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Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Hi Jean-Marc and Kristi!
I am so excited that JM will be in Charlottesville! I am going to make my reservations today! I love the Clifton Inn!


Please, please add the San Francisco Bay Area to your tour after Seattle! He simply can't come all this way and not come to San Francisco which has the largest French expat community in the entire US. We love your wines Jean Marc, come visit us. And you know, you are always welcome to stay in our home .... as you and Kristi did in Paris. Please consider. xx


Nothing in Massachusetts or New England ?

Bill in St. Paul

We'll be at 128 Cafe!!

Karen Mitcham-Stoeckley

Jean Marc,
I so was hoping you could introduce your wines at my Bistro/Winery in Missouri this year. But alas I am here in Les Arcs until the first part of April and thats when you are there, UNLESS you can organize us as a last stop home in April after I return. Room, Board and an attentative audience of customers would await you at The Eagle's Nest in a lovely Mississippi river town just north of St.Louis. Kristi has my contact info here in France. Karen

Charles Orr at Flat Rock, NC

I'm sorry to see that you won't be coming to Bouchon in Asheville this year. Bettie and I were looking forward to seeing you and hearing about the plans for your new wine operation. I wish you luck with your tour and and with your new ventures in the Bandol area.


Robert's Market in Woodside CA (John) or K&L Wine Merchants on the Peninsula and SF Wine Traders here in San Francisco have carried your wines (or would like to)....some places I go to find your wines . Hope you can make a detour to the Bay Area.


Jean-Marc and Kristi,
Let me know the Seattle itinerary when you can. I have a 93-year-old uncle to visit and I may try to make that visit around your wine tour. Sorry that you will not be coming to Boston, we so loved your last year's visit, but understand that you are not able to go everywhere, each year.
Take care,


Does Kermit Lynch or Vintage Berkeley carry your wines? Berkeley is such a great place to visit!
Love buying wines at those two places in Berkeley!

Polly Adkins, South Carolina

Bouchons at Asheville ! Why is the South being left out this tour, Jean-Marc?? I've narrowly missed getting reservations for two years and was hoping to be lucky this year. Alas, another year to wait to try my luck! I don't know you but you're at the top of my list for Best Husband of The Year, and nothing will change that. (I'm married to a man who has struggled for years like Kristi).
Kristi, do it! The road-not-taken is always the wrong choice. And you will help us all.

Bonnie L

Another disappointed fan from Boston. Last years visit was so poorly promoted by the wine shop. Federal Wine in Boston is our go-to for French wines...hope to find they carry Domaine Rouge-Bleu. Looking forward to your Bandol...

Jacquie P.

Dear Jean-Marc, (Kristi you may read this too, beautiful girl)
Not an Atlanta or Nashville stop? Would love to see you and give you a big giant hug for enduring one of us recovering people. Those who suffer most are not the ones imbibing but the family members on the sideline watching the destruction. Kristi is so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who loves her and sticks by through it all.
Don't know who felt so privileged to judge or express a mean and uncalled for opinion but I bet they are not a happy person or yet ~ maybe would even benefit from a few AA meeting?? Just saying...... . Hang in there Jean-Marc. The best is yet to be.
Come to Tennessee. You are all welcome in our home.
Love ,

Amy B

As Charles from Flat Rock NC posted above, please come back to Asheville! I was so disappointed to have missed you on your first tour.

Joan Cook

I wish you would come to San Diego! Can't find any place here that carries your wines!

How about one tour just for cities on the West Coast of the U.S.?

Dave Navarrre

Checking the household calendar for 20 March....

@JoanCook, send an email to the California distributor at [email protected] He will be able to tell you if any of his clients stock Jean-Marc's wines or arrange for one to handle a transaction for you. Friendly wine shops will stock most anything once at customer request.

winn gregory

Kristin Espinasse very excited to see Jean Marc in USA in three places near us ie Iowa City, Minneapolis and Portland OR. Des Moines IA is also a cultural and population center in Iowa. While we travel in our work we are often in central Iowa not far from Des Moines and Jean Marc as in letter above is welcome to stay at our place whenever he is near. I will give him my address about 38 miles southeast of Des Moines if he ever would like my wife's cuisine and some Ste Michelle Columbia River Winery fare. To communicate use [email protected] and we will give you our home address, fax, phone et al. I still want you to consider treating actinic changes with Efudex cream and can get it for you if for some reason they don't use it in France.Someday my wife, Denise, and I will visit France again and I hope visit you all. Oh what did you name your rescue wine last year? ton ami, Winn

winn gregory

Oh I almost forgot, It is my lasting impression that you both love children and we have seven and nine grandchildren who can come to dinner too. hahahahhah

winn gregory

je suis desole but I have to persist once more. Efudex over 4 weeks daily will end actinic keratoses make skin effectively a bit younger and best of all end further surgeries for BCCA and SCCA of the skin. It has no effect on melanoma. Winn H. Gregory, MD, FACS GOOGLE it or WebMD if you want more scientific info. Excusez moi ma imprudence and so on but it concerns me whether you are in France, USA, Timbuktu or where ever. My dedication is to my family of humans well being. Love, to you both.

Bruce Taylor

Yerda and I are looking forward to seeing you at one of your Seattle events at the end of March. It seems so long ago that we visited you both in St. Cecile les Vignes - maybe again this year at your new domaine.

Kristin Espinasse

Winn, thank you very much for the reminder re Efudex and for your hospitable offer for Jean-Marc. I will make sure he sees all of these messages.

Thanks to everyone who has left a message here. I will miss the chance to meet you, but there will be other occasions and other places to meet, I hope!

