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Pictures from Grignan + an emergency visit to the vet--and the French word "epillet"

Jackie (c) Kristin Espinasse

 Sweet 16! Today, September 18th, is Jackie's birthday and we've had chocolate cake for breakfast and look forward to Chinese food for dinner. (Meantime she's begun another day at fashion school. But after our dog's recent drama, and Jackie's hands-on response, I think she'd make a great veterinarian! Read on, in today's French infused story column....

un épillet (ay-pee-leh)

    : foxtail or grass seed

Ever found an épillet on your dog? Comment here

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Foxtail (c) Curtis Clark
Audio File and Example Sentence: Listen to Jean-Marc Download MP3 or wav file

Lorsqu'un chien se met brusquement à se secouer les oreilles au printemps ou en été, penche la tête, refuse qu'on le touche… il y a probablement un épillet là-dessous !

In spring or summer, when a dogs begins abruptly to shake its ears, lower its head, and refuse to be touched... there is probably a foxtail there beneath!

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

On Monday I picked up Jackie from the bus stop and enjoyed a lively conversation with our soon-to-be 16-year-old. Driving home, we talked about motivation, about keeping on top of things, and how all this helps in pursuing one's dreams. It was refreshing to see how receptive Jackie was, vs. our sometimes draining dialogues which make me feel like such a nag, and leave my testy daughter feeling guilty, too.

Despite the renewed mother-daughter complicity, our life is good outlook was challenged sooner than expected. Arriving home, Jackie agreed to feed the dogs and help bring in the laundry on the line and fold it. Instead of grumbling, she approached her daily 15 minute chore (part of a new routine this school year!) willingly. 

"That's my girl!" I cheered, "and thanks--I really appreciate it!" Even Braise, our golder retriever, was in a good mood, and we laughed as she jumped and danced while waiting for her croquette dinner to be served.

Then suddenly Braise fell to the ground and began yelping in pain. We watched as she mowed her head across the gravel, her cries growing more insistent. When we got her to stand up, she couldn't walk a straight line, but advanced crookedly across the yard--all the while lowering her left ear. And when she suddenly began shaking her head, as dogs do their bodies, after a bath--we realized something was amiss.  

Hordeum murinum, or foxtail (c) Curtis Clark
My heart sank with the realization that this could be it--the dreaded "death torpedo" pet owners fear: those nasty grass seeds, or foxtails, that catch in a dog's coat and travel up and into the ear or eye or nose. I heard all kinds of horror stories--that once inside, they travel to the brain or the lungs, killing the animal! 

Jackie was posed and calm as she held Braise close and instructed me to have a look inside our dog's ear.

"OK, OK! Here we go....." the least I could do was to mirror my daughter's composure; just as important, we didn't want to be a ball of nerves in front of our suffering dog.

Indeed, animals are so sensitive--and intelligent. In contrast to the wild cries and head shaking pain, Braise remained as still as a monument, modeling a quiet bravery that hinted at the delicateness of the situation.

"It must be excruciating, the pain!" Jackie remarked, as I peered into Braise's ear, pulling and prodding to get a closer look. But all I saw was dirt--the kind I should have been regularly cleaning out. Now guilty feelings intermingled with all the worry.

As the moments passed, without another complaint from our dog, we nurtured a growing hope that maybe whatever had "gotten" her had somehow disappeared.

"Maybe it was only the beginning of an ear infection?" I said to Jackie.

"Peut-être," Jackie hoped, and we held our breaths as we slowly released Braise from our grip.

Our brave patient took a few uncertain steps, as though she herself were nursing the same espoir. Only she didn't make it far before she fell over, beside the withering lavender bush.

Seeing Braise disoriented like that, we were sick to our stomachs with worry. We watched helplessly as Braise plowed her head across the gravel, her muffled cries rising in her dusty wake.

Something was horribly wrong.

"Jean-Marc!" I shouted up to the second floor, where Jean-Marc was working in his office. A moment later four of us were careening down the road, to the veterinarians. Jean-Marc had asked Jackie to stay behind, but our daughter insisted Braise needed her comfort and assurance.

Quelle chance! The vet was still working at 7pm, and she welcomed us into her office.

