il parait + video interview on French TV
French word for catacombs + photos of French locks

Happy Easter in French

Joyeuses Pâques!

(Smokey se trompe de déguisement... et de fête aussi...)
(Smokey mixes up the costumes... and the holiday, too...) 

Braise and Smokey (c) Kristin Espinasse

Braise (left): Mon fils... My son....

Conversation (c) Kristin Espinasse
Smokey (right): C'est moi-même. That's me.

Mama Braise (c) Kristin Espinasse
Braise: Quand je t'ai demandé d'aller chercher les déguisements... When I asked you to go and get the costumes....

Mama Braise (c) Kristin Espinasse
...Je voulais dire LES OREILLES DE LAPIN. I meant the BUNNY EARS.

Hula Girls (c) Kristin Espinasse
Braise: "Hula Girls," c'est pour le 31 October. "Hula Girls" is for October 31st.

Bonnes Pâques! Comments and corrections welcome here.

Click the following link for more about the French word for Easter
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Have a joyous Easter!






Your gift this Easter Morning once again lifts my spirits. You are so thoughtful to think of us, to bring all of your friends together on this glorious morning to thank God for all of our blessings.



Mark Hanson

Oui, Joyeuses Paques, merci! Le jaune, le peuple, les lapins, les oeufs, les Cross Buns chaudes :) Have a great day!
Mark H London Ontario

Rose Chandler Johnson

Happy Easter and God bless you all. Have a glorious spring! I look forward to all your messages.

Linda R.

les oreilles de printemps sont aussi jolies. Joyeuse Pâques.

Lee Mears

Thank you for the wonderful Easter present.
Lovely photos of your sweet dogs really made my day. They are too precious!

Leslie NYC

Okay, I am going to have to call the cuteness police. Those photos are off the adorable charts!
I agree partly with Gus, that your post is like that bite of chocolate bunny ear.
Thank you for tucking this nice surprise into our baskets.
Bonnes Paques a vous tous.

Pat Cargill

bonnes Paques à famille Espinasse, hipetty-hoppety sweet Spring wishes your way--peut-etre, des lapins au chocolat??! Hot Cross buns ce matin, on a rainy cool day in Roanoke. Trust that J-M is back home and you are having a birthday cake today? in the shape of a bunny? Hippety-hoppity CHEERS! to Chef Grape.

Georgia Schall

Dear Kristin,

Your post put a smile on my face! Merci! I will share with my grandboys! It came at a most opportune moment as we had quite a scare this morning! No chat. We couldn't find our precious Cleo anywhere!

After a thorough search, and looking out in the garage for a third time, she appeared. She must have been enjoying a sleep in kind of morning this Easter Sunday!

Have a beautiful day and spring to you and your lovely family!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Happy Easter everyone!

Thanks so much for the photos of your puppies! They are both so sweet and cute.

It made my day. Merci!

So glad Georgia you found your Cleo!

And Gus, you are never to old for anything! Even a chocolate bunny!

Karen from Phoenix

Happy Easter sweet friend.

What a beautiful post this morning. I love to see those puppies!!


Cynthia Lewis (Eastern Shore of Maryland)

Thank you for your lovely Easter gift to all of us, your admiring and faithful readers. Your writings and photos cheer us and touch our hearts so you could not have chosen a more appreciated gift. I hope that you and your family are enjoying a very Happy Easter together.

Greetings to everyone else,too, and especially to Jules and to Gus who has by now,I hope, eaten the ears off of a chocolate bunny!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you for the wonderful Easter messages. Gus--PLEASE have a chocolate Easter bunny for me. Maybe Paulette has one for you... hidden in the mailbox? :-) I swear I see a virtual one there for you... from all of us here. Happy Easter to all and for those who do not celebrate -- enjoy your Sunday and thanks for reading.

P.S. For another Easter story (wherein Marie-Françoise and I look into the French word Pâques...) click here:

joie blair

I am not sure Smokey could have handled the bunny ears! "Flowers in your hair" is appropiate. Happy Bunny!

