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I'm in love with your Mom. Happy health and healing Kristen. You are still absolutely gorgeous on the inside and out!


I wish you well in your recovery! You have many fans here sending warm thoughts your way :-) Each time I receive my French word-a-day email, it puts a smile on my face. I hope my message puts a smile on yours.

jan Greene

prayers for healing and peace as you take good care of you!

Robyn France

I wish you the speediest and least scarring of recoveries--the good news is you can always have a few bangs there and it won't even show. Love Jules' message--she is something special and so are you.

Bill in St. Paul

Here's for quick healing!

Leanne Grams

All the best, Kristen, for speedy healing. I love receiving your French word-a-day and hearing about your family's adventures. Take care. From Leanne (French teacher in Toowoomba, Australia- also married to a French man!)

Geraldine Ventura

God bless you and heal you quickly, Kristen.
Thanks for all you share with us.

annie shultz

holy cow kristin, but what a beautiful person your mother is i know what a feeling that must be to have everybodies caring support my dear but just as well something could be done we are lucky to live at this time - nothing can be done for me though - you are always sooo happy and lovely - it seems that i have two demeanors at the moment the first grumpy and the second grumpier but without your friendship i would be worse - warm wishes & long life annie xx

Linda R.

Kristin -

May you heal well - your mom is a wise and wonderful woman and her message is a beautiful reflection of her love. Blessings to you.


Having had melanoma removed from my upper arm leaving a six inch angry, red scar I can tell you that one year later there is only a thin line remaining. In the beginning when people asked about the large red, ragged scar I simply told them it was the result of a bar fight. Everyone would laugh and the conversation moved on. This scar will fade and you will still be beautiful. My husband had the same melanoma on the bridge of his nose. They skinned the nose and transplanted skin from his chest and you cannot even see the scar. You will heal!

Susan Bruns

Dear Kristin,
Wonderful Healing words from all your Hearty friends around the globe. Here's to Health, Holiness, Happiness, Harmony, and the Harvest of friendship you have given to us through your beautiful thoughts and pictures. Love your Mom's ever present positiveness and affection. Your valley is indeed a beautiful spot on earth. Just left Buisson after a too short stay and your posts came to mind with every turn of the road. Bonne sante! Susan

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

"H" is for Hurry back to us. Between the harvest and the surgery, you have your hands full. But I send you and your family all my prayers.


thank you for being so brave and putting this picture out there. Its not easy for someone blessed with your natural beauty to do this. But you are doing so much for others by being open. And you'll look even more beautiful with some piece-y loose bangs; a great haircut will make the girl-y side of you feel better too! God bless you and speed your healing...

Deb Cozen


In our house, besides LOVE, there is HLOVE! You've got HLOVE too! We hlove you, Kristin! Heal and be well!


Your Mom is wonderful.
Wishing you a complete recovery and will keep you in my prayers.
Your have a lot of courage.


Herm in Phoenix, Az

Salut Kristin,

WOW! What heart-felt and sincere words of support from Jules. Your Mom’s experience with her own medical traumas must have has given her insight as to the anxieties that you had about the surgery and now the recovery. She obviously suffered with you and is glad it’s over.

Best wishes for a speedy and successful “heal-up”!!!!!

À bientôt

Suzanne Codi, Washington, DC

All of the above sentiments, my Mom would never have come up with that, so wonderful, and yes, bangs cover the big scar I have on my forehead from shingles
and it works. That scar will disappear, just like how people look after a facelift, then no trace a few weeks later.
Anyway, as everyone of your thousands of fans have said, nothing could ever mar your beauty, inner or outer, and you may have saved many lives with this cautionary tale, I'm so proud of you!!!
And just think, you and I are now part of the Harry Potter club!! Much love and healing vibes from your DC fans xoxox

Andrea Robinson

You are beautiful both inside and out! Your inner beauty shines through and I know you will be healed soon. Your mother is a wonderful example to you and to all of us. Gather strength from her. Thanks for being an inspiration to all of us.


