Coupable (How to say "Guilty" in French)
bonne rentree (et bon courage!)



With all the time I have on my hands since letting my emails go unanswered, you may wonder what I'm up to? Netting figs! And on a less glamorous note, I am caring more for my home and family (this last one is a "sentimental" note). Read on.

courriel (kohr-ee-el)

    : email

courriel = le courrier électronique 

Le courrier électronique existait avant Internet et fut un outil précieux lors de la création de celui-ci. Email existed before internet and was a useful tool when creating it (internet).


A Day in a French Life... by Kristin Espinasse

In France, a translation for electronic mail exists (for the record it's "courriel") though the majority of French people I know use the English term. French or English, email is a force that rules our our emotions, which can go up and down like a mail-truck on a montagne russe

Apart from our heartstrings, email sometimes rules our lives. After beginning this blog in October of 2002, I had the privilege and honor of hearing from people from all over the world. My inbox grew by the year and I answered every single letter, interacting with a rainbow of readers. From a retired artist in Australia to a 12-year-old in my home town of Phoenix, I got to know complete strangers endearingly. Births, marriages, retirements, illnesses, deaths--times a hundred, two hundred. Meantime, in the background, loomed my close-knit family. And then a string came undone. And another....

Sitting here now, as upright as a half-knit sock, I am trying to mend loose ends after an ambitious decade of electronic correspondence. I am trying to re-prioritise. To remember my father's birthday this year

Please excuse this erratic story. I meant to post a rerun--then make lunch, take my daughter back-to-school shopping, and prepare for a family dinner tonight (with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, we're going to talk about my belle-mère's situation.)  

As for email, I'm signing off for good--unless your name is Mom or Dad or Best Friend or "State Lottery Official." (Just kidding! ...about the State Lottery Official.)


(Writing today's letter was as hard as saying "no." If you do reply to this post, via the link at the end, please do so with support. I need it, just as you do.)


French Vocab
montagne russe = roller coaster
la belle-mère = mother-in-law

Pomegranat tree
That pomegranate tree I told you about. The fruit needs more time to ripen, so we took my mother-in-law a hand-picked bouquet of flowers instead (bougainvillea and sunflowers. It was sweet!)

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Priorities are important - and family more so! You're doing the right thing.


Understood, Kristin. Many of us come to this point in life and must choose. It takes courage! Good for you!

Elizabeth Lopez

I've loved your person as l responses to me over the years, but God tells us our priorities ,are Him, family, then ministry. This blog could easily be called your ministry, which comes AFTER FAMILY. You are making thecrghtvchoice, the one I believe, He would have you ma j e.

Leslie M. Ficcaglia

Excellent decision; your family is the most important piece of your life! I admire you for making this choice!

Cynthia M

At this point in your life, I'm thinking this will be one of your Best. Decisions. Ever.

Ronni Ebbers

How wonderfully smart to reset your priorities. I am thrilled for you. Enjoy this new "freedom" and more importantly your family. I will wish on stars that you find a new depth of peace and send positive thoughts to you and yours.

Always, i thank you for years of laughter, tears and the everyday made interesting and often times touching.

Best always


Elma de Koker

Loving your column - I am a francophile, traveller and animal lover - so keep on posting the lovely stuff -
from Elma in South Africa

Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
It's hard to be everything to everyone and I think as women we all try to do that and sometimes and we can feel overwhelmed because we can't do it all! Sometimes we have to stop, breathe and take a look at our lives and see what really matters. I'm thinking about you, your family and your belle-mere. Love the fig catcher!
Bon Courage! xxxooooEileen

Thomas Regan

Honesty is a difficult virtue to practice and often even more difficult to share. You did it! Thanks!

And thank you for that recent post about grape picking. I'm on my way to join the team at Rouge-Bleu in a few weeks. Tom Regan

Linda Hammond

Good decision, Kristi.
Linda Hammond
(now in Auxerre, France, on our barge Phaedra, heading to Paris for the winter.)

Nancy,                     Cambridge

There is always a time in life when the "middle" generation gets squeezed from both ends. Enjoy every minute with your "bookends" while you have them. We'll still be reading, and will be here for editing, if need be. Enjoy!