Jackie and I tried to heave Braise onto the steel examination table, when Jean-Marc waved us aside and picked up our clinic-phobic dog. "Allez, hop, up you go!" I could see Braise's hair falling in a sheer layer across the steel surface beneath her--so terrified is she of doctor's offices.

When the vet warned that our dog must remain completely still, Jean-Marc steadied her in a head lock and I hugged her body tight. Jackie murmured assurances: Bravo! C'est bien, Braise! T'inquiète pas, mon chien! C'est bientôt fini! 

We all watched as the vet directed the special tweezers into Braise's oreille. She too was impressed by Braise's bravery. "Most dogs would go crazy about now." 

"She wants us to help her," I said, remembering back to the scene at home. Braise would have let me stick forceps in her ears, so desperate was she; her quiet obedience was such a contrast to her throbbing pain, making her message loud and clear: do what you need to do to fix this! Her composure was remarkable. It was as though she had gone to another place in her brain--doggy nirvana--where she was waiting out the traumatic moment. 

"Voilà!" The vet pulled out the so-called torpedo of death, and cleared up one or two idées fausses, or rumorsin the process. "It is rare that this would kill a dog, she said, offering the bit of broken foxtail for our viewing. "But they can be dangerous. It's not just the ears they menace, they are often found in between the fingers and toes... " (This helpful tip was followed by a demonstration, in which the vet collected a dozen more broken foxtails from between Braise's paws!)

"The danger here," she said, is when they pierce the skin and travel through the body... sometimes puncturing the lungs!"

The vet encouraged us to cut back the grasses on our property and to check our dogs every day. It would be extra work, given we have two large and furry golden retrievers, but I could just add that to the kids chore list. And of course, I would do my part, too. Living here in the countryside, it would take a family effort to keep back those lurking torpedos... but the good news was, we now had a wonderful new veterinarian, just around the corner.

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 "Torpedoes of death" -- it's a chilling term, but I learned so much from Carla Jackson's article on Hordeum murinum or "Hare Barley" and how it menaces man's best friend. 


Rollerskating in Fréjus (c) Kristin Espinasse, french-word-a-day.com
Rollerskating with Braise in Fréjus, in 2007. (Jackie was 10-years-old)


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More Photos from France

If you can't make it to France just now... we've got you covered: enjoy these virtual tours of some of my favorite villages in Provence and beyond. 

Grignan, France (Drome) (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-word-a-day.com
Matchy matchy. A blue door coordinates with a whimsical bag...

Grignan, France (Drome) (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-word-a-day.com
Roses and "grignandises" -- or sweets and temptations from Grignan.

Grignan, France (Drome) (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-word-a-day.com
Always room for another pot of flowers...

Grignan, France (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-Word-a-Day.com
Time to put Grignan on your bucket list.

Grignan, France (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-Word-a-Day.com
Roof tops, or toits, and a blue horizon.

Grignan, France (c) Kristin Espinasse, visit French-word-a-day.com
Don't steal the café sugar. You never know who's a tattletale. Story here.

Grignan, France (c) Kristin Espinasse, visit French-word-a-day.com
The village of Grignan is known for its famous resident (Madame de Sevigny) and for its roses--but don't tell that to the valerian flowers, which shout their presence from the very rooftops.
Window and stork in Grignan, France (c) Kristin Espinasse, visit french-word-a-day.com
 Another Grignan resident.

Grignan, France (Drome) (c) Kristin Espinasse, French-word-a-day.com
I will add more photos to this collection. Please click here and see when the next postcards from Grignan are posted. 

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Christine Dashper

Happy Birthday Jackie! And so happy to hear Braise is now fine. So nerve-wracking.....

Audrey Wilson

Happy Birthday to your lovely daughter !
I remember a similar experience with my cocker spaniel, Raq & rushing to the Vets with him The seed was in his leg; I hadn't realised, or indeed known about the danger of these seeds before.
Your photos have made me make a note of this region for a caravan holiday next year . We have just returned from a month in the Loire, having visited six chateaux !!

