Meet up near Bandol!! + Manger la soupe sur la tête de quelqu’un
Tips for entertaining + book update!!

My new book is available now! One reason to buy it today...


Ça y est... It's book launch day! First French Essais is now available here, on Amazon.

A Very Special Day in a French Life...
The morning sun is warming the countryside and still I'm trembling like a leaf--trying to write this crucial book launch page without a PR team, without a marketing director, without Mom.

Like the two shots of coffee I've just downed, I trust Mom will kick in very soon with a plan that would make Og Mandino proud.

"You don't have to be The Greatest Salesman in the World," Mom would say. You are God's Little Superstar!

God's Little Superstar? To think! 

It's good to think but currently my mind's a chatter!: How to sell this new book? Without seeming pushy? And you don't want to appear desperate... But do ask for help when help's needed!

H-E-L-P!  I would be so grateful if you would buy my book today. Here's why: when a number of readers buy a book within a short period, this alerts the book sensor fairies. (Translation: a surge in book sales can boost a book into Amazon's spotlight giving it the chance to be noticed by potential readers!)

To help this wish come true, please order "First French Essais" right now--buy it for yourself or for a friend (Easter, Mother's Day, upcoming birthdays...graduation or "Just Because Day"!)

I am deeply grateful for your help in shining the light on this tender book of photos and essays from France. In "First French Essais," I have done my best to illustrate real, everyday, French life--sharing as many useful terms and expressions--and beautiful snapshots--as possible!

Thank you very much for your support! I'm on my way, now, to dig out my husband's ski suit and warm up inside it. Not sure if it's cold in this room--or just the coffee talking. Either way, sounds like the beginning of a cheesy publicity stunt. Hmm....

P.S. for Kindle, iPad, iPhone... the e-book will be available two weeks from now. Consider getting the paperback today, for a friend. Merci beaucoup!


Bilingual chapter

Lots of educational goodies in the book First French Essais, including

  • one dedication chapter (a side-by-side bilingual story!)
  • "valorisant": the word that changed my career path...
  • colorful photos in every chapter
  • detailed photo captions highlighting villages, French culture, French quirks!  
  • a question & answer section 
  • a fun word puzzle to help you recall selected vocabulary
  • a gorgeous book interior and cover by TLC Graphics

Click here to order First French Essais. 

France and UK readers: First French essais is available at and

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Every chapter in First French Essais has a polaroid photo beside the title, the picture recalls the image on the previous page. Isn't it lovely? Thanks Erin, for your hard work!

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