Marian: OH

Good for you Kristin! There are precious few moments in this lifetime to spend with those you love and far too quickly those moments have passed. You must give attention to those who are in your "real" life before those in your "virtual" one. You have devoted so much time and energy to all of us in your virtual extended family. Because of your writing style, the warmth of your tone, and the honesty in your posts you draw people naturally to you. We, your devoted readers;especially those of us who started reading you from the very beginning, have been given a precious gift of watching you, your children, your marriage, your vineyards, your gardens, etc... grow. You have given us a glimpse into your heart, your soul, and your life. We will continue to applaud you in your victories, empathisize in your sadness, support you in all your endeavors, and keep you and those you love in our prayers. Bon courage.

Lynn At Southern Fried French

I'm always amazed when you've said you answer every email. You have so many readers-- you'd need a large staff! Time to let go. I find myself often burdened with them as well, even though I love getting them. It's only the dictation function on my ipad that keeps me sane, it's very fast. Bon courage!

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you, Marian and friends. Your loving words echo the supportive comments coming before (and hopefully after) this one. I am deeply touched by my virtual family and have had the chance to meet many of you in person. Three more winetastings are coming up. I hope to see more of you there, or wherever our paths may cross. Be well. Or, as the old French man said (the other day at the store, when encountering his equally old friend): Sois sage: stay out of trouble!

Jan Francis

You are making the right decision, thank you for all your sharing. Good luck!


Praying for your mother-in-law. One day at a time, Kristin. A lot going on for you. You're in my prayers as well.

pamela dewey singer

Kristin YOU Have sewn seeds well in your family and with your writing pals you have made a GREAT decision sometimes we just need to put a certain package down…life and the world goes on..and for YOU
BLOOMS in order
MAy this years bouquet be varied and amazing

xxxx pamela pamlea

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

Kristi, what a sense of freedom you must feel! You and your family at home deserve this excellent decision. Your readers will all still be here for you, but your kids are growing up -- don't miss a moment of that. And Chief Grape is undoubtedly over the moon. Brava!

carole fitzgerald

Bonjour Kristin , first of all I thought you meant no more posts. Family come first they are so important in our lives. Women , myself included, think we can do it all and more .A wise decision has been made, time to embrace your family more and find some time for yourself if possible, bonne chance Carole Fitzgerald.

Tim Averill

As long as you can keep sending French Word-A-Day and we can reply, we will in fact stay in touch. Goodbye to the modern inconvenience of email! Hope to see you in June.

Chris Allin

Dear Kristin~

Over the years you have opened your heart, your home and your family to your readers, sometimes baring your soul in doing so, and you have done it all with tremendous grace. But you do need time to live your life. So glad you are able to fee yourself from a heavy burden and carry on with what is important to you and your family.

I wish you all strength and understanding as you start this journey with Michele-France. Because of differing emotions and opinions, strife can very easily impact sibling relationships. It can be wrenching, trying to decide what is best...

Janet T. Marquardt

Hi Kristi, I haven't written much since those early years when I was cheering you on because I, too, have been taken up with life events.
However, I read every post, buy your books, and continue to enjoy/sympathize with the stories. Life changes very quickly, as you well know, so savor it while you can (away from the keyboard).
Amicalement, Jan Marquardt---who used to write from Illinois but now has moved to Amherst Massachusetts.

Deborah Murray

Thrive with your life. Stay positive. Priorities and boundaries are essential for us all. You included. :)


Kristin, I understand completely. I don't know how you maintained the high wire act all these years! All the best wishes for your MIL.


Kristin ,

As expected you have the full support of all your readers. Our hearts go out to you as the family makes the best decisions for your mother-in-law. In honor of her would you consider sharing Marie-France's special recipe for tapenade which you have mentioned in several of your stories ?
With much appreciation of you ---


Kristin I adore you! Fais attention à toi.
xoxox de Louisiane.


family comes first!! don't beat yourself up about it. you're lucky to have such a wonderful family to lavish your time on!!


Enjoy your liberation and your family. Time is precious and should be spent where it really matters. Judith

Kerry in Oklahoma from Tucson

My dear Kristen,

I want you to know how deep and wide is my esteem for your decision. We can never be all things to all people, but as writers, our work makes us try! It's an occupational hazard!

Dear Kristen, many can tell you how very precious are these last years with your growing children, but I don't hesitate to repeat it. As is said, they will be gone before you know it. What's more, your husband has been working and planning and striving hard these last years, in a good way, and you have been, too. But hear me, dear cyber friend, it is not possible for you to spend too much time with the man you love - who loves you so much!

