Tordre + Favorite words and win this book!
French Word-a-day: Coucou & Catastrophes!

Faire bisquer + Should this blog close-up shop?

N-Cotignac-dress shop

The sign in the lower left reads:  A VENDRE (For Sale). After I posted a question on Friday ("Should I post once-  or twice-weekly"), one reader commented that this blog might as well close up shop! The suggestion got me all riled up--which isn't such a bad place to be, when you're sitting on the fence over where you need to be....


"faire bisquer"

   : to get somebody riled, to wind them up

Ever heard the children's taunt: "Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge!"? Listen to Jean-Marc read the French, below (please check back to the blog for the sound file).

Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge! Ces mots sont utilisé pour se vanter de quelque chose devant un interlocuteur et le faire bisquer.
Bis-que, bis-que, ra-ge! These words are used to boast about something in front of someone, to get a rise out of them.

A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE... by Kristin Espinasse

No story today. Just a nostalgic look back in time. And a very BIG thank you for your warm and thoughtful and generous words following Friday's post. I was especially touched by your gratitude and humility. If only you knew how often your words have moved me!  

Vendange2004 008
The  photos that accompany today's post were inspired by another reader's comment. Michele wrote in to say that she's followed this blog since 8/9/2004!  Thank you, Michèle. Here are some snapshots from that time period....

 Mattieu's 2 ans 002 

In 2004, our kids were 6 and 8 and this blog was about to turn 2! 

Nice & Serre Chevalier 004

I began taking photos to illustrate these posts....

  Nice & Serre Chevalier 029

Do you remember some of them?

Vendange2004 004

 2004. We were living in the Medieval village of Les Arcs-sur-Argens. I wrote more about this period in my book Blossoming in Provence

Braise and Smokey, golden retriever dogs

In 2004 Smokey was but a twinkle in his mother's eye (she herself but une étincelle in our family's eyes)


I had recently left my job at a local vineyard (not this one, above), to follow my dream of writing (recounted in great detail, here). I never imagined our family would begin our own vineyard--making my newfound writing time a tug-o'-war between the keyboard and all the vineyard support (my husband needed me more than ever).

Window at shakespeare

I managed to publish French Word-A-Day and write right through it all--experiencing some glorious moments! A book with Simon and Schuster...


And a chance to speak at Shakespeare and Company in Paris!


I kept writing -- through births and deaths and health upsets


And when it all gets to be too much, I lie down and let your encouraging words nudge me, bringing me back to life and gently setting me back on track. 

Merci beaucoup pour tout!


Kristi driving ape truck

As to whether or not I should close up shop, or end this blog--you can't get rid of me that easily! Meantime, thanks so much for reading and for the encouraging words you've sent me!

I would love to know when you began reading French Word-A-Day? I started the website in October 2002, and moved began posting in blog format in 2004. Thanks for commenting here, and see you in  few days...

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Dear Kristie
I am following your blog over more than 8 years. I bought your very nice books as well and enjoyed them reading.. I really like and enjoy reding your blog.. Colorful, full of joy and enthusiasm as well as teching french for foreigners.. Please please never stop writting! And sharing your experience bit by bit with us... I was expecting new books and new products from you in 2015! Keep doing!


Turkey/ Ankara

Jackie Sand

My husband and I visited you in Les Arcs-Sur-Argens and were so moved by you and the tour you gave us of your village. Somehow I missed Friday's post. I deeply hope you are not going to give up your blog! There would be a "trou dans ma vie"!

Barb Friedman


Don't ever quit writing this blog!! I began reading it over two years ago after I had read your book and I am mad I never knew about it before! Not only do your insightful blogs give us a taste of life in France, but your photos are absolutely beautiful.

Please continue. You are a genuine, interesting,gifted writer and photographer.

Barb Friedman


I am a relatively new reader - just two years. I enjoy your lively posts. My husband just gave me two tickets to Paris for Christmas. I will get to fulfill a lifelong dream this summer. Thank you for all you have helped me learn. Wishes to you and your family for health, happiness, and success, in 2015.

Adrienne Kinkaid

I started reading your blog after reading Words In A French Life when it came out and have loved it ever since, would hate to see it end! Have enjoyed all your books. So glad you won't listen to that person who said you should close up shop. Might that be the same person who was so jealous recently?
PS Maybe someday a book tour will bring you here or I'll see you in France to give you a big hug.


