culotte de cheval + new "prix amical" for book!
Flic: A near-collision with the cops!

No "tire-bouchon"? + How to open a bottle of wine with a BOOK! (video)

Iced tea

You don't have to drink wine to benefit from today's incredible tip! (I use the opened bottles for ice tea.) Don't miss today's lively, one minute demonstration on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew.

le tire-bouchon (teer-boo-shohn)

    : corkscrew

Un tire-bouchon est un ustensile utilisé pour tirer le bouchon en liège naturel ou reconstitué d'une bouteille.  A corkscrew is a utensil used for pulling out the natural or reconstituted cork from a bottle.

(Only, what do you do when you can't find your corkscrew?...)

or Comment ouvrir une bouteille de vin sans Tire-Bouchon

No corkscrew? No problem! Try Kristin's tip and learn how to open a bottle of wine with a paperback! Many people have tried the "no corkscrew" stunt with a shoe, but no one has attempted it with a handy-dandy book.

And not just any book....
To open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew, you need two things:

Ready? Watch Kristi's one minute video demonstration (click right here). Using her latest book, she'll drive out that cork in under twenty whacks! You've got to see it to believe it!

Note: no trucages or special effects were used! This video records my very first attempt, no practice runs were used! Watch the bottle closely. With each slam of the book, the cork raises from the bottle. Tip: synthetic corks may be more difficult than liège, or natural cork oak.

You Can Do it! (Vas-Y! Tu Peux le Faire!)
My son snickered (that's Max you hear in the video background). My husband said it could not be done. Even I began to have doubts. But perseverance won out! Thanks for sharing this video with a friend who loves wine or books (or cool tricks). Meantime, never lose hope. If you think you can do something, try!

*    *    *

  Book delivery

 "Corkscrews." Who needs a tire-bouchon when a paperback will do? One of these newly-delivered books was sacrificed in today's video demonstration. Good news: it fared well! Only a dozen rainbow-shaped imprints across the cover, each with "lifted dots" from the bottles design. When I open the back cover of the book, and run my hand over the surface, it feels like reading braille. I wonder, just what are those imprints saying? I believe they're whispering bon courage!

Book Giveaway!
Win the copy of First French Essais used in today's video demonstration! Here's how:

Entries accepted until April 1st! Thank you for helping me get the word out about my First French Essais. And good luck--bonne chance!--winning this very original and sentimental copy. I hope to send it to you with pretty French stamps, directly from France!

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Kevin Lo

Love that you proved your froggy wrong! Just shared your snazzy wine opening trick on Twitter :)

Nan Morrissette

Amazing!!!!!! Do you have to use a German book for Reisling? Or maybe a John Steinbeck novel for a California Zin? Wow,

Linda Honneffer

Love your posts and always cheer on your achievements! I posted on Facebook and Twitter. Best wishes and continued success.

Nancy S.

I shared your video on Facebook and challenged my friends to open a bottle with less "hits"! Actually, I'm not sure I could do it at all, so "respect"!

Chris Allin

Next time we are in a hotel with a great bottle of wine (Rouge-Blue) and no bottle opener, not to worry! We always have a book of tender french stories with us, so voila..... brilliant! Thanks, Kristin~
(Your comment was very clever, Nan!)


haha, have to say I was there with the doubters at the start..but it worked! :-) have shared.


Ha ! Brilliant Kristi - as always.

Have shared this tip with all my wine-loving friends.

Can't wait until the book arrives !!


Susan Lynch

I posted this one on my brother-in-law's Facebook page. They are huge wine fans. Perhaps they will spread the word over in the UK!

Chaille Reed

I received my book yesterday from is beautifully written and I'll definitely be glad to suggest it to others, BUT will probably continue to use a tire-bouchon for opening the wine! Smiling, as I always do, when reading your words! Chaille

Clare Jones

Loved the video! I left a link on my Twitter page @FigureOutFrench to 669 followers. Bonne chance!