Kristin - you are brave, fearless and smart. Never ignore this type of cancer. My son was diagnosed at age 15 with Melanoma Stage III. He is now 23! Has gone through a lot of treatment and surgeries and the scars are battle wounds that show that he is a survivor! Love, love, love your contribution to my e-mail box!
Janet - Wisconsin

Scott Brotherton

Best of luck & continued good health in recovery.

Kate O'Kula, RHode Island

Thank you, Kristin, for sharing this experience. It behooves all of us to remember that we need to take care of ourselves and use that sun block. The picture made a big impression on my husband, and I hope I will no longer have to tackle him, sit on his chest and apply SPF 50 before he gets on his sailboat.
Your energy is so inspiring; you are one of my shining lights. Blessings of healing to you.


Best wishes for a good post op recovery. You still look fine and I think it is great that you are thoughtful enough to be helping others with reminders about sun screen even as you heal! As a fellow basal cell (lack of sunscreen in the younger years) person...I wish you a speedy recovery. Take Care :)


Be Well Kristin,

I enjoy reading your blog daily and know that you have blessed me tremendously!!! I love your mom's spirit. Have a speady recovery and know that God is with you.

BTW, the hat is great!!!


Chris Greges

You are incredibly brave and forthright - kudos to you for taking us along on your BCC journey and recovery from surgery. I salute you and thank you for your posts. I echo Michelle's sentiment above - whenever I open Outlook and see a French-Word-A-Day post I smile. They make the day sunnier. How fortunate to have Jules in your corner. Happy healing.

Mike Hardcastle

I'm so very pleased to hear that you have come through your surgery so well and have the courage and decency to publish your pictures as a warning to everyone and especially us blonds. I do try to remember my hat always, but have been known to forget.

Best wishes,



Beautiful words from Jules. She is so thoughtful to reach out across the miles to you and to us as well. Thanks to Corky for that snappy response! It made me LOL! Meanwhile, you can wear lovely chapeaus. I am fond of the cloche style that shelters the forehead.


I think the H stands for HOT... your just as beautiful as ever...

Godspeed & kinest regards,
Dan in N.C.

Heather Donaldson

Dear Kristen,
You've encouraged me so often in my year here, studying French, now I hope I can encourage you. I spent a couple of visits in hospital here - after I feinted, I cut my face and needed stitches. I remembered what a physiotherapist had said years ago when I'd had a skin tag removed. She said keep massaging the scar and it will dissolve. I doubted her advice - but it worked! Now, with my new scar on my eyebrow, rubbing it vigorously is also working. Just do it when you think of it, do it reasonably vigorously - but I can tell you - my 67 year old face responded beautifully. Bon chance. Now, I need avice on wrinkles...

Jeanne Robinson

Your mom is so wonderful. What a blessing. Can't wait to see what lemonade you make with the lemons. Love you.


I love your mother also! What a lovely prayer/poem to allay all your fears and doubts. What a lovely poem for us all. A speedy recovery and gratefulness that these things can be taken care of, in this day and age. Bonne chance!


What beautiful thoughts from your mother. How special she must be and how lucky you are to have her. I am sure your scar will heal before you know it, but now, with your mom's words, you will have different feelings about it than you might have had!


I wish you a quick recovery.
All the best to you and your family!


Daughter would smile, laugh and say, "such a MOM thing to write!", then shake her head, smile and laugh again (not letting the message get lost). Blessings to all and prayers for a quick healing.

Amy Kortuem

I'm so glad your surgery went well even though it looks like you are still suffering - you poor thing. With love and support like you have, you're sure to heal quickly!

You're beautiful.

Nancy L.

Your mom's words are Beautiful! God bless Her and You!


I wish you courage as you heal, both physically and I'm sure, emotionally, from this scare... Obviously from all of the posts above, I am not the only one who truly appreciates you and your amazing wit and warmth. I look forward to your emails and enjoy so much sharing in your thoughts and experiences as I read your newsletter. Thank you for being there and please know that you have so much support out here in cyberspace that we can lift you up when you need it... =)

Jackie Coleman

Kristin - this is a wonderful thing you are doing to raise awareness - but I want to make sure you know that you should not expose that scar to the sun even for short moments. Scar tissue will become permanently tan and won't lighten up again as normal skin does when the tan fades. Best of luck. You are inspriational.

