Favorite French Words & next winetasting!
Stepmother or stepmom in French

Favorite French Customs and Traditions (and Quirks)!

Window shutters

Opening the windows pour faire courant d'air -- this is but one popular French custom. Today we are talking about French traditions and quirks so get ready to share your observations here in the comments!

une bizarrerie (bee-zahr-reuhr-ree)

    : a quirk or peculiarity 


Today, following the Favorite French Words post, we are sharing our Favorite French customs and traditions. From habits the French have while eating--to the way they go about greeting--we are sharing our observations here in the comments box

What kinds of things do the French do that intrigue or inspire you? Seen anything quirky or funny or intimidating or bizarre?

Share a cultural curiosity you have seen with your own eyes--or share something you've heard about!

Looking forward to reading YOUR observations about France and French customs. Click here to share something uniquely French


Message to Jean-Marc. Bon anniversaire de mariage, chéri! Given today is our 20th wedding anniversary, I'll share a favorite French tradition: les dragées! You see these colorful sugar-coated almonds on wedding tables--each guest receives a handful of them--and at christenings. (Any celebration is a good excuse to enjoy them. You can order them here, at Amazon.) 

With my very dear Dad in Cassis

Meantime, enjoying every moment with Dad while he is in France! Thanks to my belle-mère, Marsha, for this father-daughter snapshot taken in Cassis. Why the socks, Dad? Oh, I see: "Keeps the mosquitoes from biting!"... :-)

Marsha and Dad Cassis

Marsha and Dad also celebrated 20 years of marriage. Bon anniversaire de mariage!

Mom birthday
And yesterday, September 23rd, was my Mom's 68th birthday. I shared this photo and this message with her on my Instagram:

Celebrating Mom's birthday today. Wish we could be together, dressed in brightly-colored swimsuits, lipstick smeared across our cheeks--daring, finally, to live exactly as we please. (Photo taken today in Sanary-Sur-Mer)

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