"We have received your request to join the french-word-a-day
mailing list."
Dated 12 November 2004


I'll keep this simple Kristin.... Do you like what you are doing? Great! So keep writing your blog. But remember after reading this blog for so many years it's our (readers) blog now!

Polly-Vous Francais

Oh dear, please don't let one reader's negativity get to you! (Though I know how that can happen.) Think of the 99.9% of the others who LOVE your blog and whose lives have been enriched by every post for years. Carry on, bien sur! We love you.

Paul Appleyard

I must have been reading you for 10 years. Possibly more, but I can't find any evidence to confirm. We came to visit you in 2008 though, when we were on holiday in Vaison, so it was definitely before then ;-)

Sarah Barette

What a travesty it would be, not to receive your wonderful blog. I have lived (and worked) in France now for 18 years and your word a day and wonderful way with words (and camera) have helped me enormously with the language and the French way of life. I have passed it on to friends who also love it so please CARRY ON! You have done so through thick and thin, don't give up now! We love you!

Marika Ujvari

Please, please, don't stop writing!!! I have been enjoying your stories from the very beginning. I have your books, and love your photos. You are a gifted writer, Kristi,don't close up shop!!!
Marika in Colorado

Bayo Callender

I began to read your blog in 2005. I have always enjoyed it as a source of relaxed reading and picking up cool French words and phrases. I am a terribly busy person with not a lot of time to study French and I find your stories and the mix of French and English so helpful and enlightening. In my French class, others often remark on how rich my vocabulary is and as I push through to familiarize myself with sentence structures and words that I would use every day, your blog is a wonderful resource.

While I don't necessarily understand all of the demands you may have on your time, I for one enjoy your chats and discussions. It gives me an escape and even if it is just for few minutes in the day, I get a chance to join you vicariously in your many adventures. The blog works for me and I strongly encourage you to keep it up. Thank you for all of the hard work!


I began when it was blog format. I remember the puppies being born, etc. I then read posts before I began to follow, so I don't really know when I started. I love your blog.

agnes iratcabal

Surtout Kristin ne fermez pas votre blog. La française que je suis et qui adore lire vos textes en serait très triste.
Comment pourrais-je alors faire des progrès en anglais si je ne peux plus travailler en utilisant votre comment avoir des nouvelles de votre jolie famille ( chiens y compris) , cela nous manquerait trop?

Audrey Wilson

Pay no notice to one sad person who is envious of your writing skills . Too many of us would be so sad if you gave up. I have enjoyed your blog for several years now .
More power to your typing fingers !!


Chere Kristi, do not even consider giving up your blog! I read it regularly and rely on it for what little french grammar and vocal I get the chance to 'study'. I also love the stories and the pics are fabulous. I've been reading it for about 4 or 5 years, including the year we lived full time in our 'beaucoup de possibilities' French village house. My son attended the village school, is bilingual and has continued schooling (in England with a tutor) under the French curriculum, so he can go back in time for his secondary education. He's 9 and loves your blog pics, especially Smokie pics and the pics of the sea and the vineyards (our place is in the Languedoc, so similar scenery to yours - we miss it so much when we are not there. We are working on a way of financing longer stays and eventually permanent residence, like you have done. Do not consider ending your blog, there are too many reasons we would miss it!!! L.

Maureen McNichol

Dear Kristie,
My daughter and I adore your blog! We are relatively new to it, just a few months. However, we would be devastated if your delightful words in both French and English were silenced. Please continue!

Felipe Adan Lerma

I don't remember which year, I was subscribed back in the 2000s, lost track for awhile, then re-signed up. Either way, if "you" want to continue, that's the issue :-) I personally hope you do (smiles).

Petra Douma

Don't close up shop! If people don't like your blog they can stop reading it. You certainly don't have to stop writing it! Plenty of people love your blog (including me). I have been reading it for two years and have bought two of your books. Keep it up!


I began reading when you began writing. Please don't stop. I look so forward to your posts.
Warm regards,

Kay Hutchison

Please do not close blog. I always read and enjoy it. A great way to learn new words !