Heather in Arles

Happy Birthday to Jackie! A true Sweet Sixteen... :)

And I do believe that I am in need of a photo to know that Braise is back to her wonderful self. My oh my. Thank goodness you were able to get her taken care of so quickly. Kristin, one of my Mom's Goldens had a foxtail that did make it to the lung and had to have emergency surgery. He never really recovered as he was already at an advanced age. So they really are to be taken seriously. Bravo to Jackie for remaining calm as well. She is not only beautiful but mature for her age!

Geraldine Ventura

Happy Birthday to Jackie! Sweet 16 is a wonderful time in life. Glad the vet was there for all of you. Is Grignan the village near Valreas? We went truffle hunting there last November.


I remember the fox tails from our Southern California days and trips to the vet. Our sweet cat, Kathleen, had one lodged in her eye. She was such a trooper when the vet worked on her. She was a very lucky girl that there was no permanent damage. Our springer spaniel, Maggie, was also taken to the vet to remove one from an area I won't mention out of respect for her vanity and pride. These devils can be so dangerous. Yes, cut back the grass and spare your pets.

MJH DesignArts

So happy that your girl is OK. Happy birthday to Jackie--she becomes more beautiful daily.

Pat Cargill

Happy birthday, Jackie! So happy to hear Braise is well, what a scary experience. Dear Braise, you are so brave!


Bon anniversaire to your beautiful daughter! And what a frightening story. So glad Braise is okay. And what trust she obviously has in all of you. A sweet rescue story indeed.


Oh, yes I already found a "spigau", provençal word for épillet as you know, the "au" being pronounced like (is my English correct here ?) "loud". It was rather deep in one ear of my female Boxer and, as you can understand, we rushed to the Vet's ! She did too because - and I don't really know WHY ! - she adores to go there...! She always did. Bizarre, isn't it ?!
As for Mme de Sévigné (not Sevigny) she is well known for the wonderful letters she wrote to her daughter, Comtesse de Grignan, but known too because she was a descendant of the famous Jeanne de Chantal, co-founder of the Order of the Visitation.
And... a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your lovely daughter (future top model, no ?).


Bon Anniversaire chère Jackie! I too am a septembre bébé
mai loooong past 16. Enjoy enjoy!
So happy sweet Braise is well.

Bruce in northwest Connecticut

Joyeux anniversaire, Jackie!

Bruce in northwest Connecticut

A very scary story, Kristin. Luckily, Braise is much more sensible than either of our dogs would have been.

I'd never heard of those things — I sure hope they don't grow around here.

Kathi Koegle

Bon Anniversaire to beautiful Jackie! I join the group who have September birthdays. May the year ahead be filled with fun, suprise adventures, and much happiness as you follow your fashion passion.

Sara Bentley

Cheers Jackie on Sweet 16! And so glad Braise is well. My dog Harley had a run-in with foxtail. I never saw the disorientation, but a very swollen upper lip. The vet removed part of his pituitary gland thinking that was the culprit, but the swelling did not go away. A second surgery found the foxtail and voila - life was good again.

Eileen deCamp

Wow, Happy Birthday to Jackie! Tara just celebrated her 21st birthday. She posted a blurb on her Facebook that read "Getting my drink on" but the photo accompanying the post was a picture of the juicer and the book "The Joy of Juicing" I had sent her for her birthday! Whew....but I'm sure some real drinking went on! :-)


Happy Sweet Sixteen to your beautiful daughter, Jackie. My heart was in my mouth while reading about Braise's terrifying experience. So relieved that everything worked out -- and Jackie is to be commended for her calm and gentle composure!

Suzanne Codi

Happy Birthday, Jackie! My Mom's was yesterday, and she would have been 90. Now that I know you're a Virgo, I'm sure you will excell at what you do ( fashion OR Vet!!!!I hope for Vet, there aren't enough good ones for all the animals in need!)

So happy Braise is OK, and what a good girl she is!

Love the pix of Grignan, thanks for the tour, Kristi!

Carol Saldeen

I was unable to click on Carla Jackson's article regarding "Hare Barley." I am interested in learning more.
Happy Birthday Jackie!

abby lazar

Happy Sweet Sixteen, Jackie! Hope it's a joyful day for you...and a stellar year. Great way to begin, knowinbg that you and Mom solved Briase's problem so calmly and competently. Thank heavens all is well again!
Hugs to you all,
Abby (one of your many longtime fans!)