Clare Coulter


Great helpful hint if you are caught short without a corkscrew. Thanks for sharing! I am not on Facebook but I passed it on.



Just tweeted that video! That's insane, Kristi--wow!

John Hayston

Loved it! Shared with 22 family and friend in Uk + 2 in Australia. 2 were wine merchants....
John Hayston

Rick Evans

Drink it fast......the wine may be bruised.

Very interesting and entertaining.

Patricia Barman

Good to know!!! Thank you!
I shared the video on facebook,
Patty Barman

Barbara Lynch

Hey Kristin, I shared your adorable video on my FB, and also gave it a thumbs up on YouTube. I also sent it to all of my gmail contacts, so the word is out. Last time I was in Paris, I bought a cheap tire bouchon and it didn't work (from the monoprix! ) so I wish that I'd known this then. bon chance with your book sales - great for Christmas presents!


Clever, clever. And to the doubters - Ha! Just shared this on my Facebook page. And my book should arrive today. Can't wait.

Tanya in Charleston, SC

Good to know...I love it!! Just shared your video on Facebook.

Faye Stampe, Gleneden Beach, OR

Very interesting -- gave it a thumbs up on youtube & shared it on Facebook. Can't wait to read your book.

Stay well!


Got my book two days ago and read half of it immediately - now I want to savor the rest. Love the photos. Gives me inspiration for my book, still in the making! But as you said, it can be done. Shared the video on FB! My husband loved it as he likes wine and books both!

Terry potter

Very cute video., especially when you turned the camera around on the doubting Thomas!
Btw already bought the book for my daughter.
Always fun to read your blog. It is a great escape. Terry

Jo Ann Held

Loved everything about your book. I'm ready for another. Thank you for sharing your family and your beautiful life.


Incroyable!!! I shared the video - made so very charming by your lovely personnage and the camera turnabout on le hubby :-) - with wine-loving friends. I pass along their thanks and mine! Bon chance avec votre nouveau livre!

Jackie Satterlee

Bonjour Kristin,

My first reaction was....oh no! She is very brave to wear a white suit!!! and my second it works!!!I'm amazed! Sharing on FB and with my daughter who loves wine! :-) Bravo!!!

Eileen deCamp

Hello Kristin,
What a funny video! I heard what I thought was the wine gurgling but it was Max laughing. Jean-Marc is funny too! I thought the bottle was going to break, but it worked! Love your book! I am taking it to the beach today but I am already halfway through. It is your best one yet! Love the stories, layout, photos and the final story about Mr. Farjon! Have a nice day!

Eileen deCamp

Oh, I forgot....I shared the video on Facebook.


Shared this great info on my Facebook page - we could have used this tip when we were in NYC last year! I have the book and will start reading it tonight (-: Love your newsletter!

Charles Orr in Flat Rock, North Carolina

Salut, Kristin...
Very good post! Jean-Marc was doubtful, but he trusted you on a risky mission with a precious bottle of Mistral, so that's a good sign! I ordered your book on the first day, and I'm about 2/3 into it. I'm really enjoying it, both the content and the format. Good luck with the promotion, and keep up the good work that we all enjoy.

Trisha Brigham

What I love is it's a very gentle tap on the wall! I shared the video with friends on Facebook and thumbs up on you tube. Most importantly I give you thumbs up for your courage, willingness to share and lovely writing. I always enjoy your writings even if I don't comment. Four books are headed my way. One for me and the others are gifts. Wishing you the best.

Nancy Stilwagen

Books are wonderful just by themselves, especially yours! But this is another benefit. I shared this with all my friends on Facebook.

Julie Farrar

How clever! I shared it on Twitter, Facebook, sent it to Brad who is in France now, sent the link to my Alliance Francaise office and hope they spread it, and will include it when I finally get another blog post up next week. If I think of another way to share, I will.

