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Back in France and a Writing Tip

Amicalement + Farewell & How To Say Goodbye in French

In case I did not say a proper goodbye, before leaving to see my family in Mexico, I offer you now dozens of au revoirs to make up for it! The next post will go out around March 10th. Miss you already!


(kee-tay) verb
  1. to leave, to quit
  2. to give up, vacate, forsake
  3. to exit


Hear Jean-Marc pronounce today's quote: Download wav

Il faut se quitter souvent pour s'aimer toujours.
You need to leave each other often to love each other forever.


I am fascinated with farewells (of the e-mail kind) when I'm not downright fussing over how to end my own courriels. Signing off after even the briefest note is cause for over-reflection, and I sometimes stare for minutes at the blank screen before relying on the same old (boring?) standby:


While gros bisous still sounds a little too intimate, I ask myself if tchao--something I love the sound and French spelling of--isn't a bit hip or sort of pretentious sounding (tchao darling!)? Oh well, I never know, but I am game to try all of the farewells noted below.  I hope you will too!

Ways to sign-off or say goodbye in French:

à bientôt = (see) you soon
à très bientôt = (see) you real soon
adieu = goodbye (forever)
affectueusement = affectionately (love)
à la prochaine = until next time
à tout à l'heure = toodeloo
amicalement = (literally: "in a friendly way") yours, best wishes, regards
amitiés = (amitié = friendship) yours, best wishes, regards
amitiés sincères = sincere regards
à plus (or "à+" or "@+") = later
au plaisir = with the pleasure of seeing you again
au revoir = goodbye
avec toute mon amitié = with all my friendship
bien à toi = yours
bien à vous = yours
bien affectueusement = yours affectionately
bien amicalement = best wishes
bien amicalement à vous = best wishes to you
bien cordialement = warmly
bien des choses à tous = best to all
bien/très respectueusement = with much respect
bisous = kisses

bisous à tous = kisses to all
bonne continuation = keep up the good work
bonne journée = have a nice day
bons baisers = big kisses
cordialement = cordially
d'un (d'une) ami(e) = from a friend
encore merci = thanks again
grosse bise = big kiss
gros bisous = big kisses

je serai toujours là pour vous = I'll always be there for you
je t'embrasse (je vous embrasse) = big kiss, with love
je t'embrasse très fort = great big kiss, with lots of love
meilleures salutations = best salutations
meilleurs sentiments = best wishes
merci = thanks
mes amitiés = my best wishes, my best regards
mes salutations respectueuses = yours faithfully
mille baisers = a thousand kisses
plein de baisers = lots of kisses
salut = bye
salutations = salutations
salutations distinguées = distinguished salutations
tchao (also à tchao!) = ciao, bye
tendresse = fondly
tiens bon (tenez bon) = take care, hang in there
ton ami(e) = your friend
toute mon amitié = very best wishes
très cordiales salutations = warm salutations
votre ami(e) = your friend

...and last, but not least:
Ciao for now!
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Have a wonderful trip. Miss you too already!

Alyssa Eppich

Merci pour toutes les good byes in French! I, too, am always stumped at the end of a letter. Alyssa


For emails to good friends I always write "bises," or "bisous"!

Stan T

Bon voyage Kristi!

Julie Farrar

Merci beaucoup for this extensive list. I'm going to save it to my computer so I have an option for all kinds of communications.

Lynn McBride

Who knew there were so many ways to part?! A good French lesson. I will add one more, which is a sort of prelude to good-bye: Allez. It often precedes good-bye, as in "Allez, à bientôt. In this instance it means "off we go", or "I'm outta here".
Allez, bon voyage!
Lynn at Southern Fried French

Adeline Richarson Reunion Island

Enjoy your holidays and have a very nice stay!

Na r'trouve! "see you soon" in Reunionese Creole!

Lynn McBride

Who knew there were so many ways to part?! A good French lesson. I will add one more, which is a sort of prelude to good-bye: Allez. It often precedes good-bye, as in "Allez, à bientôt. In this instance it means "off we go", or "I'm outta here".
Allez, bon voyage!
Lynn at Southern Fried French

Marie-Louise LaFond



Love this list! Would also add "Mille bises" which I have also seen.
Un grand merci, Kristi.

gwyn ganjeau

Wishing you safe travels and blissful moments with family!

faye lafleur

Appreciate the French lesson! Bon voyage!


