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Jan Rogers

Super U now does car rentals so you might look there if you can arrange to get to and from the airport by other means


C'est possible de louer une voiture en France, moins chère que les sociétés de location, à C'est très facile!!!
We've done this several times and it worked like a charm. Check it out.


I once found a web site that offers short-term leases which I think may prove to be less expensive than a standard car retnal place. However, I can't tell you for sure, as this offer was only available for residents of the US or Canada. This might be the link (sorry, in a rush out to run errands before the cruise-ship passengers block up town)

Bonne chance!

Michael Honegger

One of the best sources for renting a car in France is Kemwel International. They are located in Maine but only rent cars in Europe via first class car agencies. You pay up front, but if you need to change or cancel your reservation, they are excellent about refunding your money or altering the reservation. Check them out at

They also do long term leasing of cars in Europe should you need a car for a longer period. One more always pay more when you rent a car from an airport or train station rental location. If you can, rent from a site in town.

Catherine in New York state

We go to France twice a year for 17 days each time and use AutoEurope You pay up front and avoid currency exchange charges, but you never know which rental company you'll end up with, and it's hard to benefit from "frequent driver" benefits.

I'm glad to see these other options and may try one of them.


For a long stay, I'd recommend that you buy/buy back a car. We used Renault out of the Montreal, Canada, office. Google 'Renault' to find the nearest location to you. It's very easy to do, less expensive for the 'buyer' because the car company avoids certain French taxes. It's all legal and all arrangements can be done by phone.

bonnie poppe

I have rented from several times. I arranged it from the US, an the prices were very low. You need to go directly to that website, don't google sixt or sixti, it doesn't seem to work right.


Just so everyone knows -- AutoEurope purchased Kemwel a few years ago, so it's the same company -- but it never hurts to compare both sites!

Another vote for AutoEurope, by the way -- their customer service is top-shelf.


Since I usually visit the Lorraine region of France, I use the Luxembourg airport. One can rent from the sirport, drive across the border, and avoid the high cost of French taxes. Is there an airport in a bordering country you could use that is handy?


I always used Autoeurope as my car rental service when I stayed in Provence. They are at the Eurocar booth at the airport in Marseilles.

Ted Loewenberg

I highly recommend AutoFrance
( for Peugeot and Citroen). You get a brand new car, for about 2/3rds the cost of conventional rental. The transaction is done in your currency. A minimum "lease" is about 14 days, up to six months, max. They have locations in most cities with airports or major train stations in France. Without additional cost, you can pick up in one spot and drop at another. You can also pick it up (and return it) outside France (in western Europe)for a small additional fee. They arrange to meet you and get you to the car on your schedule. The price includes full insurance coverage, and no "service charges" for an airport pickup, or other expected rental car taxes and charges. Finally, it is now even possible to buy the car at the end of the "lease." And, the program is only available to non-EU passport holders. Renault has a similar program, although I don't know if there are substantial price differences for all services provided. I've used the program for 10 years, and have been very satisfied with pleasant people, high quality service and each Peugeot we've driven.


If you are a resident of the US (I don't know about other places) both Peugeot and Renault have leasing that we use, if you are planning on being in France for 17 days or more.


I have always used AutoEurope for car rentals, arranging the fees from the US and using my Diners Club/Mastercard to charge the rental. The Diners card eliminates the need to buy additional insurance. It has been trouble and hassle free.

Mark Mccormick

hi, we have always used They cover around 700 locations in france and i find them to always have good prices.

Mark Mccormick

bad link. it should be


Another to try is Their French website seems to no longer be active, although they take calls on the French number, but usually we get good rates when booking in advance as they sometimes book out all their agreements


I use Travel World Guide website where can get great car rental and hotel deals! But I was looking in this post and see some site where is the same prices

Vicki Tompkins

Do you get an international driver's license if you are renting a car in France?

bonnie poppe

When I have rented a car in France I do it from the US, using, and have rented a Smart for as little as 100 euro a week. There are limited pickup points - Marseilles, Paris, Lyon, a few others that I don't recall. Their cars are the best deal I've ever found. As to the international driver's license question, you do not need one to rent a car or drive in France, but it is helpful if you are stopped by the police as they recognize it more readily than individual US state driver's licenses.
bonnie, roquebrun, languedoc

Ruth McCavit

We have used the Kemwel Lease for many years. Especially handy if flying into Geneva for travel elsewhere in Europe. The complete insurance coverage is perfect. Cars always brand new--so easy to deal with.Nice and Marseille equally easy.

Kristin Espinasse

Check out Sydney Rubin's extra-helpful article about car-rental in France, esp. long-term rental:


Short term leases are good for 4 weeks. I have also used Sixt for shorter rentals and have been very happy with them. I deny all insurance and have it covered through Amex.

Catherine Stock

So lovely to see spring blossoms! Still winter in the Lot, though we have had some rain and the sun is out so perhaps we are not to far behind you.

louis bogue

Another cheer for AUTOEUROPE out of Maine, have rented for two weeks the last two years, pickup in Avignon and drop off in Nimes INTERNATIONAL, drive to n Nice and back across to MONTPELLIER, never a problem.

julie camp

We lease when in France, spanking new Peugeot diesels. Affordable. Insured. Easy pick up/drop at airports.KEMWEL 18778202668.or 2078422285. This year we'll rent from same firm because we'll not meet the minimum number of days for a lease (29 or 30...can't remember). Kemwel arranged this lease with Eurocar: 15 day Clio diesel $363, plus local taxes/fees of nearly $100 (environmental, daily road fee and location surcharge. Includes unlimited miles and insurance (fire & liability).

judith dunn

.. We go to France every two years for a month and have always used AutoFrance... and 'purchased' a brand new Peugeot and then 'sold' it back! Cheaper than renting, no previous ('smoker's residue) and friendly and super service! We highly recommend them.... remember book early as possible and get your pick of the inventory! bon voyage...Judi, from Tallahassee

Eleonore Miller

Rented a Renault thru autoeurope in Lorraine (and drove only in France)Our agent mentioned ,cautiously,it would have a German license plate. SO?... it turned out there is residual prejudice in border states France/Germany and we had problems won't mention here. Just a warning. If driving in France get a car with French license plate!

