How to say searchlight and intruder in French?
Braise the dog update + how to say "different strokes for different folks" in French

how to say "from the bottom of the heart" and "shooting star" in French?

Cassis (c) Kristin Espinasse
When nature frames a lovely scene.... Photo taken in Cassis.

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P.S. Cynthia, the French equivalent to your "for the world" would be "pour rien au monde". (And your thoughtful comment is much appreciated!!)


You've read about some of theses characters in my French word journal. The lovely lady on the left is Cousin Audrey (Marie-Françoise and Jean-Claude's daughter). C'est moi, author of this blog, hugging her (Audrey is so dear it's hard not to!) and that's my son, Max, to the right. We are surrounded by his friends. From left to right: Paul, Hatim, Antoine, and Ed). "Come on, Audrey," I giggled, let's pretend we're cougars! which point the boys' smiles went as crooked as an awkward moment (see what I mean?)

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fishnets (c) Kristin Espinasse
In the South of France, people adorn their doors and steps and windows with all sorts of things. This time it's fish nets! Photo taken in Cassis. 

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