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Serendipity in French: un heureux hazard

risk in French + an update from Kristi

Jackie is doing well in Paris. Max is making friends in Portland. Our dogs are healthy! I am feeling myself again. And Jean-Marc? Read on....

aléa (noun, masculine)

    : risk, hazard, chance

les aléas du métier = the risks of the trade
après bien des aléas = after many ups and downs

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A DAY IN A FRENCH LIFE ... by Kristin Espinasse

Sometime last year the editor of a France culture and lifestyle magazine asked to visit, to learn about our special vineyard in Bandol. I agreed, secretly imposing three conditions on this meeting:

1. our house be in order
2. our dogs, controlled
3. and my husband, present

Had I known I could count on only one of these elements (the dogs) I might have called the whole thing off and took up residence in the pigeonnier -- to babble misquoted scripture to my feathered sympathizers: "Look to no man! Look to no man! Look to no man!!!

Boy, would that ever be ungrateful! For if I hadn't trusted one man from the beginning, we would never have ended up here. I leave you with a feature article published in France Today, and more about that man....

Download France Today article, here

A photo to cool you down on a hot day: taken above the Seine river in Paris. If you enjoyed today's post, please forward to a friend. Merci beaucoup!

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