Suzanne Codi

Hi Kristen and Jean-Marc,
Looking forward to another good meal and wine tasting and to seeing you again, Jean-Marc. Thanks so much for picking a restaurant right in our neighborhood!!! You are welcome to stay here again, specially since we are so close to your venue!! That whole area is the new hip, up and coming dining area ( and theatre and arts ) in DC, and the chef there has a great reputation, so I'm sure it will be wonderful. Our only regret is that Kristi won't be with you, a couple more years and the kids will be able to stay home alone... Grosses bises, Suzanne, Charlie and Lily


Dear friends,
Thanks for your messages
I understand frustrations about not visiting some areas. My problem is that I have 2 weeks to visit and that I need to focus on where we have business.
In NC, we do have a great support but our importer will be in Europe when I am here. For MA, I met someone last who committed to buy but he somehow vanished (Grrr). In FL, despite my efforts, I could not find somebody...

Jacqueline Gill

I am disappointed that you will not be anywhere near the lovely city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Perhaps you will consider our friendly city for the next trip. We are one of the "most liveable cities" in the nation, and we appreciate wine! Jackie

Vicki, San Francisco Bay area

Adding my disappointment that you aren't able to make it to the SF Bay area. Would have loved to meet you and taste your wine. The US is a big area to cover in two weeks. I respectively put in my request for a visit to the Bay area next year. Have safe travels! Cheers!


Dallas, TX would be a nice stop on your tour.


No Boston/Cambridge?


Jean Marc, there's a sleek new wine shop here.


Jean Marc, if you are interested to tip your toe into the New Orleans market let me know.


DITTO Robin!!!!!

Georgia Schall just north of San Francisco

Bonjour Jean-Marc and Kristin!

Although we live most of the time in the San Francisco Bay area, we are taking this winter to be near our petite-fils in the greater LA area. I am thrilled you will be at Ammo! We have made reservations although they have given no details as yet!

Today we head to Sonoma for barrel tasting events and to purchase more of our SABLE (Stash Acquisition Beyond Life Expectancy)!

Looking forward to meeting you, Jean-Marc!

bill richardson

Bonjour---Je viens de reserver une table a' Boundary Road pour le 20. Un aller est cinq heures en voiture de chez moi. A' ma ville (Parkersburg, West Virginia) il y a un petit hotel, tres charmant et romantique il est nomme' Blennerhasset Hotel---website On peux y prendre un diner s'appelle "wine & dine" le troisieme Jeudi de chaque mois Mars-Octobre. Pour la prochaine fois, veuillez pensez de ca.

Jim Alsip


When is Jean-Marc going to include the Verde Valley or at least AZ into one of his future tours?



We wish JM would come a little further North and West to Victoria on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada! It's only a short 'hop' by plane, or a very pretty drive and ferry trip taking most of a day! Perhaps in the future you can make that trip. We wish him well. Diana and Robin.

Kristin Espinasse

Jim, good question! I agree - JM needs to visit AZ wine country! 

Thank to everyone who has written in here and who has planned to travel to one of Jean-Marcs event. We really appreciate your effort to meet up! 

Jean-Marc Espinasse

Still sorry not to be able to cover the while States I'm two weeks... I reserve this for a couple more years as I plan to rent a mobile home and take Kristin with me to visit all the States.
Thanks Georgia and Bill to reach me in LA and DC

Charlotte Shroyer

Where will your wine be sold after the tour?
Doubtful here in Taos, New Mexico but will there be a place online to order?


Iowa City, Iowa?!? But not Denver, Colorado??? I am shocked!

Carly Lacombe

Je suis très heureuse que Jean-Marc se rendra visite à Chicago! Mais Lush Wine and Spirits a trois addresses. À quelle adresse sera-t-il?

Jenny Pessereau

Another vote for San Francisco!! Lots of suppotive French Americans here dying to meet you and buy your wine - plus an invite from yours truly (that's me) to visit Napa Valley. Best of luck anyway.

Rose Chandler Johnson

I hope Jean-Marc has a fabulous time in the USA. I am so excited that Eileen is going to meet him in Charlottesville. Bravo! Eileen peut practiquer la langue.

Jen Sherrill

I have the same question as Carly from here in Chicago. The website for Lush Wine and Spirits doesn't say which location. I can't wait to try the wine and say hi!!

Sam Jefferson

Bonjour Jean-Marc,

It seems that your March, USA schedule is booked very tightly, and there is little room for anything besides travelling to the next destination. I was going to suggest that since you were in the Charlottesville/Washington DC area, that you should stop in to see whomever buys wine for the Inn at Little Washington in Washington, VA. This is one of the best Bed & Breakfasts in existence, and one of the best restaurants in any country. They have an extensive wine cellar, and they could sell a large quantity of your product, as well as give your winery excellent product placement. See their wine cellar here:

Good luck with your USA trip!

Au revoir,
Sam Jefferson

Sue Lennox

Poor JM! If he were to visit everywhere we wish, Kristi would never see him again! Sorry to miss him in Scottsdale.

Eileen - Charlottesville, VA

Hi Jean-Marc!
My husband Schuy and I enjoyed meeting you and enjoying your wines at the Clifton Inn. They are all great! Good luck with the rest of your travels in the US and safe trip back to Bandol!

Rosalind Mustafa

The day before Jean-Marc came to Chicago, I par hasard wandered to his tour schedule. Hadn't checked before 3/20. He was scheduled to be at Lush, a mile from my job on a day when budget preparation kept me at work very late. So, I realized that because I hadn't taken time to read his schedule, he ended up close to me. After all these years, I missed him in Chicago. I hope the tour is going well.

Deb in MD

Yay! Pike & Western! Wish I was still in Seattle to go meet him. Hélas, the DC locations were too far from where I am in Baltimore.

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