I want you to know that 'way back when I first discovered your blog and started mine, I was working on a big project, a devotional, finished it, and from it has come a book on the Coronation of Elizabeth II which is about to go to print. Thanks for all your good example and encouragement. Now go forward, and encourage on a slightly smaller scale, perhaps, but don't be surprised if that mustard seed becomes a great big plant with lots of places for others to find refuge, especially those closest to home.

With my love … Kerry

Jane Hoppe

Kristin, I echo others' affirmation of your decision about family priorities. Although I don't know your belle-mere's exact circumstances, I will say your presence in her situation will best communicate love. I've been in elder-care season for more than seven years (dad was 92, mom is 94) and it is both emotionally draining and immensely rewarding. Taking care of parents' needs and taking care of your own and your family's needs require intentionality. I applaud your decision. You'll be in my prayers.
P.S. I have learned a lot from online newsletter, in case that might help your family.

Nancy Stilwagen

Good for you, Kristin. I was surprised that you actually answered emails - most bloggers don't! I emailed you once and was amazed (and happy) to receive a personal response. So, now you are setting your priorities right, and I applaud you.

Jane Hoppe

Oops, that's Sorry.

Linda R.

Sometimes the ones we love the most get put on a back burner while we get caught up in busyness. Kids grow up too quickly, beloved family members are gone too soon, and we wonder where the time went. Wise choice, Kristin, to make family a priority. In the meantime, thank you for opening your heart to your readers through this blog site.

Mary Dineen

Total support for you Kristin. You are absolutely doing the right thing.
Prayers and loving thoughts to you and your family.

Jan greene

Dear Kristin, You are wise to draw the line, to set limits and boundaries. It is so easy to get caught up in the world that we cannot find the thread of our own lives. You have enriched us all and we carry you in our hearts. Take care of yourself and the family you have so gently tended and loved!
This is your time! Sending all good wishes!


As long as an e-mail is not taken to be equivalent to a handwritten letter it is OK

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

I do share all your readers'point of view : family comes first! Time flies and we all know hard it is to make up for lost time...
Your post reminds us all that we should open our eyes and think about our priorities more often...
Thank you so much for sharing.

As for the pomegranate tree, here on Reunion Island, old people used to have one in their garden, not for the fruit they say, but for the soothing and comforting feeling that someone gets when they touch the bark of the tree... Added to all your love and support, maybe the positive energy of this lovely tree would be a plus.. Meilleurs voeux de soutien et bon courage en cette période difficile.Grosses bises de La Réunion


Be as kind to yourself, as you were to those hundreds (thousands?) of email receivers, and congratulate yourself on a well made desicion. Sometimes we have to stop running. Coming from an anglophone in France, raising 3 kids and trying to keep a happy husband.... I think I recognise my whirling world in your words. bises xx

Shelley Longmire

The dear people who make up your family, having already been the subject of your delightful stories and our weekly entertainment, certainly now deserve to be the recipients of whatever undivided time and attention you have to offer them. It's the obvious choice and the right thing to do. You've all earned it!

Jean King

Merci for the years of beautiful messages and stories connecting me and my French classes to France. You have brought joy to so many people through the stories of your life. May God bless you and your family!

Sue J.

I thought you were ending the blog, too. Glad that you are, instead, being "trés sage" and not replying to 9000 emails in your inbox. Effort much better served in writing/photographing the blog.

Sue J.

yikes -- I got my grave accent messed up on that previous post -- make that très sage, s.v.p!

Kelly in Chicago

Way to go, Kristi!! Wishing you and your family all the best. I so enjoy your writing, hearing about your world and your spirit.


You are a wonderful person, Kristin. You have already done a lot for us, your readers, by sharing with us stories that bring us laughters and tears. We understand that your family and personal priorities do come first, alors, ne t'en fais pas trop, on t'aime toujours.
Mais ce sont les MONTAGNES russes dont tu parles.


Bravo!! On ne peut pas tout faire!

Adrienne Kinkaid

Congratulations, Kristin, for knowing when to say NO. You have your priorities straight.

Cynthia Wilson

Are you still going to do your blog, just not the email responses? I love your blog and have so since 2007! My husband reads it also. Whatever the decision I wish you the best. We all really do have to prioritize and it's a delicate balance. Bon chance!!!!!!!


At age 85 I am still trying to prioritize! MY dog, Sophie, needs me most.


I echo what has been said before me. You're doing the right thing. Family comes first. xx

edie schmidt


As they say "you've got a lot on your plate".
I don't know how that translates in French.
We all need time to take a "breather" and concentrate on what it important in our lives.