Diane Young

Formidable! I shared the video with about 8 friends on email. I was amazed and had visions of the bottle breaking and getting all over you. Tu es tres brave. Vive le vin!

Julie Joachims

What a great trick for wine drinkers like me! I shared on facebook. Wish I could drink a bottle with you and Jean-Marc!
Julie (from Portland)

Leslie Layton

Just forwarded to my wine drinking friends...can't wait to try this!
Columbia, SC








Thanks to you I learned something new today! I can't wait to try this trick myself. I was thinking this is a good exercise for biceps too ;) I am sharing your video via e-mail with my friends and family and I know they will enjoy it as much as me. Good luck with your new book promotion.


Our dear Kristi,
Loved today's post(as always!)
Author,publisher,now opening wine with a book......
I am tempted to ask: Girl, is there anything you can't do?
Your courage is an inspiration!
Natalia XO


I had never heard or seen that before; open a wine bottle sans un tire-bouchon it's pretty neat!

I shared the video on Facebook, and of course gave it a 'thumbs-up!"

Ha! The doubters snickers turned to chuckles of delight I'm sure. :)


Brava, Kristi! That was much better than using a shoe.

I am excited to say that my daughter, who is studying in Paris, will be at your event on April 8. I wish I could be there, too!

Rosalind Henderson-Mustafa

Salut, Kristin. I shared your charming video on my FB page. Such a clever idea to promote good wine and good literature!


Men sometimes are such doubters. When will they ever learn that you never tell a woman she cannot do something. That was delightful.

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

You ARE AMAZING and could probably take this to the stage! I cannot wait to try it, and when I return to Provence we can have a race! As others have said, you are a marketing genious, Kristi, in addition to your other numerous talents. Brava! I have shared this with friends already.

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

...and it's a darn good thing I ordered TWO of your books -- one to read and one for opening wine bottles!


What a clever trick! I shared it on facebook.
Never heard any more about the lost kittens.
Did you have to give up the search? Kept looking for some closure on them.
Unfortunately there are natural predators in
your area.
Can't wait to get some more copies of the book
for gifts! Felicitations!!!

Heather Donaldson

Book promo is now on my FB. Good luck with sales, Kristen!


That was a super cool trick, Kristen, and it worked! I was impressed and posted it on Twitter (@gracecatherine). And I was so happy to see that you recorded your talk at Shakespeare and Co! Wonderful video (I saw Part I). Thank you so much!

Trina, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

I've never seen that! Amazing! I posted the video with a comment to share on LinkedIn.


Great idea! Shared the video with my French language classes. Am enjoying your lovely book!

Susan Y.

I emailed the video link to all my friends. Next time we get together for wine tasting, we'll try this. Good luck with your book sales!

Barbara Kelley

I just watched your video here in France. We just arrived two days ago and we'll stay 6 months: two apartments, one in France one in the U.S.A.

Christina Mitchell

And how did you come across that trick? Don't get the feeling the winemaker behind you taught you! Thanks for sharing. I emailed the video link to my friends who enjoy French and laughter.

Stacy ~ Sweet Life Farm

Too precious! Loved your video and your tip :) Your new book sits on my kitchen counter near a bottle of wine...hmmm. Never give up, my friend. Merci for brightening my life and my day. xoxo

Mary liz

Wow My son in law used a " wine saber" to open a bottle of wine last night...which I thought was awesome. They live here in Italy and we explored local vineyards yesterday ... and came home with 4 cases of wine. Wait until I show him this tonight!
Mary Liz

Judi Miller

Your book came in the mail yesterday and I was so excited! I've read most of it, but like another reader, I don't want to read it all- it's like saving the last few bites of something really special, savoring them when at last you realize you still have a few bites left. Yum yum!!! Loved your video! I'm going to have to try that - need to get a bottle of wine, but I am NOT going to hit your beautiful book, will use a book scheduled for the thrift store, instead. I am going to try to put the video and book pic on facebook (but, I am very challenged there!- but, going to try) - need to keep spreading the WORD! the French WORD-a-Day! Once, again, Felicitations!!!!



