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Gagner: Enter to win a one-week rental in Provence!


Enter to win a week's stay in this 17th century village house in Provence! See details, below. Your chances of winning are GREAT ! After all, this is not the French lottery. So far the average number of entries for these giveaways is 300, but this could change given today's prize! What will your chances be in this giveaway? A vous de tenter votre chance! 


gagner (gahn-yay)

    : to win; to earn; to gain

gagnant-gagnant = win-win (situation)
gagner sa vie = earn one's living
gagner du temps = to save time
gagner du poids = to gain weight
gagner sur tous les plans = to win on all counts

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Aujourd'hui vous avez la chance de gagner la location d'une maison en Provence pendant une semaineToday you have the chance to win a one-week rental in Provence


It is a great pleasure to announce our biggest giveaway ever: a one-week stay in this charming village home near Aix-en-Provence. Borrowing the first lines of the home's listing, I can tell you this place is unique:

LES BOUGAINVILLIERS, a splendid stone 'Village House', renovated by an imaginative French architect, was once used as a location in a French film...

And a little about its whereabouts...

St. Cannat has the PERFECT location for exploring Provence. You'll be just 15 minutes from Aix and in the center of all the other historic and beautiful places you'll want to visit: Avignon, Arles, St. Remy, Aix, Marseille, Cassis, the villages of the Luberon, St. Tropez, and perhaps on to Nice and Monaco.

For this giveaway, the winner may choose between two calendar periods--both lovely times to stay in Provence!:  August 22 - 29 OR November 7 - 14. 


For your entry to be counted, it needs to appear here, in this comments box (at the French Word-A-Day blog). So come back over here after visiting the rental site, and enter!

Simply tell me which review you liked best. Alternatively, you could tell me which room in the house you liked best. Voilà! CLICK HERE TO ENTER

When you share this post with a friend, using the forward option in your email-- or one of the social media links, below--you are sprinkling bonne chance fairy dust all over your entry! So remember to do as the French do and put all chance on your side (mettre toutes les chances de son côté!).  Share on Facebook, Twitter, and at the water cooler at work.

Note: This giveaway does not include airfare or any other expenses related to traveling to or in France (or anywhere else in the universe). This prize is offered by the homeowner and shall not cause the homeowner or the blogger (moi!) to incur out of pocket expenses apart from the time and effort taken to organize and maintain this giveaway. (Veuillez pardonner--please excuse--my layman's legalease. Wishing you bonne chance!!) 


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New rental in Provence. In the charming village of Sablet--this spacious home is the perfect place to return to after sightseeing, bicycling or hiking. 

Music & Markets Aix Easter Festival Tour, April 4 - live classical music, Provence day trips, and fabulous cuisine and wine.

Picnic with Cynthia

Photo taken last month, in Bandol, during lunch with my friend Cynthia. She produced the most charming picnic I've ever seen! I get the feeling her rental home in St. Cannat is just as stylish, so do check it out and consider staying there! But first--try your chance at winning a free week at this charming and historic home...


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I liked the perspective of photographing the Dining Room from the second floor


I couldn't choose a favorite review because they were all so positive and said much the same thing, a indication of consensus. I haven't been to St. Cannat, but all the visitors make it and the house sound idyllic.

Carol Folino

I liked the "Quintessentially French" review.Simply stated.

Susan Weaver

I loved the fireplace.Beautiful. Would love to relax around a evening fire.

Francie Flynn

My husband and I visited Provence a long time ago and to be able to visit again would be more than we could wish for. Thanks you for making this a chance possibility,Merci,Francie Flynn


Wow this would be such a treat! I loved the "quintessential French"... Renting a house or an appartment in an area is the best way to travel and "be a local" for a little while. My favorite rooms were the garden view bedroom and the kitchen!
Happy holidays - bonnes fetes de fin d'annee!

Dyan Perrot

C'est magnifique comme maison! J'aimerais passer une semaine!

Raymond Jimison

Each arrival is a thing of beauty and joy!

Susan L.

I loved the comments from the person from Maine. Cynthia's response truly spoke to my heart since I was thinking that this would be the perfect place to offer up to two friends of mine, in my French class, who have been studying the language for three years and do not see how they could actually go to France. What a joy it would be and an enormous surprise too!
Merci beaucoup.