Edie from Savannah

Teresa Williams

I have been reading your blog faithfully for 10 years I think. I have only commented a few times, though, because it seems that other readers have already expressed my thoughts well. ( didn't want to be redundant) But once again I just had to join in. You have kept me coming back all these years because of your ability to humbly, humorously, joyfully share your beautiful life with us. And help us see the beauty in the ordinary, in our mess-ups, our disappointments and struggles. Being that my husband and I are the same age as you and J-M, and our two oldest children are nearly the same ages as your two, and that French was a love- at-first sight for me, I really related to your stories. I could often imagine a conversation. Only you are much braver than I am for forcing yourself out of comfort zones and taking " la plonge"! So I once again echo all the comments of your other faithful readers. (I never thought to email you. Didn't know you'd respond). But I am glad to know you know when to stop things that interfere with family priorities. I do hope you continue to share your blog insights and lovely photos with us!! I am so inspired and comforted and educated by your work (and often reader comments too). Meilleurs Vouex!! Bonne chance avec tous les travailles. Teresa W. From NJ


Kristin, Family comes first!



Blessings of support to you and yours!

Gail Derl

Kristi, I Appreciate You,
Family is Everything, sending you
Love and Harmony

Barry from Alabama - Roll Tide!

Kristin, I am late comer to the blog but thanks for exposing me to new French words and phrases. My French immersion via the Ethernet cable!

I suppose visitors to your website initially arrive at it to learn a few French words, but then readers soon get to know you and your world/environment.
Francophiles day dream of riding around in a deaux cheveaux, visiting vineyards and making friends. Some of us won't realize an actual trip but we can travel there from our cubicles (at lunchtime) via your blog!

The photos on the blog are so good. The pictures portray what I imagine the terrain around Provence to be like. You could invoice the tourism board as they surely benefit from your efforts! It would be nice to play boules right now with the occasional break to gently lean on a pomegranate tree and try a sip of pastis!

With that said, I believe the post by Elizabeth Lopez was spot on - "but God tells us our priorities ,are Him, family, then ministry".

Lanier Cordell

I applaud you taking care of your needs and your family's needs first. Yu basically send your readers emails with every post. As you well know, people who don't support your decision on this matter, don't stay awake at. Ought wondering if you or your family are happy. That's your job and good for you for doing your job.
I wish you all the joy and blessings in the universe. (Even if you never answer an email)

Julia Stevener

Great decision. Honestly, I don't know how you ever did it in the first place .
Love on your family..they are the ones who matter most.

Ken Curtis

Good decision. Enjoy your family, the vineyard and the beauty of southern France.
Une bonne journée
Ken Curtis

Leona Aiken

Your decision is right. I treasure the one email I have from you. I just bought your three books. You are important for all of us who have a piece of our hearts in France that we share with a woman who is living a courageous dream to create a life and family and metier in France.

Bon courage,

Diane Young

You see? We are your devoted fans and French Word-A-Day is more than enough for us to keep going. X0X


I echo all that others have said. Somehow as I get older and have an empty nest with all three of my sons grown and on their own, I feel like I have less time than ever! Caring for aging parents, gardens, and husbands takes enough time as it is. Nourish your family with your presence - we readers will be content with your blog! If anyone isn't content...tant pis!

Bettye Dew

Along with others, I applaud your decision to let the email slide off into cyberspace. For in addition to all your familial and work responsibilities, you need time for such soul-renewing activities as walking those beautiful dogs, going on photo-snapping jaunts in that gorgeous countryside around you, smelling the bougainvillea, and checking on the progress of the pomegranates. (And thanks for the photo of the laden pomegranate tree, growing in a container. Lovely and so interesting.)


Wonderful always!
Enjoy your moments w/ your family & we will continue to enjoy your blog.
Thank you for every single one.
Bon Courage to you & your loved ones

Debbie D

Good for you! You're a great role model now for not letting email run one's life. And knowing one's limits. Thank you! Blessings to you & all your adoring followers.

Julia ~ Falling Off Bicycles

You are so giving, Kristin, with your stories, your family, your blog, your words... How could anyone blame you for stepping back? Your words and photos are a big highlight of my week, every week.

Karen from Phoenix

As all the others have said, I too applaud you decision. Sometimes we just have to step away to see what is right there in front of us. Family is so important as well as our surrounds. When they are taken care of, we feel taken care of. Love to you and your family and hoping all goes well with your MIL.




