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A realization + Bon bout d'an in English


TODAY'S FRENCH WORDS: Bon bout d'an!

    : Happy end of the year!

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Bon bout d'an. Il est de tradition, en Provence,  de souhaiter un "bon bout d'an"  à la fin de l'année. Happy end of the year. It is a tradition, in Provence, to wish a "good end of the year" at the end of the year.

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    by Kristin Espinasse

The end of the year is quickly approaching and I ask myself the same tormenting question: What to write about? 

Instead of worrying too much about the answer, maybe I can stop and give thanks. Especially thanks to you for taking the time to read my stories. If it weren't for this journal and your readership I would not have the motivation to write. And though I still don't know if I love writing (writing which so often incarnates itself as a living, breathing pest or a mean gym coach always shouting, "One more situp!" I do enjoy the freedom that writing gives, a release from so many fragmented sentences that occupy my mind at the approach of another deadline. The worst is how most of those sentence fragments never pan out. And the story is swept back into the abyss, like a child swept out to sea

Thinking about it--all those unfinished sentences clambering in my mind--they all might go away if I changed careers in the new year! Gone would be the writing deadline, and that would be that

But isn't that the lazy man's attitude? Which brings me to the realization, finally, of why I write: because the discipline is good for me, and because, overall, writing is a positive exercise. 

I didn't mean to talk about writing, in this, the last post of the year. But doing so makes me realize.... (I was going to go on, but, on second thought, that is not a fragmented or unfinished sentence, that last one. It is a full stop answer. To fully appreciate its meaningfulness, I'll pause now and look up the definition....)

    to realize: to understand and to become aware of something.

Oui! C'est ça! 

Wishing each of you a bon bout d'an, as we say in our neck of the Provencal woods. May you realize many things in the new year! And may these awarenesses help you and help others too.



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