Laurie Pessemier

I like your blog -- I subscribed in about 2010, then unsubscribed, then resubscribed six months later. It's like that: love, waver, love again.
I have a blog, too, and get riled when people unsubscribe, but often it has nothing to do with me. I like to write about what we do and send out paintings (ours is a more visual) and will likely do it until I have fifty subscribers. Keep on, if you feel like it -- and you can always take a vacation. Laurie

Paul, Dublin

Don't you dare stop! Your email, whenever it arrives, is always a good read. Unsubscribe the fool who made that negative comment.

Laurie Pessemier

ps. I have 1000+ subscribers right now, but would do it until I get to the last 50


I love your blog! Your critics should take a hike! I share your writings with children and grandchildren and friends! I look forward to everyone of your posts!


I began following you around 2011.

Looking forward to following you for many more years!

Life just wouldn't be the same without your blog.

Your writing style is easy to follow and the photos are a big plus!

By sharing your life so honestly you show the common bonds we humans have...wherever and whoever we are.

Please continue your blog.

Your loyal reader,
West Palm Beach, Florida

Bruce Bartrug

I can't remember when I started to read your blog, but I wouldn't stop. You can publish on it four times a week if you'd like, just don't stop blogging! Reading about your life in Aix, where I spent some time while researching the illustrations for a book about Peyruis, is a marvelous connection to a culture anyone could fall in love with. Here's the illustrations from Peyruis, and I bet you can recognize the one from the Aix area: Cheers, BAB

Tim Downs

We were living in Bouaké, Côte d'Ivoire when I came across "Word of the Day" in 2002. I even began archiving them for review at a later date. With the war in 2002, we finally moved to Yamoussoukro in 2004. I still read and often archive the posts. Really enjoy them all and love the pix.


Hello Kristi, I began reading your blog shortly after I discovered your book "Words.." 2006 or shortly after. I started for the French, but have become very attached to the stories, feelings and insights. They are priceless.

You have no idea what a jewel you are.


I believe I started following your blog after I moved to Maine in 2005! You were a breath of fresh air to this invalide recovering at home, in a new place after botched surgery. Merci beaucoup for you help in maintaining my read and written French, Kristin. I could not have done it without you, Stay the course!



Quote..."Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth"


"your help" I must stop proofing AFTER the fact!

Rita Davis

I can't remember when I started following your blog but I would say that it was in 2004. Love to read everything you have to say and so much appreciate to be able to bask in everything you say and show.
Thanks for sharing so openly and endearingly....

Tish tyler

Hi Kristi,
Noooooo - please don't close up shop! Even once a month would be preferable to none.
I wish I could remember how long I've been reading. It was before the attack on Smokey. I was at your reading at Shakespeare and Company and can even see my reflection in the mirror to your left in the photo!
Please dont't pay attention to negative comments. Take whatever breaks you need, but please don't go.😊


Kristin, I am pretty sure I have been following your blog since early 2003 if not 2002. Emily (my daughter was in 1st grade, and I think her and Max are the same age). I haven't been regular as the years have taken their toll but I always try to come back and catch up. I have enjoyed watching your family grow up and move....along with mine. If I could go back to the first few posts I can probably pinpoint the exact date....but I don't think that is possible! Keep writing and I will keep reading!


I have also been following this blog since around 2003/2004. Please don't stop but write on the frequency that life allows right now. Merci beaucoup pour tous!

Romeo Danais

In the immortal words of Sir Winston Churchill, "Never, Never, Never give up"

Your blog is affecting thousands of people positively, we all want you to continue, why would you want to quit?

Some live their lives vicariously through your escapades, would you take that away from them?

Keep your chin and your attitude up and proceed along telling us about your; husband's adventures in wine, your growing kids, your dogs and you. We all love it.


Monica Gfrorer

I started reading your blog 8-10 years ago. I love your blog and your photos. Thank you for sharing your life with us and giving us a taste of France.

Jane Govatos

I have enjoyed reading your blog for the past year. I find it interesting. You thoughts remind me of my experience living in France. Many humorous, others not so humorous as a neophyte speaker. I am now bilingual and work at keeping my skills current. Yes, you should continue to write. You have experienced a great deal of changes and stresses this year. Write once a month for several months and take time for yourself. Things will become more clear. Sometime, we need a little space to breath. I look forward to your blog and I have read your books. Bon chance!

