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Hey, IRS. I've got my purse out (little red-rimmed bowl to the right) and I'm fixin'--yet again!--to hit on the sailors here at the port. Read on and see what the Internal Revenue Service seems to think I'm up to! (Note: today's edition is best viewed online, where all images will appear with the story text. Click here.)

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faire sa sainte nitouche (fer sa sent nee toosh)

    : to act like a prude, to be a prude

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"Elle fait sa sainte nitouche," dit le fisc Americain, "mais on sait où elle habite!"
"She acts like a prude," says the IRS, "but we know where she lives!"

A Day in a FRENCH Life... by Kristin Espinasse

A Hussy to the IRS

"Listen to this," I say to my husband, waving the letter I've just received from the tax authorities. The Internal Revenue Service, or le fisc américain, has been trying to correct my name and address for some time, and this latest attempt is downright hurtful.

"Kristin Espinasse, 'Pute de Port!' That's what they've written this time--instead of 'Route de Port'!"

They haven't even gotten to my house number--line three, after my route (normally line two)--before I've taken the first blow to my ego.

"Tiens. Donne-moi ça," Jean-Marc snickers. Grabbing the envelope, he's shaking his head in appreciation. But when his eyes meet with an icy regard, he's quick to wipe the grin off his face. "You are not a slut, Darling. Look, there's an "o": poute--not pute!

"Go ahead then, you pronounce it!" I dare the Frenchman to make Poute de Port sound any better, with or without the self-respecting "o"!

I stop to listen, unconsoled, then do what any so-called Loosey Goosey would do: turn to Facebook for pity... with this outcry:

See Facebook message

A few seconds later, the sympathetic responses begin to roll in like drunk sailors--except the first reply leaves me standing, hands on hips:

Hidden income


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French Vocabulary
le fisc américain = the IRS
tiens = here
donne-moi ça = give me that


Keeping with the sailor theme, here are some hand-tied fish nets hammocks, in the town of Sète.

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