We are blessed to be your support group because we love you.

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

The photo says so much without words.

What comes to mind is Trusting the Sky.

Bill Facker

Kristin .. you continue to be a great inspiration for me. Aloha, Bill

S. R. M.

I am struggling, struggling still. You are precious to me. Just revealing this to us has made everyone draw closer! I am 'high-functioning' but still addicted. Help us, inspire us! I have loved you since 2007 and it just grows deeper. XO

Kristin Espinasse

For S.R.M., So touched by your words. A new start. No counting failures, only the times you stood back up.


Hi Honey,

I am wide awake and ready for your daily phone call - so much to talk about today. I am so encouraged by all of the above comments, knowing that we now have a posse to surround you as you ride through the valleys, dry river-beds and rocky mountains ahead of you. At this very moment I am reminded of one of your first stories many years ago as you watched the tumbleweeds blow across you mind as you wondered who would show up at your page. You should put that in your book!!! Can you quote that here for me, I can't remember it exactly but it is so apprapoe (sp?).



Priscilla Fleming Vayda

Lovely clear writing, Kristin. Just like your wonderful photographs. You mention how fragile the world can be: life is fragile, as are our relationships with the people around us. But you are facing each day with courage and grace. Congratulation on that accomplishment. Keep up the good work, both in your creative work and the work of living out each day in the fragile world that exists around each of us.

S. R. M.

Words that were gleaned from previous posts I agree 100%!

Dee Dee

I am new to your (wonderful) blog and am so happy I've arrived at such a great time! I look forward to reading lots more. :)

Joyce Hawkins

Congratulations, Kristin, and I think your husband is a very loving person. What a lovely gift is a cherry tree. May the blossoms remind you of your lovely and courageous victory.

Joyce Hawkins


Hi Kristy,
My husband has the same issues so we wish you the best of luck and congratulations. A note to all - as hard as it is for the Alcohalic - it is equally as hard for the Partner or Spouse - many years of suffering on both parts.
Luv the bottle tree!

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