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High heels & the Paris Metro = une mauvais idee?

Vespa and Golden (c) Kristin Espinasse
La dèche (pronounced "desh") means broke or down-and-out... only it's clearly la vie en rose for this shop dog, which lives in La Ciotat.

A quick story for you today. By the time you read this I'll be in the train on my way to the capital! In this short edition we've already seen the vocab word (above). Come with me now to see what's in my suitcase for Paris....

A Day in a FRENCH Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Paris Obstacle Course: Help Kristi get to her talk in the Marais!

It's Sunday afternoon and I am packing for Paris, for the talk I'll give on Tuesday. I've got three small bags to break up the weight of 41 books, one bottle of wine, and a bouquet of flowering thyme from the field outside. I know the last item doesn't count, but when you're pushing your packing limits even herbs de Provence are enough to tip the scale! Thankfully they don't have weight limits on the train, but a woman's back has her limits, no?

I think I've brought too many books, which won't make commuting in Paris any easier. After much debating, I've decided that on the day of my talk I'm not lugging books up and down subway stairs. The price of the public transit ride (2,40 for my daughter and me) will go towards a driver! 

I know it is a splurge, using a car service, but I've checked out the fee and the 12 euros it will cost are a bargain when you factor in "peace of mind." Besides, I have not worn heels this high in years. Tuesday's race to the Marais (I'm meeting a reader on the opposite side of Paris, just before the talk...) is not the time to practice my stride. Walking from the car to the podium will be enough of a test!

Wish me luck, and if you want to help my daughter and me win a free ride to the talk (and possibly earn one for yourself!) sign up for Uber car rides using this promotional code.

I leave you with three good reasons to use Uber:

  • No need to tip or exchange money sur place (the fare is charged to your credit card, the one you registered when you signed up to the service).
  • Easy to hail a driver! Using SMS, you simply text Uber and a driver appears within 10 minutes. You don't even need to know where you are, your phone automatically positions you on the map!
  • No driver meltdowns. Uber drivers are not known for arguing with clients, or refusing a ride when you are jet-lagged and lugging heavy bags (and a baby and a screaming toddler).  And you don't have to walk blocks to find a taxi stand, Uber drivers will find you!

The above observations are personal and not written in stone, curbside! But chances are you will be pleased with this car ride service, which operates all over the world. Note: this is not an Uber sponsored post, but if you do sign up for Uber, with this promotional code, then Jackie and I may get a free ride on Tuesday :-) Our feet will thank you for it!

P.S.: I tried to get my husband to join--so I could get the free ride thanks to him--but the sign up page said "an account already exists." Too bad for Chief Grape, who could have used the service this week--when he'll be promoting wine in London and Tokyo!

P.P.S.: Now, I know what you are thinking: That Kristin, she's going to rack up a lot of free rides with Uber, now that she's rallied her subscribers!

But so far all I see, when I click the promotional code link, is a message saying the other guy (you) gets the credit (or $20 off your first ride"). However, if things do work out that way, and several of you sign up--and that somehow qualifies me for many free rides--then I will dream a new dream: like using so many free rides for a book tour, so we can finally meet! 

Meantime, fingers crossed my daughter and I will win a ride to the Marais on Tuesday. So thanks for checking out Uber and signing up! Here's that link and bon voyage!

Update: Jean-Marc emailed me this morning from London. He was able to sign up and we will both get credit toward our rides! Uber says the promo code is still good for friends so visit this page and consider signing up. And if I did bring too many books and don't sell them all in Paris, I can always get a ride back to the train station.

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Mr sacks goes to japan
Jean-Marc is bringing one bag to Japan and we can see where his priorities lie: wine and swim trunks. That's old Mr. Sacks on the top of the heap. If you have not met Jean-Marc's beloved purse, go here now!

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