Becky Thomas

Charmed by the blue shutters, they say "Welcome Home".


I just loved the review from the 4 ladies from Boston! I absolutely loved the image of them enjoying copious amounts of the local wine, bonding and chatting in the Provençal sunshine! I actually live in Aix, so I know the delights of this region well, but my place is tiny. I would love to be able to invite my closest girlfriends out from London during the summer to do the same!

Eric Hancock

The Review from Harvey R covered everything and then some, but Sylvia C. writes most beautifully about life in the village and in the house. Her description was the most romantic.

Jackie Layton

I enjoyed all of the comments and already want to spend a month at this St.-Cannat townhome. I think I liked Susan's comments the most. I love that there's a field of flowers across the street. My garden is one of the best parts of my home, and I would love to see the flowers in Provence.

The painting over the fireplace is beautiful. Such an amazing home for the owners to share.

Merci, for this amazing opportunity.

Dyan Perrot

I liked the review "Ideal getaway in fabulous Provence" the most. It stressed places to visit nearby.

Angela Sargent

The "Quintessentially French" review brought a feeling of "I must go there". Never been to Provence...as yet but I would book this house just to feel French for a week.
I loved the loft too.


I like the Chambre Jardin best. What a lovely property - thanks for organising the competition!

Tammy teske

I liked Harvey R's review the best!

Marinda Honey

I love the review by Sylvia C. from Camden, Maine. Especially the words she used:
Perfect, quaint, joy, wonderful, rare, comfortable, spotless, very spacious, beautiful! It says it all and I would love to experience the 'village atmosphere'.

Laurie Linden

I loved the review by Sylvie of Camden, Maine since that is just down the road from my own house in Maine. She was there in November which is the month I would pick as well. The house and village sound lovely.

Clare Jones

I liked Sylvia C's review. The view from the window sounded lovely!


...she gave us lovely tomatoes from her garden! All the reviews sounded wonderful

Danny Dye

I loved the kitchen. Can't wait to mess it up with a good meal.


I loved the atrium! Harvey R's "Ideal getaway in fabulous Provence" review had helpful information for me.

Kim Defforge

I loved Mary Beth's heartfelt review, as it not only focused on the tourist aspect of the village but also on the home & hearth aspect of village life : "Had a wonderful time in your beautiful home in the charming village of St. Cannant. It was a great location for exploring the area, but we also loved pretending we were French and staying at home. It was cool and we had a fire almost every night. Very comfortable ..."

Karin Bivens

I loved the "Great Two Weeks in Les Bougainvilliers" describing the local farmers market, the antique market, the convenient location of the house within walking distance of local shops and the fact that there is a community pool. My husband and I are in 70's and try to maintain an active lifestyle. We also do a lot of cycling and the area sounds perfect for that. The description of the house and its amenities makes it seem like a wonder "home away from home" and an opportunity to explore France, improve our very limited French and learn more about the culture.


I like the review by "Jazz" from Croatia. "There are few things to compare in life with sitting in a cafe at Saint Cannat's central square in the morning, nibbling delicacies from local bakeries, sipping your coffee and simply enjoying Provencal way of life."

Sounds magnifique!


Dan Auer

My favorite review had the title
"A Week in Provence" as the title speaks for itself and my favorite room spoke to me with its grand fireplace which can come in handy on those cool end of August nights...

P. S. Rochford

Having spent a week in the area in 2013, I would love to discover this town! Not surprised the reviews were glowing. And while one week is never enough, I know it would be heavenly. My husband retires in April of next year, so it would be s wonderful time to celebrate.

Elizabeth Johnson

Victoria from Brooklyn's review (Great two weeks in Les Bougainvilliers!) was most helpful and certainly made me want to visit this wonderful place.

Toby Cone

My favorite review was from Jazz.
Beautifully written! I can be packed quickly!
Happy Day!
Toby in CT

Jackie Sand

The first photo and its blue "volets" called to me, inviting me in. The first two reviews cover it all- descriptive and welcoming, appealing to the senses! We are about to celebrate our 70th birthdays and 40th wedding anniversary and having met in France in 1973, a week in Provence would fit the bill! A lovely, colorful home- félicitations!

