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The word "glance" in French

Majorca spain

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un clin d'oeil

    : a glance, wink; hint

en un clin d'oeil = in the blink of an eye, in a heartbeat, in a flash


Audio File: A little ambiance in today's soundfile, below--recorded at the beach in Majorca!Listen to Jean-Marc read the example sentence: Download MP3 or Wav file

Aujourd'hui je vous propose un clin d'oeil de notre petit périple à Majorque.
Today I offer you a glance at our little trek to Majorca.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

"Accordion Man"

The Mistral wind swept in this morning bringing with it the first hint of winter. I felt the chill in the cellar, earlier, while hanging Jean-Marc's backpack, after we returned from sunny, warm Spain!

Summertime may be over, but don't tell that to the guy with the sac à dos. With his rucksack and his beach bag my husband knows a trick or two about extending the season--and he also knows how to skim right by the carry-on baggage limits at Ryanair!

"You sure you can take the beach bag, too? Ah, I see, it counts as a purse! "I say, answering my own question. I look down at my own two-baggage limit and hope to fit in, too, but the women in line ahead of me are shaking their heads. "You'll never get on with that!" they say, scooting forward in line with their own roller-totes (bags the size of watermelons! Seeing those itsy bitsy valises that everyone rolls on board always gets me daydreaming about the contents inside them: one bikini and a little black dress for the missus? And a beach towel and a deck of cards for Monsieur? What else could you possible fit in there?)

As for me, in my little big roller bag, I have two pairs of pants, two dresses, one pair of heels, a pair of sandals, a bathing suit, two sweaters, pjs, an iPad, les slips et soutiens, three scarves, a floppy hat, two camisoles, an inflatable airline pillow, three long-sleeve shirts just in case, two button-down shirts just in case, a gauzy shirt, a chunky, beaded necklace, and two trousses de toilets. (Oh, and a jean jacket--always handy!)

"Yes, this bag will fit on board, Jean-Marc says to the ladies with the watermelons on wheels. Reaching down to demonstrate, he pushes in the sides of my bag, reducing the size by half! He repeats the accordion demonstration at the gate, when an airline official asks me to put the bag into one of those empty metal boxes. If the bag fits in there, we're good to go....  

Holding my breath, I watch Jean-Marc do his trick.... and we pass! Everyone in line is shaking their heads and I just know what they're thinking: Moi aussi, il me faut L'Homme Accordéon!

I leave you with some photos from our trip, and we'll see you on Friday when this newsletter returns with a very French theme!

P.S. Despite all those things I brought... only a third of the bag was unpacked! So much for "just in case" or au cas où!


French Vocabulary
le sac à dos = backpack
le slip = pair of underpants
le soutien-gorge = bra
la trousse de toilette = toiletry bag
moi aussi = me too
il me faut = I need
l'homme accordéon = accordian man

Jean-marc first swim

 The first thing Jean-Marc wanted to do when we got to Majorca!


Typical wooden boats, perfect for bringing in the local fish such as Hake (a kind of cod) or John Dory.


Alot of mischief at the botanical garden in Soller. For one, some knitters "yarn-bombed" this sign. Inside the jardin, it was wonderful to see the great variety of orange trees and the medicinal garden and the cozy potager where peppers were growing on the vine and the basil plants were the size of dwarf trees!


We didn't have the pleasure of riding the trolley, when walking up and down the port was just as fun.

1-IMG_20141021_163807-EFFECTS (1)

After lunch, we had siestas on the beach, where Spanish accents lulled us to sleep. Waking up to the cry of seabirds is like waking in heaven!

Bike and menu

Apart from Spanish, we heard British and German accents, and most menus responded accordingly--or should I say accordion-ingly....


Accordion Man is tired after lugging my carry-on bag through the airport. At the gate in Mallorca he dozed off, perhaps dreaming about the sand beneath his feet, the warm Majorcan waters, and the next trip: to Lisbon in April? We'll see how many more items will fit in my magic bag... so L'Homme Accordéon can do his nifty trick in front of the pretty ladies!

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I think my husband and Jean-Marc would get along well, both being so practical. :) As always, your photos are stunning and you look so relaxed and pretty! Looks and sounds like the getaway was exactly what you both needed. One tiny typo: heels (double ee).

Vince Patrucco

Your new format is excellent. I'll retire soon, and I look forward to spending more time with your newsletters.


I am so impressed with all you fit in your carry-on. Can you please post a picture of it so we can see how the accordion part works?


I am an avid gardener with a long time interest in permaculture, biodynamics, and sustainable agriculture particularly in small spaces or an urban environment. I applaud your interest and a willingness to jump in and I will look forward to future posts! One comment from previous referred to your permaculture garden as experimental. I think all gardeners may feel that it's always an experiment as is life! No failures--just lessons learned--Mother Nature is a great teacher! On another note, I cannot read your posts in email. Merci beaucoup!

phyllis morton

New format is working well.

Barbara Kelley

Did you find the 20€ fare at Ryanair? I did approximately what you did and went with three friends to Llansa, a little town on the Costa Brava. Of course we had tiny suitcases also and managed to squeeze them into the luggage bins.

Jan Francis

The new format is working for me too!