Faye Stampe,   Gleneden Beach, OR

I echo all of the previous responses! Good for you.
I love your posts, puppies and photos!

Stay well!

Daniel DeCristoforo

Love your photos. Colorful and evocative. Your choice of subjects and your compositions resonate in me, as do your words and all else that you do.
You are an inspiration. Merci et bon courage.


Absolutely the right decision! The blog is wonderful and you can choose how much time to give it; by responding to every email, you surrendered the power to decide to those who wrote to you. You make good choices--and this was the next right thing!

Maxine & Steve

Dear Kristin,
Thank you for being you. You have your priorities straight and you will be forever grateful for this time with your family.
Steve & I have enjoyed reading your blog for several years now. It was most exciting when we came to visit you for a wine tasting at your home in Provence and met you in person. Also meeting Jean-Marc at his wine tasting in Orange County, California (where we are from but were living in England the past 6 years). As of two weeks ago we are now living in France – Lezignan La Cebe near Pezenas. We hope to make it to another one of your wine tastings at your new home. This time we will be driving so we can take some wine home with us. We love your blog. You have been an inspiration as I write my own blog.
We all need to remember to Live life to the fullest, Love many people and Laugh a lot.
Love, Maxine & Steve

Cyndie - Columbia, Maryland

I also do not comment often, but given the circumstances that led to your decision I wanted to add my support in writing. I think you handled this with grace. Enjoy your life!

Gordon Lyman

Like the others, I cheer your intelligent decision and say AMEN! .
Looking forward now, to a continuation of your blog and and its lessons in French and Wisdom.
Thanks for your efforts for us all

Gordon in Arizona.


Good for you!! Life wasn't meant to be lived in front of a computer screen. We hear your voice through your blog. You've given us enough.
I'm inspired.
Thanks Kristen!!

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

as many comments as I ever have seen..of course you are right..and as your children go into their new lives they will actually need you all the more. I understand how difficult it was for you to make this decision but it is one that had to be made as the number of emails would have only increased. Go and enjoy your weekend

Gail Pisut

K ~

I'm so glad you're taking care of yourself.


Mary Jo Colucci

We have never met. I've known Heidi since we were both married to our now former husbands and we traveled to Sonoma Cutrer for the Annual Croquet fundraiser and absolutely crazy fun weekend. Last year when I was considering a major life change, Heidi suggested your blog, and you have been a sweet light in a sometimes very dark year. Thank you. Your post today touched my heart. I have admired your talent, your loving references to your family and your life style. I hope and pray you and your family stay well and happy, and that you stay true to your heart. MJ

Faye Stelly

Kristy, seems to me that all the loving thoughts, wishes, and prayers are working, don't U think?!! Bon chance avec tout! Cont'd. prayers pour la belle mere.


Support all the good wishes expressed above.

A quote from C.G. Jung that I find helpful and hope you do too. "Where we stumble and fall is where we find pure gold." None of us need to feel judged, by ourself or anyone else.

Steep yourself in family and find your pure gold.


Carolyn R Chase

Good move, my dear. I'm sure we all understand the need, both to whittle the email, and spend time with family. Just retired so that I could spend time with the family (and work at hoeing out the collections of crud - "maybe we'd have a use for this sometime" type of stuff - that has accumulated over the last 14 years, if not the last 47!). Even just to have time with husband Jack seems important now. We got to have a whole month with daughter Kymberly in FL and hope to spend a bit more time with daughter Cyndi here in Utah - she's just an hour+ away. Please know I'm sending positive thoughts and love while you make decisions about care for the mother-in-law. Jack's mother ended up living with us for over 6 years, but had to go to a nursing home after we moved to France, as her level of care had increased. It's never easy. So hard when the body or the mind begins to fail and lets one down.

Jeannie Leighton

Kristin - I first learned of your blog from my local community college French teacher back in 2004. I love your heartfelt sharing of stories about life and family, especially the pictures of all.
Good for you in prioritizing (near impossible for some) and I hope it will allow you more time to be with your family. As always, I will continue to look for your posts in my in-box - they brighten my day.

Kathy King

Good decision. Blessings to you!


I agree with everyone else, you and your family come first. I feel fortunate to have been able to see you on a couple of occasions. You were extremely welcoming. I , along with others, will enjoy the correspondence
we do get with you, via your blog, and know thoughts are with you during your ups and downs of life. And you are definitely and up in ours.