Angela Sargent

Please don't stop writing Kristi.
I cannot remember how long I've been reading but it must be 10 years. I buy your books and always look for your email,then save it until lunchtime!
Thank you for all you have done to keep the essence of France alive for those of us who don't live there and we've learned so much!

Roger Anderson

Kristin, I discovered your blog about the time that you and your husband began your vineyard as I recall. I was interested in learning more French vocabulary since my wife and I first visited Paris in 2001. Although I had taken Adult Ed. French classes, I was interested in the premise of your blog. I soon found myself following the continuing saga of the restoration of the vineyard, your interactions with your growing children, the adventures of Braise and her puppies, and now the new adventures in your new home with a new vineyard and maturing children. I really hope we will be able to follow the new adventures of you and your family however often you decide to write about them.

P.S. I have always looked forward to your photos that so well illustrate your blogs. You have an eye for a good photograph.

Johnette LaBorde

Good morning Kristin, I look forward to ready your blog- I love seeing all the photos of your family, your home, photos of places around France ,Smokey and Blaize and the the places you go....I love it ! and crazy as it sounds , I almost feel like we are friends . I would to be able to meet you and have a glass of your wine.

Please continue doing your blog and photographing France

All the best..


I've been reading from early on, from before y'all bought the land for the vineyard I know.....always loooking for anything re france....and since then, my daughter married a frenchman & I have a half french grandbaby! So my wildest dreams have come true as I have always loved france & wanted to spend more time I have an excuse or 3....thanks for sharing glimpses of your life


I began reading your blog just before moving to Metz, France, 3 1/2 years ago. I find it a charming blog. I enjoy your photos, too! Thanks!

Judith Harris

And why does this person continue to read a blog that he/she thinks should be discontinued? Hmmmmm.....
I've been reading your blog since 2002, two years after I retired from teaching French. It helps me keep my skills. I love the photography. I like that you are not afraid of sensitive issues, current events, revealing your insecurities ( and telling us how you overcome them), and how you find inspiration in unusual places. I see myself in many of these blogs and I'm sure that other readers do as well. I relate very often to your accounts of parenting stages, challenges, hopes, frustrations, and celebrations of accomplishment. Your relationship with your mother often resonates with me as well.


I have been reading your blog since your first book was published My daughter and I have shared so many moments of living vicariously through your words and pictures. The loss of our time spent with you would truly be a loss of a friend. We have both visited Paris, and I have visited Lyon and surrounding villages with a french friend who has a family home there. Your blog is a pleasant reminder and a further education of the time we have spent in France. I hope one day she and I can meet you in person. Just know, your words bring joy and comfort to one who wishes to be again in your lovely country. I feel closer just reading your blog each time.


I started reading about 4 years ago, when I went back to work teaching French after my divorce. I was incorporating a "Mot du jour" every day in my classes and was running out of ideas. Once I stumbled onto your blog, I was hooked! Keep up the great work... I always look forward to your new posts and I've learned so many new words!

Betty Bailey

I have enjoyed your blog for at least 8 years and have bought your books. I will continue to read you as long as you write your charming posts!


I've been following your blog for at least the past five years. It's very enjoyable and I learn a lot, not just new words but about the French culture as well. Love the photos and stories of your adventures. Keep on blogging!

Alison Johnston


Your blog inspired me to publish my book "Thyme in my Pocket" and I have always love reading your stories! You have to have courage to do things in spite of criticism and set backs. Your life is dynamic! The only time to change is when YOU are ready. Grumpy people are discouragers! Merci la francaise! Alors, bon courage avec ta choix! For me, I would really miss your blog! Bisous, Alison Johnston, Sauve

Maureen McCormick

Kristi, please continue the blog, even if once a week! I would miss you so much. You are more than words in my Francophone adventure. You are an inspiring and courageous woman.


I have only been reading your blog for a year, but absolutely love it. I used to get to France more regularly, but can no longer travel because my partner has some serious health issues. I really enjoy having France "come to me" and your talent for writing and willingness to share your life are so welcome. I hope you will keep writing and sharing your photographs.