Charlene, Banks, Oregon

We used to use Autoeurope, but last time we did, they found a tiny scratch on the driver's mirror. It was a mess settling the claim. It took 3 months of emails, lost records, etc. I finally told them I was turning it over to my lawyer & they suddenly found all the info they needed to settle it! Since then, we have used Hertz & have been extremely happy. They offer specials on line if you watch their website- you can have it all paid for up front. We love the Clio!

Johanna Huber

If you are going to be away for enough days you can lease a car. The rates are (used to be) less than renting. Generally they are brand new. We had a Porsche that was wonderful.

L M Nolan

Don't use Autoeurope if you can avoid it. They charged me for damages I didn't cause, that were stated on the agreement at pick up and the agreement was altered during the settlement process. Even tried to stop the visa payment but was too late and couldn't do anything about it. Damages they were claiming I did would have cost lots more to repair...funnily enough the cost was EXACTLY the same as the difference between renting from the company directly without the Autoeurope middle man discount? I rent at least 6 times a year, never had a problem with any other rentals except with this one broker. Looks like I'm not the only one that's had this issue too, I go with Europcar or Hertz or Avis direct now for all short term rentals.

Gus Coulton

With car rentals be wary of going for a very cheap price. A friend staying with us had a cheapo hire car that developed problems. It was hard to get anybody to take any responsibility, they just shifted my friend up and down the line.
I once had a problem with a Hertz car and they sent out an engineer straight away. You get what you pay for.

Jane Thomson

I agree with the person who recommended Kemwel for car rentals. They're based in the US, provide other travel services (which I've never needed). I have used them for 3 different trips to France and always been pleased and grateful to the person who told me about them. The last time, the car was damaged (long story) and Kemwel were a huge help. Apparently they have other travel services, but I've never needed any.


Beware of the radar! We got back to the US after a lovely trip through Normandy in September to find 3 contraventions (speeding tickets) in our mailbox. Not only do you have to pay the ticket, the rental car company charges you an additional fee.

Kristin Espinasse

Great tips--and thank you, Valerie, for this helpful warning! Yikes, no fun having trip expenses continue... once you return home!


Sixt was a great find for my son and me, renting right from desk at Bayonnne/Biarritz airport......far more reasonable that Avis, etc....It's a German company. The car was great...service, etc, everything. Could not have been more pleased with our "find.".

In fact last year, friends of mine and I rented one from them online to be picked up at the Ft. Lauderdale airport.....Great!! Worked out quite well....and this was an SUV for 4-5 women and luggage.


I'm a travel agent and have used Auto Europe for years. They have good rates, provide assistance if needed, and are extremely reliable. I make reservations in the U.S., cars are waiting at our destination. Reserve in advance for best rates.



If you have an American Express card use it for car Insurance.
Has anyone used the SNCF train/car rental combo?


Betsy - yes, used the train/car combo. TGV Paris to Aix-en-Provence, on foot in Aix, car to Menton (dropped keys at train station ticket window - one advantage of this arrangement!. Paid separately for train Menton-Levanto, Italy-Menton. Finished up with SNCF Menton to Paris. Worked perfectly.

AN IMPORTANT CAUTION ABOUT MENTON/VENTIMIGLIA: these stations are notorious for pickpockets. Unfortunately, we can attest to this. :-(


I have switched to for my last 4 rentals in France and have been very pleased. I use an AMEX card and refuse any additional insurance. I buy the inexpensive AMEX insurance.

Where to Rent / Hire a Car in France? - French Word-A-Day

Where to Rent / Hire a Car in France? - French Word-A-Day

Where to Rent / Hire a Car in France? - French Word-A-Day

Ron Witzke

We have had consistent good luck with Europcar in Germany, France and Italy. Good price, cars with low "mileage" kilometerage? A couple of the cars kept the brake on until you engaged the clutch/gear. Very helpful with uphill stops for those of us with somewhat rusty stick shifting skills.

Super Stretch 300

Good distribute Certainly. Thank you associated with discussing.

Lynn Chase

I really want to go to France next year and I am trying to figure out all of the details before I go. I was going to rent a taxi everywhere I went because I never thought of renting a car. Looking at this post, I think it may be a good idea. I'll have to look into it and add that to my itinerary.

Dawn Johnson

In Paris I wouldn't rent a car as I think it would be very hard to drive there and find parking. The public transportation is so easy, Inexpensive and accessible to use and there is excellent coverage of the city. Twice I have rented a car for use in Provence. both times I have used Sixt, and picked up my car from the TGV station in Aix. It is a small rental office but I made the reservations online at home and it has been very easy and simple to do. I have had a very good experience both times and had a decent car, American makes are offered so I was familiar with the controls etc. Easy returns too, just park the car and leave the keys in a drop box.


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I use Travel World Guide website where can get great car rental and hotel deals! But I was looking in this post and see some site where is the same prices

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