Dear Kristin, Thank you for continually sharing your life in Provence
I was there for a couple of weeks this summer, so I really do appreciate your photos ETC.

Re not answering emails: the only question is:
WHAT REALLY MATTERS ? That question has an easy answer and you are setting a great example for the rest of us.

Félicitations ! Margot de Maine

We understand, we love you. Maybe not having to answer emails will make you enjoy doing the postings even more. I look forward to them.
Debby Howell, Oregon

Debra Karimzad

You are amazing with all you do, nurturing your beautiful home and family. I hope I will meet you one day in France. For now you have so much support, you may not be able to take it all in. What a Blessing!
Debra from Palm Desert

Suzanne Codi

Good for you!!! I don't know how you did it for this long....I was just in rural NW Ct. for a couple of weeks and did nothing electronically, pure heaven !!!
Keeping up with the blog is hard enough!! Congratulations on taking care of yourself and your family !!!

David Howell

Hi Kristin. Just to check. I would have thought the pronunciation of courriel would be koor-ee-el (instead of kohr-ee-el).
Love, love, love your emails and website.
You are one of the wonders of the world!
Much love.
David (& Susan)

Betsy Livingstone

Kristi, grand merci for all the smiles, sighs, heartstring-pulls and laughs, not to mention the learning that you've brought me/all of us over the years and the regularly dished-up delicious tastes of Provence. Sounds like it's time to put the blog to bed and give it a well-earned rest. I understand the need to focus on family and admire your decision to do that. I only want to add that I hope you will be taking very good care of your own loving, generous self!

Betsy Livingstone

Oops, re-read your misunderstood post - so you are only giving up email, not the blog? Yippee!

Sandy Vann

Fait attention a toi et ton famille. Merci pour tout Kristin. Yes, we all need to keep healthy boundaries, especially at challenging times. Our hearts and thoughts are with you and your belle mere and family. Bisous.

Nanci Cartwright

Brava! Your blog is wonderful. That is all we need. You have your priorities in order and I applaud your decision heartily. A very sane and healthy decision.


Its wonderful to see you put your family first. There is nothing more important in this world than them. We are all way to connected to our phones and the net. Be at peace, we all love and enjoy your blog. If you wish to connect with us you still can,but it has never been the reason we love your blog.

Kitty Wilson-Pote

Brava, Our Kristi! A sensible, smart and sensitive decision in every way. Besides, you now know full well that we, your 'world family' are simply connected with you anyway, no matter what. Though I echo every word above, the comment from Kerry is the one that absolutely speaks for me as well. Now, onwards with those generational nurturings that both tax and regenerate your own remarkable spirit, Dear You.


Our dear Kristi,
Another wonderful,pertinent post--an awesome decision!-- and one which we all admire and would like to follow your example.
Tempura mutantur,nos et mutamur in illis!
How fortunate we are to share in your life and enjoy all of your beautifully written words!
Thank You!
Blessings and prayers
to you and your wonderful family.
Natalia XO


Hi Kristin, on your last blog for your information and your numerous readers:
roller coaster is "les montagnes russes" (word to word) Russian mountains and it's always plural.
Best regards


Hi Kristen,

Good decision! I'm glad I had the opportunity to meet you and Jackie in Paris. Will look forward to your blog whenever you write it. All the best to you and your family.
Carol from Los Angeles

Alice Glasser

I will miss you! The decision you've made was a wrenching but good one. Loved ones are only with us for so long. Those of us who have come to love you, your adventures, struggles(Brava!) and beautiful family congratulate you! We always have your books to continue to cherish you!
With admiration and love,
Alice Glasser
[email protected]


Hi Kristin,
What a great decision! I don't know how you manage everything, email not withstanding. I can barely make it through my email each day and I'm retired, don't write a blog, nor have children at home, nor a vineyard, nor a huge potager, nor any doggies! I've often wondered when you could possibly be sleeping! Email just drains the heart and soul and yet it is so addictive, the desire to try to 'clean it out' each day. I am going to be thinking about your idea - to do a thorough deep filter on what I process. It has invaded my life, but without much pleasure or benefit! I think it's a hard habit to break - I'm very proud of you!!! Just keep writing your wonderful life stories, because 'your blog email' WILL be one I will always open!! Bisous, Judi

Laura Petroelje

I have loved your stories, giving me a glimpse into your surroundings and your life. Please do not feel badly if you are unable to continue. We all understand, and your family and your health must be your priorities :)

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