Sue Sansom

Your mom is the best- wouldn't the world be a better place with more Moms like her!! Hang in there and relax under God's healing touch- you are beautiful and inspiring!
xo Suz


You are a brave soldier! I think it is educational for you to share your surgery picture in the hopes that others in the world will not ignore strange and small lumps. I know that you will HEAL up beautifully and yes you will have such a cool scar. I love cool scars on people they show evolution! You rock! And your Mom is a delight.


Thank you Kristin, for all that you give us -your heart, your humanity and your most treasured moments. I hope that I can be more like you and like your mom. She is wonderful. One more H word, you are our Heroes! I think my mama would have found in yours a kindred spirit. Here's a link to her last letter to her children. We were mostly teenagers at the time.

Maureen Walsh

I have another H word- HEROIC! That's what I can add to the H litany. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness. Happy Healing.....

Susan Boehnstedt

My dearest RB,
It will get better - you would be amazed what time will do! Mom's was worse and now it is barely even a scratch line! I know faces are different than heads but am praying for you RB to not worry, take care of yourself! Use lots of suncream and let JM and kiddos pamper you!
My love and prayers go out to you for quick healing and only another "character" line or two!
Love you, XOXOX

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

The scarring will calm down in about 6-12 nmonths - you might want to switch to bangs! If it is still too large, see a plastic surgeon. I used to work for one and they can do marvels!

Kathleen Hurder

We are so happy the cancer is GONE! You are beautiful as always, inside and out. Your mom, Jules, is a JEWEL!!! On the lighter side....I hear bangs make you look. Ten years younger. See you May!
Kathleen and Ron

Pamela Hutchings

Pamela in California: Blessings to you and your precious mother! Praying for your healing and I always look forward to reading your updates from your beautiful home in France! And remember, "bangs" look great on gals like us of "un certain age"!


Your mother is an amazing woman, as are you.
You are so beautiful, ........................
( a Joe Cocker song)
Your heart is open, your smile is amazing, your stories are wonderful
you have such a gift with words, I so enjoy your posts , and have for years.
relax ,take care
Bessings and Prayers to you


Bonne courage, dear Kristin, and healthful healing. xx

Erin from Canada

Dear Kristen,

I wish you a speedy recovery and know that you have the strength to get through this. Your mom is a wise woman and you are lucky to have her support.
I look forward to reading your positive words again, once you are feeling better.
PS: I like the bangs idea too- but you will look beautiful either way.

Kip Ingham

Dearest Kristi
I am always overwhelmed when I read all of the comments from your worldwide blog readers. All of their love and encouragement brings tears to my eyes. If love truly heals, then you will be well in no time. Your mom is a keeper! Though I am not religious, I am spiritual and I know that lovely people like you will heal and thrive. I am so proud of you for all that you have accomplished and for sharing your love and talents with the world.

Keep smiling...Dad

Mary, Southern California

Hi Kristin.
Hope the surgery is a complete success. Heal quickly! I read through the other posts and didn't see anyone mention Mederma Scar cream. Normally I don't recommend products but I used this on a facial scar and it really helped minimize the appearance after a few weeks. Don't know if this is an option for you but I thought I would mention it. And I like the hat.

Liv wighe USA


Best wishes for your complete and speedy recovery. As you know by now, th first day or two are the worst...

...and, from someone who knows, any signs of healing become an instant conversation-starter, so tell a good story :)) And, in time, you will be the only one to notice the difference...

In the meantime, get the rest you need to heal, but also get back into the thick of things -- along with your family, the best medicine of all.

Longtime reader
First time poster

Meg Tipper

Dear Kristin,
I am tempted to think, "Oh Kristin doesn't need to hear one more note of praise and encouragement from me." And then I remember that there is no end to blessings as they flow from all of us to you and back again. What a community you have created! And now you will have a scar on your forehead like Happy Potter.
How cool!