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes for Jackie. She is very happy! And Happy Birthday to all you September babies! Almost everyone I know and am related to is born in Sept! Mom is up next...

Geraldine, Yes--Grignan is very close the Valréas--truffle galore around those part!

Elisabeth, wonderful to have the Provencal word for foxtail: spigau.

Carol, thanks for the heads-up. Here is the link to Carla Jacksons article about the grass torpedoes http://anewscafe.com/2009/07/08/carla-jackson-prickly-torpedoes-of-death-masquerading-as-innocent-grass/

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

Happy Birthday Jackie! Happy Sweet 16! What a beautiful photo of a beautiful young woman! So glad to hear that Braise is okay. Whew!


Happy birthday to Jackie! So happy Braise is doing well again, sounds like a terrifying time!!

Tami in TX

Jackie, I hope you're having a super-blessed birthday! Nearly in tears over Braise's story. It's awful seeing your beloved furry family member suffering. So grateful you were all able to help her and she's well. Yay, God! :)

Barbara Andolsek

My heart stopped when I read about Braise and Jackie's stunning calm. What brave girls they were.

Happy Birthday Jackie! Every time I see your beautiful smiling face, I think how very suited you are for fashion. Hopefully we will see some of your work down the road. Looking forward to it. Happy Birthday Jules, just in case I miss that day... Hugs!


Dear Jackie, Lots and lots of good wishes on your 16th birthday. May all your dreams be realized and fulfilled.

Edie Schmidt

A bon anniversaire for Jackie!
A milestone for a lovely young woman.
Aussi a bon jour pour Braise. Glad to hear that your loveable pet is doing okay now.

Edie from Savannah

Karen from Phoenix

Happy Happy Birthday Jackie! Enjoy your day.

So glad to hear sweet Braise is okay. Our furkids are so special.


Kathleen from Connecticut

Happy birthday Jackie.
What a scary story.....to see Braise crying and pushing her head against the ground. I can just feel her pain. You were all so wonderful, especially Jackie.
I guess that I have seen Foxtail,but never knew how horrible it is. Go cut it back as fast as possible.

N, San Antonio, Texas

Happy Birthday to Jackie. What a wonderful but confusing time of life is sweet sixteen. You and JM did good work. And so happy to hear the Blaise is ok. I worry about those with my dog - glad to get more information. Thank you for writing about life in Southern France. Since I cannot live there you and your writing are the next best thing. Thank you many times over.

N, San Antonio, Texas

Please forgive my typos. I know it is Braise.

Julie Schorr

Joyeux anniversaire, Jackie!!
Kristin, I had to take my little dog Frankie to the vet a while back to have a foxtail removed from his infected paw. Poor little guy, he was in a lot of pain! This is a good reminder to check him again every day.
Bonne journee avec la famille!

San Diego, CA




Debra Karimzad

I love the expression "alley hop". My daughters used to do a crazy little dance with their friends that ended with "allez hop". I never knew it was a French expression. I enjoyed reading your story today and I hope Jackie had a happy and memorable birthday!

Debra from Palm Desert

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Best wishes to Jackie on this milestone day!

Jules. . . . Glad to hear you after the rough storms that have been hitting Mexico. I hope you weren't hit too hard.

gwyn ganjeau

happy happy birthday, jackie! my gosh you are absolutely stunning. that is a FABulous photo!!! i believe fashion is the perfect metier for you! enjoy the wonderful gifts that are going to unfold in front of you!

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Happy Birthday Jackie! You are a beautiful young woman!
I am so glad Braise is OK --- what a scary experience.

Thanks for the great story and wonderful photos!

Susan Klee

Yes! Foxtails! No! Horrible things -- Oor "Westie" (West Highland White Terrier) was prone to them. I learned to search for them and pull them (gently) from between his paws. But the evening he began the head-shaking, and it was accompanied by a nose-bleed, off to the emergency vet. "If I can get it out of his nose right away, I'll call you. But if I have to anesthetize him, I'll need to keep him overnight." No phone call during the night, and when we picked him up in the morning, I said: "I guess you had to use anesthesia?" "Oh, no," said the vet. "He is such good company, I decided to keep him with me." ;-)

joie in carmel-by-the-sea

Happy day Jackie! It is a good thing you were there to keep your mother calm! Foxtails can be nasty. Rather than cut them down and have them lying around it would be best to pull out the whole plant. Just have the family take 10 min each day and cover an area. That way there won't be any on the ground and they won't come back next year.
I have always wanted to know how that beautiful sky blue became the "official" color to be used on shutters and windows? Especially in the south of France. You will occasionally see green, but not often.