Close up shop?? I can't imagine what would have prompted that! As an American still living in the US, I thrill with every post you write, imagining having the courage to leave it all and move to France. Your view of what it's like is something that I think we all really enjoy, because it's truthful, behind the scenes stuff that we can't get anywhere else. At least 2 friends of mine follow your blog and more than you'd expect, we mention something that came up, you know, on Kristin's blog. Like we know you. And I think that's where you're truly a success. You make your readers feel like they know you and your family. Don't you dare stop.

Joe Fusco

Kristin, I started following French-Word-A-Day when your first book, which I bought, was published. You will have to do the math on that one, since the years more or less run together as our kids are well into adulthood. :-)
We've been to France a couple of times during that period and, as Anthony Bourdain would say, are hungry for more.
I love your site and will follow devotedly as long as it is written and I am around to read it. :-)
Merci infiniment,

Ally Davis

Lovely photos! Can't remember how long I have been reading your blog but it is an important part of my week!

Jackie Durham

Cher Kristi! I didn't get the post about the unkind words, but not everybody loves us or what we say or do, so don't give up the blog, Charlie, evidently many love you. I love starting my days with your blogs ever since I met you and Jean-Marc in 2011 at your home in St. Chapelle, and later having a chance to sit next to you at dinner at the villa where I was staying, and talking about Arizona and Oklahoma. And having a chance to talk with Jean-Marc one-on-one when he delivered the wine. I felt like I got to know you both a little. I got to pet your dogs and see your kids on the run, so I feel you're a bit like family writing home in your blog telling me what's going on in your life as life goes on for me here in Virginia. Quite likely a lot of people feel this way. This is your talent and way of service. Your open, honest, human blogs are so refreshing that show us sometimes we succeed, sometimes we fail, but we go on. You inspire us. This is your way of spreading the good and goodwill that we all need in our lives around the world, especially in this time. Personally, your photos bring back the memories and love I have for Provence and France. If you love writing the blog, Kristi, don't put down the pen, and I will continue to look forward to each one. Merci, Jackie


I enjoy your blog immensely, and as long as YOU enjoy writing it, you should keep going. As a writer I understand how hard it can be to constantly feel pressure to turn out work, so if you want to publish just twice or once a week you should do that. Above all, keep it fun for yourself. Ok, and this reader hopes you'll keep going!

Does the blog name, "French Word a Day," still fit? Since your focus is wonderfully aimed at French culture and your life in France, I wonder if "French Word" is adequate to describe the beautiful prose and thoughtful observations--both cultural and personal--in your blog.

P.S. I've been reading since about 2010.

Karen Brown

I cannot imagine you shutting down this blog - I started reading it in 2005, and have read every post since. Your blog feels like home. I moved in 2013 from Minnesota to Georgia and this blog has been my constant. I have visited France many times and seen places you have mentioned in your blog. That if it were not for your blog I may never have seen many of those places. Please keep blogging......

Eileen Wiley

isn't it ironic how we often pay alot of attention to the few (ONE!) negative comments and not hear all the positive comments!?
How many people want your blog to continue?
Hands up!............................................................


Your writing came into my world in 2009. I was studying French daily, in preparation for my first cycle tour there, and a friend gave me a copy. Found your blog several years later, and am still reading it, still studying the language daily, and (very happily) spending close to a month annually traveling by bike in France.

Love your blog! It's fun, informative, good photos, and sends the rest of us a little slice if life in Le Sud. Thanks!

Mady Newfield

I started reading in 2009 and have enjoyed your stories and photographs. I lived in France for two years right after I got married, more than 30 years ago, but what you write and show brings back lovely memories, and keeps me in touch with a country that I love. There is no need to write the blog daily, or even weekly if it is a stress on your life, but please know that I would miss it, and I would enjoy continued postings whenever you get to them.
avec mes meilleurs voeux,


Kristi, I have been a dedicated follower since 2007. at the beginning I would read your posts with my cat Harley cozied up in my lap, enjoying my tea. Such a delightful start to my day. I can't believe it has been this long! And that you have been so dedicated to US for as long as you have. You brighten my week. I have longed to visit France for as long as I can remember and have yet to make it there. You have been my first 'real' connection to a place that feels like my undiscovered second home.
Mille fois merci, Kristi!