You are a beautiful women inside and out, as many have stated before. Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Jules for those wonderful words.


Thanks so much for sharing -- you have helped a lot of people. Both you and your mom are wonderful.

You are beautiful both inside and out! Thanks for your great emails, I always look forward to reading about your adventures.

Be well!

Denise Givens

Wishing you the best for your recovery, Kristin, and I love your mom's message! Take care, Denise

Cynthia Lewis

I was thinking of you last Friday, knowing that was the day of your surgery. My best wishes for a speedy recovery, Cynthia

Regina in NJ

Kristin - you bring such joy to my life with your postings. Permit yourself to be wrapped in all the love and prayers that are gushing forth towards a swift and complete recovery. Many blessings.

Mary St. Mary

wishing you quick healing and sending prayers for your recovery! Kisses to the doggies from me!

Carol McFarland, Arcata, CA

I've also had surgery recently, but on my ankle, and it seems that ice (wrapped in a soft cloth) really eases the discomfort and swelling. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Alyssa Ross Eppich

I just love your mom! She is cheerful and right! You will heal-nothing can hurt the beauty of your face, Kristin. I am just glad that you are well-you and your mother know how much worse this could have been. Take care, relax and heal well.

María E. Sastre Wirshing

My dear friend:

I'm very glad you are healing after being so worried about your surgery.

In a few weeks you will be allright. I cover my scars with foundation.

Have some wine and forget about it.

God will take care of you.

Cheryl Dixon

Dear Kristin, Thank you for the courage you have shown by sharing this difficult process with us. You are beautiful inside and out. You are a wonderful example to us all. Sending you healing rays from CT.

Vance Anderson-Inks

Kristin, Having known your mother for several years, she NEVER ceases to amaze me. She told you all the correct things. Us mothers know that stuff, somehow. Take care, and heal well. Vance

Catherine Semper

Dear Kristin: How brave you are and many thanks for posting the before and after picture as this will perhaps move many of us
to reconsider our sun exposure. Your Mom sounds like a pillar of strength for you to lean on and her love for you speaks volumes in her lucky you truly are! Make
every moment count as you always do!

Kim Timmerman

The healing process is so remarkable and magnificent and thank you for sharing your personal experience. Yes, you are wonderful and beautiful and all the very best to you!


Wow, what a mom you have! You are very loved indeed. Not ONLY by God but here on earth as well. Prayers to you for speedy healing!

Lisa A., CA

I was thinking about you over the weekend and wondering how everything went for you...and then this morning I saw your blog email: I thought oh thank God you're OK!!!!And, I see that I'm not the only are so loved! You're mom is amazing!!! She always knows the right thing to say. While you are healing (and it will heal)...bangs are a great idea (as a few others have said already). Also, I thought you might like a little music today, since you all are picking grapes: Enjoy!! Huge hugs!!! :)


Dear Kristin,
Wishing you all good things for a very quick mending. While I have not been a very vocal follower, I have been a loyal one, nonetheless. You are very brave and beautiful in all you do and your courage and love of life will see you past this as well! (How lucky you are to have such a remarkable mom, husband and children)!

Lucia Shaeffer


Uma boa recuperação pra você. Means a good recovery in Portuguese. I love to read your stories and just bought your book and another book recommended by you.

thank you.

Bara Lees

What a great and perceptive mom! Thank her for me for having you! (I just wrote you a longer moms do) From California with love.

alicia brown

Patience attains all that it strives for. So patience, good health and humor, and positive thoughts as you heal.

Phil Anderson

May God heal you quickly and hopefully for me, too, just had a large pre-cancerous growth removed from head, stitches feel like I'm being pulled up to the ceiling but everyone should be aware of danger from the sun, wear sun-lock daily - the sun is always out! - and get a full body exam at least once a year if not twice. Wear a sun-block hat always, may not be fun but it is protection.