Bill Facker

Happy Easter Everyone! It happens my Birthday has fallen on Easter this year. Since I'm fortunate enough to call Kauai home, I'm going to imagine "Hula Smokey" and "Hula Braise" dancing Hula on two legs as a special Birthday surprise ... complete with a "herd" of Easter Bunnies sipping Domaine Rouge Bleu as their audience. Bet you didn't know Smokey plays ukulele!
Aloha & Happy Easter!

Jacquie P.

Oh, Kristin, you are such a beautiful delightful gal and thank you for decorating the babies for us to enjoy. Hope they did not mind too terribly. You are better than the a easter basket, more slimming and real. Hope your Easter was peaceful, beautiful and serene and that Jean Marc remembered with a prezzie. Blessings , j


Happy Easter to you and your family, Kristin . . . and to all your devoted followers! :) And, Happy Birthday to Bill out there in Kauai! A place I am hoping to visit in October! I'll wave if I get there! ! ! :) Such cute Easter costumes for the fur-babies! :) Thanks for sharing!

Kristin Espinasse

Joyeux Anniversaire Anniversaire, Bill Facker!  Braise and Smokey are indeed doing the hula dance for  you, with Smokey managing the Ukulele. His song is a little off-tune, but all our voices round it out in one charismatic chorus of Happy Birthday.

Bill Facker

Mahalo Kristin & Sherrill .. you make me smile! And Sherrill, if you come to Kauai, I will be pleased to meet in person a fellow "Kristin Krusader" .. we ARE a family, 40,000 strong, bound by the wonderful writings and spririt Kristin has created over the last decade. Such an accomplishment, Kristin, to become an integral part of our everyday existence. Mahalo & another Happy Easter to you and all the "Kristin Krusaders" around the globe! Aloha

Carolyn  Dahm,  Sharon, MA

Thank you Kristi for the scrumptious pics of Smokey and Braise. What a treat to find them in my mailbox! Hope you and your family are having a wonderful Easter with JM.

Gus-I hope you're having some kind of special treat today! Mark and Pat-those hot cross buns sound great, I've never had them. Georgia, I'm so glad you found Cleo-what a relief! Happy Birthday Bill! Holidays are often difficult for me so it was so nice to check in with FWAD (I was intending to reread some from this past week) and see all of these new messages. Thanks everyone for the surprise and for always making my days brighter. :)

Tish Tyler

Happy Easter to the Espinasse family and Jules, too! It was a treat to find your Easter greetings in your thoughtful email today. Braise et Smokey sont adorables comme toujours!

Tish (in rainy, chilly Powhatan Va, but soon to be in France for 2 weeks!)

Frederick Roberts

The most beautiful dogs!! Face-to-face, I would grab an armful of dogs and hug them

Sue, Australia

Quels jolis chiens! Joyeuses Pâques à tous!

Ene Cronk

Thank you for the easter greetings and for sharing the photos of your absolutely adorable dogs!!!!! i hope your day was lovely (how could it not are in france!!) i HAVE to ask: is peter mayle your neighbor by any chance? i love all the books he has written about life in provence!!!and i have read several of your books also and enjoyed them very much!!! i so enjoy getting your posts!!


Hau`oli Pakoa, Bill, and Joyeux Anniversaire from sunny Honolulu!

Dana (San Antonio,TX)

Bonnes Paques à vous et votre famille Kristin!

~ Dana

Bill Facker

Mahalo Mollie!

Fran Horne

Joyeux Pac
They look just as cute in whatever outfit they choose!
Fran from Down Under


I found the dogs' choices of costume to be particularly appropriate for Easter, and most charming as well. Loved the pictures.

Diane Young

What a lovely surprise to see les deux chiens dressed up for Easter, which is definitely a flower holiday. The cross at our church was decorated by the children with every kind of flower and so beautiful.
Merci. Enjoy Easter for 50 days.

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