Gary Hoffman

I like the review by Sylvia C which describes my lifelong dream of living in such a French Village. I can .picture my wife of 48 years and myself preparing lunch in the kitchen and sitting at the dining room table. It would be a dream come true. Thanks for the consideration.

Linda Melago

I liked the first review, Fantastic Location, because it had so much info in it about the house, the village life, the shops, etc. Also, because it said the only negative was that you won't want to go home!

Jackie Durham

I liked Sylvia from Maine's review. I love Provence and this place looks perfect.


Love the photos, what an amazing looking residence! I would have to go with the "Quintessentially French" review, definitely what you look for when staying in La Belle France :)

Sue Campbell

It seems that everyone who has stayed here "can't say enough positive things" - such as cozy, comfortable, perfect, spotless, clean, well-maintained, perfect town, charming, delicious baquettes, sunny rooftop terrace, huge semi-circular window, quintessentially French, Cynthia is wonderful to work with .... My husband and I would love to add to the list!


Hi Kristi
We haven't been to Provence for some 20 years, having moved to the Lot (46) since then, but it has terrific memories for us and we'd love to go back and discover this little known village and explore Aix.
Our favourire review was entitled "Great two weeks in Les Bougainvilliers" - it tells us everything we needed to know and "sets the scene".
Thanks again for your wonderful vignettes Kristin - we can't wait to open the next one as always !

Sandra Jimison

My husband visited Avignon 10 plus yeas ago and has always wanted to return. This would be the perfect way to make that dream come true.

Margaret Cook

What a charming home! I can imagine family and friends singing around the piano (my favorite spot) after a day of discovering the local village and nearby sites. I can already taste the excellent wine and food.

Cindy Lepore

With a 5 star rating, it was difficult to choose just one glowing review. I particularly liked how many former guests mentioned the kindness and warmness of the owner and others they encountered in and around the village. St-Cannat offers a "real" French experience!

Patricia Haas

What a charming house! I loved the review by Victoria. It is just the perfect description of how we like to spend time in Provence. Leisurely breakfast with a fresh pastry from the bakery (also some bread for dinner), get in the car with no particular destination in mind, drive through the countryside and end up at a charming little restaurant in a picturesque village. Then it is time to get out the Tomtom and figure out how to get home. Once we've returned home, we stop at the shop to get some wine and cheese to enjoy while we reminisce about our day's adventures. I love to visit France. It's one if the most beautiful places on earth.
Posted by Patricia, December 17, 2014.

Jeanne Shapiro

It's very hard to pin it down to one description but I'm drawn in by
the courtyard view, the fact that it's in a friendly, yet, undiscovered
village that's close to many towns.
Thank you for the opportunity to enter and a peek at beautiful
Jeanne S.

Rosalyn Barclay

Happy Traveler, Victoria and Harvey gave such complete descriptions of the lovely rental But my vote goes to Victoria. Her review made me feeli that I was there!!


Just the type of vacation rental that I am looking for to rent for 6 weeks in 2017 for my 60th birthday!! Sylvia C's review was so inviting...wishing she had been able to stay for a month...a great opening to a great review. If the owner used to live there I am wondering how amazing her current house is.

Deb Kanter

The line: friendly, yet undiscovered village made me feel like it's in a place to immerse myself for a short while in the local lifestyle.
Deb Kanter

Myrna Laracuente

As I sit here in northern New Jersey looking out on a dreary winter's day, The review from The Happy Traveler spoke to me. Oh, to be in Provence rather than here! The review was chock full of information and I could almost reach out and feel the warm Provencal sun. This is what dreams are made of.

Margaret Shively

Hi, Kristi,

My husband and I were in Provence in July 2012 and would love to return; it is a wonderful part of the world!

My favorite review was done by Victoria, from Brooklyn, NY, ("Two great weeks at Les Bougainvilliers") who stayed there in August 2013. Her comment about leaving the doors open to watch the sunset while drinking rose really got to me! And her review also covered a lot of information about the town, its markets and other attractions. The village house sounds perfect. Thank you for setting up this opportunity to visit for someone.

