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C'est decidé! Je vais commander le couscous pour dimanche. C'est beaucoup plus facile a manger que le calamare.

Noreen Dillane

Brilliant Photo opportunity !!! Well taken.

I know what I would be thinking if I were the bird ! " Well that's Sunday Lunch taken care of " !!

Love the photos. Keep them coming. Noreen , Ireland

Jeanne of Maumee, OH

Think I'll fly across the street to see what they have to offer.

Siv Smedseng

Merde! How can they stoop to this level; Couscous three Sundays in a row!

Suzanne Codi, Washington, DC

" I sure hope it's not couscous de pigeon"...

Kristin Espinasse

Thanks Siv & friends. MDR ("mort de rire" or LOL)from your thought bubbles. Keep 'em coming!


Au moins ce n'est pas la tarte pigeon...


Oh, it's calling to me, coo, coo!


Couscous? I could eat a hundred!
I would name her Matilde.

Marianne Rankin

I think there are two R's in "arracher."

Thought bubble for the bird in the photo: "Now if my feathers could only grip the handlebars securely ..."

Kristin, why didn't you also have to take Max to school? Is his school close enoough to walk to? And why do you have to drive Jackie - isn't there a bus?

Your food sounds delicious. I can't think of anything quick to fix the same day. But do you ever serve "American" food to your work crews? You could make a meatloaf the night before and warm it the next day. Or would the French not like something such as that?

I appreciate the care with which Jean-Marc and his team not only protect the environment, but ensure that the wine is safe to drink, and more flavorful because of that.

Kristin Espinasse

Hi Marianne, thanks for your comments on the mauvaises herbes post ( and for the original thought bubble! I like the idea of an adventurous bird!

Also, I got your note about the sound file - Im still not sure of the solution. Have you tried listening to it in another browser? Are you using Chrome (which doenst seem to work). Please try changing browsers (to Mozilla or Internet Explorer) . So far those are the only ideas that I have. I did send a message to tech support (at my blog), but they were not able to help, which means that the problem is on your end (and mine... can you believe that even I cannot access the file at the blog?! Thats because Im using Chrome!)

Now to answer your question in this post: Jackie and Max go to different schools this year: Jackies school is a 10 minute drive (too far to walk, though she has walked it on a rare occasion). Max takes the bus (we need to drive him to town to catch it). 

Yes, I have served American food in the past, though it is rare (ingredients, etc). But I like your idea of meatloaf (which I have never made...)

I appreciate your comment on the way Jean-Marc treats his precious vines. Thank you!

Mary Lou Fraser

Ah! Parfait! A demain....




Marianne's pigeon must be related to Mo Willems'!

Sadly, it's no longer available in French.

Lisa A., CA

Pour dimanche: Couscous.
C'est bon pour la sante! Bon appetit!


La Bicilette Blanche =)

mes deux centimes...


wonderful pictures i love it thank you so much for your hard work.


thank you so much kristin i love you.

Deborah Jongsma

Here's a link about the "bubble", although it's only for a 'speech bubble' not really a 'thought bubble'. To me, the difference is that thought bubbles are attached by floating circles (ref. Garfield!)

nadine goodban

bon appétit ! .... comme titre au tableau noir ...

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