Diane Iselin

The new format works well,and your photos seem even more brilliant to me! Diane

judi dunn

... the new format is working 'parfait' a photographer, I always enjoy the photos of your travels! You both look so rested, relaxed and great in your 'double selfie'! Welll done and keep traveling! J. Dunn, Tallahassee

Catharine Ewart-Touzot

format is fine, your trip pictures are lovely and love the adjectives..although I guess they are really use to describe your husband.

Marti Hinman

Bonjour Kristi!!!
I changed to the new format sans aucan problem :-)
Mille mercis for the joy of french living and most beautiful language
in the world you bring to us through your blog. You are also
an artistic and beautiful photographer.
I will continue recommending your blog to all my francophile
Floride, US

Faye Stelly

New format works great.


Love the new format esp for my iPhone.

Cynthia Lewis

The new format is working well for me. FWAD continues to come through my email. Thanks so much for today's delightful "edition": beautiful photos and amusing vignettes! I'm glad you and Jean-Marc had such a relaxing vacation. Best wishes, Cynthia


Oh, I wish I could visit Majorca and go swimming like J-M! Plus one language: the signs apparently are in Catalan. And I luv the yarn bomb.

Faye Stampe in Gleneden Beach, OR

Great photos --- looks like a wonderful vacation! New format is great.

Stay well!


Our dear Kristi,
This new format is great!
Loved your beautiful pictures(as always!)(you and Jean Marc are adorable!)
You took us along with you on this wonderful vacation!What a treat!
Thank you!!
Natalia. xo

Ken Scupp

New format coming through nicely! Could you please comment on the difference in usage between clin d'oeil and coup d'oeil. Google translate shows the first as a wink and the second as a glance. Merci, Ken

Sarah LaBelle near Chicago

The new format is fine, on my same old lap top computer. I miss the phrase French Word a Day in the subject line, as I use 'word' to find this and A Word A Day (English newsletter) in my long list of e-mails. Today you put word in the title, making my little trick work again.

I was used to seeing the island spelled Mallorca (but pronounced the same as with the j). Sounds like a lovely vacation.

Karen Mandell

i have the same problem with packing-- i only wear a third or even a quarter of what i bring, and i agonize over every item i put in. then it's take-out time-- and what i leave out is what i desperately want when i get to my destination. then, packing the cosmetic/soap bag-- and i don't even wear make-up-- picking out a bit of jewelry, then the books and magazines. i'm left exhausted and only get excited once we land. at last-- i can enjoy myself!

Karen Stedman

Hello Kristin,
I love the French words you feature and enjoy the great photos! Thanks so much.


Eileen deCamp

Hi Kristin,
The new format is working great for me! Love all the photos and hope you had a wonderful time! I remember flying Ryanair with our kids from Brussels to Ireland and they called for all families with children to board first. When we moved to the front, we heard people say, "well that's a rather large child" referring to my fairly tall 8th grade son. We wanted all four of us to sit together so we didn't care but it was funny! You know how everyone rushed in a large mass to board! haha. You can't beat their prices if I remember correctly but it is like a cattle call!

Diane Young

Loved the ;pictures and descriptions re Majorca. Fall is here and was perfect in Atlanta for my family reunion over the weekend. Two babies have joined since I last was there. I couldn't believe the size of some passengers' carryons. Yours sounds a lot better and more fun. Enjoy the armchair visits with you to the Mediterranean area.


Love your photos, especially the top two and the blue bike.

Kathleen from Connecticut

New format works well. I need another vacation, but it won't come soon enough. Being in Europe it is so easy to get to other countries, but here in the USA, Connecticut, everything is so much further and costs so much more. Glad you can get away so easily.
Yes we do travel within the US, but I love to visit other countries.
Yes the winter is coming. The leaves are changing colors and falling, so I'll be blowing leaves and mowing the grass at the end of the week. Then our seclusion will be over and we will again see our neighbors.
Have a great week .

Joan L.

This showed up great on my email... Merci!
Joan L.

Karen from Phoenix

New format is showing up fine in my e-mail. YAY!!

Looks like you both had a wonderful time in Spain. Love the pictures.

I pack very light. For my 14 stay in Norway I had one small carryon and a small purse/tote. We even had a wedding to attend. I always bring the bear minimum.


I had to laugh at the contents of your bag. I too pack plenty of "just in case" clothes! I like to have a choice, and sometimes you just don't know what the weather will be. Can make for an awfully heavy bag though. Beautiful pictures!

Judi R. Costa Mesa, CA

Re: A glance... what about "jeter un coup d'oeil"?


Coucou Kristi: Your format has changed, but I have no problem with it. It is still wonderful as ever, with the same humorous tone in your writing, and beautiful photos.
Just like you, I have the tendency to pack more than I need, with the excuse of... just in case.

Leslie in Oregon

Jean-Marc and I share a passion for being in and on the water, first and foremost! That lovely Mallorcan sea pool he is in looks so tempting, even from here in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.!


Lovely as always. Your pictures inspire me to get into my painting studio. Formate is working fine.

Carol Clark

I am in Paris now, heading to Israel tomorrow, and I pack like you do...just in case. No watermelons for me! Loved your photos from Majorca....every thing came through fine.
Carol from Los Angeles

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