Ninon Flasch

My coworker and I are very new to your blog. Not even know how I found you. I receive a "word of the day" in Spanish and wanted something like that in French. Somehow I found you maybe about 6 months ago or so? Like so many of your readers I hope you continue teaching us and letting us into your life. I too have a Golden Retriever and seeing your pictures always makes me think of mine. And to the person who said you should close shop I say, you should stop reading instead of depriving us of a wonderful email be that once or twice a week!!!! Disregard stupid comments from ignorant people. We the people have spoken and we want you to continue!!!!! :):):)

Stephanie Seguin

Please don't close up shop! I started reading a few years ago when I wanted to "get my French back." Your blogs are lovely and informative!

Peggy Welborn

I still have the box cover from the 3 small books you sent me from Les Arcs - each morning when I make coffee,I look at that cover, hanging on the wall, and smile at the whimsical stamps, thinking of how far you have come since living there. Please don't shut down - you are my only connection to my love of France/Provence.


My memory is not as precise as Michele's, but I began following before talk of your first book, so I suppose it was around 2005. Your blog was recommended to me, by a fellow "conversational French" classmate (I was trying to re-kindle / maintain French language skills that I hadn't used in many years and she was doing the same, both of us having moved from French-speaking countries). I began following for educational reasons and got hooked and continue to follow for that as well as entertainment and "virtual friendship". I'm often envious of your adventurous spirit and bravery to share your life and try new things. You are an inspiration and an example of how people of all backgrounds, ages and experiences can connect without ever having met in person. You provide support to your blog-followers and they, in turn, support you.

Bill Goff

Dear Kristi,

I love and your blog and look forward to them each week. I have been receiving them since 2010 when someone in our French group told us about it. Don't stop….ever!!!!

Jackie Layton

I didn't discover you until 2014, but I've enjoyed stopping by here every time you post. I'm so glad you're not giving up.


Stop blogging! Mais non!
Your blog will eventually get me to France or it may be as close as I ever come.

Mim (Richmond, VA)

Close up shop! Oh please, do not listen to grumpy people! Post when you can or want to, that's what I say. I've often thought of not keeping my blog/s going because I figure no one will miss them. I don't have a huge amount of viewers, and then I think, Why NOT keep it going? I don't have to do it daily, but I can do it whenever I like. It keeps me in a regular practice of archiving, if nothing else. In your case, those of us who can't get back to visit France or who don't use the French language regularly in our lives really enjoy your writing and photos. I hope you keep posting, even if only occasionally, Kristi. Don't leave us!


I'm not sure when I started receiving your emails, but it's probably only been three years. I'm afraid I'm going to lose this email account, so I'm going to change to my "grammy goodwill" email. Please don't stop. I love reading your posts.

Marcia Stoub

I have been following your wonderful stories since 2010. I do not speak French, have never studied French but I love French words.So your blog gives me the opportunity to try and say the words but more important to listen to them said via audio file. I have read all of your books more than once and love them more each time through. Your stories are full of honesty, emotion and beautiful descriptions of life. When I see your blog pop up in my "inbox" it is the first thing I read. Thank you Kristin for all the joy you bring through your writing!!


I have been following your blog for about 9 months and I beg you not to close up shop! I live in Chicago and your blog is a little slice of heaven for when I need to "get away" for a few minutes. Thank you for the time and effort you put into this blog and for the wonderful stories and pictures you bring us. I'm a dog person and I smile every time you post pics of your pups.


You, will decide when and if to change the frequency your blog is updated. I have decided to read every post you make because I enjoy the photos and the story about your wonderful life in France.

Tim Yocum

I started reading your messages about 5 years ago, and I'd love to see them continue. But on your terms; if it were me, twice a week would be about right. Let the complainers try doing a word a DAY if they want to.
My wife and I have been to your area several times on vacation--loved especially Bandol and la Ciotat--and we get to return with every one of your thanks for all your hard work!


Hello dear followers of Kristi, i just started a twitter hashtag #nevergiveupkristiespinasse
please support it!
Kristi's twitter acct @kristiespinasse
This blog should continue :)


I hope you don't consider stopping the blog, I'd miss seeing it in my inbox.

Hope your arm is healing nicely.

Thank you. Elaine

Virginia Kairys

Oh my goodness you must not close up shop!! How awful to suggest such a thing. Your blog is not only generously informative in the best of ways, there is an underlying humanity and honesty. It is by turns touching, funny, sad, beautiful, inspiring.....and we learn so much.
Thank you so much for your all of your tireless work. I so greatly appreciate it. And twice a week would be fine too.
All best to you and your wonderful family.


