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Faire de son mieux - to do one's best


France's own 007 and his sleek getaway car. Oh, if getting away from our villains were that easy! Read on....

TODAY'S WORD: faire de son mieux

    : to do one's best

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Faire de son mieux. On peut toujours faire de son mieux.
To do one's best. One can always do his best.

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by Kristin Espinasse

Ma raison d'être?

In light of so much disheartening news, I keep asking myself the same question: what are we to do? What is, after all, something we can do? And, on a more personal level, what am I here to do?

To this last inquiry, I keep getting the same three-word response: do your best.

For the most part, this simple concept (one most have learned by the age of 7? 12?...) is helping. I have a clearer sense of direction and am more easily able to find peace. There are exceptions, as in right this moment--sitting here trying to find my words while being tortured to MADNESS by an unphilosophic fly!  

(Back now, after chasing la mouche around my bedroom - and failing to coax it out the window via a batting of expletives.)

Faire de son mieux. It is what I have done over and again this week, whether battling flies or resolving to go to tonight's 007 costume party. (All it took to motivate me was another simple question: what is the true purpose? To have an appropriate costume? Or to celebrate a friend's birthday--Yes-THAT IS IT!  I will now venture out of my comfort zone (a would-be cozy evening at home - loose pajamas, no makeup, no heels  and no small talk!) and focus on somebody else's happiness.

It could be argued that one's raîson d'être or "reason for being" involves much, much more than dressing up as James BLOND (that is the best I could come up with!) but I am taking each hurdle as it comes. And this little experiment seems to be working! Looking up, I see that two-bit fly is nowhere in sight - and I am now done with my short story offering for today!  Bon courage to you as you venture forth today and whatever it is you are facing...

Souvenez-vous de faire de votre mieux! Remember to just do your best.  


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Faire de son mieux. In addition to doing one's best, we need to accept help, when needed, from others! Smokey, your glasses are on straight now. But the question remains: At tonight's theme party...will they know it is you -- and not me -- behind those sunglasses? Just kidding. I'll go. I'LL GO!

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