Linda Frank

My favorite was from Sylvia C of Camden Maine. She was very descriptive of the region. Made me feel like I was there and certainly made me want to go there!


I loved the review that said "we were always glad to return "home" to an "undiscovered" town where you'd see people going about their daily lives not directed towards tourism." My idea of the perfect vacation. I can also get my morning swim workout in just steps away. This would be the perfect way to celebrate our 35th anniversary which falls during the week in August.


Four Women from Boston. Well-titled. Such a lovely region of France. Can't wait to return.

David Speights

My favorite room (from the photos) is the dining room with the fireplace. I can visualize a fine French dinner with a roaring fire and then après diner, Armangnacs fireside..


C. Canzoneri

Loved the fireplace and the view of the fields. But my fave review was from Jan in Falmouth, ME. who knew the owner and had stayed there both when the owner was there and as a rental. Harvey's review was also very useful. Great spot!

Sue Grim

I like the "Quintessentially French" review, especially for the owner's sweet reply. The beautiful blue shutters are very welcoming!

Kate Dickerson

Hi Kristi -
This sounds like just the perfect place to stay for a few weeks in November, as I have always wanted to visit the Foire aux Santons in Marseille (and other smaller locals ones, too).

I liked reading about the house (so many photos!) and all of the reviews, but I guess the review that made me feel best is Mary Beth's, since she said "we loved pretending we were French and staying at home…" That is what we do. While we adore exploring, buying local produce and cooking at home, pretending to be French is our favorite part of visiting France - that and making local friendships, perhaps even inviting people to dinner. I am happy to know that this house is one where we could keep our fantasy dreams of being Provençal residents alive!

In fact, you already have me dreaming - thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest!


I liked Sylvia's review, perhaps because coming from Camden, ME, (which we sometimes vacation) I supposed she really understood what village life is all about! And honestly, the exterior shot of the door just wooed me like no other!


I especially liked the review that said "we were always glad to return "home" to an "undiscovered" town where you'd see people going about their daily lives not directed towards tourism." My idea of the perfect vacation away from the madding crowds. I could even start the day with a morning swim right next door. This would fit in quite nicely with our 35th anniversary which falls during the week in August. Fingers crossed.

Genie - Paris and Beyond

The reviews are fabulous, but Harvey's was particularly helpful with comments about driving and distances to the surrounding area. I spent a week in/around Arles about ten years ago and have been feeling the pull to return.

What a fabulous house and the village looks charming as well. (I will begin looking at flights!)

Thank you, Kristi!


I liked the "This came as no surprise since I know the owner, and have stayed in the house while the owner was still living there" review. I like the exterior view of the property.

Patti Barrett

I liked the review by Sylvia C - the idea of being in a village but near to other areas and to Aix intrigued me and made me want to book a flight to France - I spent 6 weeks in Provence last year and want to go back -
the house looks delightful to be sure.

Donna Knight

I liked the comment from Jan in Falmouth, Maine US - "St. Cannat is still a 'real' Provencal village, not a tourist mecca". Sounds perfect!

Elaine Livengood

Loved all the reviews and the descriptions and pictures of this beautiful house. The location in an undiscovered village sounds truly ideal.
Would love to stay here.


I loved Harvey's description of the house and its surroundings. The photos are fantastic.

Vicky from Athens

Oh my! All of the reviews were so positive and made me feel that I need to make a reservation right away! I loved what "Quitissentially French" said about pretending they were French. That's exactly what I'd do! For the time I was there I could be French (even though I speak no French) - after all, my great great grandfather came from the SW of France. I was drawn in with the very first picture of the doors and window above. That picture alone lets one know that the interior is going to be absolutely delightful, warm and welcoming! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win a week of heavenly bliss!

Adrienne Kinkaid

I liked the review by Sylvia C. I have made three trips to this part of Provence and love the idea of staying in a small village with my family.