I am looking forward to reading your book; just ordered it. I was looking back on the post I missed this week. You gave me a new idea for Choux pastry. I used it last week at a party for 70 I catered. I made little puffs and put brie in it. They were served warm. People loved them!

Enjoy the success of your new book!

Take care,

Regina Domkuski

Coucou Kristin! That video was great! I have never seen that done before! I had to show my Mom who is a "wine connoisseur", she loves her wine, and she said she would like to try it to see if she could do it too! I can't wait to read your new book! Gros bisous XX



My heart jumped with every thump!!! That's so impressive.
Would not be necessary in Australia as all our wine bottles have screw-tops. Better than cork, synthetic or otherwise? I don't know...

On spelling:
1/ Is snicker the US version of snigger?
2/ Faired well should be Fared well, and, in your potato clip they should be pared rather than paired.


Ann Hart Marquis

I love your website and your personality makes it all the more special. Good luck with your book. I shared it on google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my own personal subscriber list. I would love to win a copy.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin,
Your new book is charming! I am convinced now, more than ever.... a book of recipes....anecdotes about each recipe...a colorful photo as well. A bit of a selfish suggestion, as I would love to have a collection of all recipes you have offered so far together in one book. Many of them have become favorites. Just one of so many possibilities for many more books from you. Oh, the anticipation! :o)

Nancy Palma

Hi Kristen,
I love your blog as it fuflills all my longings for things French. I shared your website with my Francophile friends, on my FB page, and through email with wine-loving family who also like to read ;) ♡
I wish you all the best, and I am still praying your beloved kitties come home soon.


I put your video up on Facebook. I have a few friends who live wine and books, so your video is perfect for them.


Shared this fantastic video on my twitter account. Can't wait to try it when we are back en France at Pâques soon see(ourlittlehouseinfrance/wordpress). Love your blogs and the book is ace. Best of luck with the sales. Sue.


Bonjour Kristin! Shared your cute video
on Facebook. Your new book will make a
delightful gift for special friends. Merci
et bonne santé mon amie.


How Novel! If you wil excuse the pun ;-)
Shared this story with two teachers i am friends with
Marie-Aude, originally from France, living now in MA and
teaching French in Newton, and Rose, a French teacher also from
MA. Both exclusively teach the French language!
You are charming Kristin, and so is your video!

Judi, Lake Balboa, CA

I watched the video again just because it's fun to see you and Jean -Marc and to give it a "thumbs up". I forgot to do that yesterday. But yesterday I did fumble through and was able to post the video on my FB page! Amazing for me!! I also took a photo of the cover and posted it there so there would be a static pic on my page. And added it to my favorite books -although had to do manually without any cover pic. Good luck with Amazon. Anxious to hear what might become of their reaching out to you.

I did see a misspelled word in today's post "necked' or was that supposed to be "naked"? Ha Ha. Let us know about Amazon!!

Love the book, to say the least, less I keep repeating my praises of you!

Nicla GL

Who knew a good book had such power! C'est génial ! Et la grenouille avait tort !!

Mary Kopala

Shared your video on FB! Can't wait to try this. Wish I known this forty years ago.

Peter West

Facebook and in person


Shared on Facebook and tagged my frenchie friends!


Loved your quiet confidence and success and the other comments here! Shared on FB, Twitter, email and brought your other two books to class!

Elaine Wilson

Hi Kristen. I just shared your video on my Facebook page. It was funny to hear the teasing from the 'peanut gallery'! Success is Sweet!

Linda Chisholm Ryan

Shared on Facebook and in person with my friends. Look forward to receiving my copy of your new book, which Amazon advises I should receive this week from the US.

