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lettre de condoleances and a tribute to Mary Glen

A friend's gone missing. Please help. disparu - appel à témoins - avis de recherche

For Mary-Glen

A reader's Mom has gone missing. With your attention we may be able to help Tanya and her family reunite with their loved one, Mary Glen. Photo taken yesterday, after the sunflower harvest. The drying seeds, little messengers of hope, will soon be on their way to the Phoenix desert.

Three French words and their meanings, just below:

disparu / appel à témoins / avis de recherche

    : missing / seeking witnesses / missing person notice

A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

Last night, while reading my Facebook feed, I noticed this heartbreaking post from a reader of my blog. Tanya writes:

Laying here in my parents living room along with my sister, brother and SIL. I can't believe my mom is still missing. The hardest part is not knowing where she is. I pray she is in a hospital as a Jane Doe and not stranded in the hot desert without water, lost and confused. How can this happen?

1-Capture plein écran 29072014 092217
      photo of Mary Glen

I could only imagine the torture Tanya's family was going through, having recently gone through a similar scare. Only, my own Mom was missing for a matter of hours. For Tanya's family, the agony has gone on for nearly three days now.

1-Capture plein écran 29072014 092423
           Mary Glen, pictured left, and family.

Since seeing Tanya's Facebook post--and the AVIS DE RECHERCHE or missing person's notice she posted (click here to see it), I can't stop thinking about Mary Glen. Just moments ago, while typing this post, I noticed a tip was posted on the page--someone may have seen Mary Glen yesterday:

Tina writes:

I'm pretty sure I saw her downtown at Central & Washington at the bus area. She asked me for some change, but I didn't have any, nor realize she was missing until a few hrs later until I saw it on FB. This was at around 3:15pm.

This just goes to show the power of getting the word out and of keeping the faith. According to that post, Mary Glen would have been seen at 3:15pm on Monday--nearly two days after her disappearance! 

Please help Tanya and her family and help get the word out. Do you live in Phoenix or  do you know anyone who lives in Phoenix? You can forward the Missing Persons page (see it here) or this post to your friends.

Via Twitter, or other social media sites, you may post a message and this link:

Do not underestimate the effect your gesture will have on helping to bring Mary Glen home to her loved ones.

   Mary Glen and her dear husband

If you live in Phoenix, please talk to your neighbors, shopkeepers, gas station attendants--anyone at all with whom you can share this missing persons report. Get the word out!

Anyone with information on Mary Glen can call the Phoenix Police Department Missing Persons Unit at (602) 534-2121 or email 

For the latest tips you may follow the Facebook page that Tanya made for her Mom, here at Where is Mary Glen? You will also find a helpful post, by Mary Glen's other daughter, Kassi: Lessons this difficult experience has taught their family (a must read for anyone who knows someone with dementia or Alzheimer's).

Thank you so much for your help and prayers and positive thoughts for Mary Glen. And to Tanya's family: keep the faith!


More seeds of hope for the Glen family. Photo taken in Camaret-sur-Argens

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A close-up of Mary Glen. Her family writes:

Mary is the most loving person you could ever meet. Really. She would give the shirt off her back to help you when you need it. She has the biggest heart you could ever imagine ...Please keep Mary Glen in your prayers and thank you all for your support.

If you have any tips please call the Phoenix Police Department Missing Persons Unit at (602) 534-2121 or email 

For the latest tips you may follow the Facebook page that Tanya made for her Mom, here at Where is Mary Glen?

Avis de recherche missing persons
"Avis de recherche", or Mary Glen's missing persons notice. Notice more helpful information, such as the fact that Mary wears glasses. Her age and height are noted here.

Help spread the word. All information or tips to:

  • (602) 534-2121 or email

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