Oh, for the opportunity all those people who wrote reviews had to stay at such a truly magical property!
The one review that spoke to me was entitled 'A wonderful June in Provence' by Jo and John. It felt that they truly were able to settle into the essence of Provence and the beauty around them in the home and the village. The comment about the grain against the wall shimmering in the breeze, and sitting near the fountain with one another reminded me of the entire reason for travel and for 'being'. For me, that reason is to be in every moment with focus and joy. To breathe in and truly appreciate the beauty around you and to allow it to become a part of you is so important to living a fulfilled life. That home seemed to have been the magical site that could offer such an experience to Jo and John. Perhaps some day I will be as blessed as they were by experiencing it's beauty.

Janis Casey

I like the review from Georgie. It spoke of what cannot be shown in a photo. The ambiance and atmosphere.

Bruce Trattler

All of the reviews paint a lovely picture of a special part of France. Sitting by the fire or walking through the village, makes a perfect holiday plan.


the kitchen...I can just smell the bread, the cheese, the escargots, the garlic...so evocative

Pat Herkal

I liked Harvey R's detailed description. Pick me!!

Stephanie Seguin

I loved the review by four women from Boston! Mostly because I had fun imagining four women from Boston...

S Jones

Sylvia C's description transports the reader to the ideal French village in Provence. Mary Beth W provides the element of cozy warm, in the ideal French village, with her mention of warm fires in the evening to take the chill off after a day of exploring the surrounding towns. Between the two reviews the reader can easily visualize a family having a exciting day exploring new territory and coming home to sit by the fire and revisit the days activities. A perfect way for a family to build a lifetime of memories based on a shared family experience.

Anne M.

The reviews were all wonderful, so I'll pick a room. It would have to be the dining room, because of the activity that goes on there! All the rooms look beautiful.

Barbara Powell

I too have felt the same way about France as the reviewer that wished they had stayed a month instead of a week in the rental. Having visited France many times, winning this contest would finally get me to,the south of France!

Jennifer McClory

I like the review 'A month in Provence' by Susan. It sparks my imagination, and a little bit of jealousy, over what I could do with a month in Provence. As far as the house, my favorite room would be the courtyard with flowers. It looks so intimate and welcoming (the whole house looks welcoming). I have always loved walked or private outdoor spaces like cloisters and the courtyard has something of the same quality that appeals to me. Thank you and the homeowners for the marvelous giveaway. Bonne chance a tous!

Deborah Verona

croisons les doubts ce serait un regal


Incroyable! Je rêve d'aller aux marchés et de préparer des repas dans cette cuisine charmante.


What a beautiful home in my favorite part of France! You spoil us. The review that spoke to me was "Quintessentially French" in which the reviewer writes that they explored but sometimes they like to stay at home and pretend they were french. Love it!

Pam Case

The photo of the kitchen really spoke to me. I can imagine a full day of exploring the nearby villages and then making a stop at the local butcher later in the afternoon. We would then come home and prepare a beautiful evening meal in the most attractive kitchen and all be able to sit down at the dining room table near the fireplace and reminisce about the day's adventures.

Nancy Guertin

I enjoyed the review from Sylvia C. Her comments about the village, and how it was authentic and not touristy was very appealing. Loved the big blue "volets" and the view!

Katie Dyer

I love the dining room! I have the identical rug, purchased in Turkey several years ago, and the dining room chairs are so similar to mine. I must belong there!

Laurie Pessemier

I liked Victoria's review (I noticed the other person from CT (like me), liked it to so it might be a regional thing... all great reviews, and a wonderful property

Jan Marquardt

I've spent 20+ years renting the cheapest chambres de bonne and dorm rooms in France while doing research. This house is like a dream rental for me, best visualized by the spacious fireplace. I would choose the November dates so it would be the center of my visit while I explored the region. Thanks for continuing to write this blog, K. As you know I've with you since nearly the beginning and love your style. Best of luck to all who enter here!


What spoke to me was the review from Camden, Maine, where they mention experiencing a beautiful authentic town away from tourism which is rare to find. The house looks so charming and I love that you can walk to the bakery etc..