Janine Cortell

Dear Kristin:
You are and always will be a beautiful woman.
No surgery can ever change that. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful mother as well.
I wish you a full and beautiful recovery.
Love, janine Cortell

Audrey Wilson

I so admire your bravery & positive thinking Kristin. I am sure that time will heal the scars greatly .
By the way I love the hat. Just think what great hats you can try on to wear until the scars have diminished. Thank goodness you acted promptly. A message to us all . Don't ignore any thing unusual.
May your recovery be swift & successful.


Kristin, no amount of scarring could detract from the beautiful person you are in mind and body. Your mother's birthday is September 23? Oh, no! I always thought I saw myself in her and didn't like what I saw! The email she wrote you about the "H's" is exactly what I would have written to my Catholic-school educated but now not church-going daughters! You have been "kissed" by the Holy Spirit! Blessings!

Phillip Mullard, Scottsdale

Kristin. . . . I have had many lesions removed over the years. Luckily they have always been basal cell or squamous cell and not the more serious kind. I don't know what your situation was but that is a beautiful repair to a beautiful face.

I talked with your equally beautiful sis and Doug recently and they are forever in the know as to what you are doing. I appreciate hearing from you on a regular basis.

Good healing!

Barbara Penn

As the wife of a blue-eyed man who has had numerous skin lesions removed & who has also had ocular plastic surgery that made him look worse than Frankenstein (they literally had to put screws and sixteen metal staples in his forehead to lift the forehead scalp back into place post-surgery!), I can assure you that you will be amazed that the scarring will go away sooner than you imagined. Frankenstein disappeared pretty fast and my handsome hubby was in his place. Best wishes to you from southern California!


Nothing, absolutely nothing could go terribly wrong with a surrounding of such warmth, prayers and good will. I"m phoning tomorrow morning, harvest or NO harvest. I need to hear your voice, xxx me


Hi Kristen,

I wish you a quick recovery, and am glad to hear you successfully had the troublesome spot removed. What a wonderful mom you have! Take comfort in her sweet words. After reading the comments here it's wonderful to see that you have so many people praying for your quick and painless recovery, myself included. Also, these things heal relatively quickly (I had the same type of removal - and it was a raised scar, like the stitching on a baseball bat - I am left with a faint white line). Your positive attitude and grace has been inspiring to watch.

All the best to you,

Laraine Lippe

Bless you, Kristen! Thank you for all your wonderful blogs which I enjoy greatly! I send many healing thoughts, and wish you and your wonderful family only the very best always!

Merci mille fois!
Laraine Lippe


sending you pink light and healing and lets get some reiki going here world!!! By next year it will be as it ws never there - and from now on SPF 35 or better!!!!

Judy Feldman

I agree with the "H" is for "heroic." I'm glad the surgery is behind you, and wish you a speedy healing. With all the positive energy from your adoring readers, you should be perfect in no time!

Kay Bean

What a beautiful love note from your mom - and all of the above notes seem to be love notes too. Please add mine to the bunch - and consider them all posies for a beautiful woman! Wishing you a speedy recovery from your operation and thanks for all you give!

Susan Carter

I know your scar will soon heal and your mother is one in a million. She has entranced me for years an, today, made me smile even more. You are both such very special people, as evidenced by all the comments here.

Jimm Hughey

Dear Kristen,
We have communicated before, but what you don't know is that I am a Hospital Pharmacist with MANY years in hospitals, AND I have had your surgery, basal cell carcinoma...although you win the prize for size of !
A couple of things to know. First, I applaud votre courage...not many women (or men) would be willing to show the healing tissue on their face! Secondly, please know that it will all heal nicely. They took a ROUND section out of my forehead that was larger than a quarter, about the same place as yours and it healed completely and I am as pretty as I ever was (not that I was ever pretty!), but the point is that you cannot tell.
It is IMPORTANT that you have a GOOD plastic surgeon work with your tissue to ensure you do not have a permanent scar...that would be totally unnecessary.
Finally, know that you are like my wife, you are incapable of being anything but beautiful.
Jimm Hughey, CA Pharmacist