A friend in Tacoma suggested I take up reading it. The year was 2013, I believe. I appreciate and delight in following the journey you and your family are on. You are an inspiration for all things beautiful in our world. Enjoy ~


i have been starting my days for many years reading your blogg. It always puts me in a great frame of mind. Stay the course as mornings would be empty without you.


Kristi, firstly, I will say how much I love the bottom two photos in this post -- the one of you with all the puppies leaving their mom and rushing over to you, and the charming Audrey Hepburn-esque photo in the truck. I have been following your beautiful blog since the winter of 2006. I was in the midst of planning my wedding and honeymoon. In fact, my fiancé (now husband) and I spent a lot more time preparing our travel plans to France than the wedding itself. After visiting Paris and the many adorable towns in the south of France (as well as your neighbourhood), I found myself falling deeper in love with my new husband, as well as with France. I call the latter a life-long affair about which I don't feel guilty in the least. Your blog continues to bolster that love. You inspire me so much! Your deep, sincere writing, your photos, and your talent for putting it all together and presenting it to us so perfectly are incredible. Even more so, I love reading about the perfectly imperfect stories that you have shared with us throughout those years. I will always remember the reaction I and many of your readers shared after reading about a deep secret you harboured for so long, without ever giving us so much as a hint as to what was happening in your personal life. And yet, we had been reading about your private life all along! I see this as a unique talent and skill, and one to which I aspire, to tell my tales without revealing what I am not ready to reveal, yet without holding back. Your stories continue to remind me to seek Grace amidst the daily chaos, to find those nuggets of beauty when life feels mundane. I'm so glad that you are keeping this blog! Thank you for doing the work that you do. Please continue to inspire us.

phyllis Morton

Dear Kristi. I must have started when it was your web site, everyday. I think I still have the envelopes, with stamps, from your first 2 or 3 ? self published books, posted by you. I have those as well as the Simon Shuster book and the latest on my IPad. I have sent my French friend Nicole Lidje to your site, she sent granddaughters who were taking French in school. Also another friend who spent several years living in France. Your choice must work for you and yours. Luck always.


I started reading your blog in 2005. I started reading to keep up on my French and then soon after I found out we were moving to Germany! I minored in French and had no clue how to speak German! But I traveled to France frequently while we lived in Europe. I have enjoyed reading about all of your journeys through all the journeys of my own. Thank you for sharing all these years! Looking forward to many more.

Is you heart still in it?


I don't remember how long I've been reading but it's been year and years. Well before the puppies.

Don't let one disgruntled reader spoil your joy. That person can simply unsubscribe. The rest of your readers love what you do.
But if you feel the pressure to blog is becoming a burden and chore, then you must stop. I hope you don't.

Gail R.

Kristen, I started following your blog before the establishment of Rouge-Bleu. Before Smokey. Anyone who thinks you should "close up shop" perhaps should "close their own shop" and just not read your blog, leaving the rest of us to continue to learn from it. We are blessed by it both in life-lessons and by the French words contained therein.

Dane Wells

I am guessing that I started the reading the blog about 2008ish.

I speak a bit of French, though not well enough. You provide a most enjoyable and perfect way to add improving touches!

But what I really love are the stories and most of all the photographs. I live in Center City Philadelphia, and we don't see too much of the rural life here, so allow me to continue living life precariously.

Cheers, Dane


I think it must be when your kids were about 8 -10, certainly long before the puppies. That's how mothers seem to gauge time - by how old their kids were at the time! I love your blog and especially the beautiful photos, keep it up as long as it brings you happiness. It certainly makes lots of other people happy.

Cynthia Gillespie-Smith

Kristi, your blog has touched thousands of people who would GREATLY miss it. For some it is their main "French Connection". I encourage you to continue entertain, inform and brighten our lives -- they would not be the same without French-Word-a-Day. Don't let one rotten apple spoil it for the rest of us. Please.