The kitchen is wonderful! This place is my idea of "slow travel"..taking the time to enjoy the simple beauty of everyday life, preparing delicious fresh meals, exploring the charm of the region...parfait


This is a comment from the reviews that spoke to me, although probably not in the way the reviewer intended: "the long list of do and don'ts that accompany your rental." This is from the one negative review (note that Cynthia's reply makes it crystal clear this renter deceived her). I have stayed in many Airbnb and vrbo.com rentals in France, and I ADORE having long lists of do's and don'ts provided by the owner. How else will you know when, where, and how to leave out the trash? How will you know how to use French appliances which are often mysterious to this American who is often puzzled by machines? How else to know that you need to be quiet or can be as boisterous as you can? In short, I would be glad to have the honor of staying in Cynthia's lovely house.


Anyone who cannot pick a favorite review must not have read the one titled "warning". Amazing! Each review paints a beautiful picture of the house, town, owner, and location, but none have an element of drama like this one! I'm not sure if reviews can be removed, probably not, but if so I applaud the owner for leaving this one up. Those guests sounded cheap and trashy. Loved it! Also, the picture of all the stairs was my favorite, clearly touched by an architect!

Loui Franke

Bravo for all of the amazing reviews. The review that I am picking is from the "happy bride" from Minneapolis. It is not one of the longer elaborate reviews but it concisely gives all of the important information to include ; clean, good base to explore, charming, good management plus enough small details about the town to understand that there were no disappointments. The last detail that really speaks to me is that there are four bakeries since I have been in France long enough to realize the necessity of daily fresh baked bread. I don't think that I will ever be able to live anywhere else. :-)

Diane McPhail

"Quintessentially French". And it is. What a beautiful house. I love it's simplicity. So French. And the location is ideal. I lived in France as a student and am still in close contact with "my" family there. I have seen a lot of France over the years, but interestingly, not Provence. I would love to win this week and share the house with another lover of France who introduced me to your site. Thank you for the chance.

Terry littman

Wow what a great giveaway! You had me at the polka dot duvet! What a great place to wake up to Provence!


I liked Sylvia C. from Camden, Maine's review. This sounds like a house that I would love to stay in for a week. My wife and I love historic towns and their charm! I love the picture with the blue shutters and stone face of the house.


The reviews are all wonderful. I particularly liked Quintessentially French as they "enjoyed pretending to be French" and I can relate to that. I will post it to my social media soon. I'll have all my friends and family respond then maybe we can have a double holiday in Antibes and St.-Cannat. 😍

Thomas Rabalais

I felt the one about the 2 weeks perfectly described the property and made it personal by including the owner and manager's names. Sounds like a great place to just be.

Marcia McChesney

My favorite review was called "Great two weeks in Les Bougainvilliers!". The house sounds like a perfect Provence get-away. I spent a study abroad in Avignon in the 1970's and traveled to many of the locations near this property. It would be fun to revisit them again.

Melissa DeMarsh

Hi Kristin,
I loved the living room! It's so, well, it's so French!

Bobbi Bowman

Hi! This place looks terrific and super location as well.

the review that worked best for me was one titled Great two weeks in Les Bougainvilliers! It wasn't as flowery as some but it contained tons of useful detail info and captured some of the atmosphere as well.

Kathryn  MacCullough

Hard to choose just one review. All were informative. However, I thought that Silvia's C.'s comments were especially helpful. I see that she lives in Camden, Maine - an idyllic town on the coast. So her appreciation of St. Canat spoke to me. We vacationed in this part of France many years ago and I have often longed to return. Silvia C's words brought back memories.

Allison Page

I liked the review from Sylvia of Camden, ME (also a beautiful spot, I've heard!) because she really highlighted how the rental made it easy to participate in everyday French life. It just sounds so serene and peaceful. What a gorgeous, so quintessentially French home!

Johnette LaBorde

I always dreamed that a home in Provence would look like these photos.. my favorite photo is the one that says’ this is your view’ with the green pastures...simple, peaceful and exactly what I need

Nancy Stilwagen

The review by Vicky of Brooklyn was really good. It told me what I would want to know about a stay in Provence. Now to decide which time to go!


i liked the review from Harvey....he liked having breakfast & dinners at "home" because the produce, cheeses, etc in the markets was so wonderful.....we do the same thing when we are in France....all the reviews were great though....house sounds lovely

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