Mary Jeanne , Florida

Happy 16th. Birthday dear Jackie! You have grown into a beautiful young lady! Have a great day with your family....Heureux Anniversaire,chere Jackie!Quelle belle jeune fille...Mes voeux les plus sinceres, de bonheur et surtout bonne sante!Encore bonne soiree avec ta famille....Mary Jeanne

Mary Jeanne , Florida

I forgot to say that I am so happy that Braise is O.K. You both did a good job rushing him to the wet...Mary Jeanne

Christine Allin

Joining all the others in wishing beautiful Jackie a happy birthday 🎂!

So so glad that Braise is okay.....

Chris in Kansas 🌻


Duffy had several foxtails between the toes removed by the "veto" at 50€ a pop before I finally started checking daily myself!


Happy 16th birthday, Jackie! May all your dreams come true.

Brava to la belle Braise! Such bravery! With three dogs of my own, I am well familiar with the pain and woe that foxtails can bring. Thank goodness all is now well.


PS -- Loved the beautiful pictures of the town and countryside as well. Thank you for posting.


Your writing style is wonderful, Kristin. You got me read to the end with curiosity and joy.

HAPPY SWEET 16 to beautiful Jackie!

Cynthia Lewis (Eastern Shore of Maryland)

Happy Birthday, Jackie! What a lovely picture of you. How could it not be beautiful? May all of your wishes come true as you blow the candles out on your birthday cake. My best wishes for you,too.

So thankful that Braise made it through her painful emergency..,,,,.thanks to her loving family.


Wonderful..a happy ending! We have those dreaded foxtails here in Arizona, too. Watch for the plants and pull them out of the ground when you see them and eventually there will be less. AND such a way for a birthday to go..but all's well that ends well, and you were a heroine, too, Jackie. Happy Birthday to a lovely young woman!


Our dear Kristi,
First of all,happy,HAPPY Sweet 16 to beautiful Jackie!Wishing her a joyful celebration that is as wonderful as she is!
And,for sure, NO better way to celebrate than by little Braise being okay! Thank goodness for her loving family who takes such good care of her in responding quickly to such an emergency!
Our dogs are our loving companions; I know they would take the same care of us,if they could.
(Maybe that's why dog is God spelled backwards!)
THANK YOU for another post that wraps itself around my heart!
Love, Natalia XO

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

Joyous birthday beauty Jackie! Chocolate cake for breakfast! Sounds as if your day started in a grand way! Enjoy!

I wish we didn’t have this one in common! I had not heard of foxtails prior to moving to hot, dry southern Oregon. In 16 years, with as many animals as I have, grateful I’ve only had three vet experiences involving foxtails. One just a couple weeks ago when Winslow, my Great Pyrenees, had one in his right ear. He had to undergo anesthesia as he would not hold still for the vet he was so afraid of the pain.

They are nasty weeds that I am falling behind in my battle with having 44 acres and less irrigation water each year. Do check between Smokey and Braise’s toes as that is where they are most likely to pick them up. So sorry, Kristi, thankful you were there to take care of this right away.

suzana rose borlovan

Happy sweet 16th Jackie, and congratulations on getting your mother and Braise through this ordeal. You are mature beyond your 16 year. Braise is an incredible dog, she had the intuition that help was at hand and that her loving family were around her. Well done Braise. xxx

Julie Farrar

Wow! I've never heard about this dangerous plant. Poor Braise baby. And Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. The best and the worst in your family this week. And thanks for all the blue photos. Yet another place I won't have time to visit unless I move to France.


Happy ending, thank goodness!
Just a few typos to report!
as the moment past = passed
tweeters = tweezers
She too was ... too (too many too..?)
tramatic = traumatic or dramatic
idées fausse = idées fausses
Bon rétablissement Braise.