Hello dear followers of Kristi's blog. I just started a twitter hashtag #nevergiveupkristiespinasse please support it. You can also follow
Kristi's twitter acct @kristiespinasse.
This blog should continue :)



sue j.

no stopping now, ma soeur. we are too invested. (meanwhile -- the shot of Pradel Vin? That is the name of the retiring mayor of our town. Don't know him personally but hope to share your photo with him one day.) keep up the good work -- and you might consider, for your own pleasure, looking into Great way to upload pictures (and copy) into a book. You have so many charming photographs of France. I have no affiliation with them but have created a couple of books this way for family.

Terry Potter

Kristi, you are a joy every day you publish.
My daughter alerted me of your blog 2 or 3 years ago and your thoughts are the first thing I read the day you post. Even before the sports blogs! You are now a friend who I don't want to miss, so please.....keep writing. Terry

Denise Givens

Kristi, I don't remember when I first subscribed to the blog, perhaps around 2008. I found you from reading Bonjour Paris which I found from reading Joe Brancatelli, etc.! I don't comment often but love reading about your life through your posts. Publish as often as you feel you can but please don't stop!


Hi Kristin, I've been following you *before* you moved to blog format, before you had the dogs or pups, and the kids were really small. You used to post 5 days a week at the time, and my love for French was brand new at the time, so your posts meant a big deal to me. Gradually, my love for French waned, but meanwhile I was captivated by French country life so I continued to subscribe and the 3 day format suited me just fine.

This is a problem with most jobs - sooner or later we stop learning and growing and it begins to feel like a chore. But we have to keep on plugging on. I think twice a week is fine, specially in this age of information overload. But if you shut it down, you may never get it back, so that would be a drastic step to take.

On the other hand, no blog has lasted this long, so you've already set an unbeatable record and maybe the universe is nudging you in the elbow to tell you to move on? I hope not. I'm sort of looking forward to the college graduations, the grandchildren, and to generally growing old with you.

In any case, I wish you all the best, dear Kristin.


John Patte

A client of mine put me onto your blog around 2010-2011, in connection with a trip we were planning to France. We made the trip, and enjoyed it very much. I've continued to enjoy your blogs since then, although to be honest, I doubt that they have had any effect on my ability to speak French. I would miss it if you stopped. As an earlier comment said, if you enjoy writing the blog, then continue doing what you enjoy. If not, well we will miss you but understand.


I have been reading your blog religiously since 2004 (when I was in my mid 50s) and you are partially responsible for my progress in French. The rest is due to study and because I went to live in the overseas territory of St Pierre et Miquelon for almost 4 years. As far as your continuing the blog - you need to do what pleases you. If writing the blogs feeds your soul, then continue. If it is stressing you, if it is no longer fun, if it is draining you - then stop. We will miss you and your family dearly but your health and happiness are more important than pleasing your readers. I personally hope you continue because your writings have brought me much pleasure over the years.


NO, NO and again NO!!! But it is up to YOU whether or not you continue-just remember that you have folks out there that appreciate your words and pictures. I live vicariously through you, I am a grandmother, mother(duh)that would love to travel and see things that are not the things just around me here(I live in Texas & am a TEXAN). So PLEASE do NOT close up shop.. As to when I started I really do not remember but it has been several years, I know that there was a mix up and I had to re-subscribe to you. Merci, Danke, Mahalo.

Tonya McNair

If you truly want to please us...your real must do what we say, right? And, that means that you must keep writing and photographing and living in France for those of us who only dream of living where you are!!
Love you!

Johanna DeMay

Chère Kristi,

I have followed your blog since 2006. In 2010 when my husband and I cycled through Provence, we took a long detour to St. Cécile in order to meet you for coffee. Over the years we've loved sharing your adventures, watching you and your family grow. Along with thousands of people across the planet, we have been enriched by your humor, your generosity and your talent. We love you and will continue to treasure our connection to your French life.

As for the petty, mean-spirited person who suggested you close up shop, I have a simple suggestion for him/her:
"Click here to unsubscribe."


Johanna & Will DeMay

Cynthia M

I began following this blog in late 2002. We had recently moved to a new military post in Germany and deployments were looming on the horizon. (Boy, what we didn't know then!) Your blog (the first one I ever followed) gave me a little escape every few days from the grey/damp of Bavaria and the stressors of being a military spouse. Several deployments and seven moves later, I still smile when I open up your email and wonder what's up with Team Espinasse this week :)

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