Betty Gleason

Ah the beauty in your family, both inside & out. Love & healing to you & Jules. You know you are in my thoughts & prayers already. <3

Jane Elspeth

Best wishes for speedy healing! Are you following up with a plastic surgeon, is that part of the plan?
You look lovely, with or without the scar- and as scars go, it looks like it will heal just fine.
Your mother's note is very sweet- it makes me miss my own mom.
Jane Elspeth


I wish you a speedy and complete recovery. At times like these, the warmth and support of family and great friends (and also, in your case, wishes from all the 'French Word-A-Day readers') will definitely help you in the healing process :).


Sending mindful blessings of healing and health to you, dear Kristin. You send so much joy and weekly smiles to so many of us around the globe. With thanks and love, Lisa xx


Dearest Kristin
You are so loved and blessed. Just look at all the love in these notes to you. As so many of your followers wrote, these scars will fade with time. As I said to you before, the horizontal scars in your forehead simply look like natural creases. And yes for now, practice absolutely "safe sun" NO sun exposure to the fresh scars. Nothing can detract from your beauty.
Love Virginia

Nan Morrissette

Scars are only on the surface and they fade over time, leaving small traces of battles fought and won. You are still the loveliest winemaker's wife in the land.

Your mother's words signify such an extraordinary wisdom, one gained, no doubt, through a lifetime of finding what so many of us are searching for - life's meaning and all its promises. I am saving her words for the someday in the future when I can share them with another or find my own healing in them. I am so wishing to meet your mother one day - we are from the same "time zone" in history, I think. And I know Charles and Martha will manage to introduce us (you and me) one day, although your writing opens your life to readers in such personal ways it's as if I already know you.

Finally, Thank You, dear Kristin, for the courage of sharing your innermost thoughts about your surgery. You are helping others who are afraid to face their own health issues. (And you are probably making it a little easier for Jean-Marc to cope with his own worry for you.)

Peace, Nan

Jacqueline Gill

WOW Kristin I do not think you can ever read all of these, but let me add: I will (continue to) keep you in my prayers. you will be fine. Your mom is spot-on with her thoughts. And Through your pain and scars, you become a testimony to others. What a privilege. I too had skin AND breast cancer; thank God, I am well and healed. Your posts are a blessing, and your life is one, too. Love to all of you in beautiful France.Jackie


Wow, such a big incision! Glad it was nothing, well almost nothing!

Fred Caswell

Had been thinking of you, especially when there was a glitch in your routine thrice-weekly FWD. Being a veteran of cancer surgery, I had to see your scarred beautiful face. My wet eyes will soon dry and after a while your lovely face will look almost as before -- always charming and radiant.

Comme toujours, Fred

Eileen deCamp

I am keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery too! Your mom is wonderful!
Love to you,

Gail Schilling

Goodness, Kristin!

How brave and dear that you share your experience to remind us Sunblock Forever! Blessings on you and your equally lovely Mother. You deserve Halos...

Suzanne, Monroe Twp., NJ

Kristin, You have been in my thoughts for these past two weeks every day for two reasons. One, your impending surgery during such a busy time at the vineyard and because of the week with Margaret and Portia in Burgundy and now the week with RoseAnn in Venice. I have been sending good wishes to you for a complete and quick recovery and also channeling you when I espy a wonderful doorway, or window or shutter or dog, cat, person to photograph. You are in my thoughts and I send you all positive vibes.

And thank you for sending out the message about skin cancer. Sunblock, hats, parasols!


Praying for quick healing for you! So glad the offending growth is gone.
Your mom really sums it all up and says it all. How very, very blessed you are to have such sweet support. Please take care of yourself.

Jennifer in OR

Oh, your Jules! She is amazing, and how BLESSED you are to have such a woman in your life!! Praying for a speedy recovery, Kristin, for God's Healing Hand to be upon you, and for your mind to have a restful peace as well. love Jen


From the wife of a man who has had numerous surgeries for basal cell, rub Vitamin E oil on it every day. His scars faded quicker!

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