Leisa Smith

As a fellow writer and recovery-person :), and someone who admires your elegant way with words, I have shared your gorgeous video on Facebook. Here's to more sales and more videos ;). Love and encouragement, Lis x

Patsy Tomlin

I purchased your book for my mother-in-law, a retired travel agent who loves the south of France. She has so many happy memories of her many visits there that I thought the book will make a perfect mother's day gift! The book will, in turn, inspire her to read your blog and you will have a new loyal fan!

Regina Petsche

I couldn't wait to share the video with HE-WHO-WAS-CERTAIN it couldn't be done. Alas, I won. And a lovely Pinot Noir appeared for my dinner! Merci!

John Oswin

Hi Kristin, Posted on Facebook and thumbs up on You Tube. Have shared with my french friends too. l have your other two books also. Fun reads. Good luck with your latest venture.


Just shared on face book!


Oops...did the thumbs up and wanted to tell you that I am enjoying your new book!


several times in the past this would have been so helpful. now I always travel with a tire-bouchon in my toiletries bag.
I shared this video by email.

Peggy Wright

I shared your cute trick with my wine-drinking friends. I am now reading First French Essais and enjoying very much. The pictures and the French Vocabulary are nice touches.

Gabrielle Tsabag

Bonjour, Kristin,
I shared the video to my Facebook page ... and added a plug for my daughter and son-in-law's (Hallie & Didier) wine importing and distribution business, Nomadic Distribution, since I'll be using one of their wine bottles to test your technique. Merci! This is a great tip as I don't always have a opener with me, but a book ... yes!
Gabrielle Tsabag
Los Angeles

Lisa Kiely

I just posted your video on my Provence Properties facebook page and gave a thumb's up on you tube (too bad they didn't offer a Big thumbs up!) hoping you sell tons of books!! Your stories are a treat and I can't wait to read your latest.

Sally Bainbridge

Love the video...and you are way too cute. The second comment by Nan Morrissette is very clever and witty. She should win a copy!!! Thumbs up and shared via email with my husband and friends that are involved in a start up wine business. Blue skies to you!!!

Letitia Searcy

Never at a loss for words and ideas and we love it......St. Simons Island, GA

Karla Ober

I just posted your brave video on Facebook!
I already have your first three books and been readign your blog from the beginning! Always happy to share my find (you!) with others ! Only two so far this year.

Paulette in Palm Coast, Florida

Shared the video with all my Oenophiles on FB... Halfway thru your newest ebook and learning enough French to share with my brand-new first granddaughter Berkeley Kendall!!! Merci!

Shannon Marie

Shared it!! I love your blog!! Merci pour nous donnant des choses vrais, droles, et humains!

Eileen Swingle

Oh, Kristen....I read your emails and have always thought that you were....."human". Able to have successes, make mistakes, notice big and small gems like the rest of us. But you can relate these things better. Will look forward to reading your latest book, and will wait, to use that book to try your odd bottle opening trick !!

Diane Young

Felicitations to Jean Marc. The big 47 seems a distant memory to me as I celebrate the big 78 next week but love your crumble cake, one of my favorites. Beaucoup heureuse jours pour Chief Grape.

judi dunn

.. Aha! Bon fete! Jean-Marc.... Bonne
Anniversaire a toi..... love the one you're with! J. Dunn, Tallahassee, Fl.

Filip I

I've tried this with a towel, a shoe, but it never worked out, perhaps your book is the key? Who knows, i ought to try.

I shared this video with my friends by email :)


Love the video and your blog! I shared it on Facebook & by email :)


I shared this video with my family because I can't share opening a wine bottle with my students. However, I share several of your posts and your books with my students.

Sandra den Boer

So sweet! I shared your video on Facebook and our book club is reading Blossoming in Provence this month. We meet on April 18, evening, USA 8pm EST time to discuss. We picked the perfect read for Springtime in Detroit! Merci!


Hugh Mackay

I am studying French at College Boreal in Sudbury Ontario Canada. I am finding it very enjoyable working with the program online. Special prices for seniors, I enjoy your Frnch word of the day.

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