Un excellent moyen pour indiquer à droite, bonnes vacances, Jk


"Tantôt" in belge.

Kathleen from Connecticut

Thanks for all of the salutations and ways to say good bye. I have always been stumped as to what to say.
We will also be in Mexico, but on the other coast. We shall both enjoy the warm weather and for us, maybe come back to spring. You already have your spring with flowers blooming.


Diane W. Young

Sacre bleu! I wonder how many ways they have to say hello. Their farewells make me think we Americans are really lazy in comparison.
Have a wonderful visit to Mexico.
Bisous a toi


Our dearest Kristi,
We now have something wonderful to look forward to:
your next post when you get back!
Missing you but wishing you a wonderful time!
Our love to dear Jules and John,and,of course to all of you.
In our prayets always
Natalia. XO

PS Awesome vocabulary today!!THANK YOU !!!

Suzanne Dunaway

Mon problem est --- Je ne suis heureuse avec "goodbyes"....
Well, there are some that seem welcome, but very few make me truly happy, especially those with good friends and loved family members.
But, yes, a little time apart makes for a rich 'together'...
(says she, who has never been apart from her honey for one day in 25 years, and LOVES it!).

David Eidelman

Thanks for your ways to say goodbye. I often use "chaleureusement" when I write to the French family with which I have stayed . and with whom I am close.....They sign their letter to me with things like "gros bisous" which makes me feel good, but I wonder if "chaleureusement" fits here...Should I keep using it or is something else more appropriate. Thanks!


"à tchao" sounds like a French sneeze!!!

Cynthia Lewis

Have a wonderful, wonderful visit with your family in Mexico!

Mes amitiés à tous, Cynthia


Thank you for all of these greetings!! Hoping your trip is ever so blessed! God bless, C-Marie

Kristin Espinasse

Thank you all for taking the time to comment and for the lovely wishes. Having a wonderful time with my family. Photos on Facebook.... 😀😘


Tchao sounds a lot like the Italian ciao and also the German tschüss. I heard it often when visiting my daughter in Germany. In many languages, perhaps a goodbye is a promise to return?

Marti Hinman

Profitez bien de votre séjour avec votre joli maman en Mexique.
Merci pour la list des expressions utiles.

Bon voyage! Buen viaje a Mexico lindo y querido!

Bien amicalement à vous.



That was one of the most useful things you have ever posted. Merci mil fois!

Andrea Hughes

Perhaps you were referring to: "a plus tard" meaning "later"....
I used to use that a lot when I lived in Paris. When I email my cousin, I use: "gros bisous" most often for my closing.
The diversity of options is rather fun and gives you a chance to mix it up a little!

Andrea Hughes

Bon sejour au Mexique!


So happy for you! Makes me wish I was on Facebook, but I am not. Love your blog!!

Kristin Espinasse

You will find a few photos from my trip at Instagram (Google Instagram Kristin Espinasse). Many thanks.

Audrey Wilson

So useful !!! My only two endings are "amicalement & bisous " As for ending letters to officialdom well !!
Glad you were able to meet up with family .It is good when one's family is far flung .Mine are in the UK, and the USA and to get together is a major organisational feat.
Good to see you back
Tchao !!! Audrey
or TTFN ( abit of English slang!)

Helen Keniston Oney

This is *very* useful. Thank you!


Oh, yes officialdom! When I studied in France 40+ years ago they taught us that if we needed to write to a professor, it was "Mon très cher et bien estimé docteur professeur . . . " And on the other end, like something out of the 18th century, roughly (oh, how one forgets, with lack of use!), "Veuillez accepter les assurances de mes meilleurs vœux,sincèrement... ."


Love this. Incredible how many ways there are to say farewell in French!! Have a wonderful trip to see your Mom and family! Bon voyage! A bientot!

Abby Krug

A+ for a plus tard


Merci,Kristin, et bon voyage. A la prochaine.

Teresa Schirmer

What a wonderful lesson! Thank you so very much!
While in Mexico, if you are near La Union de San Antonio in the state of Jalisco, please stop by. It is a beautiful little town where time had stood still. We have lots of room & would welcome you with open arms!!
Will be there from 18-25. And then on to Mexico City. If u have time there, do not miss the air balloon ride over the pyramids of Teotihuacan. My cousins will take you up. (Impacto Publicitario)..
Have a wonderful trip!
Hasta pronto , Teresa

Vicki Armstrong

I have struggled with that for years. Merci bien .

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