MMMmm.... they are supposed to be lots of birthday balloons sent especially for Jackie's 16th birthday!! :-)

So glad to hear Braise is fine...that would have been a nerve racking time for you all!!

Augusta Elmwood

When I first saw Jackie's photo at the top of your blog, I wondered who the Supermodel was and what her photo was doing there... why was Kristin putting pictures of models on her blog? :-) Bonne anniversaire, Jackie!

As for the mauvaises herbes that caused poor Braise so much agony... it reminds me of when we stayed with family in Albuquerque (N.M) and used to take our dog Ebony out for walks in the foothills & nature areas. Everyone used to warn us about the "goatsheads". I couldn't figure out what they meant until Ebony started limping on a walk. Voilà, several of them had embedded themselves between her toes. But they never caused the agony that Braise went through. I'm glad she's better now!

Linda R.

Hooray - glad to have a happy ending to your story. Pas de chiens chez moi. Happiest of birthdays, Jackie.


Happy Birthday, Jackie! Mine was yesterday! :D

You are a beautiful young lady! I know whatever path you take in life you will do well! So glad you were able to get Braise taken care of so quickly, the poor baby! ! !

Judi Miller, Lake Balboa, CA

Well, I'm a bit late to the party, so a very Happy Belated Birthday to Jackie! I'm so happy all turned out well on her birthday and Braise is AOK!!

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

Curious on pronunciation.
I thought ille had the sound of y not l; one of the exceptions to the rule?

One dictionary translates une epillet as a "spikelet" in English, and la sétaire as foxtail (also called wild millet).

The text example for une epillet was about removing them from a dog's paws, so I am pretty sure it was the right word!

I guess your dogs were lucky not to the foxtail spikelets before. Something new in your new environment?

Rose Chandler Johnson

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. And Congratulations to you on this milestone. Interesting story. Glad it had a happy ending. I remember when I lived in California--our poodle would get these nasty things in her ears, and we'd have to go to the vet. I'm not sure those foxtails grow in Georgia. A bientot!

Kristin Espinasse

JacqBrisbane, thank you for the helpful French edits. Very glad to have them!

Sarah, better check the sound file. Whatever JM says is right (haha--he would be happy to hear that, anyway!)

Thank you for the very kind words and encouragement you all have sent Jackie. She is beyond delighted! Finally, many thanks for your foxtail and grass seeds stories. I did not know much about these menacing weeds, until recently. Taking a little time each day to check our dogs is one more way to spend time with them in the rush of daily life. As I search between their toes, they seem to appreciate the contact and the gentle touch. It seems to have a calming effect on me, too! 

Diane Young

Bonne Anniversaire, Jackie! Seize ans - C'est un temps que je me souvenir bien. Happy ending for the beautiful Braise, n'est-ce pas? Cheers for the chocolate cake pendant le petit dejeuner. La Famille Espinasse est tres belle, les visages et les coeurs.

The grammarian wannabe

A belated comment about an earlier post, the one which mentioned your once-upon-a-time possible move to the California wine country, and how Jean-Marc was smitten with Healdsburg. We were smitten, too -- and now we live there! Our home on a hilltop is surrounded by lovely vineyards and we are lucky to have many wonderful friends who are in the wine business. If you ever decide to visit our area again, please me know and we will roll out the welcome mat. You are welcome chez nous! Plus -- we have a pétanque court....


Our dearly missed Hershe Kiss (a black mini-schnauzer who was later run over by a car) got a foxtail in her vagina and though I took her to the vet to help her I walked out of the office when it was removed because I could not bear to see or hear her pain. She was fine when I returned and we soon got rid of all the foxtails in our back yard!
I was wondering how Jackie enjoyed her trip to the states...or did I miss a post about that?
Happy Birthday Jackie!

Carolyn  Dahm,  Sharon, MA

Thank God Braise is okay! I was so worried hearing about Braise rubbing herself in the gravel, poor sweetheart! You must be so grateful to your vet. Please post a photo of dear Braise, happy once more. I pray this never happens to her or Smokey again.

Joyeux anniversaire Jackie! Hope you enjoy the upcoming year and all its blessings. Wish I were there to party with all of you! Also, Braise and your family were lucky you were there to help keep things calm. Nice job! :)

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